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she put him in the God box w/Nic Guyton

this week I'm joined by professional hopeless romantic and comedian Nic Guyton. we dive head first into tales of heartache and religious experiences that were really just traumatic experiences that turned us into the bitter shell I am today. music from this episode: Toadies-backslider Black Lips-drive by buddy


the service industry will break your spirit w/Josh Wagner

I'm back babe! and this week I have Nashville comedy staple and one of my favorite people in the world, Josh Wagner, on. we delve deep into the one thing we know more than anything, the service industry and all the garbage that goes along with it. including chefs that ruined Anthony Bourdain by trying to be him. music from this episode: Lucious Jackson-pele meringue Dead Moon-dead moon night


American Animals is so good w/Chris Ivey

me and my good pal and hilarious comedian Chris Ivey are back at it again with a brand new episode. Chris discusses the movie Won't You Be My Neighbor, which I haven't seen. Then we discuss American Animals, which is amazing. We also discuss my new marital aid that I purchased this past weekend. please rate and review on itunes. helps ya boi out a ton.


dem boyz r back

me and Wade r back in the studio with a crispy ass sounding episode. we put this EXPENSIVE ass recording equipment to good use. and you know when you get us together it's gonna be NO. HOLDS. BARRED. see for yourself. and leave a nice rating and review itunes.


Buffalo Bill cosplay w/Brent Schmidt

this week I have the very funny Brent Schmidt call in to talk about a ton of things including how this podcast is basically just me justifying a nervous breakdown I've been going through for 5 years.


ya'll crazy 4 this one part deux

me and Wade cuttin' up per usual. we cover a lot of dicey topics and cut up real good.


ya'll crazy 4 this one

me and Wade are back in the studio, and we crazy 4 this one! Larry Clark is a weirdo.


would you let Preston Lacy sit on your face w/Wade Jett

this week I have my lifelong friend Wade on to basically just talk out of our ass for an hour. We talk about Nu Metal a lot.


I'm tired of trying to come up with titles for this

welcome back, gang! this week I complain about a bunch of stuff again. people that complain about movies before they come out annoy me to no end and I get into that. I go into how we are now in 2018 and we have to take into account that juggalos are parents. my girlfriend played a terrifying april fools prank on me a few weeks ago and I talk about that. I also talk about how people need to deal with rejection better. I'm not an audio engineer either so I apologize for that. hope you enjoy!...


I know how to have fun w/Jake Wittig of The Burning Peppermints

this week I sit down with one of my favorite people and musicians, Jake Wittig, of The Burning Peppermints and we delve into all kinds of shit. if you're the type of person that reads the description before wanting to check out the episode, shame on you. just listen! it's good! music from this episode: Frank Zappa-trouble everyday Quincy Jones-soul bossa nova Death-politicians in my eyes


I basically got fired by Lil Wyte

I'm back baby! This week I catch you guys up on what I've been up to the past month. It includes getting fired by the biggest loser in the world and seeing a shrink that loves Donald Trump and is eager to tell me about it! What else do you want guys? Just listen to the damn episode! music from this episode: Lucifer's Friend-ride the sky Lil Wyte-oxy cotton DEVO-too much paranoias Harlem-someday soon G/T-growing together


DUI school is out for summer, it only gets worse from here

guess what happened to this dumb boy? he graduated dui class after a long 6 months of being tortured and stressed out by it. this means a graduation speech is in order. it also means I have to talk about how texting gives me crippling anxiety and how people that are excited about busy nights in the service industry are out of their goddamn minds. all that and more on this weeks Table For One Dumb Boy! music in this episode: Streets Of San Francisco Theme King Gizzard & the Lizard...


go see Thoroughbreds, idiot! w/Chris Ivey

this dumb boy is back baby for another banger of an episode! moved into the new spot with my first guest Chris Ivey. me and Chris discuss the absolutely perfect new movie Thoroughbreds after we went to see it. but it wouldn't be an episode of this show if we didn't trail off along the way! tune in to find out where this conversation goes! music in this episode: Danny Brown-really doe Phantom Limb-townies