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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.

Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.
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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.








I say

This week Talk is Talk links up with the crew from @isaypodcast @istherealtruth @djrainmusic @zenyoka_b and it’s been a long time coming. This mashup went down in a major way from two of the hottest podcast you going to find. We discuss is it a bad look if a woman do not have custody of her kids. We run through a few classic rounds of Gun To Yo Head. This episode is jammed pack from start to finish with great topics, so if your fans of @isaypodcast and Talk is Talk this the one you been...


Keep Hope Alive

It’s about that time again for Talk is Talk to close the books and we did just that close the books this week. R.Kelly never lets us down with his antics, Cee and Nard counts R.Kelly pockets and disagree on what Kelz has on the bank. Hailmary gives us his verdict on the Micheal Jackson fiasco after he has done his own internal investigation. We also discuss is it hope for the Closet Hoe and why it’s hard to identify one, as well as what’s the end goal for women with multiple baby daddies.


Pillow Teaching

This week Talk is Talk brings in juicy_lips1224 who has became frustrated with the dating scene so she stops by to get some advice from the crew raw and uncut as only they know how to give it. Hailmary tries and knock the the rust off his infamous seminar. When juicy_lips1224 finally shakes the nerves she gives us a good story on how she met her match, as well as the difference between dating younger and older men. We also discuss where did this fascination with anal sex come from.



This week Talk is Talk has a heavy workload of current events to discuss so we bring in @debbcakes86 to help us out. Cee gives his opinion on the Khloe Kardashian circus and who’s really behind it. We try and figure out who is to blame in the R Kelly case and much more. @debbcakes86 wanted to discuss a recent post from our Instagram and a few more topics she came with. Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel Dibble Dabble Deb for great eyebrow tutorials and be on the lookout for her...



This week Talk is Talk chilling with family @crackstationfilms1 one of the premier videographers you going to find. We start things off with a discussion about Floyd Mayweather and T.I. @crackstationfilms1 shares with us how he got his start in the business. We get his opinion on why hasn’t the music scene in Greenville took off yet. As always we get the guest opinion on who’s the top rappers in town. Make sure u hit us up at


Nappi Rootz

This week Talk is Talk joined by @nappirootzhairsalon who make one of her many stops on her 28 Days of Nisa, she brings her fam with her @sgmilkshake @calan72 @tboniche26. We get the ladies opinion on Gucci and Prada fallout and how they tried it. Nisa touches on how she got her start in the hair business. This episode is jammed packed at every turn with good advice and just plain out funny because the ladies let their hair down on this one. Make sure you email us at


I was a Baaad Boy!!!

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with our playa pontna @vradez, we just kicked back shooting the breeze. @vradez gives us a couple good stories and let’s us know how he fumbled away some good women in his time. @vradez has a few choice words on the way grown men are acting on social media. He also let it be known Players have feelings too. This was a great episode as we caught up from back in the day til now. Make sure you email us any topics or any questions you have to...


Man Day

It’s time to put the women and children to bed because it’s going down like a bunch of wild dogs it’s Man Day on Talk is Talk this week. Dontae stops drops by and brings a few members from Man Day, they give us the run down of the history of Man Day and what a Saturday like during College Football season. We get a cocktale from a member who has some explaining to do. Dontae reveals he’s a Gynecologist and schools us. Subscribe Rate Review and Email us at


Lesson Learned

This week Talk is Talk joined by @tb_bone100 and @sumthing_else as we jump off into some great conversations and stories. @sumthing_else let’s it be know he’s has no love for this new era of rap with all the hippidy bippidy BS. @tb_bone100 gives us his top basketball players in the city on the hardwood back in the day. Hailmary blesses us with a good story about @sumthing_else that taught him a valuable lesson years ago. We also try and decide what was the best club in town in the past 10...


