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Episode 30 – The roller coaster of life

Life consists of highs and lows. That's just something we can't change. In the highs, it's easy to think that we'll never come down, and in the lows, it's easy to long for the highs. Those often lead to discontent, constantly seeing other people that are at a higher point than we are and wondering why we can't get there. It's important to accept the ride for what it is, and enjoy it while it lasts. Try your best to just enjoy the journey, both highs and lows, instead of rushing towards the...


Episode 29 – Just be yourself, dammit

It can be incredibly difficult to even figure out who you are, but if something brings you joy, don't be ashamed of it. It's hard to see everyone's social media feeds and how "happy" they appear to be and then look at ourselves without wondering what is wrong with us. It's easy to look at the glitz and glam lifestyles of the rich and famous and wonder why we have wrinkles or tummy rolls or stretch marks. Long story short, finding yourself is a long, arduous journey, but once you've found...


Episode 28 – Communication is f8cking hard

In our world of technological advancement and attempted maximum efficiency, we cut out some of the key parts of communication. Body language and tone of voice totally lack in emails and texts. I'M YELLING IN YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW BECAUSE THIS IS IN CAPS, even if in my mind while typing that, I wasn't yelling. We send a text and if we don't get a response immediately we start feeling withdrawal-like symptoms. Instant messaging is great for quick planning and succinct conversations, but when we...


Episode 27 – Give yourself some f*cking credit already

We are often so caught up what we have to do next to achieve our goals that we forget to feel good about all our accomplishments every day. Even getting out of bed could be considered an accomplishment some days, but we often become so fixated on the next thing, we don't even take the time to appreciate how amazing we are for whatever things we accomplish throughout our lives. This is your reminder, while you're listening to this episode take the time to think about how far you've come in...


Episode 26 – You’re allowed to be happy

In this world of mass connection it seems so difficult to look anywhere without seeing something tragic happening in the world. It's easy to even feel guilty for feeling happy. While so many others suffer, how dare we even have a little bit of happiness in our lives, right? WRONG. This sounds like a crappy line from a cliché self help book, but it really is OK to allow yourself to be happy. Instead of telling yourself, "I'll be happy when... xyz" tell yourself, "I'm happy because..."...


Episode 25 – So no one told ya life was gonna be this waaaaay (ft. Toast)

*clap**clap**clap**clap**clap* Ahem. Anyway. WE'RE BACK B*TCHES! After a long streak of life getting in the way, we return with this grand ole' episode about friendship, mostly from the viewpoint of male on male friendships because, well, that's our perspective. There seems to be a surplus of men that call themselves lonely in today's world. Maybe that's just because previous generations never admitted it, or maybe that's a signal of a real epidemic in our culture. It seems like strong, male...


Episode 24 – Left, Left, Left Right Left

Ok so this title is purposefully misleading. Sounds like some military drill line, but I'm actually talking about dating apps and the constant left and right swipes in the hopes of finding real happiness. Too bad so many of those profiles can be so easily faked, or be bots (seriously, how does Tinder not have a Captcha yet?), or just generally misleading as people show off their "best selves" just like on all other social media. Or those people that write things in their bio like, "I'm a...


Episode 23 – Even Famous People Aren’t Always Happy

In light of recent suicides of major public figures (Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain), we take this episode to discuss suicide and everything that goes along with it, especially with big public figures. Not sure what else to say about this episode, it's pretty straightforward. Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438


Episode 22 – Thanks for banging my mom!

In a special father's day episode (admittedly a few days late), Peter talks about his gratitude for his dad while Kody is out sick with mono. Even as I type this, I can already hear Peter making a dick sucking joke XD. Happy Belated Father's day to all the dads out there! -Kody Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438 P.S. We'll do one for moms at some point too, honestly we didn't even think about incorporating these holidays into the podcast back...


