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As they start their lives in Bangkok, Ashfaque and Emin bring a blend of their roots and realities to everyday topics. Catch their insightful intoxicated conversations every week.

As they start their lives in Bangkok, Ashfaque and Emin bring a blend of their roots and realities to everyday topics. Catch their insightful intoxicated conversations every week.




As they start their lives in Bangkok, Ashfaque and Emin bring a blend of their roots and realities to everyday topics. Catch their insightful intoxicated conversations every week.




Flying vs Frayed

Season 4, Episode 6: "Flying vs. Frayed." In this episode, Emin (@mrhajiyev) is reenergized from spending quality time with friends and family. While Shaikh is also attempting to be more social, the new park that is constructed on his road is leaving him sleep-deprived. Emin feels like he's going to lose sleep soon as his mom visits for three weeks for his post-surgery recovery, and Shaikh is spending the next three months thinking of ways to have a sound night's sleep.


Pole In One

Season 4, Episode 05: "Pole In One" In this episode, Shaikh is motivated to work out after investing in specific apparel that costs way too much. He takes a pole-dancing tutorial because shaming is the foundation for motivation is in his warped mind. While Shaikh is in class, Emin (@mrhajiyev) has been on his ass, vacationing in Georgia. He talks about the scenic views, dining and wine-ing with a vino that's mostly likely aged as long as he has. The talk continues with places they want to...


Dine Away from Me

Season 4. Episode 4: "Dine Away From Me." Shaikh decided to try a go out to dinner with more guests and realized the Rona still affects his ability to breathe easily at these events. Emin (@mrhajiyev) is still painting the town red and made a valiant effort to get Shaikh to joke around about it. The absolute joke happened to be Shaikh's impromptu social media stories, which resulted from alcohol bringing out his inner ratchet. Although these videos have disappeared from Shaikh's post, Emin...


Can Put My Finger On It

Season 4, Episode 03-"Can Put My Finger On It" In this episode, Shaikh believes in educating viewers. He teaches them about 'mangiamaccheroni' - a practice of eating pasta with your hands. Shaikh expresses his passion for eating anything from some creamy mash to pasta. Emin (@mrhajiyev) is also extending his limbs to the nearby gym, walking around his neighborhood in what can only be explained as Richard Simmon's circa 1980's exercise wear. Now that Shaikh is vaccinated, he has become more...


Franklin and Moving Forward

Season 4. Episode 2: "Franklin and Moving Forward." In this episode, for the next stage of his life journey, Emin (@mrhajiyev) has landed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. While he's making a move, Shaikh's fridge is here to stay! Excited that Franklin the fridge is still in life, Shaikh inquires about Emin's new house and whether or not the furniture has been given a name. It leads Emin to talk about how he loves city life because the food tastes like home cooking for him, which prompts endless...


Fridg-ing Ahead

Ashfaque starts the new season on a somber yet endearing note as he may have to bid farewell to his lockdown BFF, his fridge. While Emin is selfish enough to think this is about him, he soon realizes that distance is not the same as a farewell. They start discussing how Emin is catching up with old friends and living out a late youth. At the same time, Ashfaque goes into full grandpa mode and realizes he needs to snap out of this isolation mode. Ashfaque has INVESTED his mental stability in...


The Next Step

Season 3, Episode 21: "The Next Step" In this episode, Emin (@mrhajiyev) and Shaikh conclude season three on a bitter-sweet note as Emin is about to post this episode before his next adventure. They speak about their time in Thailand and what makes things a home. While Emin is bound for the sky, Shaikh feels bound for doom because he can't buy any more containers. They reminisce about starting the podcast and how it has grown and will continue to grow as it takes on an international twist....


You Can Contain'er

Season 3, Episode 21: "You Can Contain'er." In this episode, Shaikh and Emin (@mrhajiyev) have gone on 'spiritual journies' to find themselves. While Shaikh's expedition, took him to Muji sale and container organizations all over his house, Emin did some actual traveling around Thailand. Emin reflects on the weight of the bucket list when you're venturing to the next step of your life. It inspired Shaikh to compartmentalize life much like he's done with his fridge, kitchen, pantry, and...


Gabbing like the Gilmores

Season 3, Episode 20: In this episode, Shaikh has taken note from Emin (@mrhajiyev) and cited the wise words of Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi in their book 'The Courage to be Disliked.' While Shaikh is feeling as zen as the infinity pool upstairs, Emin goes on a conspiracy theory that leads Shaikh to understand why these episodes are being recorded in his crib. Emin and Shaikh have a war of words as they look at both sides of being an 'expat' in Thailand. While Emin isn't so sold on...


