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The 2nd Chance Podcast: The movie remix gameshow where we give movies a second chance, even if no one wanted one. We remix your least and most favorite movies with our rules and pitch them to each other ending in laughs or the desire to see the movies we pitch!

The 2nd Chance Podcast: The movie remix gameshow where we give movies a second chance, even if no one wanted one. We remix your least and most favorite movies with our rules and pitch them to each other ending in laughs or the desire to see the movies we pitch!


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The 2nd Chance Podcast: The movie remix gameshow where we give movies a second chance, even if no one wanted one. We remix your least and most favorite movies with our rules and pitch them to each other ending in laughs or the desire to see the movies we pitch!






Season 3: A Retrospective, With Special Guest Dimitri Haritos

This week we look back at Season 3, then we talk about what famous people mean to us, and how much Sean loves Dick Van Dyke. Also Vals not in this one so you are all safe. Stay tuned for more special episodes until Season 4!


Ep. 309: Same Mummy Time, Same Groundhog Day!

In this weeks episode we get real with Charlies Mummy, Vals Groundhogs Day, and Seans twist on Batman! Get ready to be really really REALLY confused ITS THE 2ND CHANCE PODCAST YALL!


Ep. 308 Parks Impossible Suspects

This week we talk about how Val goes into a short coma every night, and Sean and Charlie get everyone DRUNK! We get weird and talk about some movies so buckle up and put your head between your legs its The 2nd Chance Podcast!


Ep. 307 The Disjointed Tale Of Slightly Racist Dinosaurs

On this episode, Sean says disjointed about 20x, Charlie does his SPOT ON Eddie Murphy impression, and Val somehow makes Jurassic Park and Time Travel not fun. Get ready to be mad at this episode of The 2nd Chance Podcast!


Ep. 306: Our Lord Who Are Keanu, Hallowed Be Thy Films...

This week is KEANU WEEK! We picked movies from a special Keanu only list and came out with some great movies in the process. Val got sexy with a Supernatural version of Replicas, Charlie got dark with a retooling of The Devils Advocate, and Sean got the MARVELous Bill and Teds Bogus Journey. Pucker up because were headed out of the atmosphere this week on The 2nd Chance Podcast!


Ep.305: Get busy livin, or get busy killin

This week Val phones it in AGAIN, Charlie shows us that NOTHING IS OVER, and Sean gets busy with Andy and Ron in this weeks show! Get ready for the sound equivalent of a prostate exam, its The 2nd Chance Podcast!


Ep. 304: Presented by Zapp's Voodoo Chips

This week your favorite jabronies ruin Swingers, I love you man, and Walk Hard! this episode is not brought to you by the delicious Zapp's Voodoo chips, but it should be. You Are Welcome!


Ep. 303: Rocky Is Beautiful

In this very special episode, Sean give us all what we want and melds the Mighty Ducks universe with Harry Potter, Charlie gives us a To Wong Foo that is somehow less offensive, and Val makes a movie that is depressing but for a good reason this time. Hold onto your underpants its time for the 2nd Chance Podcast!


Ep. 302: Mission very very very impossible

This week gets real with Charlies awesome take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Val gets freaky with a boy and a girl, and Sean gets his motha fuckin marijuana check. Check out this weeks episode or we will donate Vals body to science, before she's done with it.


Ep. 301: You can stop texting, we're not dead.

WE'RE BACK BABY! Our intrepid heroes make their triumphant return in this very special episode filled with toy murder, teen titans, and Idris Elba's glistening naked body. Welcome to season 3, its gonna get weird!



Oh...Hey...The 2nd Chance crew is down in the dumps guys, and we let it fly in this touching yet oddly dark episode of Murder She Wrote....wait nope sorry....The 2nd Chance Podcast! Be sure to vote for either Charlies Vibranium Infomercial, Seans Meta Spiderman 3, or Well Our Collective View on A Wolf of Wallstreet Musical! Later Jerks!



WE DID IT AGAIN, we tied for the second time this season, we need you guys at home to vote online and decide between, Vals Bellatrix Lestrange Origin Story, Charlies Shark-tastic Point Break Sequel, or Seans Half Awesome Half Disappointing Evil Dead. Get to voting fools!!!!


Ep. 207: WE ARE THE LAW! We get Judge-y.

This week, we talk about how age truly refines which Spice Girls you find attractive, how underrated the Robocop reboot was, and how Judge Dread is just, well.. awesome.



Guys it has finally happened A THREE WAY TIE for winner of the week. It is up to you guys to decide if Vals Clueless Drama, Charlies Little Mermaid Horror, or Seans Pirates of the Caribbean time travel flick is the winner. This is all about you guys now so let see those votes!!!


Ep. 205: My Little Alien

In a very heartfelt episode, Val states her case on how a Tardis really could have spiced up Toy Story 2, Sean phones in a great Disney flick starring princess Sigourney Weaver, and Charlie brings together 2 awesome movies and makes Spaceketball a reality! So glue your asses to those seats and take a listen it's time for The 2nd Chance Podcast!


Ep. 204: Iron Heart 3, and dont watch Dougs 1st Movie....Please.

In this weeks episode, we talk about the pain of paying money to loose 2 hours of your life to Seans pick Dougs 1st Movie, Val takes a fully movie, a funny cast, and makes a mostly dramatic period piece, and Charlie has a long way to go to explain his all ladies version of Iron Man 3. Lets get it started!


Ep. 203: Shrek: Everyone Dies!

In this episode our heroes take on some classics. Charlie gives us a lego monster movie with From Dusk Till Dawn: A Lego Movie, Val kills everyone, again, with her rendition of Shrek, and Sean throws it into hyperspace with Hairy Driver. Don't miss this one folks!


Ep. 202: A Big Mouth Christmas Story or why we love Nick Kroll

In this very special episode the 2CPC gang makes you like the Sequel to Bruce almighty by making it Grace Almighty, shows you that mental illness is a serious issue in the country with The Lion King (Brought to you by the CW) and shows you that if you use any Nick Kroll characters we will love you movies with Big Mouth: A Christmas story. YOU'RE THE MAN STEVE, FIRST AND FIRSTMOSTLY.


Ep: 201: Welcome to Jurassic Park-er Brothers.

Just when you thought you were free of us, WE'RE BACK! The 2nd Chance Podcast returns with a few diamonds in the rough. Sean makes a saw movie with dino-dna, Val somehow makes a scary movie scarier, and Charlie gets real, real claymation with a Denzel-Murray swap. Hold on to your ankles kids The 2nd Chance Podcast is back baby!


Ep. 108: The Gang Escapes From Alcatraz

This week it a tough one folks, 3 solid pitches and 3 well known movies. Seans version of Teen Wolf takes it from timid to terrifying, Vals Little Nicky goes from demented to demonic, and Charlies The Rock goes from Nic Cage to Charlie Day. Good luck voting this week ya nerds!