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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.

Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.
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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.








What happen to Liquor House

This week Talk is Talk back in the saddle again with the good brother Joe. If you missed Talk is Talk last week find out how a 108 episode streak was broken. Joe drops a few gems on keeping it real. We also discuss Rick Ross new album Port of Miami 2 as well as Jay Z latest move. Joe also gives us the rise and fall of Liquor House.


F-ck N*gga Free

This week Talk is Talk back with a full house as @nicoletate_1 @__bitesize pulls up on da crew to drop off her new single Fuck Nigga Free and give some back story on the inspiration behind it. We still seem to can’t come eye to eye with @nicoletate_1 about Biggie being one of the greats. @markesias aka Lucy drops in on us as well. We also talk best rappers from da Ville and is there a way to tell your friend he can’t rap. Make sure you subscribe, rate, and review.


I slept through an orgy

This week Talk is Talk back with family in the building as @soyyellajoy joins us and she brings @ayooonyyy to be in Hailmary seminar. Before we get into the seminar we break down a busy week in current events dealing with everybody from Nicole Murphy to Lori Harvey. Since it’s a Hot Girl Summer we see how the ladies are doing and man did @ayooonyy blow the top off the studio when she shared with us her Hot Girl Summer story. @soyyellajoy explains her version of dating and it doesn’t fly with...


Nah you don’t need a key

This week Talk is Talk chillin out with @just_us_cake_lady one of our Day 1 Atl listeners and @kimssontraining one of the premier Player Development Coaches in basketball for South Carolina. Starting things off @kimssontraining gives us his background on the court and what sparked the idea of starting a youth basketball development program. @just_us_cake_lady brings that Atl flavor as she help us with topics like should you give your GF/BF a key, Kevin Garnett, renting a house from an ex,...


How to F-ck on the job

This week Talk is Talk back with a full house with @bomelo864 @jamalandniya @artluv64. We had a heavy load of topics to discuss and the extra help came in handy. We get into daughters dating and how we feel about their boyfriends. Every one gives out their opinions on the up rising of the new wave of female rappers. We also hash out how to cope with a gay son and give out advice to a listener who sends in a Email in need of help. This episode is jammed packed with everything from ASAP Rocky...


Split it 3 ways

This week Talk is Talk hanging out with @misterjpcobb in the studio. We jump into Chris Brown comments about black women and they hair. We discuss the recent fallout with Carmelo Anthony and LaLa. The guys also try to figure out what’s the best way to handle when a woman tells you she’s pregnant and it might not be yours. This week we lost Heather Collins aka Sister Soulja from the episode (What’s The Game Plan) do yourself a favor and go back see what a beautiful soul and inspiration she...


Her bed stank

This week Talk is Talk getting poured up in the studio with the homie @bingo_44. Nard kick things off by shooting another shot at Renni Rucci and how should you approach her. We also dive in on the rising body count in the Dominican Republic and would we go back. Hailmary tells us how he tries and schools a young boy. Now you can label this the trick shot @bingo_44 pulls out the street sweeper and puts down a clout chaser who stepped out of bounds. Make sure you subscribe rate and review.


Men ain’t men no more

This week Talk is Talk coming right back at you with the good brother Rich to discuss a few topics. We start things off by speaking on the NBA Draft and the guys who were drafted from the state. Then we dive into the Black Men Don’t Cheat campaign as well as having your heart broke early in the game and how it’s a good thing. We also hash out how men are not men no more and make sure you don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review.


I’ll Drink 2 That

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with the sexy ladies @illdrinktoo they have a YouTube channel called I’ll Drink 2 That and we did just that. @illdrinktoo stood tall and did not back down as they answered every question the fellas threw they way to the best of they ability. We discuss Cassie popping up pregnant and how that affect Diddy, giving ex’s second chances, pornhub, arching your back plus much more. We turned in another solid episode with the help of @illdrinktoo as the chemistry...


Squirt vs Grip

This week Talk is Talk turns 100 and we have @dennis.cannon.9847 aka (Squirt) and @james.a.griffin3 aka (Grip) two legends of the game who wrecked havoc on the hardwood. This episode will have you reminiscing on the days when Grip and Squirt would turn packed gym into fire hazards as people would come from miles around just to get a peek of them. The guys share some of Grip and Squirt favorite moments on and off the court.


