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Todd Glass Returns

Taking a closer look at comedy Todd Glass website and bookings Subscribe to The Todd Glass Show on iTunes The Todd Glass Show on Facebook Todd Glass on Twitter


Northwatch - Brennain Lloyd

Why is Ontario nuclear expensive? This week we talk to Brennain Lloyd, Northwatch Project Coordinator - Northwatch is a member of MiningWatch Canada, Nuclear Waste Watch, and the Ontario Environment Network. Northwatch was founded in 1988 Northwatch wep site Northwatch Facebook page Northwatch on Twitter


Chris Hacker chats about Buddhism and living in Thailand

Is Thailand far enough away from Trump?


Janet McNeill - Durham Nuclear Awareness vs The Pickering Atomic Power Plant

Activist Janet McNeill gives an update as the date approaches for public hearings that seek to keep Pickering Nuclear Power Plant open during the rebuild of Darlington, yet another multi reactor plant, right at the doorstep of Canada's largest city. Janet McNeill is the co-ordinator for Durham Nuclear Awareness DNA Web site CNSC information about the Pickering re-licensing hearing Don't Nuke Toronto - GreenPeace Chart of 211 Radioactive Poisons in 10-Year Old CANDU Spent Fuel - CCNR What you...


Kevin Kamps - Beyond Nuclear International - Bailouts and bankruptcy while hiding more atomic waste

Kevin Kamps joins us from New Mexico opposing The Holtec centralized interim storage facility CISF - A parking lot for spent fuel. Kevin Kamps has served as Radioactive Waste Specialist at Beyond Nuclear since 2007. Before that, he served in the same role for Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) since 1999. Kevin has also served as a board member of Don't Waste Michigan, representing his home town Kalamazoo chapter, since 1993. Likewise, he has served on the Nuclear-Free/Green...


Zach Ruiter speaks about The Toronto BWXT Uranium Pellet Plant in the Annex - Forest Hill

Writer and interviewer Zach Ruiter is an accomplished anti-nuclear activist and most recently was the co-organizer of the campaign to shut down the uranium processing facility in Toronto at Dupont and Lansdowne We chat about Oil pipelines, Issues confronting our Indigenous people, nuclear and activists WMDs in the west end of Toronto? Are we headed for near-term human extinction? Did you know that GE Hitachi has a Uranium processing factory at Lansdowne and Dupont in Toronto? GE - Toronto's...


Dr Jim Deutsch chats about the Uranium pellet plant in the middle of Toronto

We talk this week about activism, Too Much Information and a uranium pellet factory at Dupont and Lansdowne in Toronto. Dr Jim Deutsch received his AB in analytical biology at Columbia, PhD in biochemistry at Caltech, and MD at Yale. He is on the faculty of the Dept. of Psychiatry at University of Toronto and at the Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute. He is interested in the challenges of understanding “the causes of the causes” of things. Dr. Jim Deutsch Corrects GE's Uranium Secrets Zach...


Shawn-Patrick Stensil - Greenpeace Canada

Shawn-Patrick Stensil is a Senior Energy Strategist leading Greenpeace Canada's energy transition campaign in Ontario. His work aims to remove regulatory barriers to renewable energy and expose the nuclear subsidies and sweetheart deals that stand in the way of Ontario’s energy transition. He is a frequent media commentator on nuclear and green energy issues and testifies regularly on nuclear policy and regulatory issues to Parliamentary committees and government agencies, such as the...


Harvey Wasserman - Solartopia

In 1973 Harvey Wasserman helped pioneer the global grass-roots movement against atomic reactors Helped coin the phrase - No Nukes - in 1974. He was a media spokesperson for the Clamshell Alliance, and helped organize mass demonstrations at Seabrook, N.H. against reactors being built there. His articles also appear at Commondreams, CounterPunch, HuffingtonPost, Buzzflash and others. Creator of - He hosts the Green Power & Wellness Show Tuesdays at 5 EST on The Progressive Radio...


Dr Christopher Busby - Uranium and Plutonium Contamination

Professor author researcher activist and expert witness Dr Busby has been all over the world sampling, measuring and testifying on radioactive contaminates in the environment. Man made fission products attain direct contact with tissue once ingested, and damage can be transferred to offspring Green Audit website Papers Baltic Sea Region Radioactivity Watch Recent copper canister story Copper canisters at Forsmark Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment...


Richard Bramhall - Low Level Radiation Campaign - U.K.

Richard Bramhall, founder of LLRC UK - An organization he founded in 1993. He describes nuclear issues in the U.K. Legal battles, Hinkley Point Nuclear Station, UK Nuclear Test veteran High Court appeal and uranium in our environment. Taking samples and making arguments Low Level Radiation Campaign - Website Effluent from the Bruce Nuclear incinerator - pdf Pr. Chris Busby, ECRR, vs Dr. Jack Valentin , ICRP - Video Richard Bramhall on Twitter


Dr Michael J. Verbora - Canadian Cannabis, Medicine and New Laws

Dr Michael J. Verbora, MBA, MD, CCFP from the CMC clinic in Toronto chats about CBD and THC as alternatives. Medical Director, Canabo Medical Corp. Physician Lead, Toronto, Cannabinoid Medical Clinic We talk about Cannabis legalization scheduled for July 2018 and Medical Marijuana policy in Canada under the law - MMPR and later ACMPR CMC Clinic in Toronto Evidence on cannabis - free PDF Download US patent on health benefits Licensed producers in Canada Understanding ACMPR legislation ACMPR...


Comedian David Feldman

Award winning Comedy writer David Feldman talks about the Trump era, Republican talk radio, healthcare and the NRA's arms race Host of The David Feldman Show Podcast and also co-host of The Ralph Nader Radio Hour with Ralph Nader and Steve Skrovan. Distributed via The Pacifica Radio Network. David Feldman Website Podcast Webpage Podcast on iTunes Twitter


Beyond Nuclear - Kevin Kamps Speaks About Radioactive Waste

Kevin Kamps has served as Radioactive Waste Specialist at Beyond Nuclear since 2007. Before that, he served in the same role for Nuclear Information and Resource Service - NIRS since 1999. Kevin has also served as a board member of Don't Waste Michigan, representing his home town Kalamazoo chapter, since 1993. Likewise, he has served on the Nuclear-Free/Green Energy Great Lakes Task Force for more than two decades. Beyond Nuclear Nuclear Information and Resource Service Stop The Great...


Toronto Comedian and Actor Matthew James Donovan

Matthew James Donovan joins me in studio for a chat about acting, comedy, surviving Canada, and hecklers Matthew James Donovan website The Hillaryooos website Improve Show at The Bad Dog Theatre Hillary's Late Night Somewhat Improvised Murder Mystery Instagram Hillaryooos Instagram Matt Donovan


Ole Hendrickson PhD. Speaks about the Chalk River nuclear complex

Cold open by Candace Neveau and Interview with Dr. Ole Hendrickson of Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County & Area. We talk about Chalk River, nuclear accidents and granting long term licences to get around having to hold pesky public hearings. Ole has been a researcher with the Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area for 30 years Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area World Nuclear Industry Status Report Good chapter comparing investments in nuclear and renewables Ecology...


Professor Daniel P Aldrich speaks about the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Daniel P Aldrich Chats about surviving disasters, and Japan's nuclear program. Professor and Director of the Security and Resilience Studies Program, Northeastern University His Books Building Resilience, Social Capital in Post-Disaster Recovery Site Fights, Divisive Facilities and Civil Society in Japan and the West Resilience and Recovery in Asian Disasters WebPage Books available on Amazon Masters in Science in Security and Resilience Studies How Fukushima changed nuclear power plant...


Janet McNeill - Durham Nuclear Awareness

Activist Janet McNeill is in the studio for a chat about dealing with Canada's nuclear regulators, The CNSC. Durham regional Health Committee, emergency planning, and distribution of KI pills to 5 Million in the GTA Current campaign - Chalk River nuclear dump proposal hearings: from Jan. 23rd to 25th Janet McNeill - Durham Nuclear Awareness (DNA) Coordinator DNA Web site DNA on Twitter DNA Facebook page Pembroke Ontario - From Jan. 23 to 25 Hearings start Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 1 p.m. at the...


Chris Rouse - New Clear Free Solutions

Chris Rouse lives near Point LePreau Nuclear Power Station. He explains how the Carbon Tax can fuel renewables. Chris pushed for updated earthquake risk assessment for nuclear plants and buildings in new Brunswick and is leading a push for new ideas on the supply and demand sides of electric generation New Clear Free Solutions - WordPress Transitioning To A Low Carbon Economy Carbon Tax and Investment Plan When A Safety Limit is Exceeded Move the Safety Limit Environment Ministers Urged to...


Christina Macpherson speaks to us from Melbourne

Australian environmental issues, social media, and the fallacy of thorium Contact info for Christina Macpherson Christina Macpherson's Blog Twitter Some links on Australian issues Australian Federal Law Against nuclear power development and importation of nuclear wastes protection against nuclear actions Legal obstacles to Australia importing nuclear wastes Nuclear Waste Law Dis-empowers Communities Camecco's uranium deposits in Western Australia...


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