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What do we know? So much…yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.

What do we know? So much…yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.


Perth, ON


What do we know? So much…yet nearly nothing at all! Let’s explore in conversation with some of our smartest, most experty pals.






69 – I WANT A D*CK (Oral Sex w/ Casey Easton)

If you didn't consider the title of this episode disclaimer enough, consider yourself DISCLAIMED: this episode is about SEX and we kindly ask that children, prudes, exes and immediate family members steer clear of this one. Now, for the rest of you perverts, are you ever in for a treat! Melody and best bud/former cohost, Sarah Wright, are sitting down with Casey Easton of Erotic Embodiment for the Teach Me Tiger season finale to talk all things ORAL SEX and more! We cover cunnilingus and...


68 – So Why Do I Feel Like A Psychopath? (Attachment Theory w/ Viara Mileva)

Viara Mileva, PhD is back, with our good buddy Liz Cooper, to unpack childhood attachment styles, and pontificate on how they affect us and our interpersonal relationships as adults. Viara is wearing her former academic hat (she works now as a photographer,) as she spent years in the lab studying how primary caregivers and small children interacted and bonded (or in some cases, how they didn't do those things.) We break down the different attachment styles, how they're formed, and what they...


67 – Stories With My Pa (w/ Justin Starkweather)

Back by popular demand, it's Melody's father Justin - and just in time for Father's Day. He's been working on a list of tales yet untold, and he's here to share them with us all (ever lucky!) Justin has been interviewed in several previous episodes of Teach Me Tiger - Episode 44, My Daddy Is A Ballerina, Episode 55, Trying Different Things, and Episode 58, The Hippie Years - telling stories from his wildly eventful and interesting life. Justin felt he'd left some good ones out, so here we...


Vintage Classic – 26 – Millennialitis (Self-Care w/ Kim Murphy)

Originally aired February 28, 2019. Hustle, hustle, hustle, baby! Kim Murphy, the ultimate healing hustler, is here to help us simplify our highly saturated lives. How do we tune in, instead of tuning out? What do we really want? Where in our lives are we leaking energy? WHO ARE WE?? AND WHERE THE HELL AM I??? After a real fun game of Icebreakers, we dive deep into the Millennial-and perhaps Xennial-condition that we’ve dubbed Millennialitis. We talk about detecting, avoiding and dealing...


66 – Quarantine Ketchup (Pandemmie Check-In w/ Liz Cooper)

Best friends make the best fun, and we've all missed the BEST FUN with former co-host of the show and Melody's longtime good buddy, ELIZABETH COOPER! (Insert airhorns here.) This episode is a bit of a departure, in that it's not educational in the slightest, but you know what?! It's a global pandemic, the world's on fire, and we're going rogue! In today's epi, we are reflecting on the last 13 months of pandemmie life - unexpected perks, phone addiction, pandemic-tainment, a mental health...


Vintage Classic – 10 – The Dadisode (Fatherhood w/ Brent Maguire, Kaajuk Kablalik, Gregory Aarons & Chris Chambers)

Originally aired July 12, 2018. Holy Moly, it’s the Fab Four (Feminist Fathers.) Episode 10 boasts the hunkiest Dad panel in all the land: Greg Aarons, Chris Chambers, Kaajuk Kablalik and Brent Maguire. Ever lucky! These progressive pappies sit with us to talk about impending fatherhood, filthy earholes, invisible housewives, coffee romance and BBQ bromance. Swooooon!!! Find Chris at www.ottawaaquariums.ca or www.twitter.com/chris_rchambers, Kaajuk at www.kaajuk.ca, and Brent at...


65 – Power Embarrassed (Comedy w/ Claire Haus)

Welcome to our comedy-cast, featuring the hilarious and ever clever Claire Haus, who we'll call a comedy "semi-pro." Claire tells Melody about all the wild stuff she's been up to since their time together in Toronto, and how she made her way into stand-up comedy in London, UK. We discuss why the popular kids don't get to be comics, how to get into improv, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, neverending failures, favourite comedians, online dating, thick skins and so much more! If you would like...


64 – Can I Axe You A Question? (Axe Murder w/ Scarlet Christiaans)

Lemme axe you something: have you ever been curious about why axe murder is such a thing in pop culture? We were curious too, and although we may not have all the answers, we have a great time pontificating on the question. Meet Scarlet Christiaans. She's pod host Melody's dear childhood friend. She's also very funny and smart and obviously devastatingly good-looking. In this episode, Melody and Scarlet talk about the history of the axe and axe murder. They tell the fascinating stories of...


63 – On Tatooine (Tattooing w/ Sarah Wright)

They're BACK! It's Sarah Wright and your host Melody slinging salacious jokes and talking tattooing. If you forgot or if you're just tuning in, Sarah co-created the show with Melody and it's always a great time when the original dream team is reunited. We learn about some different types of tattoos, misconceptions about stick-n-poke, truly wild tattoo stories, tattoo history, and Sarah even gives us actionable pointers on getting into the art. So grab your rusty olfa knife and get out your...


62 – Twenty-Something (2020 Year In Review)

Was 2020 a dumpster fire? Yes. Yes, it was. But you know what? We managed to release some pretty stellar episodes in spite of all of that. There were technical challenges as we moved to remote recording for all of our guests. There were social challenges as well - as in, we all wanted to play with our friends! Listening through the episodes we released this past year, however, helped us remember that 2020 wasn't a total wash. It had its peaks (and valleys) and it wasn't totally traumatic to...


