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Episode #138 - What's the most perfect thing about Maddox?

This is it, our farewell episode! And it’s our biggest episode to date, with tons of guests and callers, including some surprise guests! This show has been an immense pleasure to create over the years, but like all good things, it must come to an end. This has been an amazing experience that has let me meet hundreds of fascinating people from all walks of life, from rocket scientists to professional wrestlers, I have deep gratitude for everyone involved. My sincere thanks to everyone...



Debate starts at: 18:05. What’s the goofiest, dumbass regional food? Photographer and writer Igor joins Kirk Wilcox, Ron and I for the debate. Ron brings in a sleeper hit from the mid-west: the Juicy Lucy. Part diarrhea, part second base, it’s a sandwich that will impress nobody. Igor’s pick is an all-time Philly classic: the cheesesteak sandwich. Though I’d go a step further and say that the cheese isn’t the worst part of the meal, it’s the mediocrity. Kirk goes hard on Chinese food and...


Episode #135 - Are fans too entitled? With TJ Peters, Kirk Wilcox

Debate starts at: 3:54. Are fans too entitled? TJ Peters joins Kirk Wilcox for the debate this week. With the conclusion of Game of Thrones and the uproar over the new Sonic design, it begs the question: are fans too entitled? How much can we expect our creators to cater to our demands? The answer is ZERO. But some people on this show don’t agree, and those people have names that don’t start with ’M' and end in ‘addox.’ Plus I inadvertently unveil my new Daddox shirt, and we go down the...


Episode #136 - Is universal basic income for pinko commie dipshits?

Debate starts at: 6:31. Is universal basic income for pinko commie dipshits? First-time guest Brad joins Kirk Wilcox, Ron and I for the debate about “Universal Basic Income” (UBI). The theory is that as technology progresses and replaces traditional jobs for humans (self-checkout cashiers, automated fast food cooks, kiosks, etc), unemployment would go up and traditional jobs would become obsolete. So some politicians have proposed a basic income level that every citizen would get every...


Episode #134 - What's the corniest, dipshit wish? With Bradley Laborman

Debate starts at: 5:03. What’s the corniest, dipshit wish? Bradley Laborman joins us for the debate this week. Ron and Bradley team up in a tag-team duo that I describe as “simple.” These guys shit all over me for wanting to be immortal just because I might end up like some weird bisexual vampire, as one does when they become immortal. Plus I simmer down the problem with waffles to its essence: 10% of the bites have 90% of the butter. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network...


Episode #133 - What's the most garbage breakfast food? Captain Dirk, Kirk Wilcox

Debate starts at: 7:07. What’s the most garbage breakfast food? Our own Captain Dirk joins Kirk Wilcox for the debate this week about the stupid shit we shovel in our mouths the first thing in the morning. Ron has a problem with cold lumps in his mouth, and while I didn’t get a chance to offer some warm lumps for him on the air, the offer still stands. Dirk is an amazing talent from Madcast Media who does the Super Arrogant Bros podcast. It’s rare to hear a podcast of such high caliber,...



Debate starts at: 10:05. Are college bribes super cool? The incredible writer, voiceover artist, actor and Godzilla afficianado Haley Mancini join Kirk Wilcox this week for the debate: are college bribes cool or what? We discuss the recent college admissions scandal in which a bunch of hot-shit celebrities and CEOs were busted putting their busted children through college with a little thing called “bribes.” We all agree it’s unethical, but is it super cool? Watch the video version here at...



Debate starts at: 17:00. What’s the shittiest fast food? Rod Kim and Vince Cirino of RKVC join us for the round-table debate this week. They’re badass music producers, singers and songwriters. We got right into the debate this week and avoided some of the obvious picks like McDonald’s and focused on others like Taco Bell because it sucks shit. How much flourescent crap do they need to cram in their menus? It’s a food establishment, not a rave. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media...


Episode #130 - What's the most bullshit-ass hobby for your bullshit-ass life? TJ Peters, Dreadmere

Debate starts at: 24:47. What’s the most bullshit-ass hobby for your bullshit-ass life? TJ Peters and Dreadmere join us for the debate this week. We discuss which bullshit-ass hobbies are the worst and quickly come to a consensus that they’re ones where you want to be seen doing them. I also talk about almost drowning in my first-ever water park in Orlando. And a summary of my Playlist Live trip. Plus we read some of your haikus from last week, Facebook comments and a shit-ton of voicemail....


Episode #129 - What is the perfect movie? J Todd Anderson

Debate starts at: 20:45. What is the “perfect” movie? Storyboard artist and director J Todd Anderson joins us for the debate this week. J Todd is the storyboard artist for “The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men,” and every other Coen Brothers movie since “Raising Arizona.” He’s a treasure-trove of movie knowledge and he’s giving away a copy of his new book, The Big Lebowski: The Official Storyboards! Just leave a haiku in the comments below, or on the Madcast Media Facebook page, or on my...


Episode #127 - Are companies selling us razors or Gillectures? TJ Peters

Recently Gillette released an ad that stirred controversy because of its social message. Some people loved it, while others felt like it was outside the scope of the company’s mission. So the debate this week is: ARE COMPANIES SELLING US RAZORS OR GILLECTURES? Debate starts at: 7:45. Should companies sell us razors or Gillectures? TJ Peters joins us this week for a hearty debate that goes beyond the dipshit talking points you’ve already heard. Plus for some reason everyone in the studio...


Episode #126 - 2019 Predictions with Kirk Wilcox, Dreadmere

Debate starts at: 4:09. We continue the annual tradition of predictions for the new year. Kirk Wilcox and Dreadmere join us with their predictions: the fall of Facebook and the rise of a new social media network, respectively. Ron predicts that bugs will be a part of mainstream cuisine and I predict that everyone will finally be tired of Star Wars. Plus a recap of last year’s predictions to see who was right. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel...


Episode 125 - Are people you buy gifts for ungrateful douchebags? Lesley Tsina, Christina Hepburn

Are people you buy gifts for ungrateful douchebags? Lesley Tsina, Christina Hepburn


Episode #124 - Is the Internet becoming more full of dipshits? Chad Kultgen

Debate starts at: 8:30. Is the Internet becoming more full of dipshits? We’re joined by Chad Kultgen this week in another excellent debate. We also learn that I’m a mega-mind, though long-time listeners of this show already know that. I’ll have updates on the new podcast launch in the new year, but until then, put some of this wit and wisdom from this week’s episode into your ear holes. I make the case that the barrier of entry has been lowered so much that it has made it possible for total...


Episode #123 - What's the worst city? Mike D, Dreadmere

Debate starts at: 6:05. We’re joined by Mike D and Dreadmere this week to debate: what’s the shittiest city? Dreadmere brings out a wild card with a city from my home state of Utah: Beaver. I looked up pictures from Beaver, Utah on Instagram and you can go through the entire catalog of tagged photos in tens of seconds. Mike D brings in a favorite city to shit on: San Francisco, while Ron hits it from the east coast with New York. I also bring in a wild card with Houston, Texas, which is...


Episode #122 - What's the best way to fix politics? Kirk Wilcox

Debate starts at: 6:05. How can we fix our political system? Kirk Wilcox joins us to debate this week. How do we fix everyone’s shitty political system? We all have theories this week, and mine are the best like usual. I love myself. I wish I could clone myself, run for president, then vote for me and replace all the citizens with more clones of me. Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel...


Episode #121 - Is social media making us depressed? Camila Paiva, Dreadmere

Debate starts at: 15:24. Is social media making us depressed? Singer & song-writer Camila Paiva and Dreadmere joins us to debate this week. When was the last time you felt better about yourself after using social media? Other than when you check my Facebook page which is full of cheer and joy, does monitoring posts for validation like a hawk make your life better or worse? That’s the debate this week, and it quickly devolves into an is/ought argument, which is satisfying to listen to just...


Episode #120 - Is it possible to be authentic on YouTube? Blaire White

Debate starts at: 5:34. Is it possible to be authentic on the Internet? Blaire White joins us to debate this week on the debate. Underlying all drama, clickbait and outrage on the Internet (and cable news) for that matter, is the profit motive. There’s no incentive to write reasonable headlines, promote moderate points of views and create content that is fair to the subject. Instead, people tend to go for the most base content because it gets clicks and it’s easy to make. That’s a brilliant...


Episode #119 - Who's the best standup comedian? Robert Benfer, Nik Oldershaw

Debate starts at: 8:20. Who’s the best standup comedian? Robert Benfer and Nik Oldershaw join us for the debate this week as we discuss who the best standup comic is of all time. Honorable mentions are Ricky Gervais, Dave Chappelle and Diceman. Just kidding. Maybe I should nominate myself for that joke? Watch the video version here at Madcast Media Network YouTube channel Ron Babcock’s tip this week is this: bleed. I...