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EP.85-Douglas Smythe on Talking Beards

Douglas Smith of Phoenix Shaving joins Talking Beards and we discuss the art of shaving. He gives us some tips on products and proper care of your skin. Scott has tried out a bunch of his products and raves about the results he has got from all of them. Douglas also shared some fun history lessons on shaving and the products that were made many years ago. Scott, Aaron, Chris, and Douglas had a very entertaining time talking about aliens and played some "alien" trivia with the LIVE...


EP.84-Andrew Kloss on Talking Beards

Talking Beards are joined with bearded phenom Andrew Kloss. The LIVE show crashed all around us but the podcast version lives on! Listen as we go from a regular show to hanging out talking about a bunch or random stuff. Our news segment covers Eric Brooks and his recent "poor" decision to go to the chops style, and the loss of a great freestyler in the beard scene. We talk about a couple upcoming events and then we loose the live feed. We try to work our way back online doing the live...


EP.83-Mustache Mike on Talking Beards

On this episode of Talking Beards we talk with Mustache Mike of the North Texas Beard Alliance. He tells us all about the DecemBEARD 2018 beard competition they are hosting at the Whisky Girl Saloon in Ft. Worth Texas on December 8th. We talk news, do a product review and do some trivia and give away some great Honest Amish products. Visit and try some great products today! Beards In...


EP.82-Talking Beards with Kristen "DiGi" of SCBMC

Our guest on Talking Beards this week is Kristen "DiGi" DiGiacomo of the Steel City Beard and Mustache Club and we talk about Beards for Beasts 6. We have some fun beard trivia and also cover the latest completion news and have some tips on how to grow your own beard! Digi (Kristen) Steel City Beard and Mustache Club Beards for Beasts 6 Beards In...


EP.81-Talking Beards w/ Sean Logie

Talking Beards are joined by Sean Logie of the Murder City Facial Hair Club out of Detroit, Michigan. They are hosting their annual event, Circus of Whiskers 4, and Sean chatted with Chis, Aaron, and myself about the event and other assorted hijinx he has been involved in. We also did some beard news and a bit of trivia. Beards In Review- Aaron D...


Ep.80-Scott Metts, how to be a winner on Talking Beards

Best in Show at the Great American Beard and Mustache Competition, Scott Metts is our super guest star on this editiong of TALKING BEARDS. We talk about his technique on being a winner and other assorted fun! Learn what tricks he uses to have such an amazing beard. We also introduce some fun beard trivia and talk about some competitions that are coming up. Beards In Review- Aaron D...


EP.79-Amy Black of the Pink Ink Fund

Amy Black of Pink Ink Fund is one of the most captivating people I have ever met. Her skills as an artist are unmatched and her heart is beyond full of goodness and kindness. She maybe one of the most friendly and approachable people I have ever met and makes you instantly feel like someone important to her. The Pink Ink Fund has helped many woman find normalcy in a tragic life situation and my interview with Amy is to celebrate what she has done for these woman and how she has changed...


EP.78-2018 Great American Beard and Moustache Championships re-cap with Chad Roberts

Scott, Chris and Aaron get together for another episode of Talking Beards. They talk about their favorite parts of the 2018 Great American Beard and Moustache Championship, presented by Remington Beardboss. We were joined briefly by RVA Beard League President, Chad Roberts, to hear his thoughts on the event, how much they raised for The National Humane Society and Pink Ink Fund, and the attendance of the Bearded Villians. You can watch Talking Beards LIVE every two weeks on the Beards IN...


EP.77-Talking Beards w/Chris and Aaron

EP-77-Talking Beards I sit down with my good friends Chris Odom (Beards in Review), and World Champion Aaron D Johnston to talk about the launch of our new video show, Talking Beards. The show is hosted LIVE on the Beards in Review YouTube page and is a bi-weekly live show covering many different “beard” topics. Each episode will cover the latest news stories in the world of facial hair, information on the upcoming competitions that are being held, product reviews, and fun interviews...


EP.76-Josh Black and the 2018 Great American Beard and Moustache Championship

Josh Black and The Beardcaster discuss the Remington Beard Boss 2018 Great American Beard & Moustache Championship. This year the event is in Richmond, Virginia and hosted by the RVA Beard League. The event will be held at The National on Saturday, September 29th and will benefit The National Humane Society and the Pink Ink Fund. There are many great pre and post events planned for this great weekend of facial hair fun! For all the detailed event details, look below! The North American...


