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S2E14 - Agenting Part 2

"Proactive, for me, isn’t necessarily contacting people, it’s working on yourself." One episode down of the 2 part agent special yet still so much to talk about! This time Alexa and Katie speak to Ikki El-Amriti who is a senior agent at Identity Agency Group all about the day to day of agent work, how to make yourself stand out from the crowd, what to do to increase your chances in this industry and lots more! You can find out more about the Identity School of Acting here...


S2E13 - Agenting Part 1

“I know you exist. I have your headshot in front of me.” In a 2 part agent special Alexa and Katie chat to two insightful people about all things agents. The guest in part 1 is James Davies...after being an agent for 9 years James very recently left the profession for a new adventure which means he can talk openly and honestly about #agentlife which Alexa and Katie take full advantage of! Listen now to find out more about first making contact with agents, the highs and lows of being an...


S2E12 - Fingers in both pies

Emma Lundy works as a TV and Commercial Casting Assistant as well as being an actor. She talks to Katie and Alexa about what it's like being on both sides of the audition process, how you can get started in casting assisting and what the expectation vs reality is. If you haven't listened to Series 1 yet there's a lot more specific commercial casting chat and advice in Episode 12 where Michael from Hammond Cox Casting came and completely demystified the commercial casting process. Go check...


S2E11 - #RegulateAndState

This is a call to arms! Alexa and Katie fervently believe more needs to be done with the regulation of casting calls on websites that are mainly used by self submitting actors. Actors desperate for work + loosely regulated casting calls = a breeding ground for exploitative behaviour, sexist language and at the least an extremely tiresome submitting experience for actors and the worst...potentially dangerous situations. Please use the hashtag #RegulateAndState on social media to call out...


S2E10 - "You are your own HR department"

Series 2 of The 98% is already into double digit episodes! How fast has that gone! Back to basics this episode, Alexa and Katie sit and have a chat, a check in, a laugh and share some more thoughts and anecdotes on this little thing we called #actorslife. So get your headphones, "slather your tata's" and tune in! Thank you SO much for all your support of The 98%. We can't wait to share the remainder of Series 2 with you! While you're here why not rate and review The 98% on iTunes and...


S2E9 - "A pavement for a stage"

From the self titled "Aachan Baachan show" in the deep African bush to the mean streets of London, Mike Rogers joins Alexa and Katie for the latest green room episode. The 98% and The Show People Podcast dedicated their special Christmas crossover episode to the dancing Hamley's Elves who went viral over the Christmas period and now Alexa and Katie have tracked chief Elf, Mike, to have him on The 98% to talk about what it's like going viral, how it landed him an agent and the culture shock...


S2E8 - "We’re not just fries on the side of a burger"

This weeks guest, Tom Ramsay, and Alexa and Katie have a new word; 'Sexualinity'. Sexuality and Masculinity. Two things that shouldn't have an affect on someone's journey as a performer but this industry has other ideas. In this important episode Tom inspiringly opens up about how his struggles with his sexuality didn't just end after coming out to friends and family and how the old fashioned expectations of masculinity can lead to a decline in mental health and a feeling of misplacement in...


#YesOrNo Callback Episode

To follow on from our episode last week on why #YesOrNo matters we chat to Emma Manton, an actor and volunteer for Equity who has been in negotiations with some big wigs alongside Equity staff members fighting for actors to be heard and they've just had a HUGE success!! Not only was it amazing to hear what is being done behind the scenes to move towards mutual respect for actors by giving them a yes or no this is an awesome little episode to hear about why our union is so important and...


S2E7 - #YesOrNo matters!

"It’s like shooting a lame dog. Just put me out of my misery." There's not much more to say here that isn't in the episode apart from that Alexa and Katie want to say on behalf of them, and all actors, that they so so appreciate the casting directors who do give a yes or no after auditions. Those who have been doing it all along, those who have started since the hashtag took twitter by storm and those doing all they can to facilitate giving one when they can. But it is not yet universally...


Bonus! Alexa live at the Industry Minds panel event.

Alexa was so pleased to be asked to speak on a panel for a live podcast recording with Industry Minds in association with Bumble celebrating International Women's Day and opening up the conversation about mental health in the creative arts. These are Alexa's moments from the event, talking about what is within actors control to help make the day to day actor grind that tiny bit easier. You can listen to the full episode by finding the Industry Minds podcast and downloading the episode from...


