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STFC Official Podcast with UltimatDJz


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STFC Official Podcast with UltimatDJz




Big Momma, What Are You Good For?

Tonight on the show we introduce Duality Pt 4 officially for the first time in the studio. Predominantly, the topic of discussion is Big Momma. DJz LOVES IT. Bubba Joe is representing the players that find it gross. What are the arguments? What are the pros and cons? How can this ship be used OUTSIDE of just raiding? How else can it be used FOR raiding? Lots of good questions, points and counterpoints regarding the newest ship and we invite you to sound off on your perspectives! Plus we take...


Duality Pt 4: Big Momma Makes Her Debut

Official Q&A for Duality Pt 4, January 2022. We meet Big Momma, aka, The Amalgam and find out what she can do. We discuss the other officers, how they will impact Big Momma, and discuss a few other things related to the final chapter of this Arc. Lots of great questions! Maybe yours is asked and answered here! Visit our website for more info at


Raiding Strategy Pt 1: Offensive Tactics

The title is clear. DJz hints have been clear. Something is coming to the galaxy that will fundamentally change how resources are acquired. So, it's time to get back to basics. Teach a little something something to those players who have not raided in nearly 2 years, or those newer players to the game who have NEVER raided. Now, it's gonna matter. Plus get some hints in there somewhere.... or maybe..... the entire show is the hint...... Who knows. let's have some fun! Visit our website at...


Duality Pt 3 Final Review and Grades Issued

The title says it all! Tonight we revisited everything that happened in December, and examined experiences across the ops ranges, and even compared to prior Duality months. There was a lot to be said, and grades may have been surprising to this furry feline! You don't wanna miss this for a chance at some tips and tricks sprinkled throughout along with some surprising info on how this arc ended up. Plus, hints towards the January Arc! All this and more on this fun filled show! Please share...


So Long 2021; What Does 2022 Have In Store?

Hey folks! we return from the long holiday break to catch up with players, and discuss the broadest game changes to the game over the past 12 months. Some things were very very good, and others, not so good. What were the better changes, or better actions taken by Scopely and what do we wanna see in 2022? Plus, we do in fact have a hint for you going into the January arc, and this one may in fact scare some folks.... We shall seeeeeeee Visit our website at for links...


Duality Event Updates, Holiday Hints, and New Player Strategy

Tonight we spent more than a little time revisiting events that struggled in the first part of Duality, but have relaunched now with improved scoring and mechanics. But we uncover a STILL fundamental flaw in Scopelys New Player Experience, and we discuss ways to improve this. We also remind players of ways to ALWAYS be prepared for surprise ATA events and maybe even provide some hints on what COULD be coming in the upcoming Holiday Event Block. All this and more tonight! Please share with...


Let‘s Blow 100k Ultras and See What Happens

WARNING! This podcast is an audio simulcast of a YouTube Stream. Some elements of this show will direct to items you see on the screen, as we were on YouTube and showing off certain items or images. For the fullest benefit, please visit our YouTube channel by linking over from Tonight we decide to get together and blow some ultras for the SLB. While we're at it we're gonna grind some borg, talk about the Klingon Rites AMS and WHY IT'S SOOOOOO worth it as a team, and...


Talking Trek Gives Back: Meet Talia

We've been preparing for this show for a couple of months now, and today was the day. Today was the day we introduced you to Talia, a 14 year old diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Talia's family was nominated to be our 'Angel Family' this year, to receive funding from Talking Trek to make sure that not only Talia, but her 3 little sisters got a Christmas, despite the family's struggles over the past year. We meet Daddy Beatle, who tells us all about the last year, and about the strength and...


ATA Speedups Join the Valued Currency Family?

Tonight our focus is on the newest Away Teams Assignments Battlepass event. Of course, being brand new, this surprised many, and some of those players found themselves unable to work through the event within a 24 hour period, putting their battlepass and overflow events at risk. Tonight we break down the three events of the past week that missed the mark for some, give you the response from Live Ops regarding our feedback, and THEN, we break down some real work applications for ATA speedups....


Turf Wars: Love It or Hate It?

