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Financial freedom and starting a business while at university - TasCast Show - Episode 51

Financial freedom and starting a business while at uni? Had this conversation with student Alvaro 3 weeks ago. You can start a business while studying, especially if you are an undergrad. In this video I explain to Alvaro how to think about financial freedom, more precisely I explain how I think about financial freedom and why I am so active with ideas, content creation and startups. I try to advise him and motivate him to go out there and do it himself. I hope you guys enjoy the...


Redefining hustling - TasCast Show - Episode 50

It is a famous notion to talk about hustling when we talk about business nowadays. Many influencers seem to talk about hustling but is hustling 24/7 for everybody. Does hustling mean the same thing to everybody? I think the answer is no, I explain in today’s episode why. As always have an awesome day full of love, passion and compassion. Watch the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/SZydFXakML8


Why veganism is NOT perfect - TasCast Show - Episode 49

Last week Earthling Ed, on of the most influential vegans in the UK, visited Stirling and gave a talk at the university of Stirling. His talk and the questions that followed the talk inspired today’s episode monologue. I hope you guys enjoy. Please check out facts about everything I say yourself, don’t take my word for fact, I just want to motivate your curiosity. The talk was very interesting and I would suggest you check his website out https://www.earthlinged.com/ for more...


You’ve come across a data scientist job but you didn’t realise - TasCast Show - Episode 48

As a new data scientist people often ask me what a data scientist is or does. Many times, if someone has an idea of what a data scientist does they think it’s something alien to them, their world or their job. As I described in today’s episode during my monologue, you see the results of a data scientist’s job daily. You either come across it on your favourite social media platforms, news ventors (TV, Newspapers, magazines (online or offline), your favourite games, etc. Yes, games, I...


Competition skills that are transferable to business - TasCast Show - Episode 47

Last week I spent two days in Edinburgh, mainly for a datathone (a data science competition). We had to come up with a solution for the general category finance for good, backed with data from open data initiatives such as open banking. Today I explore how the activities taking place during a datathone such as the formation of a new team with people you haven’t met before to the creation and presentation of a new product from scratch in just 24-48 are skills that you can transfer in your...


For Your Startup To Survive And Grow You Need Sales And Productivity - TasCast Show - Episode 46

In today’s episode I am answering questions from some of our customers at The Startup Race (TSUR). The two questions I’ve answered are below. What’s different about this episode is that it has 2 YouTube videos that go with it on YouTube, links below. Questions answered: 1) Is there a reference that discusses the differences of MVP vs MRP. Although I completely accept that selling something is the gold standard in market validation, I think you can go too far in focusing solely on revenue...


What Should Small Businesses Know About The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - TasCast Show - Episode 44

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. I have had a couple of conversations with data professionals but since we are not lawyers the common theme when talking about GDPR appears to be the fact that we know just enough to help us stay out of...


Comedy is difficult, it needs practice and regular stage presence - TasCast Show - Episode 43

I was listening to the James Altucher show podcast episode 325 and his conversation with Godfrey and they were talking about flexing the comedy muscle. I am not as experience as them in comedy by any means but I have done my fair amount of shows and I am organising a new show in Stirling, UK, while you are listening to this episode, I do have experience in presenting as an entrepreneur, developing simple websites and more similar skills that I like to practice. It is common for everyone...


Influencing and Motivating People to Help You Achieve Your Goals - TasCast Show - 10 Minutes Segment - Episode 40

Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend at the university who has been running a petition campaign to demand compensation for the lessons she and other international students are missing due to the lecturers’ compensation strike. She called me, remembering that I have talked with Petros Djakouris last month on my podcast and we mentioned how we motivate people to work with us to help us achieve our goals, listen to the episode here. I’ve noticed some of the...


5 Data Science Publications Worth Following and Reading - TasCast Show - Ten Minute Segments - Episode 39

If you are a professional in any field you’re probably reading a number of trusted publications to keep up with industry news and to help you keep up with technology and skills. As a data scientist or analyst you can find a plethora of resources but how do you choose which ones to read constantly and which ones not that often? I was looking into this and a blog post publish by Udacity has a list of 5 publications that I think will be good to check out as a data scientist. The link to the...