C.S.I. Hoe

This week Talk is Talk closed the books once again and held the show down by ourselves. We got a few topics from a few listeners and also took a few topics from our Instagram Live feed. Cee thinks he’s uncovered the real reason why women want to know if their man has cheated. We discuss some shallow stereotypes and finally got around to talking about R. Kelly. Shoutout to everybody on our IG LIVE feed that was apart of the show. Subscribe Rate Review Email:


On the Case

This week Talk is Talk joined by Oraganizer Freedom Fighters Upstate SC @t_fant (Traci Fant). She drops in to enlighten the Talk is Talk community on her journey and share with us the inner workings of the Freedom Fighters. @t_fant kicks the real and pass out some life changing jewels. Find out about a couple of unsolved cases in need of closure. If you ever wondered who’s going to stand up for you and take things to the next level the right way look no further than the Freedom Fighters of...


Clear my name

They say we need answers... Bout what!! This week Talk is Talk in the studio with @d._bellz and @britt.posey. Once again we have came to the end of an other eventful year and we are wrapping the year up with @d._bellz aka (DB) who stop by to clear his name in a wild bizarre story. @d._bellz let’s you know how the series of events ranging from a few years back up into just last week has turned his life upside down. If there ever was an episode you didn’t want to miss here it is.


Lean on me

This week Talk is Talk in the the booth with a veteran in the rap game @cclark864. He joins us as we throw around a few gift ideas for a side chick. @cclark864 shares with us some of his upcoming projects he has in the works. We give our thoughts on the referee forcing the a young wrestler cut his dreads before a match. We get @cclark864 opinion on a few overrated and underrated rappers in the game. Subscribe Rate Review Email:


King of R&B



VHS and Chill

This week Talk is Talk gets snowed in the studio with @qualitychix who stops by to bounce a few relationships topics off the guys such as dating in your 20’s versus in your 30’s and plenty other topics and they welcome them with open arms. @qualitychix gets a taste of Hailmary seminar he’s been threatening to have and gives the ladies a major key to getting and keeping a man. The guys give advice out on how to let a woman know I like chilling with you but I don’t want a relationship....


Point of No Return

This week Talk is Talk joined by @flyass_bartender864 one of the games premier and respected bartenders you going to find. Ladies if you ever said I’m bout to start bartending then this is the episode for you, because @flyass_bartender864 says she has fixed her last drink and she hanging it up, but trust this won’t be the last time you see her. She gives out plenty game for the new jacks who are just getting their feet wet. This no holds bars conversation is one you don’t want to miss...


Secure The Bag

This week Talk is Talk back with fan favorites @onlyittybitty and @danimillz_ from DT Tax Filing. The tax season is upon us and the ladies are already hard at work getting things in order to get your money back to you fast how fast well you gotta listen. With the holidays rapidly approaching we get the ladies opinions on what’s the appropriate amount to spend on your significant other and maaaaaan they were throwing around some big boy #’s. Make sure you contact DT Tax if you want to support...


Condoms are for cowards

This week Talk is Talk has a full house in the studio with BJ Irby and @tildonwashpon. The guys sat around a bottle of good liquor and a jar of moonshine to discuss Jill Scott and a few current events. You can tell when the jar of moonshine was open for sure on this episode. Bj Irby will have you in stiches as he and the fellas trade war stories back and forth. The crew jump on the subject of buying pu$$y and the guest gives his story on his introduction to buying pu$$y. This episode is an...


Culture Shift

This week Talk is Talk in studio with CEO of Culture Shift Ent @iamkhemo we sit back and pick his brain on the state of the rap game and share our difference in opinion on some classic rap albums. We ask @iamkhemo what are the best way to let an artist know you are not feeling his music and how to get out of dodge when a rapper start a freestyle in your ear in awkward places and a whole lot more. We pretty much just kicked back and broke down and dissected some big name in the game.


Mr. Scenario

This week Talk is Talk has family in the studio back for a second time Nikita (Mr.Scenario) Griffin back with his twisted screnarios that he springs on your hosts who gives their candid opinion. We give our advice on the California teacher vs student brawl. The guys try and settle an old score that they’ve been going back and forth about for years about which high school had the biggest clown and we know there was one in every school. Subscribe Rate Review Email: