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What do we know? So much...yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.

What do we know? So much...yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.
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Perth, ON


What do we know? So much...yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.






23 – Show Me The Ropes

Kinky like a cheap garden hose? Our pal, resident sexpert and kink enthusiast Casey Easton is back, and she's strapped on a mic to tell us all about it. She gives us a little lesson in BDSM 101, how to meet other kinksters and how to break into swinging. We also chat about pegging, spanking, sounding, stanky armpits, and more! Listener discretion is strongly advised for this XXXpisode. The article Casey mentions, that we promised to share, is at...


22 – As The Tiger Flies

Expert traveler and travel agent, Lindsay Kipp, takes us on a wild podcasting journey around the world (wide web). We discuss her favourite exotic sandwich, her craziest travel stories (including a kidnapping!), how to get free upgrades, what determines accommodations' star ratings, the Hot Andrews and the Dick Andrews, swingers' resorts, Melody's makeout hack, and so much more. Thank you for joining us on Tiger Air and please enjoy your flight. In this episode we played Bikini Girls With...


BONUS Christmas Sneak Peak!

Enjoy this Special Holiday Sneak Peak of our Patreon feed, brought to you by Santa herself. (Thanks for working with us, Santa!) $2 a month at patreon.com/teachmetigerpodcast gets you an all-access pass to bonus content from each episode. $5 a month or more gets you even more perks, baby! Meowy Catmas and enjoy this special bonus chat with Kim Murphy. Kim's the best. Listen to her tell us about her beautiful dog portrait tattoos by Charline Bataille in Montreal, and the love stories behind...


21 – We’ve Never Felt This Way Before

It was a magical Wednesday morning, when we sat down with the resplendent Zoë Lianga, of Zoë Emily Designs and Cordwood Studio in Brooke Valley, ON, Canada. She regaled us with fantastical tales of horse-driven felting, community bonding, muskox riding, two-wheel traveling and mystical animal sightings. She also does a real nice New Zealand accent and makes stunningly beautiful felt art. Zoë even brought us a tiger-striped felt bandana that can be worn in several ways and IS GOING TO GO UP...


20 – A Kimpassionate Healer

Join us as we chat with the kimpossibly cool, hilarious and extremely good-looking Kimberley Murphy of The Healing Room Perth. Kim is a skilled and learned healer and teacher, and we were lucky enough to have her on and learn about her training, her process and her deep connection to the world around her. We talk about feeling energies, cupping (breasts, buttocks, etc), traveling in Central and South America, crafting with monkey teeth, spotting celebrities, surfing, motorbiking, and more!...


19 – Finally Legal to Drink, Yippee!

We threw ourselves a Teach Me Tiger 19th (episode) birthday Halloween party and it was the best jam ever. In this partypisode we talk to some party pals about stuff they know and boy oh boy, do we ever learn a lot. Lizzie plugs "editing" and Kids In The Hall (with begloved hands, of course.) Sarah and Anthony are Kung Fu Fighting. Jo talks The Boss and high fashion lifejackets. Annabella refuses to swear like her mother Erin. Jamie built a house! And midwife Amelia has something she wants...


18 – Poke Her? I Hardly Know Her!

Well, now that we are 18, Mom can't stop us from getting inked, or from hanging out with cool tattoo artists. Eat it, Mom! You're not the boss of me! We sat down with two such cool dudes for this episode: Patchy Owl, a hand poke tattoo artist, and Falken Newton, of Tattoo Machine in Carleton Place, ON. Hear all about how they got started, their worst tattoos, toughest spots to get inked, most memorable experiences, and weirdest requests. And Sarah, the brave warrior that she is, conducts one...


17 – Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby – Part 2

In this very NSFW episode, the follow-up to last week's very NSFW episode, we talk about non-monogamy, "sexy time" management, swingers clubs, working through sexual trauma, butt plugs and more (!) with sexpert Casey Easton of Erotic Embodiment. We uncover a lot, and by "uncover," I mean do a filthy strip-tease. The bulk of this was recorded with a handheld recorder, so the sound isn't up to snuff, but we hope you'll forgive us, since this is such a f*cking good episode. Love you, Tigers! In...


17 – Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby – Part 1

We had the good fortune of sitting down with sex educator and amazing superwoman Casey Easton of Erotic Embodiment for this titillating episode. In Part One, Casey gives her top five Just The Tips for better sexual health and pleasure, and you won't believe the wealth of knowledge she shares with us. This is seriously like a TED Talk on intimacy, sex, relationships and body positivity. Ugh, it is just SO GOOD! You will not want to miss it. We should all hear it, and our partners should all...


16 – Jet Ski J.C.

It's our Sweet Sixteenth Episode and we couldn't be more excited, as we are sharing it with the cutest boy in school, Ryan (a rebel with an Urqhart of gold.) We cover (and uncover - HEYO!!) a lot in this episode: including but certainly not limited to super powers, comedy torture, stand-up porn, the magic of crystals and favourite jams. Ry Guy also talks about his distaste for organized religion and his break-up story with the church following a pious childhood. If this will offend you,...


