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What do we know? So much…yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.

What do we know? So much…yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.


Perth, ON


What do we know? So much…yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.






COVID Classics – 15 – Cubs On The Loose (Kids w/ Isla, Leon & Penny)

Here we all are, in self isolation, many of us with our kids. And because of this, we took these last couple of weeks off from podcasting, which means, it's time for a COVID Classic! We present to you, Cubs On The Loose, featuring some of our very favourite kids, talking about kid stuff! We've made this one kid-friendly, so you can listen together, although BEWARE - the topic of sex does come up in the podcast. Also, we are sponsored by Just The Tip Handpoke Tattoos. There is an ad upfront,...


50 – PieCast! (Pi Day Party w/ Kassy Boulay & Josh Reil)

It's The Pie-Cast featuring two of our most experty pie-preneur pals, Kassy Boulay and Josh Reil of the Perth Pie Company. We get the Pi Day party started with the humble pie's origin story, and then get into some wacky pie facts, favourite pies, pie crust hacks, surprise pies, pie-litical assault pies and more! Grab a slice and join the party, 'cause you are at least 3.14 times more likely to have a deliciously great time with us in your ears than you will without. PIE! Find the Perth Pie...


49 – We Are Killin’ It (True Crime w/ Melody & Liz)

This one might have you covered for your commute and back. It's a little lengthy but SO totally worth it. Liz Cooper is back with Melody Starkweather and they're covering two completely fascinating true crime stories: The Zodiac Killer, a bizarre and compelling Bay Area serial killer case that's gone completely cold AND Charles Starkweather, the rampage killing James Dean lookalike who murdered 11 people and 2 dogs with his 14-year-old girlfriend in the winter of '57/'58. We've gone full...


48 – Moanin’, Jonesin’ and BDE-Posin’ (Sex w/ Miss Jones)

Oh Helllll yessssss. It's another sexpisode, this time featuring the delightful Miss Jones. Co-creators of TMT Melody Starkweather and Sarah Wright sit down with holistic sexual wellness educator Miss Jones and talk about soooo much: sex buckets and bucket lists, squirting, big dick energy, yoni and lingam massage, kegel exercises, edging, body image issues, fun foods, sex toys and so much more. Disclaimer: THIS EPISODE IS ALL ABOUT SEX. Find Miss Jones on Facebook at...


47 – Stormin’ Mormon (Mormonism w/ Stephanie McGee and Megan Lefebvre)

Let's talk about Mormons! Melody's bud from work Megan Lefebvre joins her in this chat with ex-Mormon and ex-Utahn Stephanie McGee. We start out with a quick primer on Mormonism and the American Jesus. Steph tells us about her upbringing and how her Mormon "shelf" came crashing down. We cover Joseph Smith's death mask, different levels of Hell, coffee as a gateway drug, Mormon underwear, performance reviews, the teachings of South Park and much, much more. There's also a super fun Mormon...


46 – Heavy Metal Ham (Metal Music w/ Steve Needham)

This week we are getting loud and thick and heavy with Steve Needham, who needs some ham. (And on that note, he needs a better nickname, too.) Nikki Rochon Kaiser joins Melody and Steve for this heavy metal deep dive. We talk metal origins, terminology, best intros, guitar shredding, Satanic Panic, Slayer (of course), Indonesian metal, and more. Do some neck warm-ups, tiger babies, 'cause we are going headbanging! You can find Steve and his band Eve of Uprise on YouTube here or on Spotify...


45 – This Is 2019 (Year In Review w/ Chris and Melody)

Happy New Year, Tigers! May we all put the teens behind us and forge ahead victorious into the Roaring Twenty-Twenties. Before we do that, though, maybe we should reminisce a little about our last year as a teenager. In this 2019 wrap-up, Chris Chambers co-hosts the pod. Melody and Chris walk listeners through a Teach Me Tiger top ten countdown with clips from our favourite episodes. There are great stories, jokes jokes jokes and a whole lotta fun facts. Tune in for the best of 2019,...


44 – My Daddy Is A Ballerina (1960s NYC w/ Justin Starkweather)

This is a special holiday episode, featuring a very special man in Melody's life: her dad Justin. Justin Starkweather (formerly John) worked in New York City in the late 50s to early 60s as a dancer, actor, film editor, puppeteer and stage-manager. He was a member of the original Camelot lineup on Broadway, with Julie Andrews and Richard Burton, and also rubbed elbows with many other successful performers. In this episode, he paints us a picture of a very different life and time. He tells us...


43 – Mom Genes (Mom Science w/ Viara Mileva)

We've finally got an expert, who ADMITS TO BEING AN EXPERT! Meet Viara Mileva, PhD, who studied genetics, maternal behaviour, child-parent attachment and bedsharing. She knows a lot of sciencey stuff about mothering, and is also just a badass mother. (And a badass photographer!) After some auxiliary chat about limb loss and California, Viara gives us the science-based lowdown on SIDS, attachment, and bedsharing and then pontificates on technology and Cardi B. Here is a link to a video on the...


42 – Hotel Sleepover Funtime! (Hotel Hauntings/Sleep Facts w/ Katerina Theodorelos & Nikki Rochon Kaiser)

What do you get when you put three adult women and BFFs in a Days Inn to catch up over Prosecco? F*cking hilarity! And some fun facts! Melody and her old (but obviously very young and hot) Toronto roommates Katerina Theodorelos (of Episode 1) and Nikki Rochon Kaiser (of Episode 33) got together, mic'ed up, and just had the best time ever. Although Kat fell asleep (cause there's always one that falls asleep at the slumber party) she managed first to tell us some wild and crazy stories about...