Black Identity Extremist

This week Talk is Talk has @ereportinglive in the studio with them this go round. @ereportinglive explains how it does no good to use social media to promote your business if you are not prepared for what comes with it. Hailmary drops a few jewels on presentation and how if not done right can cost you. @ereportinglive explains how beneficial it is to pay for good knowledge. Make sure you subscribe, rate, and review


Let me check my block list

This week Talk is Talk back in full staff this week just as raw and uncensored as ever. We bring in @konversations.with.glo and g3na_duhh to discuss the new abortion law that’s going in affect in a few states. Glo gets everybody opinion on the right and wrong way to move on from a relationship. Hailmary gives us a snippet of his famous seminar and the guys recap their recent road trip. If you missed the guys last week you are about to get your cup full today.


Ladies Nite

This week Talk is Talk out the office and on a road trip so the guys threw the keys to the ladies this week. Mrs Hailmary @sharme2013 @torri1978 and Roxine take over the show and discuss men and women switching roles and how your sex drive acts the older you get. Mrs Hailmary drops some jewels on why baby daddies and baby mama weren’t designed to get along. The ladies breakdown the importance of Me Time. Enjoy because the fellas will be back next week and they’re going to hit the studio like...



This week Talk is Talk has @heyitsjarrod @iloveyoufun @ghanainabeauty__ some Atliens in the studio with us we get there take on Ayesha Curry statement. Cee gives his opinion on what Ayesha Curry was really trying to say. Nard ask the ladies what’s the difference in dating a guy from the north vs down south. @heyitsjarrod hits us with some great topics that go from what’s your most used emoji to your unpopular opinion. He also shares with us the importance of taking care of the environment &...


Mississippi Queen

This week Talk is Talk back at full staff and we get Nard response to last week episode and that alone is enough to have you in stitches. We dive into a little NBA playoffs and Lebron James future. While we were recording we had a guest fall in our lap, so a young lady peaks her head in the studio and we invited her in to chat with us and she did not disappoint. She breaks down the difference from cooking a boyfriend meal or a husband meal, so ladies listen close to this free jewelry.


Blue Magic

This week we have @torri1978 @raven_imara @sharme2013 in the studio with us tonight engaging in a never ending battle of the sexes. The ladies turn the tables on the fellas as they try and school us on where they think we going wrong with women. Listen as Hailmary speaks on how he gives his woman choice and not force and how this causes a showdown between him and @raven_imara. Cee tries to explain how it's not his fault when women expect more than what he's willing to give. This is one...


V12 Conversation

Talk is Talk checks in with the good brother Clint, it’s some guest that leave a lasting impression on you and he is one of them. We call Clint back to see what he had on his mind this go round and if you think his last time on the show was jaw dropping wait til you hear this one. Clint explains how African Americans have to become more aggressive with our own personal economic situation. We also get into HBCU’s vs historical white college and if black people went back to Africa would it...


Blue Laces

This week on Talk is Talk we some how lost track of our guest so instead we held it down the best way we know how. Nard finally shows back up this week and we get his opinion on the Nipsey Hussle death. We also discuss the impact of Nipsey passing and where does his death ranks as far as entertainers. Cee jumps off subject and breaks down Lil Kim & Biggie relationship. We get into the T.I. and Kodak Black beef as well as women and Makeup.


Banned from the Mountains

This week Talk is Talk has Mark Oliver @bigknot71 in the studio this go round. On this episode we get long winded as we discuss Nipsey Hussle untimely death. The front part of the show we kicked back and had some fun as Mark let’s us know how he was banned from the mountain in college and encountering the White Ni**a. Now the back end of the episode is where you have to grab your thinking cap as we get into the local politics and how we must pay attention.


Welfare Farewel

This week Talk is Talk chopping it up with Calvin Mack @blazincutz, we haven’t heard from Mack in a while so when we checked in with him we told him to drop by. As always Calvin Mack gives us a hefty dose of mental exercise to keep us tuned up. In this episode Calvin Mack shares with us why he identify as an American instead of African American, breaks down how so many other races are benefiting from the beef between black vs white people, and how the black woman has submitted.