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Episode 68: Bijan Mostafavi

Episode 68: Have you ever performed comedy at a live music show? How did it go for you? My guest this week, Bijan Mostafavi (Laughs TV, Tonight In San Diego) hasn't had good luck with shows that involve live music. We talk about comedians that impersonate other comedians, performing at live music shows, work shopping with buddies, and what makes a good comedy class. Website: FB: Twitter:...


Episode 67: Anthony Maze

Episode 67: Do you believe in magic? In this episode I talk to Anthony Maze (Fear Factor, Tonight In San Diego) a comedian, magician, and youth speaker from San Diego. Anthony has been a magician since he was a young boy and he tells an amazing story about using his appearance on Fear Factor to help launch him as a youth speaker. We talk about magic in bars, quoting high on gigs to not get booked, using TV credits to the fullest, and lots more! Website:...


Episode 66: Attention Seeking Jon Allen

Episode 66: In honor of SiouxperCon I have a Siouxper cross over event! That's right, Attention Seeking Behavior with Casey Kustak and Art of Bombing both sat down with Jon Allen (Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, Mob Psycho 100) at the same time to talk about voice acting, comedy, and of course the Art of Bombing. We talked about bombing in voice acting, jokes we no longer like to perform, and why some jokes are funnier than others. FB: Twitter:...


Episode 65: Erik Knowles

Episode 65: Have you ever gotten a standing ovation after a set? Have you performed during the day? Have you gotten a standing ovation after performing in the middle of the day? This week my guest is Erik Knowles (World Series of Comed, Veterans of Comedy) and he's done just that. I was even there to witness it. We talk about forgetting jokes for call backs, different types of audiences, long open mics, and performing under the influence. FB: Twitter:...


Episode 64: Natasa Warasch

Episode 64: Do you crush every night? Perhaps you've never bombed. This week my guest is Natasa Warasch, an Austrian comedian now based in San Diego by way of NYC. The conversation got off to a slow start because Natasa didn't think she ever really bombed, but soon realized that she had bombed many times. We also discuss the importance of having fun on stage, egos, and we try to figure out what exactly is "traditional" stand up comedy along with the process of writing a one person show. FB:...


Episode 63: Brian Hoffman

Episode 63: Do you play a musical instrument? Have you thought about becoming a musician? Perhaps maybe a musical comedian? This week on the show I talk to Brian Hoffman, a singer/songwriter (not a comedian) from Ethan, SD. We talk about the similarities of bombing between comedians & musicians, ruining bar folk's nights, and choosing the tour mates. Brian even plays one of his originals and the two talk about a possible tour together. FB: Twitter:...


Episode 62: Ryan Talmo AKA "Valley Jesus"

Episode 62: The show must go on! Have you ever missed a show due to an illness? What if you had cancer, would you still perform? This week my guest is Ryan Talmo a comedian based in Los Angeles, that is currently battling cancer. We had a great conversation about using comedy to stay distracted, outlooks on life changing, and keeping a strong mindset & a positive outlook. FB: Twitter: Patreon:...


Episode 61: Lisa Curry

Episode 61: Do you have what it takes to be a writer? Have you made a writer's packet? This week my guest is Lisa Curry, a comedian & writer from TruTV's "Comedy Knockout" and we talked about writing packages and the frustration of not really knowing how and where to submit them. We also talked about traveling, self producing tours, and being analytical. FB: Twitter: Patreon:...


Episode 60: Jeff Horste

Episode 60: What does a pizza place parking lot, a clown, martial arts, and a car show have in common? If you guessed an epic story about bombing then you guessed right! This week my guest is Jeff Horste from Comedy Central's "Hart of The City 2" & "Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level" and he has a great story about bombing at show that contains all of those elements. Jeff talks about the process of getting selecting for "Hart of the City" from auditioning to taping and then getting selected...


Episode 59: Rik Roberts

Episode 59: Do you ask questions before you agree to a gig? Or are you so desperate for stage time that you take every gig offered? This week I'm joined by Rik Roberts from the "School Of Laughs". Rik has a couple of great stories about bombing at a corporate gig and bombing with a whole Improv troupe in front of 3,000 people. We talk about asking lots of questions before accepting gigs, pros & cons of self producing projects, having a marketing plan, and more. FB:...