BONUS 41 – Game On!

This bonus episode is really part two to episode 41. We just had such a great time, and recorded for three hours, so we couldn't fit it all into one! In Game On, Part Deux we discuss: Twitch, reality TV, favourite meals, the benefits and dangers of salt (look out slugs!), table top games, the Dark Web, 4chan and 8chan, feminist men, game recommendations and mansplaining. And so much more!


41 – Game On! (Videogames w/ J. M. Janzen & Richard Gill)

Power up and plug in. Liz is back this week for a gametacular episode featuring her main squeeze JM and his best friend of 20+ years Richard. It also features a lot of animal noises, because Liz and JM live in a zoo. (Please note that all burps and farts may be attributed to said animals.) What a topic; what a world! We discuss favourite childhood video games, widely-held myths about gamers and gaming, and the very nebulous Gamergate of 2014. The boys also explain some internet lingo and...


HALLOWEINER BONUS 40 – Halloweiner On A Bun

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Enjoy this Patreon bonus episode because we love you and we love Halloween. We would recommend listening to the full episode 40 before this one. And if you would like more of these bonus episodes, go see us at patreon.com/teachmetigerpodcast/ THANKS AND HAPPY HALLOWEINER! Hey Tigers! This Patreon bonus episode, just in time for Halloween, features a couple more listener and personal spooky stories from Melody, Jenna, Kaajuk and Sarah. We discuss crows and ravens' association...


40 – Halloweiner On A Bun (Ghosts w/ Jenna & Kaajuk Kablalik)

We are getting spooky this Halloween with ghost stories from our friends, as well as some spine-chilling stories of our own. We've brought in our favourite spooky couple, Jenna and Kaajuk Kablalik (check them out in episode 25, What The Folk?, and also hear Kaajuk in The Dadisode, episode 10.) Oh and Sarah Wright, our former co-host, is sitting in for Liz this week. And by "sit in," we mean that these harrowing tales made them crap their pants and now they're sitting in it! This Halloween...


39 – Aliens Schmaliens (UFOs w/ Laura Thursby)

UFOs! Aliens! Strange things in the sky! This week we talk to serious expert, Laura Thursby, PhD, on the history and culture of extraterrestrial lore. She gives us the scoop on Roswell, Area 51, the UFO/cold war connection, abduction story tropes, and more! We hear some listener stories, and your pals Melody and Liz present some light Google research. And of course, our resident cinephile can't help but give us a little tour of some cinematic aliens and space crafts through the ages. This...


38 – Coop’s Sister (Roller Derby w/ Louise Cooper)

Oh yeah! It's Liz's big sister Louise Cooper, AKA Coop De Loop or Coop Du Jour, and she's here to have a great time and talk to us about her experiences as one of the original Kingston Roller Derby Girls. She gives us a quick breakdown of the game, tells us how we can get into it ourselves, and reminisces about her own (super badass) derby days. We talk gender, inclusivity, derby names, halftime shows, costumes, injuries and more! Liz also defines "furries" fur any interested parties. Oh...



Originally aired February 14, 2019. This Valentines Day, we bring you romantic tragedies, local lore, northern mythology, and wild personal stories about mysterious beings. Legendary couple Jenna and Kaajuk Kablalik join us for this episode. It's beautiful. It's scary. It's folklore, baby. We discuss the Watson's Corners Kangaroo, Selkies, Sedna, Shadow People, Sasquatch, the Old Hag, Jackalopes and Wolpertingers. Join our "I Believe In Unicorns Club" and tune in! For more of Kaajuk, tune...


37 – Steev Morgan Is A Fungi (Mushrooms w/ Steev)

We are back with a new epi. This week, we are talking about MUSHROOMS. Our friend Steev Morgan joins us to teach us all about fungi. We learn about fruiting bodies, bespoke antibiotics, the mycelial network, micro-dosing, and the Santa Connection. And as always, much much (mush mush?) more! Grab your hardhat, because your mind is about to be BLOWN! You can find Steev at mycognosis.com or brookemediaarts.ca. Liz is at lizzography.com and Melody is at melodystarkweather.ca. We are over on...


SUMMER CLASSICS – 13 – Dating Nightmares

Originally aired August 23, 2018. Joining us this week is a very special guest all the way from Detroit, MI (and also from Sarah and Melody’s crazy 20s), the lovely and foxy Deveri Gifford. Pull up a stool as we listen to your stories of crazy and terrible dates, as well as recant some wild tales of our own. And make sure to listen all the way through as there is a surprise late addition from Deveri that’ll have you tooting your pants! Special thanks to Purest Gluten Free for being our...


36 – Will You Bee Mine? (Bees w/ Jacklyn Wright)

Buzz buzz! This episode features bee enthusiast, Jacklyn Wright, who not only really cracks up Mel and Liz, but also teaches us all A LOT about bees! Tune in, dear listeners, to learn about Jack's favourite bee facts, setting up a hive from scratch, how bees make honey, messy and violent bee copulation, saving our pollinators (and save the world) and how to catch a swarm of bees. Oh, and Game of Thrones: Bee Edition. Please consider supporting the pod on Patreon! Alternatively, we'd love it...