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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.

Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.
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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.








Trench Lyfe

This week Talk is Talk joined by @hampton_avenue_shawty one of the city hidden gems in the rap game, if u like underdogs this your guy right here. He’s coming straight from the heart of the old West Greenville where you can still hear the old westside bleed out in his music, we get a rundown on everything from when he had to pull a gun on his own flesh and blood to the feeling he get performing onstage. We put him on the hot seat when we ask who he co-signing for as the top 3 rappers in Sc.


Pet Peeves

Talk is Talk back this week with a full house in the studio we have @denisrmichelle73 @5ivefoota @cancer6ixx. When these ladies pulled up in the parking lot they was on one lol so you know it went down. We get into a few current events about JayZ/ Beyoncé photo, Anthony Bourdain/Kate Spade, and LeBron. We also find out what’s everybody social media pet peeve, breakdown wife duties vs girlfriend duties, and so many more topics. Subscribe Rate Review


Property Bar

This week Talk is Talk has real estate on their mind so we sit down with @thepropertybar one the fastest and up and coming in the real estate game. @thepropertybar comes and gives us a 101 in home buying if you are in the market for a new home this is the episode for you. We also have @adventurousone864 in the studio with the list of the standard she requires for dating and Talk is Talk have a field day with her standards. This is one informative and hilarious episode at the same time....


Movie Date?

This week on Talk is Talk we sit down with a few listeners of the show who finally get a chance to voice their opinions and not have to scream at the speakers any more @pretty_ron @1hot_coco and @callher_redd. The ladies came with a laundry list of topics and we wasted no time in getting into them, we cover everything from where to go on first dates to going half on the bills. We had a blast in the studio this week make sure you go follow these ladies. Subscribe Rate Review


I’m black and I support Trump

You never know what Talk is Talk rolling out on Monday’s and this episode is really rocking the boat. The fellas sit down with @shunbrown13 ok no harm no foul now Clint is the trick shot he’s a Trump supporter and has no problem standing on his soapbox and letting it be known. We also get an exclusive from Clint on who Obama real daddy was. He sheds light on how Jackie Robinson breaking the the color barrier did more harm than good. You may have to take your blood pressure pills after this...


It's only Facebook

This week Talk is Talk joined by the ever so controversial @mge623 Micheal Edmunds. He lets it be known he has no problem spending his day with the street sweeper pissing people off by blowing up thirst traps, fake relationship goals, and just fake people alone I’m starting to like this guy already. We also try and figure out can you be pro-black and date the opposite race. Subscribe Rate Review Email: IG: talkistalkpodcast Twitter: Talkistalk1


$40 Special

This week on Talk is Talk we have DB from the district and Dontae Rhodes who left the studio white hot the last time we linked up. We jump things off by getting Dontae opinion on who better Jordan or LeBron. Now after that, we take the top off the studio with DB as he takes us on a wild ride from being diagnosed with EH to STD’s to a run in with the law. So whether you pour you one or light you one while you listen to your favorite podcast do it and enjoy. Subscribe Rate Review Email...


The Big 3

This week on Talk is Talk we close the books and do an episode with just us, it’s been a long time since we did one by ourselves. In this episode we give you the DNA of Talk is Talk meaning if you ever wanted to know where in hell did they come from how did they meet and why we started the podcast. We also get into the headache of having 2 girlfriends and trying to find a good barber. Shout out to all our guest and listeners tuning in every week... Subscribe Rate Review Email...


School Daze

This week on Talk is Talk we chilling in the studio with @offical.nayaa_ @sierra.watkinssss from JL Mann High school. These young ladies give the guys an inside look at what high school life is like compared to when they were in school. We touch on everything from dating in school to bullying and everything in between. This episode will have you dusting off that old yearbook and taking a stroll down memory lane. Subscribe Rate Review IG: talkistalkpodcast Email:...


Everybody plays the fool

This week on Talk is Talk fresh off the College Tour we have @nicoletate_1 and @__bitsize joining us in the studio, @nicoletate_1 takes a break from the grind to chop it up with your fav podcast. We had a blast with the ladies as we discussed a wide range of topics from double standards in relationships to being a celibate rapper. Hailmary lets it be known if a female rapper not showing off her body she falling on deaf ears to him and that opens a can of worms with the ladies... IG:...


