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STFC Official Podcast with UltimatDJz


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STFC Official Podcast with UltimatDJz




June Final Grades and First Release Info with Incursions

Tonight was kind of a two for one, taking two shows, and condensing it into one. First a few wrapups of the June arc, with a few positives, but acknowledging the setbacks. We were rushed off this topic though to a breaking news article provided by and presented by President Eco, who stopped by the show for 20 minutes to talk about Scopely's newest article and PRE ARC RELEASE info on Incursions, which arrive in July. What info do you need to know? What questions do you have? This show has 90%...


Wake Me When June Ends.... - Greenday

Time for a breakdown of the last week including the mid month patch and then juts some "June"eral complaints.... Get it? General? June-eral? oh yeah. that's a good one. Hey folks, tonight's show started with some general good ole fashioned moaning and complaining. However, we TRIED to limit this portion of the show by moving to something more positive, and looking at a few bright spots in this most recent 'mid month' patch. However, Ripper and TR8R sound off on why it's not being well...


Comparative Analysis on Galaxy Tree -- Eco Seeks Feedback

Today has been a very long day, with lots of math. So let's start there. Why does this tree have so many people on edge? WE have finally solved it, and it's not exactly what you may think. Is there a deeper issue? And what is Scopely prepared to do about it? Community Manager Eco stops by to discuss the situation, hear from players, and give away some goodies in today's breakdown of the new Galaxy Research Tree. Visit our website at


Uncovering the Angst on the New Galaxy Tree

Today unfortunately was a shorter episode than typical, but it did provide a more positive tone than the last 6 days. Obviously a few improvements were made to the game OUTSIDE of the galaxy tree, and those deserved recognition, but with regards to the new research, a new initiative has come about. Talking Trek wants to know WHY this tree is so bad. Is it the cost? Is it the new currency? Is it the time investment? Or is it something else? Let's begin to deep dive into this game and WHY more...


Strange New Worlds Brings Strange New Content

Ripper got mad. Really, that's about all that needs to be said regarding the new holodeck feature (but not for obvious reasons) and the new Galaxy Research Tree. DJz tries to get to the bottom of the gripe as we take a look at what Strange New Content scopely brings in June... visit us online at


Memorial Events Best Forgotten? Or Still ”Good?”

Memorial Day events were on everyone's mind today as we're coming off the heels of one of the worst deployed sets of events in recent history. However, the facts remain, that the SMS's paid well, and the Tendi Auction allowed players to push extra for this officer if they so chose. Was it all bad? Sound off, PLUS a hint towards the next arc, and more silliness as per usual. Visit us online at for links to all our platforms!


Talking Trek LIVE with Bubba, TR8R, and Chick

DJz was away.... and he has no idea what we talked about. We're not gonna let the description give it away. Gonna have to listen!!! visit us online at for links!


Final Grades on Anthology and New Wishlist Mechanics

On tonight's show we talk about one of the brightest spots of the arc being the newly designed Kobyiashi Maru event. What potential does it have and could it actually have MILES of potential built in? Scopely, the players want to explore this! Round 4 ALMOST starts, but the arc has a good clean feel overall. What were high points and low points? And what did a SPECIFIC scopely staffer accomplish this month thats NEVER been done as well as it was? PLUS a hint into the upcoming arc, and........


Bubba vs DJz Round 3, Event Store Wrapup, and Tendi/Rutherford Applications

Today, we cap off one of the most controversial months in terms of Bubba and DJ'z perspective on officer sourcing and talk about the appropriate place for sourcing previous content. Plus if you can get through the first hour or so of DJz being a bad guy, we do get into event store loot, and the best ways to spend it. Is there a one sized fits all solution this month? Plus a mathematical breakdown and analysis on the two new officers this month and where they can provide the maximum benefits...


The Rollercoaster of Doom(adas) + Eco for President

Today was one of the craziest days we've had in awhile with communications galore, ups and downs, passes and fails, and to cap the day with one of the most unusual yet awesome announcements to EVER come from Scopely HQ. Plus STRATEGY, PAYOUTS, and REWARDS behind this Doomsday meta event. You have questions? We have answers. Visit us online at


DJz vs Bubba: Round 2

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT CONTAINED In this one, DJz and Bubba continue to jab at eachother about the Tendi Meta and whether or not Scopely has obligations to hand out free epic officers. Plus, other stuff that wasn't as funny. Enjoy this UNCENSORED DJz after dark.


