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STFC Official Podcast with UltimatDJz




What is the Sting? And Why Does It Hurt?

Tonight we had big plans on lots of math. So we got to SOME of it, but we got into a great discussion on the Mantis, and it's abilities. This multifaceted ship has been great for some folks and not so much for others. What are the differences, and does it punish higher ops level players MORE than lower? So let's find out WHAT it is, and why it's having an impact. President Eco hangs out tonight to talk a little about EVERYTHING and to soak up some of that Talking Trek knowledge. Please share...


The Mantis Loop - Highs and Lows of the First 24 Hours

Today we take a step back and do OUR BEST to objectively explain what we can about this arc. The Mantis and it's loop are discussed early, despite how bad it may be, (or is it?) as well as discussing the Syndicate Prime research, the event store loot count/payouts, and many other things at a surface level on this arc. This is a can't miss episode, whether you own the Mantis, or not. Visit us online at for links to our socials.

Scopely Vs The World: SNW Pt3 Arcfall

In this Talking in Carz with DJz episode, we half mechanically and half emotionally break down the upcoming content of the August arc. What are the mechanics, and what does the math say? on the other hand, what do our feelings and emotions say about paywalled content, REGARDLESS of your ops? THEN, the epic finale of today's show starts with President Eco comes in to chat with Ripper, DJz and Rev about this patch. What happened after? You will just need to listen.... Visit us online at...

Don’t Look Back, But Don’t Look Forward....

Tonight, the show is stuck between a rock and a hardplace. The rock is July and the hardplace is August. With the upcoming finale of Strange New Worlds in Star Trek Fleet Command, we see early disappointment, the introduction of a new time sync and more opportunities to of course, spend money. DJz teams up with Ripper and BekLikesPlants to provide to you 3 hints tonight pertaining to what is coming in only days. Plus a quick friendly reminder on Borgmada mechanics, and a healthy discussion...


Final Grades: Incursions and SNW Pt2

This episode continues to try to breakdown the failures of incursions, as well as dig through possible fixes as we move out of July and into potential future runs of the dynamic and divisive new feature. Plus a tribute to Nichelle Nichols, a review of TWO battlepass's this month, officer sourcing, and so much more, plus, the laziest hint ever given on this show. Visit our website to support the show on Patreon by visiting


So Much Room for Activities!

Tonight was a lot of info crammed into a little space. President Eco stopped by to talk about the San Diego Comic Con and what happened there, plus provide some feedback and have some convos on incursions and changes we can expect for the upcoming run. Plus PvP is discussed again and ways to possibly improve it. Then we moved on to bubba's newfound positivity, the officer flashpass, syndicate xp, and SNW pike. Lots of info jammed into this rare July airing. Visit us online at...

Incursions Take 2: Community Roundtable Response

So incursions went off as planned, and TECHNICALLY speaking, it worked for the most part. But there were a few little things, some in engineering, some in design, and others just in perception that Scopely could probably tweak on to make this a little bit better. Today, DJz takes a back seat and let's the community drive the discussion as APAC, US, and EU players sound off on the latest new style of event to hit the STFC Galaxy. Visit us online at to find links to...

Incursions Updates and Events Breakdown

Tonight DJz was on the defensive when discussing incursions and what they brought this past week. Obviously they didn't work perfectly, but there were a lot of things that went right, and moreover, we take a deep dive into the events that WILL present this coming week, and how they paid. Will players be rewarded? or is this another miss when it comes to event payouts? Plus we take another peek at the SNW officers, and answer questions on incursions and how they're SUPPOSED to roll out this...


Bubba n Company Discuss Arc Building

DJz is on vacation, so Bubba n Company decide to take an approach on what players want out of arc building. What do players feel is important when constructing an arc? What are the event rewards SUPPOSED to be? How should event mechanics intertwine with eachother? On this community roundtable, players sound off on their wishlist for 'the perfect monthly arc.' Visit us online at for all our links to our socials and platforms!


Hits and Misses of SNW Pt 2 Launch

So there are pips everywhere, and we've already experienced a snafu with event launch, BUUUUUUUUUT, is the design of this arc already bad? There's already a few positive pieces here, and we're here to break down the good, bad and ugly of SNW Pt 2. From events, to auctions, to the calendar, to the officers, let's see how Scopely is starting the month... Visit for links to our content platforms.