Tonight, absolutely the topic on everyone's mind was Turf Wars. Is this event designed poorly? Or is this event the best thing to ever hit TC? Players approached this topic from both sides with EXTREMELY intelligent conversation, wonderful perspectives, and amazing debate. DJz delivers a passionate opinion and goes back and forth with Bubba Jo before opening the stage ENTIRELY to the community. Your TRUE Server sound off? How did players actually feel? Hear their voices live. Also, later in...


Duality Part 3 Official Q&A with DJz

60 minutes with DJz to answer your questions, give you hints, and insights into the the latest arc launch update! LET'S GET IT ON!


Armada Acquisition: How To Effectively Guarantee Your Supply of Directives

YO TREKKERS! Thanks for another great show! We start out with a bit more recap on Arc 2 before moving into one of the larger pieces of feedback from the first two Duality Arcs, which was the large number of armada driven events in the game. Seems like we were asked to do more than we could possibly do without spending money. BUT is that actually true? Can the armada model actually be mathematically proven to work month after month? We think so, so let's drive in and do some balance between...


Final Grades on Duality Pt 2; Talking Trek Gives Back!!

It's been exactly two weeks since we were in studio with you and we had no shortage of things to talk about. DJz makes a passionate plea to the community for giving this holiday season, not only to each other, but to your local children in need. And while we (DJz) apologizes for the lengthy philanthropy segment, we remind you that we are in fact a community, and sometimes, this community transcends our video game, and we encourage you to open your hearts this season. That said, we did dive...


What is Botting? Duality Part 2 Wrapup; What Did We Love?

This episode was our first time back in a over a week and it was a GREAT laid back conversation with players about the events, rewards, and wrapup of Duality part 2. What would we like to see continue and what were the items MOST important to us as we prepare our final grades? Plus, Scopely shocks the community with a new limit to PVE Grinding. BUUUUUUUT, how many players does this really affect? And what are the facts surrounding the change? There's a lot of misinformation out there, and...


Talking Turkey With BubbaJoe

What are you thankful for? Besides Bubba Joe hosting a show while DJz prepares pumpkin rolls, cheesecakes, and multiple boxes of stuffing that is... Let's take a few minutes to talk about a few things we're happy for, and maybe a few items on our Christmas Wish List! Visit us online at


What Are Morale, Hull Breach, and Burning? PLUS, a Sitdown with Ska!

Tonight was about as nerdy as it gets, folks, so buckle up. Scopely missed ANOTHER opportunity to claim a player beneficial game bug was fixed this week, and instead left it to the community to find. This change marks 3 years that players have ASKED for the change, but no action was ever taken, and MECHANICALLY, and compared to other games, this change makes sense. BUT, from a game design perspective, Ripper believes this actually makes these features of the game, TOO overpowered. Plus as a...


Sela Auction Updated Mechanics? Conquest Betrayal Explained

On tonight's show we broke the news that Scopely HQ was making a change to the Sela power gained auction. How does this fare for players? Is this a good change? While domination auctions are great, and they are, it's dangerous to mess with a mechanic that includes OTHER metrics, and not only that, but again, for the second month in a row, a change is made that throws players off kilter less than 48 hours before an event. What are the ramifications for this auction? PLUS, Conquest actually...


Duality Day 2 Analysis: ”WOWZERS”

On tonight's show we start breaking down the event calendar and the 117 events Scopely has prepared for us today. There are some KEY strategic moments this month, with events that clearly have a direct path. How has Scopely responded to the sustainability complaints from October and prepared players to compete this month? Plus, we talk briefly about the new Prime Officers and IF it's really worth 99.99, OR if a BOGO is a better deal? And Scopely hides the most important improvement of the...


Talking In Carz with DJz: Duality Part 2 Q&A

Today we did our typical arclaunch Q&A based on the new arc with the new currency, new research, new cloaks, refits, and so much more! Get some answers to your questions here, plus hear about a new giveaway and your chance to WIN!


Campfire Songs, S‘mores, and Khan Shards

The nailbiter month of October has raised questions for MANY players throughout their 30's levels. The new question, WHERE to camp and hoard, vs where to spend? This conversation dominated today as we spent some dissecting the 20's, and 30's, for ideal camping zones. Plus we discuss downtime between the arcs, and recap all of the hints we've provided so far, PLUS provide 2 new ones! And DJ gags over spiders. All this and more on today's fun filled adventure with Talking Trek! Visit our...