Episode 21 – How to accept others

We've already touched on this subject briefly in other episodes, but we wanted to delve into it further. Learning how to accept others for their flaws can be a good first step to learning how to accept yourself for yours. Bonus: Peter gets a little personal and Kody plays therapist. Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438


Episode 20 – WTF even is self worth?

Holy shit we've made 20 of these things. If you've listened to all 20, props to you, we appreciate the f*ck out of you. Anyway, in this episode we discuss what it means to have self worth, self confidence, self esteem, etc. and what those words mean. We're really not 100% sure ourselves, but hopefully our discussion will spur you on a path to find out what they mean to you. Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438


Episode 19 – Finding yourself amid a chaotic world; FT: Toast

Today we welcome our first guest star! Welcome, Travis, to TIFU! In a time where our lives are filled to the brim with an infinite amount of shit that keeps us too busy to think, where do we find time to "find ourselves." We're told we must know what we want to do with the rest of our lives by the time we are 18, but rarely do any of us actually succeed in doing that. Self discovery is a life long journey of discovering what we are, what we are not, and how to love ourselves unconditionally....


Episode 18 – Patience in a world of instant gratification

It seems that the older we get the more urgent it feels to get the things we (think we) want. As our lives feel like we have less and less time in them, our desire strengthens to have the things we want. It's easy to forget that things that are worth having are worth waiting for, and things that come easy don't feel as valuable as things that we work for. It can be especially difficult in a world where it's so easy to get something as simple as food at the snap of a finger. Unfortunately it...


Episode 17 – Helping others to help yourself

Today we talk about the impact of helping others on your mental health. Often times we underestimate the impact of how good being a good person can make us feel. Followed by what feels like an eternity of us memeing XD. Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438


Episode 16 – Dealing with Anger

After a 2 week hiatus due to a sore throat Kody got from sucking Peter's junk too much, WE'RE BACK B*TCHES!!!! Today's episode we talk about things that make us angry and how to deal with that anger in a healthy way. After all, anger is yet another totally normal emotion that humans experience, but how we handle it makes all the difference. Oh, and Kody talks about his balls. You have been warned. Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438


Episode 15 – The blessing and curse that is Social Media

Social Media is rampant today. We use it to talk to old friends, compare ourselves to them, be jealous of them, let our brain tell us we aren't as good as their highlight reel, give our data to the government... wait, that can't be right, can it? Unfortunately that does seem to be the case for many people. Plain and simple: we're addicted to it, and we need some self control. Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438


Episode 14 – How to cure Depression

The same click baity title as episode 13, can you see where we're going with this one yet? Well, there is no real "cure" for depression, surprise! But there are ways you can learn to exist with it and be happy anyway, cuz F*CK depression! Our second visit to this topic involves Kody discussing how he gets through the low points, which often involves writing, and he's going to share a lot of it, and cry... *spoiler alert* Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @...


Episode 13 – How to cure anxiety

There is no real "cure" for anxiety. Surprise! But if you've been listening thus far you already knew that. We said we'd come back to this topic and here it is. Uganda knuckles is the pinnacle of human achievement. Reach us @tifupod on Twitter, tifupod@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail @ 401-314-8438


Episode 12 – How to have differing opinions on taboo topics

Today things get uncomfortable. What is it that makes something taboo? Or hell, what does it mean to even be taboo? Why are things taboo? Why are some things just so damn uncomfortable to talk about? And why does it feel like in society today we can't have a conversation and hold different viewpoints on something without getting at each other's throats? We talked about this today, share some uncomfortable moments, but in the end hopefully provide a good demonstration of how you can talk...


Episode 11 – How to make friends as an adult

Just have imaginary friends! Ok no, the answer isn't that simple. As social beings, even the most introverted people crave human interaction sometimes. Navigating today's hyper connected world can be extremely tricky, especially in the realm of finding meaningful human connection. We often find ourselves scared that people won't like us so we put on our masks before we go out (if we even go outside) in an attempt to gain others' approval. In reality though, we must take off our masks and be...