DJz vs Bubba: Round 1

Tonight we were just gonna hang out, drive some miles, and talk about Tendi, but the conversation quickly turned into the pros vs cons of XSLB's, as well as loot payouts and overall monthly payouts for May. There's not a lot to type here.... this is one jousting match that you'll just need to hear.... ps..... Pt 2 comes thoon


Feesha and Disco Skins: What Are They Good For?

Tonight we dive into this month's "features" and discuss the Salvager and Section 31 Refits. These two skins DO have a benefit, but is it worth the cost? Only you can decide, BUT we will tell you what they factually do, and what kind of time or grind benefits they may provide. Are either of these game changing? MAYBE. But perhaps only for a specific portion of the community. PLUS, DJz and the crew speak to you in Klingon, which is surprisingly good, and lastly, we apparently are shaming DJz...


Anthology Events So Far and The Salvager Refit

Tonight we salute mom's and mommy figures everywhere as the US celebrates Mothers Day! Then we discuss what events we've seen, including a few helpful hints for the Armada event, some math on buying packs for the Tendi event and what the Feesha Refit actually does for you! We also look forward to some events coming this month and issue some warnings and strategies for the upcoming Jellyfish auction. All this and more! Please visit our website at


Anthology Arc Begins, and We Have Your Updates!

Today is day 2 of the Anthology arc, a catchup with FOUR total properties, including Disco, TNG, TOS, and Lower Decks. What do we know so far? What questions do you have? DJz probably has the answers, and we discuss those here tonight and get you prepped for the next few days of the May 2022 Arc! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! visit us online at


ST Anthology: May 2022 Arcfall OFFICIAL Q&A

Well, patch notes were leaked, and info was known ahead of time. and at first glance, we felt underwhelmed. But there may have been a few subtle beauties hiding out in May, and today we look at a few of them, and begin to discuss the event store, annnnnnnd for those especially difficult questions, and to drag him out of hiding, Community Manager Eco stops by to answer a few questions and say GOOD MORNING! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! Please visit...


Talking Trek Meets Eco; Final Grades for Lower Decks

Tonight, the Talking Trek Community meets a new voice! Community Manager Eco joins us on the stage to talk about what drew him to Star Trek, what he's learned so far, and what kind of excitement and hope he brings to our players. We learn some very interesting things and hear him discuss his passions in a way we've never heard from any CM before. Then we recap the Lower Decks arc and discuss some final items impacting our final verdicts. Grades are issued, a hint is given, and then.... Share...


Lower Decks Wrapup, DS Mining Nodes, and no less than 4 Trainwrecks

I feel like doodoo. But the show must go on. So naturally, this show was more 'squirrel' than anything else. But some interesting things came up regarding mining, lower decks abilities, and an UNCONVENTIONAL use for these officers, as well as some new mechanics Scopely tested this month. Did they pan out? Let's dive in, talk about 45 other things at the same time, and find out the latest item on Ripper's Wishlist. Please share with your teams, sub to our channels, and enjoy the show! visit...


Lower Decks Abilities, John Harrison, Second Contact AND MORE!

On our first studio show back here in 10 days, we had a loooooot to talk about. We start off with a fascinating conversation about natural gas vs propane, (not kidding) and quickly make our way into Second Contact, Lower Decks Abilities (warning, math to follow), the mid month patch and what it fixed as compared to what it broke, and finally a little bit of insight into the desealing rod fragments and how to earn those, and how to increase your potential ROI IF you're willing to spend a few...


After Party Gold: Moaning Makes an Evil Kitty Nice Again

The title says it all. Enjoy this after party Gold Content that was too good not to pass up. All the anger, pent up aggression and frustration with turf wars is evaporated in 20 minutes with some comic relief, and possibly some highly effective seduction. Enjoy the bonus content! Visit our website at for more