61 – A Good Tall Time (Online Dating w/ Kim Angell)

Online dating! What a racket! Kim Angell (from Episode 4 - Body Break!) guest hosts on this episode. We discuss our own experiences, share some of your stories, set up a freshie fresh Tinder profile, demystify some 2020 online dating slang, sanitize some glory holes and even discuss some ways to hack the system and make your profile stand out. Also, Kim wants to set you up on a date. Apply within! Kim wants your spare holiday change and goodwill to go to Lanark County Interval House, at...


Extraterrestrial Encore – 39 – Aliens Schmaliens (UFOs w/ Laura Thursby)

Originally aired October 10, 2019. UFOs! Aliens! Strange things in the sky! This week we talk to serious expert, Laura Thursby, PhD, on the history and culture of extraterrestrial lore. She gives us the scoop on Roswell, Area 51, the UFO/cold war connection, abduction story tropes, and more! We hear some listener stories, and your pals Melody and Liz present some light Google research. And of course, our resident cinephile can’t help but give us a little tour of some cinematic aliens and...


Spooky Samplings – 40 – Halloweiner On A Bun (Ghosts w/ Jenna & Kaajuk Kablalik)

Originally aired October 23, 2019. We are getting spooky this Halloween with ghost stories from our friends, as well as some spine-chilling stories of our own. We’ve brought in our favourite spooky couple, Jenna and Kaajuk Kablalik (check them out in episode 25, What The Folk?, and also hear Kaajuk in The Dadisode, episode 10.) Oh and Sarah Wright, our former co-host, is sitting in for Liz this week. And by “sit in,” we mean that these harrowing tales made them crap their pants and now...


Ominous Encore – 14 – It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (Ghosts w/ Justine Cruise Campeau) – Part 2

Originally aired September 13, 2018. We’re BAAA-AAACK with more of your spooky scary ghost stories. In the second instalment of this juicy two-parter, we visit haunted BnBs, cottages, family homes, bars and even haunted dreams. We also touch on the Dibic box, Annabelle the haunted doll, death portraits at vegan cafes and Dear David. Oh, and we talk a lot about farts. (What’s new?) Find Justine at instagram.com/the.lifted.sisters and on youtube.com. Sarah is at...


Ominous Encore – 14 – It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (Ghosts w/ Justine Cruise Campeau) – Part 1

Originally aired Sept. 6, 2018. Good Golly, this one's a doozy! This here is the chilling first instalment of our long-awaited ghost ep, featuring our creepiest neighbour Justine Cruise-Campeau, the spooOOoOooky Melody Starkweather, and the totally spooked Sarah Wright. We've got YOUR tales of ghosts and ghouls from all walks of the afterlife, not to mention a few harrowing accounts of our own. Grab your protective pendant and a couple Ativan - you're about to get GHOSTED. I mean scared....


60 – Hirschfeld and His Boyfriends (How the Nazis Robbed Queer History w/ Emmet Cameron)

This week, Melody is joined by co-host Chris Chambers and special guest, Emmet L. F. Cameron, to talk about cool stuff that was happening for queer people in the Weimar Republic, and how the Nazis ruined it, like they ruin everything. Emmet sets the stage with some depictions of the scene in popular culture - Sound of Music or Cabaret, anyone? We learn about key players Magnus Hirschfeld and his two nice boyfriends Karl Giese and Li Shiu Tong. We learn all about the Institute of Sexology,...


59 – Jim McEwen Is Not A Writer (w/ Jim McEwen & Ryan Urquhart)

This week Melody is joined by cohost (and podcast co-creator) Sarah Wright, in conversation with Jim McEwen & Ryan Urquhart. On the semi-educational scale, this rates low. We are mostly just shooting the shit, as they say. We talk a bit about how Jim isn't a writer, despite doing lots of author-type things. We also surprise Ryan with messages from some of his nearest and dearest wishing him well on his impending move to Western Canada. And we tell some Ryan stories of our own. There's an...


58 – The Hippie Years (Commune Life w/ Justin Starkweather)

We've finally arrived at the long-awaited Hippie Years episode in the 3-part series on Melody's father Justin Starkweather. (Part 1 is Episode 44 and Part 2 is Episode 55.) Justin gives us the scoop on life in the late 60s/early 70s at Twin Oaks, a commune in rural Virginia, USA. He discusses commune life, the division of labor and how people lived. We talk sex, drugs and rock n roll, and a number of interesting accompanying characters. Of course, as in Justin's other episodes, we encounter...


57 – Kiss My Astrology (Astrology w/ Diz)

This week, Melody is cohosting with Nikki Rochon Kaiser, and they are talking to their new internet bestie, Diz! Diz hosts the Astrocast by Diz Microcast, and comes slinging all kinds of astrological knowledge. She explains some of the workings of astrology - charts, rising signs, moon signs, MERCURY FRIGGIN RETROGRADE! And more! So put on your space helmet, dear {insert your astrological sign here}, because today, we are exploring the astroverse! Find Astrocast by Diz at any of the links...


56 – Evil Geniuses? (Roman Polanski and Leni Riefenstahl w/ Melody & Liz)

Melody and Liz are back at it, nerding out on another research project for your listening pleasure. This week we're talking about some seriously problematic filmmakers: Roman Polanski, Leni Riefenstahl and even a touch of the Woody Allen. Undeniably talented, they all have experienced huge levels of success in their careers. Polanski (and Allen) have gone on to work with A-list actors and receive accolades and major awards still to this day. Leni Riefenstahl, AKA Hitler's Filmmaker, didn't...