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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.

Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.
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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.








Fact Check

This week Talk is Talk calls in the OG Calvin Mack to bless us with a few jewels so we can stay sharp and on point. You already know when Mack come he getting ready to pull out the heavy artillery and leave you with some facts that hidden in plain sight. He takes us on an in depth look at Kanye West & Colin Kaepernick saga and the real players behind the curtain that’s pulling the strings. Mack also leaves you with some homework, so grab your pen and pad and feel free to fact check.


Lost files

This week Talk is Talk crack open that infamous vault you hear about so often and released an episode. We took a lil vacation but we couldn’t leave you all with out something to listen to monday, in this episode you get a real look at what it’s like when the guys lose control of the show and say oh well. In this episode the guest let it be known if wasn’t for the 😺 she never would of made it. She gives us a story about when she met Lil Boosie and Webbie and her friend messed it up. Enter at...


I’m A Black Man First

This week Talk is Talk calls in @__attmonty__ and @milocampbell09 for an episode that’s been long overdue and now we finally link up for a some real talk for your ass. The fellas help us break down the Bill Cosby scandal as well as the Brett Kavanaugh hearing and the severity of voting as it impacts the Supreme Court. We get into the treatment Kelly Bryant received from Clemson Tigers. Why do we give black business a hard time. This episode is jam packed with so much info it’s a must listen.


Don’t get caught slippin

This week episode Talk is Talk calls in a favor and brings in longtime friend @ced_da_author the author of the book Don’t Get Caught Slippin and many more novels. @ced_da_author lets us know you can’t trust the game if it’s staring you in face, he takes you on a journey from being a teenager and being involved in the drug trade at a high level to coming home from federal prison with just the clothes on his back to rubbing shoulders with some of the elite authors in the business.


Sky Phoenix

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with @lani_mccollough CEO of Sky Phoenix and her friend Chris Smith. @lani_mccollough drops by to let us know to come out and Support Positivity on Oct 13, 2018 for a Benefit Concert. @lani_mccollough came thru and let her hair down with the fellas and we had a blast as we discuss the Dallas police shooting, Nike calculated move, and Sugar Daddies. @lani_mccollough does a hilarious impression of Nard that you don’t want to miss.

Table 21

This week Talk is Talk brings in fan favorite @864gordo to help us with the heavy workload of current events. We jump into the season finale of Power, Nikki Minaji vs Cardi B fight, Young Buck getting caught in the Buck, and share an Email. @864gordo as you already know one of the hottest up and coming artist discuss his latest project Table 21. Make sure you do your self favor and download Table 21 now and you can find it on all your digital platforms. Subscribe Rate Review Email:...


Church Girl

Once apon a time I’m the projects Yo!!! Hailmary damn near had to wreck a h*e. One thing for certain two things for show these Talk is Talk guys show up and show out every Monday. This week the guys read an Email from a listener who ask for they advice. Cee thinks he knows who the real KiKi that Drake is referring to. If you like a good Hailmary story well pop you some popcorn because he tells a story how the baddest girl in the party caught his eye and the wild events there after. You just...


Chivalry is super dead

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with @mikemadden25 one of the coldest rhyme spitter in the game and the man behind the Talk is Talk intro. We also have @samone.arnold.9 came thru and hang out with the crew to ask the guys a few questions, is chivalry dead and oral sex. Cee gives a recap on the Neighborhood Awards and the winners from the night. @mikemadden25 discuss how hard it is to get people in your home to support you. This was a hilarious episode so make sure you Subscribe Rate...


G-Money definitely know something

Talk is Talk back this week with our main lady @paintedbyportia one of top MUA you going to find below the Mason Dixon line. As you already know we go waaaaay back with @paintedbyportia so we kicked back and let loose, we discuss long distance relationships. She shares with us how she turned a messing into a blessing. (Seven whole days not a word from you) find out about the blowback from her first episode. We trade a few ATL stories to end the night. Make sure you go get beat by...