15 – Cubs On The Loose

Don't be fooled by the "E" for explicit because this one's PG! We've got kids from ages 2-12 joining us in this ep to talk Santa, God (same guy?), colours, being allies, and so much more! These kids will knock your socks off with their wisdom and kindness. If they are the future, we're in capable (and hilarious) hands. DISCLAIMER: though we've bleeped it, S-E-X does come up between 46-50 min. Find Sarah on Insta at www.instagram.com/littlewrightcrew.art/ and Melody at...


14 – It Was A Dark And Stormy Night – Part 2

We're BAAA-AAACK with more of your spooky scary ghost stories. In the second instalment of this juicy two-parter, we visit haunted BnBs, cottages, family homes, bars and even haunted dreams. We also touch on the Dibic box, Annabelle the haunted doll, death portraits at vegan cafes and Dear David. Oh, and we talk a lot about farts. (What's new?) Find Justine at instagram.com/the.lifted.sisters and on youtube.com. Sarah is at instagram.com/littlewrightcrew.art and Melody is at...


14 – It Was A Dark And Stormy Night – Part 1

Good Golly, this one's a doozy! This here is the chilling first instalment of our long-awaited ghost ep, featuring our creepiest neighbour Justine Cruise-Campeau, the spooOOoOooky Melody Starkweather, and the totally spooked Sarah Wright. We've got YOUR tales of ghosts and ghouls from all walks of the afterlife, not to mention a few harrowing accounts of our own. Grab your protective pendant and a couple Ativan - you're about to get GHOSTED. I mean scared. Find Justine at...


13 – Dating Nightmares

Joining us this week is a very special guest all the way from Detroit, MI (and also from Sarah and Melody's crazy 20s), the lovely and foxy Deveri Gifford. Pull up a stool as we listen to your stories of crazy and terrible dates, as well as recant some wild tales of our own. And make sure to listen all the way through as there is a surprise late addition from Deveri that'll have you tooting your pants! Special thanks to Purest Gluten Free for being our amazing snack sponsors. Find them at...


12 – Chick Chat

Hop into the henhouse, dear listeners, for some Chick Chat and Cock Talk with fan favourite and Number One Fan, Justine Cruise-Campeau! And guess who your chicken experts are this week. You'll never guess. It’s us! We cover coop setup, the dinosaur connection, best monikers, duck wangs, the cloaca kiss, purring chickens, predator defense and nose pockets. And so much more! Find Justine and the Lifted Sisters at www.youtube.com/channel/UCVH-kkqLhjkr7X_yLmB5jiw and...


11 – Just The Two Of Us

Summer be crazy. That's why we made a cute little mini epi for you sweet babies. Just the two of us, you and I (and I.) Chill with us, as we talk camping, soggy wieners, dating fails and knocked-up doggies. Not to mention, a rousing round of Icebreakers and the triumphant return of Science Facts With Sarah! (And so much more!) We are still looking for your harrowing tales of terrible dates and spooky hauntings, sweet babies, so please call and leave them at 1-833-TEACH-US (1-833-832-2487)....


10 – The Dadisode

Holy Moly, it's the Fab Four (Feminist Fathers.) Episode 10 boasts the hunkiest Dad panel in all the land: Greg Aarons, Chris Chambers, Kaajuk Kablalik and Brent Maguire. Ever lucky! These progressive pappies sit with us to talk about impending fatherhood, filthy earholes, invisible housewives, coffee romance and BBQ bromance. Swooooon!!! Find Chris at www.ottawaaquariums.ca or www.twitter.com/chris_rchambers, Kaajuk at www.kaajuk.ca, and Brent at www.heritagebikesandrentals.com Sarah can be...


9 – Picture Yourselfie

Hey, Tigers. Say CHEESE! Ever wonder the best lighting and angles for a meaningful selfie or just to chisel them chins? Join us in convo with our wildly talented professional photographer bud Liz Cooper, as we explore selfies, photographing kids, getting great prints, awkward shoots, Liz's worst date and more! Find Liz at www.lizzography.com Find Sarah at www.instagram.com/littlewrightcrew.art and Melody at www.melodystarkweather.ca


8 – MIXTAPE with Jenny

Join us with 2-time Juno award winner, THE talented, beautiful and illustrious JENNY WHITELEY as we talk about car CDs, fanning out, women in the industry, sleep away camps and school yard bullies...and of course, music! Sarah's handsome man Greg (of our regular Gregsistentialism segment) joins as a co-host in this XL epi. "Hey guys: why is it so long, anyway?" Glad you asked! It's XL because it's our first ever MIXTAPE episode, featuring snippets of some of our very favourite (and even most...


7 – Size Matters

This fresh epi is all about tiny homes and big ideas. And we all know what they say about "big ideas," amiright?? Join us in conversation with Bridget O'Flaherty (sustainability consultant and textile artist) and Meghan Robinson (tiny-home-steader and hoop dance teacher.) These two have REALLY "BIG IDEAS." We chat smelly privies, large dogs, power sources, building costs and more MORE MORE (because size really does matter.) xoxo Melody and Sarah Find Meghan at www.instagram.com/spindancefly...