Ep.75-Paul Hendrix and Diane Blastic of BULLY RANCH

The vision of an animal sanctuary and a pit bull rescue were just two of the ideas of Bully Ranch, recently started by married couple Paul Hendrix and Diane Blastic. Paul and Diance, members of the Austin Facial Hair Club, have been working with pitbulls for sometime now and have nothing but love and admiration for the breed. They have invested considerable time into understanding the training and the demeanor of this often understood animal. In our conversation about Bully...


EP.74-Kenny Parbel

Kenny Parbel is the President of the Ohio Chapter and SGT. At-Arms for the National Chapter of Bearded Sinners. Upon learning of who the Bearded Sinners were, my world was opened to another side of the “bearding community” that I wasn’t aware existed. Both Kenny and I got our start in the club scene at the same event back in 2012 and didn’t even know we had crossed paths numerous times. We “officially” met at the Morgan Hose VFD fundraiser beard and mustache contest, EP.71...


Ep.73-Nate Johnson

visit for more info on this episode Nate Johnson Facebook Instagram The Gentlemen's Social Club of Los Angeles Beard Battled Los Angeles Los Angeles Regional Food Bank Grave Before You Shave The...


Ep.72-Natali Johnston is...The Beardcaster

Beards Behind Bars 2 was held a few weeks back at the historic Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio. The Beardcaster attended this event, where he placed 3rd to Luke Sumpter, 2nd place, and Butch Amos who won the goatee category. The best part of the evening was a tribute beard by Natali Johnston of the Holy City Beard and Mustache Society in the Whiskerina “Natural” category. When the Whiskerinas make “tribute” beards they usually pick an influential person in the bearding community...


Ep.71-Morgan Hose Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser

The First Beard and Mustache Competition to raise money for The Morgan Hose Volunteer Fire Department in Rock Creek Ohio. The Beardcaster emceed the event and lots of fun was had! We had lots of people show up and compete at the inaugural event. Much thanks to Doug White, president of the Rock Creek chapter of Beards of the Old Northwest. Beards of the Old Northwest RockCreek Chapter: Morgan Hose Volunteer Fire...


Ep.70-Aaron Leff

Aaron Left is the public relations officer for the The Moustache and Beard Social Club and owner/operator of AJ's Elixirs. They are about to host the The 7th Annual Northern California Beard And Moustache Competition at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento on April 21st. We had a great chat about his bearded history and how he was pulled into his first event. We talked a bit about the club and event and we dove into a few of our favorite categories at the event. This competition...


Ep.69-Regev Nystrom

Regev Nystrom has been doing freestyle beards for almost 35 years and has moderate success with his creative designs. Episode 69 is my "sex packed" episode and I thought Regev would be the perfect guide to take us on a fun adventure into the world of the unknown. What sets him apart from all these other creative beard wearers is his natural born talent of translation of gay porn from English to Japanese flawlessly. He discovered this hidden talent years ago while working in a corporate...


Ep.68-Alice Jelley

Alice Jelley is a World Champion Whiskerina. Hailing from Bath England, Alice had the honor of being crowned #1 Creative Beard at the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Austin Texas in 2017. She was recently a judge at Come and Shave it 12 in Austin Texas, and we sat down to discuss many things “beard”. It was a pure delight to hang out with Alice and hear about her adventures in the facial hair world and how they have made her an international champion. We talked about how she...


Ep.67-Natali Johnston and Brett Strauss

Superstar Whiskerina, Natali Johnston, and Facial Hair League founder, Brett Strauss, sit down at Tried and True Barber and Tattoo in Austin, Texas to have a fun hang-out sesh. We talked about tribute beards and how Natali lives in the dark shadow of her husband, Aaron Johnston. Brett discussed the changes and improvements he has made to the FHL app and how they are getting ready to celebrate their 100th competition that they have been part of. We were joined by a fun cast of assorted...


Ep.66-Douglas Smythe

What an eye opener this interview was with Douglas Smythe of Phoenix Shaving. He made me want to climb back into the womb to incubate a tad longer to grow into true “manhood”. Douglas shared with me techniques of “wet” shaving and his thoughts on the conspiracy of the multi-blade cartridge companies. Tips galore are found in this episode with a true crafter of high quality, tested shaving products. Not only is Douglas the purveyor of some exquisite shaving items, he also caters to the...