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Ready Podcast One

Join the guys this week as they dive deep into discussion about gaming. From consoles to cartridges, nothing is left out in this weeks episode of The A&D Show.


Now That's A Whole Lotto Podcast

What would you do with 590 million dollars? Join the guys this week as they dive deep into the thought experiment called "LOTTERY WINNERS DAYDREAM." Trips to outer space, burning down million dollar mansions, Tom Cruise's stunt double, and pimped out golf carts. You won't want to miss this weeks episode of The A&D Show! Check us out on the socials Youtube & Facebook: The A&D Show Instagram: @ad.showofficial


Return To The Planet Of The PodCast

This week the guys take on the intriguing discussion of time travel. Where, when, why, with whom, and for how long are on on the table in this weeks episode of The A&D Show! Follow us on the socials! Instagram: @ad.showofficial Facebook: The A&D Show YouTube: The A&D Show


Dawn of The Planet of The Podcast: Extended Directors Cut

The guys are back for Season 2 of The A&D Show! New episodes, new conversation, and new ways Austin and David can disagree on almost everything! This week on The A&D Show: ASMR cringe moments, Dark Phoenix, Joker, Call outs to celebrities Topher Grace, and Jared Leto, and discussions on the future of smart phones! All this and more! Don't miss it! Follow us on the socials! Insta: @ad.showofficial FB: The A&D Show YouTube: The A&D Show


Welcome To The Pod-Pocalypse

This week on The A&D Show, the guys discuss the hotly debatable topic of dooms-day prepping. The guys are at studio three again with the furriest studio audience ever, much to the chagrin of David's alergies, and the conversation madness insues! You wont want to miss this episode, because it might just come in handy in the apocalypse! Follow us on the socials! InstaGram: @ad.showofficial Facebook: The A&D Show #TheADShow


Mission Impodcastable

This week the guys dive deep into the mythos of the Mission Impossible franchise. On the heels of the release of the sixth entry into the films, what will the guys opinions be? Tune in and find out! Follow us on the socials! InstaGram: @ad.showofficial Facebook: The A&D Show


Battle of the Myth Lords - Pt. 2

Join the guys this week for the follow up to their previous episode! Adam joins in the conversation for another round of Myths Debunked! Is Elvis still alive? Was Princess Di's death a conspiracy? Who ACTUALLY killed JFK? All this an more in this weeks episode! Oh....and Nessy..... Follow us on the Socials! InstaGram: @ad.showofficial Facebook: The A&D Show


Battle of the Myth Lords - Pt. 1

This week the guys take on some of the most hotly debated cultural myths, and conspiracies, with special guest Adam. Are they true? Have we been duped? Is up really even up? Take a listen and find out! Follow us on the socials! InstaGram: @ad.showofficial Facebook: The A&D Show


Episode Eight: The Last Podcast

This week the guys dive deep into the depths of wearable technology. Join Austin, and David, as they journey into the Hollywood opinions, personal experiences, and even some fears. David tells a story about the time he almost died, Austin asks to be buried in slippers, and the guys make a big announcement about the new ways YOU can connect with the show. All that, and much, much, more. Follow The A&D Show on InstaGram: @ad.showofficial, and on like the new page on facebook to be kept up to...


BONUS EPISODE: We Went Squatch Hunting

Welcome to the BONUS episode of the A&D Show! In this episode David co-hosts with guest, Corey, and discuss their weekend squatch hunting adventure. Creepy woods, Corey agrees with Austin about the Goonies, heart to heart talks with Steven Speilberg, and lots a laughs. You wont want to miss this bonus episode.


Episode Seven: The Podcast Awakens

This week the guys dive deep into the lore of Lord of the Rings with special guest Evan, the ultimate authority on all things LOTR. Also this week, Austin & David do a duet, Austin bashes classic 80's cinema, and divulges the most instrumental element in his success at getting married. Celebrity guests include Cindy Lauper, Sloth, Aragorn, Sauron, and the rest of the LOTR character cast. All this and more in the nerdiest 40 minutes of your life. Enjoy.....


Episode Six: Return of the Podcast

Diving deep into the rabbit hole/rabbit trail/mind map/binary trail, this weeks episode explores the hypothetical situation where all of humanity is reduced in mass by 30% while the world around us stays the same! Join the guys as they explore the depths of nerdiness, with special guest appearances of Matt Damon, Hobbits, Here's The Deal host Bill Mathis, and many more.


Episode Five: The Podcast Strikes Back

In this weeks episode the guys dive deep into some nerdtastic philosophical questions about one of the greatest comic book movies ever made; The Dark Knight. Not to mention, Joel Osteen, and grandmas soup both make a cameo. They spared no expense on the budget of this episode.


Episode Four: A New Podcast Pt.2

Picking up where they left of in part one, Austin and David continue their discussion on the Jurassic universe. Only this time that discussion lands a little closer to home. Listen to this weeks episode as the guys directly invite celebrity guests, Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum, to join the show, and the nerd trail only digs deeper into the franchise than even Michael Crichton himself would have gone!


Episode Four: A New Podcast Pt.1

This week Austin and David dive deep into the "Lost World" of Jurassic Park. So deep, in fact that the conversation couldn't be contained in one episode! In part one of this two part discussion Austin and David discuss the known details of the newest entry into the Jurassic franchise, as well as unveiling all their nerdy glory in discussing details of story archs only the nerdiest listener will understand!


Rogue Podcast: A Podcast Story

In this weeks episode Austin's back! Join the hosts as they dive deep into a number of rabbit hole conversation starters, discussing everything from V-Neck shirts, to the best and worst superpowers! Not to mention a brand new game!


Episode Three: Revenge of the Podcast

Space travel, artificial gravity, and even the religious ramifications of a multi-planetary human habitation. This weeks episode of The A&D Show dives deep into the recesses of nerdiness with guest host Kenneith! In another note, is Austin's title as the sound bite king being challenged? Take a listen to find out!


Episode Two: Attack Of The Podcast

This week on the A&D Show, we discuss everything From the best and worst movie debate, to the most hated character in all the saga, Austin proves himself to be the supreme authority in another game of "What's That Sound?", David gets upset at not being heard enough, and the most controversial statement about a Star Wars movie ever made! Oh....and Elon Musk's Tesla Model X........


Episode One: The Phantom Podcast

Welcome to the A&D Show's first episode! This week Austin & David talk about the future of music, the latest news in games/technology, discuss the prospects of the comic book film franchise, and much more!