High Rollers

Back for another stint on Talk is Talk we have family in the building we have our main man Pat Pat hanging out. Like I say when we have family with us you know we have to open up the books to let you know we not regular. Pat shares with us the tragic night his brother was murdered his vivid description will send chills down your spine. We also get into whether it’s important to get along with your babies mother/daddy new person in their life & why do women fall off once they in a...


Over the top

Dropping by the studio this week to hang out with Talk is Talk is @mstrimatt CEO of Over the Top Management and @razorsharp1373p one of the premiere barbers in the upstate it’s safe to say he’s spinned a few chairs in his day. They join us as we discuss whether to go in a person DM’s or holla at them face to face. We also get into younger women dating older guys (hints) Lucci & Reginae we break it down Talk is Talk style. We also try and make sense of the whole Fabolous domestic violence...


Social Butterfly

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with Michelle Black the beauty and brains behind @socialbutterflyboutique one of the premiere fashion boutique in the game. Michelle shares with us how she got her start in the business, @socialbutterflyboutique explains the importance of how to conduct yourself on social media when trying to run a business. This is one episode you don’t want to miss because it’s filled with plenty of gems from one of the elite movers and shakers you ever going to see....


She was just a groupie

Talk is Talk hitting you back to back this week and this time around we have @othmanagement the man behind some of the young guns of the NBA. @othmangement shares with us how he keeps the players on track and how to move in a room full of vultures, he gives us real on what goes on once the game is over and the lights go out and the NBA groupies aka Diesel Sniffers come running. We also get his opinion on who was the best high school basketball player of our era from SC Email:...


Strictly Business...

This week Talk is Talk takes a break from the rockstar lifestyle stories and get down to business with Bill Simmons, a strategic business planner and try to pick his brain on how to get to this shmoney. Bill also gives a little motivation you can use in your everyday life. Subscribe Rate Review and Merchandise available now Email or DM Email: Instagram: talkistalkpodcast


I got a story to tell

This week on Talk is Talk we got family in the studio again and back by popular demand @ronniesullivan3103 chilling with the fellas. We threw out the topics this week when family in the building and just did what we do, @ronniesullivan3103 puts a straightener on few things he talked about from his previous episode DSS. Hailmary got in his bag this week and it’s been a long time coming as him and @ronniesullivan3103 trade one war story after another and another well you get the point.


What's that smell?

This week Talk is Talk has company in from cross country hanging with them in the studio. @v_glamor from Seattle and @shunbrown13 from Atl. Fresh back from CIAA 2018 the guys and @v_glamor give a recap of events. We also get @shunbrown13 opinion on how to let a woman know if her personal hygiene is not up to par. @v_glamor gives us an inside look of what it’s like being single in Seattle. The tables get turned on the fellas as @v_glamor has a few questions for her fav podcast hosts.


Whores and dancers

This week Talk is Talk calls up @ms_classynae to come hang out with them before she hits the road to tear down Onyx for CIAA weekend. @ms_classynae lets the guys know how she tied of men living off they old name and old fame. She also takes the fellas on a behind the scene tour of what really goes on in the strip club. We also get her thoughts on how to handle saying stuff out of anger. We leave you with the full Talk is Talk track at the end of the show Email:


Dirty Discussions...

When two of the fastest growing podcasts in the game meet you know it’s going to be a wild one. It was no way Talk is Talk could leave Atl without checking in with the sexy ladies of @cocktalespodcast. @kikisaidso came thru and held it down while her co-host was out of town. @kikisaidso has a message for all the guys out there let it be known what your intentions are and you just might get somewhere with her. We also get into a discussion about buying condoms and having raw...


Once you go white you aight

This week Talk is Talk invites @thoroughbredfdzvp and @symone_swirlz to hang out with the guys as they try and tackle interracial dating. The ladies gives us the inside scoop on what attracted them to black men and they also shed light on the heat they catch for dating black men. While we have @thoroughbredfdzvp and @symone_swirlz in studio we get a few Valentines Day ideas from them. Aye it went down in a major way Talk is Talk style Black Men, White Women, Heavy Liquor makes for an...