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67: #67 | Nadine O'Regan

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 67 – Nadine O’Regan** In Episode 67 – recorded at HeadStuff HQ – Alison talks to broadcaster and journalist Nadine O’Regan about going on tour with David Gray, media storms, George Hook and changing times, The Provisional Alison Spittle Show and The Continuity Alison Spittle Show, mice with heart conditions, The Guilty Feminist, doing the talky bit in a Le Galaxie track, Quentin Tarantino's foot fetish and being a contributor on the West Cork podcast....


66: #66 | Sharon Horgan

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 66 – Sharon Horgan** In Episode 66 – recorded at Electric Picnic 2018– Alison talks to writer and actor Sharon Horgan about conspiracy theories, “Kendall Lamar”, shoplifting breakfast rolls, the Virgin Mary's colour palette, Together for Yes, getting under the fence at Glastonbury, underage vice, that time a DJ saved Alison's life, the mysterious shower shitter of Electric Picnic 2018, getting turned on by meat, shops in pubs, selling power showers,...


65: #65 | Amy Stephenson and Shane Langan

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 65 – Amy Stephenson and Shane Langan** In Episode 65 – recorded at HeadStuff HQ – Alison talks to writers Amy Stephenson and Shane Langan about Diet of Worms, Becca's Bunch, superstitions, why global warming is sorted now, putting Say Anything references into children's shows, why you shouldn't eat your friends, The Walshes, sitcom war stories, Taste of Home, voice acting, gender politics in cartoons and what to do after the dream comes true. Emma...


64: #64 | Emma Dabiri

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 64 – Emma Dabiri** In Episode 64 – recorded at HeadStuff HQ – Alison talks to author and broadcaster Emma Dabiri about why a whole nation is trying to disown her, an American childhood, wealthy Nigerian grandparents, school-hopping, the Trócaire box, how Irish people excuse racism, Colonialism and history books, Black 47, Don't Touch My Hair and the politics around black hair, The Cutting Edge, cultural appropriation and the Kardashians, Madam C.J. and the...


63: #63 | Marise Gaughan

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 63 – Marise Gaughan** In Episode 63 – recorded at HeadStuff HQ – Alison talks to comedian Marise Gaughan about suicide, art and personal stories, breaking into a grave, living in Los Angeles and being a ‘tourist’ at Alcoholics Anonymous, Game Theory and ISIS, Scientology, the politics of comedy and sleeping with celebrities. Marise is a Dublin-based comedian who is currently performing her show, Drowning, at the Dublin Fringe Festival. [Tickets and more...


62: #62 | Shane Torres

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 62 – Shane Torres** In Episode 62 – recorded live at The Vodafone Comedy Festival – Alison talks to comedian Shane Torres about the profitability of urn rentals, faith stabilisers, the Portland comedy scene, Denny's coffee, TR Dallas, the cultural touchstones that are Dawson's Creek and Liveline, what to do when the comedy chicken isn't done yet, doing sets on Conan, mental health and why just being at the party is not enough. Shane Torres is a...


61: #61 | Rhea Butcher

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 61 – Rhea Butcher** In Episode 61 – recorded live at The Vodafone Comedy Festival – Alison talks to comedian Rhea Butcher about jet lag, the state of America, drooling on strangers, why Denny's will fix homelessness, Take My Wife, diverse casting, working for free, Ohio, improv, not being gay enough, the Pope's visit, the terrors of space travel, nacho helmets and Osmosis Jones. Rhea is co-creator of the Seeso series Take My Wife and performs standup...


60: #60 | Eleanor Tiernan

In Episode 60 – recorded live at The Vodafone Comedy Festival – Alison talks to comedian Eleanor Tiernan about how to make your sex tape more efficient, helping murderers, feeling like a social hostage, performing our lives for an audience, being nice to children, Irish Pictorial Weekly, Athlone’s renowned clubbing scene and being the understanding friend in Brexit’s breakup. Catch Eleanor at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival all this month with her show Success Without A Sextape. Tickets and...


59: #59 | Mattie Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 59 – Mattie Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan** In Episode 59 – the last ever podcast recorded at Alison’s Smithfield mansion – Alison talks to two men she met in the supermarket who have a film-script-worthy story. Mattie and Michael worked together at Eircom for 30 years. Last year, they got married. But it’s not all quite what it seems. In 2017, Mattie was diagnosed with joint-cell arthritis and suffered partial blindness. At the same time, Michael lost his...


58: #58 | Muireann O'Connell

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 58 – Muireann O’Connell** In Episode 58 - recorded live at The Camden Backyard in association with Kopparberg – Alison meets TodayFM and TV3’s Muireann O’Connell. They talk about horse trainers and ketamine, disappointing house parties, timesharing a mop, leather-appreciating fans, Samantha Mumba, rival fetish gangs, Airbnb orgies, a map of Dublin dogging, creative uses for dock leaves, Bacardi Breezers, emergency medical treatment in Supermacs, an...