Not Going Bananas

Season 3, Episode 18: In this episode, Shaikh is having a grand old time in apartment lockdown solitude until Emin (@mrhajiyev) mentioned a dessert that includes bananas. This prompts Shaikh to go on a rant about the beloved fruit because he’d rather slip on a peel and fall on his ass. Emin recalls missing the gym where he can lecture people about running while Shaikh’s new workout is walking on the roof and eventually sitting in a concert to read.


I Won't Be There for You

Season 3, Episode 18: Emin (@mrhajiyev) starts the episode on a real creep-like note, recording without telling Shaikh that he's started. During this, Shaikh goes on a rant about making fun of matters and how anything can be made funny based on the intention of its delivery. Emin decides he wants to go back in time to when we went to high school on a horse-drawn carriage and how he still stays connected with his friends. Shaikh believes that the longevity of a relationship happens should be...


Ode to my Abode

Season 3, Episode 17: In this episode, Emin (@mrhajiyev) records for a second time at Shaikh's new digs because of an ironic dystopian series of events, Shaikh is the one with the hangover. They discuss Shaikh's housewarming party and how the warmest feeling is having an apartment to yourself. While Shaikh's ready for a no-human Sunday after braving it to an open market before the show, Emin trekking island tracks outside the city to close off the weekend. Stay tuned for new episodes and...


You Gotta be 'Kid-din' Me

Season 3, Episode 16: "You Gotta be 'Kid-din' Me." In this episode, Emin (@mrhajiyev) wants to celebrate international children's day by hopefully asking his kids for a liver after booze-induced lockdown coping. This leaves Shaikh wanting to know why individuals like himself aren't celebrated for not wanting kids after baby boomers have screwed us over. The gang is a little tipsier in celebration of shooting, dining, and divulging at Shaikh new crib. While Emin plugs content of the...


The Cooler the Better

Season 3, Episode 15: "The Cooler, the Better." In this episode, Emin (@mrhajiyev) is in a reflective, wanting to vent kind of mood after things are frosty at work which prompts Shaikh to gush about his cooler update . . . he's committed to his new fridge. Shaikh blabs on about his newfound grocery love and best mate like a John Green novel. While Emin tried to deviate into other topics like updates about Thailand and his week, Shaikh pretty stuck on his soon-to-be potential home economics...


The Lockdown Lowdown

Season 3, Episode 14: “The Lockdown Lowdown.” In this episode, Shaikh takes a queue from Emin’s (@mrhajiyev) to find a space with his kids to retell an anecdote about a ‘pick me, choose me, love me’ realtor during his apartment hunt. Emin is clearly not faithful to any media project as he’s signed on to talk about sex in Anastasia (@asiamint) and Eve Parker's (@evgenia.parker) new and yet-to-be-released YouTube project. While Emin spreads his leg and his talk time, Shaikh focuses on...


The Lockdown Livin

Season 3, Episode 13: "The Lockdown Livin" In this episode, Emin (@mrhajiyev) has taken the high roads of Thailand to ride full-speed ahead to the immigration office while Shaikh lockdown trek is from bed to work station on weekdays. They both go into tangent with Shaikh's renewed energy post-fasting and Emin's lack of energy post-starving. While Emin is figuring out immigration and exploring the south of Thailand, Shaikh has Bangkok realtors trying to reel his moving dreams in.


Here Comes the Wave

Season 3, Episode 12: “Here Comes the Wave.” In this episode, Shaikh wears pants after three weeks and finds that he’s having sweatpants and pajama withdrawal. This reminds Emin (@mrhajiyev) of how we got overdressed just for the sake of it. They continue to discuss how isolation has changed their everyday habits. While Emin depends on food apps for meals, Shaikh is defending the satisfaction of solitude.


Proposal Prospects

Season 3. Episode 11.: In this episode, Shaikh administers, so COVID instilled perspective to a polygamy website that helps you find your next sister-wife. Emin's (@mrhajiyev) views are a little hazy after a hard week of partying as he lives in Florida. Shaikh and Emin discuss how they spent their Songkran holidays as the former lived in up, the latter lived within his blanket. They conclude with some viewing suggestions for listeners who prefer the blanket life.


This Is Where I Grieve You

Season 3, Episode 10: "This Is Where I Grieve You." In this episode, Shaikh explains that he mourns by binge eating, snacking, and bedding. He recommends ‘The Girlfriend Experience,’ which he’s finished during his 65-hour solitude run. Emin (@mrhajiyev) sounds like the walking dead as he’s groggy and feels like the topic is a little too close to the no longer beating hearts.


Under One Roof

Season 3, Episode 9: "Under One Roof." In this episode, Shaikh kicks off this week's conversation with how his OCD tendencies apply to houseguest even when he's plastered. The talk continues with Emin (@mrhajiyev) bringing in a positive note of how we appreciate home once someone has invaded it for a prolonged time. Shaikh welcomes Michelle Obama to stay with him while Emin, with great persona, comes great responsibility, so he's never going to share housing with anyone famous.