Talking In Carz with DJz AND Eco: SNW Pt2

Good morning Commanders! This morning in true Talking Trek fashion a podcast on the go was taped and discussed and broke down the information surrounding this new arc. Officer, buildings, exos, and more, everything thatwe know the answers to is revealed in this show. Plus President Eco answers questions from the community. Enjoy the listen, and let's get ready for the new arc! Visit our website at for links to all our other properties and sites.


Bubba and Galaxy Vs DJz: Incursions

Today Bubba returns to the show for the first time since Incursions were announced, and as expected, he's not fond of the concept. However, he finds MANY supporters to his points as DJz rallies around the PvP concept. The conversation ultimately degrades into RoE, and why something is right or wrong? Ripper solves the entire thing in a matter of seconds, but in a RARE instance, DJz disagrees with the Rip and more catpiling ensues. This listen is exciting, polarizing, and most of all,...


June Final Grades and First Release Info with Incursions

Tonight was kind of a two for one, taking two shows, and condensing it into one. First a few wrapups of the June arc, with a few positives, but acknowledging the setbacks. We were rushed off this topic though to a breaking news article provided by and presented by President Eco, who stopped by the show for 20 minutes to talk about Scopely's newest article and PRE ARC RELEASE info on Incursions, which arrive in July. What info do you need to know? What questions do you have? This show has 90%...


Wake Me When June Ends.... - Greenday

Time for a breakdown of the last week including the mid month patch and then juts some "June"eral complaints.... Get it? General? June-eral? oh yeah. that's a good one. Hey folks, tonight's show started with some general good ole fashioned moaning and complaining. However, we TRIED to limit this portion of the show by moving to something more positive, and looking at a few bright spots in this most recent 'mid month' patch. However, Ripper and TR8R sound off on why it's not being well...


Comparative Analysis on Galaxy Tree -- Eco Seeks Feedback

Today has been a very long day, with lots of math. So let's start there. Why does this tree have so many people on edge? WE have finally solved it, and it's not exactly what you may think. Is there a deeper issue? And what is Scopely prepared to do about it? Community Manager Eco stops by to discuss the situation, hear from players, and give away some goodies in today's breakdown of the new Galaxy Research Tree. Visit our website at


Uncovering the Angst on the New Galaxy Tree

Today unfortunately was a shorter episode than typical, but it did provide a more positive tone than the last 6 days. Obviously a few improvements were made to the game OUTSIDE of the galaxy tree, and those deserved recognition, but with regards to the new research, a new initiative has come about. Talking Trek wants to know WHY this tree is so bad. Is it the cost? Is it the new currency? Is it the time investment? Or is it something else? Let's begin to deep dive into this game and WHY more...


Strange New Worlds Brings Strange New Content

Ripper got mad. Really, that's about all that needs to be said regarding the new holodeck feature (but not for obvious reasons) and the new Galaxy Research Tree. DJz tries to get to the bottom of the gripe as we take a look at what Strange New Content scopely brings in June... visit us online at


Memorial Events Best Forgotten? Or Still ”Good?”

Memorial Day events were on everyone's mind today as we're coming off the heels of one of the worst deployed sets of events in recent history. However, the facts remain, that the SMS's paid well, and the Tendi Auction allowed players to push extra for this officer if they so chose. Was it all bad? Sound off, PLUS a hint towards the next arc, and more silliness as per usual. Visit us online at for links to all our platforms!


Talking Trek LIVE with Bubba, TR8R, and Chick

DJz was away.... and he has no idea what we talked about. We're not gonna let the description give it away. Gonna have to listen!!! visit us online at for links!


Final Grades on Anthology and New Wishlist Mechanics

On tonight's show we talk about one of the brightest spots of the arc being the newly designed Kobyiashi Maru event. What potential does it have and could it actually have MILES of potential built in? Scopely, the players want to explore this! Round 4 ALMOST starts, but the arc has a good clean feel overall. What were high points and low points? And what did a SPECIFIC scopely staffer accomplish this month thats NEVER been done as well as it was? PLUS a hint into the upcoming arc, and........