57: #57 | James Kavanagh

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 57 – James Kavanagh** In Episode 57 - recorded live at The Camden Backyard – Alison meets presenter and social media star extraordinaire, James Kavanagh. They compare questionable tattoos and talk about being in a bath with Amy Huberman, the acting talents of Sisqó, ouija boards, Michael Collins, Princess Diana (the person and the cat), conspiracy theories, Westmeath boarding schools, if Fair City did Hogwarts, Clara Lara, Ireland’s Got More Talent and why...


56: #56 | MayKay

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 56 – MayKay** In Episode 56 - recorded at HeadStuff HQ – Alison and musician MayKay create the worst jingle known to mankind. They also talk about keeping your dignity when working in the entertainment industry, regretting jobs, being the protagonist in every story, Fight Like Apes, Le Galaxie, hot festival tips, The MayKay shandy, naturally occurring hot ciders, festival disasters and leopard-print disco pants. Catch MayKay live with Le Galaxie at many...


55: #55 | Kevin McGahern

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 55 – Kevin McGahern** In Episode 55 - recorded at HeadStuff HQ - Comedian Kevin McGahern joins Alison for a ‘tapas’ episode. They do some mouth warm ups and talk about Niall "The Whore-master" Horan, John Waters, Scór na nÓg, Post Mathóin and cultural appropriation, Eurovision tropes, Pete Wentz's penis, why today's teenagers are ‘gin-drinking fit fuckers’ and why direct provision has nothing to do with your driver's license. Catch Kevin at Kilkenny Cat...


54: #54 | Tara Flynn

In Episode 54 - a referendum special recorded at Headstuff HQ - Alison and comedian and writer Tara Flynn answer your #repeal8qs. They talk about true stories and tricks, the difference between sincere questions and derailment, the morning after pill, sheer dumb luck, personhood, "abortion as contraception", what is likely to happen if the 8th is repealed, the place of young men in the debate, medical treatment and consent, why Christian Grey has a lot to answer for, regret and guilt,...


53: #53 | Adam Hills

**The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 53 – Adam Hills** In Episode 53, recorded at the 3Arena in Dublin ahead of Comic Relief - Alison talks to Australian comedian and host of The Last Leg, Adam Hills about living in Ireland and becoming more Irish than the Irish (comics) themselves, living with Dara O’Briain and Deirdre O’Kane during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the legendary Late ‘n’ Live gigs, fake blood capsules, what happens when jokes misfire, how to perform ‘offensive’ material and...


52: #52 | Richie Sadlier

In Episode 52, recorded live at the Workman’s Club, Dublin - Alison talks to former professional football player, pundit and psychotherapist Richie Sadlier about how generous Millwall supporters are with their feedback, why crying to his mother was one of the best decisions he ever made, relying heavily on Urban Dictionary during his sexual health classes for teenage boys and adjusting to life after football.


51: #51 | Ryan Cullen

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 51 – Ryan Cullen In Episode 51 – Alison talks to comedian Ryan Cullen about getting his dark sense of humour from his Dad, joking about tragedy, playing IRA, border checks and The Good Friday Agreement, writing for Republic of Telly and Callan's Kicks, comedy Roast Battles, the Facts Youtube channel, doing drag and getting in trouble. Ryan Cullen is a stand-up comedian from Lifford in Donegal. He runs Dublin’s Comedy Cellar with Davey Reilly. He also...


50: #50 | Mark Baldwin

In Episode 50 – Alison talks to animator, Mark Baldwin about the dangers of watching good TV, Swords’ identity crisis, Rage Against The Machine, Dusty Rhodes, Art Attack, the ethics of Vice City, going from a shut-in to the Puff Daddy of Lusk, working as an extra and watching Jonathan Rhys Myers masturbate. Mark is co-creator of the animated series, Ends Meet. It’s on Monday nights on RTÉ 2 at 11.30pm, or catch it on the RTÉ player. Alison Spittle does stand-up comedy all the time because...


49: #49 | Sarah Devereux

The Alison Spittle Show – Episode 49 – Sarah Devereux On the latest episode Alison talks to performance artist and ‘art’ artist, Sarah Devereux. There is a startling Bosco impression, we discover that Alison is a patron of the arts and Sarah talks about The Magdalene Sisters, Choc ice-loving nuns, dashed dreams of being an archaeologist, bargain sarcophagi, Richie Kavanagh, a deep love for Nadine Coyle, multi-tasking, the external validation station and the commercial side of anxiety. You...


#48 | Laylah Beattie

In Episode 48 – Alison meets writer, broadcaster and model, Laylah Beattie. They talk about being the Regina George in school, defence mechanisms, favourite Irish murderers, being the first transgender person on First Dates, being targeted by right-wing bloggers, what the food's like at a psychiatric hospital, the patron saint of television and going through a nun's skip. Keep an eye on Laylah’s upcoming projects by following her on Twitter (@laybeattie) or visiting The...