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Choosing Marley, The Reve-nope, and Playing God with Your Friends

Adam and Marley talk about The Revenant, why video games are awesome / totally insane, and throwing lavender. Thank you for subscribing! Like us on Facebook and write to us with requests, questions, comments, etc.


Contraptions for Pooping, Beach Drinks, and Screaming!

Adam and Marley touch on the last episode extremely briefly, then we move on to garbage television, poop contraptions and the companies that support them, vape pens are bad, and facebook on lan line phones.


E2 - Titantic Time Travel, Dispensary Closures, Bras, And The Social Spectrum Of The School Bus

Adam and Marley cover time travel, bras, ski clubs, the stress of being a bus driver and the empathy (or apathy) that is required to talk about them, ten-year-olds, snow situations, hitting deer with your car, patient testimonials from the dispensary shutdown of 2018, and a whole lot more! Subscribe on iTunes and Google Music to keep up to date on new episodes!


Episode 1 -- Hard Passwords, I Know Science, and The Conversation with Rami Malek

On the first episode of Honorifics, we try and figure out the name of the podcast but we get a little sidetracked talking about a series of things like the fake occupations of HGTV Home Flipping Shows as well as the daytime talk show potential of Mr. Robot himself.


TBP19 -- Tranch Pisschrist (Charles R. Horgan) and Tom (Adam Brody)

Adam talks to a Hollywood Script Doctor about all the movies he's written and punched up as well as talk to a psychologist about his unique roommate. Please subscribe to The Basement Podcast on iTunes or Google Music and leave us a review! Also, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


TBP20 -- Wallace Gilman and Chief Beef

Adam and Moose celebrate 20 episodes the only way they know how, meat water and the exploration of Moose's religion. They also welcome a salesman on the end of his ropes and a police officer that has a bone to pick with the people of this world. Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Music! Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


TBP18 - Folk Singer Joe (Estar Cohen) and Miles Graffiti

Adam and Moose meet two traveling folk singers who met under unlikely circumstances and and play some very beautiful yet painfully truthful songs in our basement. Please subscribe and review us on iTunes and Google Music! Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


TBP17 -- Estelle and Cheryl Glastonbury (Ashley Hughes and Lola Ahearn)

Adam is joined by guest co-host Adam Brody as they explore the use of fireworks in progressive families. Also, they are visited by two sisters who have spent most of there lives apart due to a sordid past. Please subscribe on iTunes and Google Music as well as like us on Facebook and follow us on the Twitter!


TBP16 -- Buck Gentry and Lil Dallas

Adam and Moose develop a new get rich quick scheme as well as talk to a little boy who lives in a Toys R Us as well as the man who he lives with. Subscribe to The Basement Podcast on iTunes or Google Music! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


TBP15 -- Howard the Cat (Torey Arnold), Uncle Pennybags (Jonathan Weidert)

Adam is rolling solo as he talks to the real owner behind one of the countries largest corporations and the bizarre ways he copes with the pressure. Also, in a The Basement Podcast exclusive, Adam finds out the REAL cause of every single financial and economic collapse, ever. Subscribe to The Basement Podcast on iTunes and Google Music! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!


TBP14 -- Dr. Tati Starr and George

Adam and Moose explore the origins of tentacle porn and welcome Dr. Tati Starr and her patient George as we seek to realize the limitations of soul expansion and the importance of letting go of the material things in life; letting go and letting them take those things from you. Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Music!


TBP13 -- Erica and Officer Big Mac (Alex Bergmans)

Adam and Moose talk to a real life feminist and a grizzly public defender on the coat tails of a killer. This episode brought to you by us. Please subscribe and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! In that order!


TBP12 -- Aziz the Turnip Farmer, Anonymous Girl

Adam and Moose has on Aziz the Turnip Farmer to talk about the correct customer service strategies and why turnips aren't just for eating. An unexpected guest also drops by to talk about the struggles of being a member or meat eaters anonymous while being on the PETA payroll. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you want. If you want to be on or have something to tell us, call us at (502) 354-8170 or email us at!


TBP11 -- Mick Rodanthe (Alex Bergmans) and Tamaro Biaco

Adam and Moose discuss their latest fortune made in the teeth necklace industry and talk to Dating Coach Mick Rodanthe (Alex Bergmans) about how to meet your one and only and they talk to Tamara Biaco about being a reality star and the unsuspected places you can go to to stick to a diet.


TBP10 -- Josie "Jo" Melnar and JT Peters

Moose and Adam go over advanced interrogation techniques used to track down Moose's ice cream bike and they talk to Josie "Jo" Melnar about romance on the opposite side of the law while she gets the surprise of her life. Email or call (502) 354-8170 to either go on or comment about an episode. We want to hear from you!


TBP09 -- Dr. Pepper and Aziz the Turnip Farmer

Adam and Moose go over the search for Moose's missing ice cream bike, they talk to an expert on the underground independent soda brewers culture, and they talk to a turnip farmer with some strange business tactics. If you have information about the whereabouts of Moose's missing ice cream bike, contact us and leave a message at (502) 354-8170 or email us at


TBP08 -- Saint John Lord Merrydeux and Mortimer Short (Alex Bergmans)

Adam and Moose talk to a famous purveyor of fine antiquities as well as an impersonator of many different Elvises who struggles with a dark past.


TBP07 -- Trevor McMorgan (Alex Bergmans) and Angela Miller the Pre Med Student

Adam and Moose get a visit from a key player in the Kid Rock 2018 Senatorial Race and we talk to a pre med student who has a hidden agenda.


TBP06 -- Andy, Feliciano

The Basement Podcast has been cast out of our home and we had to resort to staying at Feliciano's Refugee Camp. Andy comes by and we talk about auto erotic asphyxiation, sky diving, and Moose's new app that connects people that like to get choked out and orgasm in front of an audience. This episode sponsored by Bra4U.


TBP05 -- Dr. Katrina Schitt

Adam and Moose talk to Dr. Katrina Schitt about her groundbreaking work in scatology, the lay and display toilet craze sweeping Germany, and what to look for in your own poop. We also talk about the objectification of Justin Trudeau, the objectification of everyone, cringe worthy moments in our youth, a rap battle, and a game of Heads Up. All this and more on Episode 5 of The Basement Podcast!