Episode 58: Russell Brock

Episode 58: Have you found your audience yet? Or are you still building it? This week I'm joined by San Diego's best dressed comic, Russell Brock and we discuss building your own following, taking accountability to grow your act and becoming a better artist. We also talk about Fox cancelling TV shows and bad comic book movies. FB: Twitter: Patreon: Merch:...


Episode 57: Ron Ripley

Episode 57: How do you overcome stage fright? This week my guest, a veteran and San Diego based comedian, Ron Ripley talks about how he overcomes stage fright. We discuss the benefits of starting comedy later in life, being selective & making the most of open mics, using inflection of words, and the benefits of having a mentor. Dan makes some big guest announcements. FB: Twitter: Patreon:...


Episode 56: San Diego Comedy Festival Not So Live

Episode 56: Not so live from the San Diego Comedy Festival Dan talks with C.T. English, Meghan Seawell, & Rick Gene. We talk about shows that make you want to quit, performing under the influence, military shows, starting fights from the stage, building trust with your audience and lots more! FB: Twitter: Patreon: Merch:...


Episode 55: Myles Magallanes

Episode 55: Is it possible to grind too much? This week my guest is Myles Magallanes, a San Diego based comedian and we discuss just that. We discuss balancing regular life with comedy, getting no reaction from the crowd, holding for a laugh that doesn't come, and comics that break down on stage. FB: Twitter: Patreon: Merch:...


Episode 54: Adam Connie

Episode 54: Have you ever been booed off stage? Or performed on a "Gong" style show? This week's guest Adam Connie (Adamant Podcast) tells a story about performing on a show called "Da Brick", a show if you got three bricks from the audience you had to end your set and you didn't get paid. Dan & Adam then talk about the importance of having hobbies, spoken word poetry, having a comedy wardrobe, and tagging other comedians. FB: Twitter:...


Episode 53: Emily Burden

Episode 53: Are you competitive? Do you enjoy comedy competitions? This week my guest is Emily Burden, a comedian based in Vancouver BC, Canada. She has a great story about bombing at a casino in Canada and talks about competing in Canada's SiriusXM Top Comic. We talk about awkward car rides, performing in casinos, the Midwest, and much more! FB: Twitter: Patreon: Merch:...


The Breakdown Episode 1

This is a preview of the Patreon only bonus podcast, The Art of Bombing: The Breakdown, where Dan plays audio from open mics and then breaks down the sets to help comedians improve by using his own failures as examples. In this episode Dan plays a clip from an open mic from 2.5 years ago when he still lived in San Diego, CA. Then talks about ways he could improve the joke and calls himself out for some big "don'ts". In order to continue to get this podcast you need to be a Patreon...


The Art of Bombing Episode 52: Norah Yang

Episode 52: Do you speak a second language? Have you performed or ever wanted to perform comedy in another language? This week Dan talks with Norah Yang, a comedian based in Shanghai, China. Norah talks about performing & bombing in both English & Chinese. They talk about performing in different languages & countries, censorship, depression in comedy, and Chinese comedy Vs. American comedy. FB: Twitter: Patreon:...


Episode 51: Richie Estrada

Episode 51: Have you ever thought about quitting stand up comedy? Do you think that you could or would? This week Dan talks with Richie Estrada who did just that. Richie was a stand up comedian & porn star living in San Diego that decided to quit because he wanted to distance himself from negative influences. He talks about why he decided to get into porn and why he decided to stop. Dan & Richie talk about the porn business, negative influences, & staying positive. Dan also pays tribute to a...


The Art of Bombing Episode 50: Andrew Deans

Imagine getting to perform for the biggest audience of your career. You've never been so excited to perform and you walk out on stage to tell your first joke. You open your mouth and your first joke falls from your lips, but the audience doesn't laugh. You then try your next joke and another, but still nothing. Finally someone yells something at you and the audience begins to walk out. In episode 50, Dan talks with Andrew Deans (, a comedian from San Diego, CA...