Professional Content Creation Needs Consistency - TasCast Show - Episode 38

Had a couple of less than ideal weeks with an illness and 2 accidents, I even ended up to the hospital last Friday. If the beginning of the year is tough the rest will be a breeze, don’t you think? I finally managed to record this episode and the topic was inspired by a short chat I had with the lady that served me coffee at my meeting location since she asked me about the mic I was using. We talked a bit about YouTube and how from my personal experience and expectations from the people I...


Deliberately surrounding myself with people that can help me when I face a challenge - TasCast Show - 10 Minutes Segment - Episode 37

In today’s TasCast Show 10 minutes segment I talk about why I like to deliberately seek out people to talk to when I face a challenge. Having the right people to talk to when I face a challenge or when I simply want to improve myself or a skill is crucial to me. I believe it is crucial for every person who wants to be successful in life and business. I hope you guys enjoy. Subscribe to be the first to know about the new episodes. Also, new subscribers who comment get the chance for a...


From Europe to China, International Marketing, Building an initiative and Motivation - TasCast Show Special Episode with Petros Djakouris

Petros and I made this conversation happen. It took us some time but we made it. Petros talks about his decision to leave Europe with an economics degree and move to Beijing. How he taught English, how he learned Chinese, how he found it difficult to network and find opportunities as a foreigner and therefore started his own initiative to help himself and people like him to find opportunities and network in Beijing. How he started working as a marketer for a startup in China. He explains...


Stoicism “Learn to say no” - Socrates “Learn from everyone” - TasCast Show - Episode 36

Two quick thoughts this morning. As stoicism suggests be ruthless to the things that don’t matter. That means if you learn to say “no” to the things that don’t really matter it might hurt some people along the way but it will ultimately make your life easier and happier while freeing time for the things that matter.As Socrates used to say, if you are a smart person you should be able to learn from everyone. Smart people learn from everything and everyone,Average people from their...


This is a thin fork restaurant - TasCast Show - Episode 35

I’ve been thinking about my first appearance at a comedy club which takes place tomorrow. The ice-breaker will be the thin fork restaurant. What do you guys think?


Stoicism - Control and Choice - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 34

What matters can you control in life? Listen to today’s TasCast show episode for ideas and examples of matters we can or cannot control in life and some ideas of how you can start practicing to understand the control and choices you have. Can I say clearly to myself which are external matters not under my control, and which have to do with the choices I actually control? This is an important teaching from the Stoic philosophy and I have been trying my best to practice this skill for a few...


Good Advice and Bad Advice - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 33

Want to listen to what I have to say about advice? Listen to this short episode of the TasCast Show Daily. Today I was asked to think of some good advice and some bad advice examples that I received. Needless to say, I had a nice 10 minutes brainstorming session. It made me think and as an entrepreneur I have received and have given both good and bad advice. As always have a day full of love, passion and compassion.


Stoicism - Perseverance and the Art of Living - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 32

A friend I respect and value a lot has recommended that I read the book “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday. In a nutshell, you could describe stoicism as a Meditation on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living. I’ll try to read the daily stoic daily and talk about some of the content in this podcast and give you my ideas on the ideas of the philosophy of Stoicism so I hope you enjoy. Getting back to a routine from tomorrow again. Recorded today’s episode at the airport, couldn’t record...


How I ruined the last two weeks of work and productivity - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 31

Check out the Startup Race at https://thestartuprace.com/investment-readiness-sprint/ to sign up for our investment readiness sprint today guys. After getting sick a couple of weeks ago, not being able to use my voice, I realised that I had managed to overwhelm myself with responsibilities during the same week and with all the conscious and subconscious pressure on top of my health it made it difficult for me to recover from my cold and therefore also difficult to go back on recording the...


What do data scientist do? - TasCast Show Daily - Episode 30

As a newbie data scientist I’ve learned that most of the time in a data scientist’s day is spent to organise and clear data so they’re ready for analysis. In today’s episode I share some thoughts on that and what I mean by cleaning and organising data. What do you guys think? Let me know here or on Twitter. Subscribe guys if you like to be notified for my daily content and everything new. Like this episode and share it if you liked it. As always, have an amazing day, full of love,...