Back in tha days

Talk is Talk back this week you ask and we listen so we close the books once again and held the show down by ourselves, with school starting back in a few weeks we take a trip down them old hallways. You know we went way back once we start dropping names like Sebagos, Duckheads, and Jodeci boots. We reminisce on the club scene from back in the day, we tell a few stories from the Fox and Characters. We give you a rundown on a few restaurants in town as well... Email:


Tell It Like It Is

This week Talk is Talk sits down with family @stupiddopestar to discuss a wide range of touchy topics this week. We break down Slim Thug’s statement regarding Russell Wilson & Ciara relationship. In this episode find out what the guys think about a woman asking to borrow $20 they response will have you crying laughing as they go thru a few scenarios. Listen up ladies King Nard has a few choice words for you this episode. And if you haven’t already go download that Og Star Project by...


Savage Ducks

Are You Ready For Some Football!!! Well almost... , This week Talk is Talk joined by @jerrytherealtor and two coaches from the Savage Ducks little league football team. The Savage Ducks are a new team in the league and they look to make a splash, @jerrytherealtor, and lets it be known how they use their sound leadership skills to groom the kids for the next level. We also discuss the heat Charlamange the God has been catching here lately. Subscribe Rate Review Ig:...


The Real Last Forever

You think you know but you just never know, Talk is Talk coming right back at you this week with @mikedeal_ the man behind The Real Last Forever album. We have family in here with us this go round to get us up to speed on his new album and some of the meaning behind what’s really going on in some of these verses. @mikedeal_ held no punches on this episode as he talks about how he got his start in the rap game to the heart ache from being in a marriage where love wrote a check and it bounced.


Hoe by default

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with the lovely @debbcakes86 from Loose Lips podcast. @debbcakes86 has questions and Talk is Talk has the answer you know how it go. Hailmary giving out the hard truth why these hoes have a leg up on the good woman, he also lets it be know it different levels when it comes to hoes. We find out about a wild bet Cee and Nard has going on. @debbcakes86 ask the guys why do men leave a woman and then get mad when she find someone else. Email:...


Amnesia Remembers

Don’t look now but Talk is Talk done went Hollywood we get bit with the acting bug this week when we bring @pstyles_mcbride writer of Amnesia Remembers play and the All star cast @andre_sullivan1 @bbactress85 Brittany and our main man Dante Rhodes aka @hesincredible___ he’s worth the price of admission alone. We get actors to showcase a few of their skills and find out what can we expect from this highly anticipated play. @bbactress85 brought the house down on this episode with her soulful...


No Morals

Talk is Talk back with an instant classic this week we have @butterflygodess_76 and @redtwodabone to discuss the season premiere of Power and Lebron’s jump to the Lakers. We read an over due Email from a listener who wants the guys advice. We get the girls advice on everything from dating short men to dating off brand dudes, @butterflygodess_76 talks about dating with morals and the lack there of while @redtwodabone ask the guys what are the favorite sex positions in bed. We had a blast with...


Mr. Miyagi vs Daniel Son

This week on Talk is Talk Hailmary brings in his road dawg @mr_want1only but let Hailmary tell it it’s his under study. Hailmary & @mr_want1only tells how when the first met they didn’t see eye to eye but manage to work things out for the greater good. While we got @mr_want1only with us we get his advice on co-parenting. We pretty much just kicked back for our 50th episode and just had a ball. Subscribe Rate Review Email: IG: talkistalkpodcast


Trench Lyfe

This week Talk is Talk joined by @hampton_avenue_shawty one of the city hidden gems in the rap game, if u like underdogs this your guy right here. He’s coming straight from the heart of the old West Greenville where you can still hear the old westside bleed out in his music, we get a rundown on everything from when he had to pull a gun on his own flesh and blood to the feeling he get performing onstage. We put him on the hot seat when we ask who he co-signing for as the top 3 rappers in Sc.


Pet Peeves

Talk is Talk back this week with a full house in the studio we have @denisrmichelle73 @5ivefoota @cancer6ixx. When these ladies pulled up in the parking lot they was on one lol so you know it went down. We get into a few current events about JayZ/ Beyoncé photo, Anthony Bourdain/Kate Spade, and LeBron. We also find out what’s everybody social media pet peeve, breakdown wife duties vs girlfriend duties, and so many more topics. Subscribe Rate Review


Property Bar

This week Talk is Talk has real estate on their mind so we sit down with @thepropertybar one the fastest and up and coming in the real estate game. @thepropertybar comes and gives us a 101 in home buying if you are in the market for a new home this is the episode for you. We also have @adventurousone864 in the studio with the list of the standard she requires for dating and Talk is Talk have a field day with her standards. This is one informative and hilarious episode at the same time....