S2E6 - "Acting takes all types because all types take acting"

The 98%'s second green room episode is with the amazingly articulate and insightful Robyn Holdaway. Robyn talks to Katie and Alexa all about 98% life as a non-binary actor in this eye opening and interesting chat about things most people may have never pondered! “In its original form ‘queer’ means different or odd and I like that. I don’t fit into the box people want to put me in to and that’s a wonderful thing and it gives me a lot. So when you ask what non-binary means, it’s only what...


S2E5 - "You’re in the same boat as other actors, but a boat you made yourself. Like Noah’s Arc!"

Something lots of performers do when the phone's not ringing is make their own work. While this isn't something Alexa and Katie feel actors should feel pressured to achieve, it can be an avenue that provides a type of fulfilment and control that the normal life of an actor doesn't. Isabelle Schuler (actor) and Martha Reed (writer) joined forces to create projects that Isabelle says has "helped her immeasurably." Now an actor/writer/producer and writer/director Isabelle and Martha share...


S2E4 - "I was told I'd never do my GCSE's"

Introducing...The Green Room! Episodes of Series 2 of The 98% where Alexa and Katie chat to members of The 98% about their real life #actorslife journey and something that is unique to them. The first green room guest is Elliot James Langridge who talks about how he got started in the industry, why his story could have been very different and how he hasn't let dyslexia hold him back. Follow Elliot on twitter and instagram: @elliotjames87 The 98% Podcast isn't here to list off guests...


S2E3 - “How often *do* you get in the room though?”

SELF TAPES!! Love them or hate them this is an episode everyone in the 98% should pay close attention to as self tapes grow more and more popular. The wonderfully helpful Manuel Puro, casting director and self tape enthusiast, breaks down the do's and dont's or self tapes, why he champions them and what you can do to give yourself the edge! Alexa and Katie are working with Manuel to give listeners of The 98% podcast an amazing deal to take part in one of Manuel's self tape challenges...


S2E2 - "I’m more than a 'slim build'. I’m a person."

This week Alexa and Katie speak to the inspiring Alexandra Laurence about her experiences surrounding body image, how being an actor can affect it and her journey to self acceptance and positivity. "The perfect body does not exist. It exists when you sort your head out." If you are struggling with issues covered in this episode, please reach out. There are people ready to help and you deserve to be at peace with the thing that gives you so much - your body! Visit Beat at...


S2E1 - "Oh my god, we're back again ♫"

Alexa and Katie are back!! Series 2 of The 98% starts right here with a catch up about life stuff (clue: some exciting things!) and acting stuff (clue: not many exciting things at all) and everything in between! Thank you so much for your patience, hopefully you think Series 2 is worth the wait! Follow The 98% on twitter: @the98percentpod Check out the website: And support The 98% on patreon!


'Twas the night before Christmas...

Happy Christmas to all the wonderful listeners of The 98%. May 2019 bring you all that you hope for and more! Thank you for all your amazing support of the podcast this year, see you soon for Series 2! In the meantime follow @the98percentpod on twitter and check out the website Happy Holidays!


Christmas Special! With The Show People Podcast.

For the special Christmas episode Alexa and Katie team up with theatre Director, artistic director of Arion Productions and podcaster extraordinaire Andrew Keates from The Show People Podcast! It's a festive fun bonanza with games, never before heard stories and, as always, frank and honest discussion about the creative arts. At the end of this episode there is something special in true 98% style that Andrew’s upload doesn’t have so make sure you download and check it out! Massive thanks...


Call Sheet

Exciting tease!! Hopefully you've missed Alexa and Katie's voices since they've been on a post season 1 break because here's 10 minutes of Alexa talking at you ending with a tease of something coming up that's exciting! Keep up to date with The 98%, get involved in laughter and solidarity, get in touch, or support the podcast at: twitter: @the98percentpod website: email: patreon:


S1E17 - Season Finale - "Sir Tom is off his t*ts"

The curtain falls on Series 1 of The 98%! Katie and Alexa finish off the series by telling a story that happened to them recently that absolutely sums up life in The 98% and the REAL #actorslife Keep your eyes peeled for Series 2 & in the mean time go to to find out more about the podcast and read blogs from Alexa, Katie and listeners of The 98%! Get in contact if you'd like to write a blog for the website and be sure to follow @the98percentpod on twitter for laughs and...