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Episode 60 - Last Podcaster Standing

This week the game show returns with Bryan at the helm. We’ve got bad impressions, squishy pants, and a sexy beast, so strap on your thinking caps and prepare for Last Podcaster Standing!


Episode 59 - The Walking Darkroom

This week the team covers the news that Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan will be leaving The Walking Dead. Also, Roseanne gets her show cancelled. Plus, some stories from Bryan’s past will not stay dead.


Episode 58 - Guilded or Rankless

This week we activate our Zeta-Beams and travel back to Krypton (pronounced Crap-ton or Crapped-On) and provide our updated opinions after watching episode 6 (Civil Wars). We also start to discuss the Fall TV lineup, but quickly realize there’s just too many damn tv shows. So, grab your hoodies and join us to see which shows remain guilded and which will end up rankless and ousted from society like a dull boring scene from Krypton. Topics include: Krypton, Gotham, Pennyworth, Joel...


Episode 57 - Sweaty Palms

This week we discuss various 80s movies and how well they have held up over the years. Jennifer and Bryan provide some non-spoiler opinions on Avenger’s: Infinity War as well as the new YouTube Red show, Cobra Kai. Kevin will never see all the Marvel movies, Bryan shocks the group by revealing he has not seen many classic 80s movies. Rob uses The Avengers to take another jab at Man of Steel (and annoy Bryan). Topics include: Infinity War, Jaws, The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, Pretty in Pink,...


Episode 56 - Acquired Taste

This week the group covers some recently celebrity deaths and discusses depression. Also in this episode; Allison Mack of Smallville fame and her alleged role in a woman-branding sex trafficking cult. Jennifer continues her Marvel movie marathon on the road to Infinity War. Topics include: R. Lee Ermey, Verne Troyer, Avicii, Barbara Bush, Jack of All Trades, LEXX, Allison Mack, NXIVM (Nexium), Black Panther, Ready Player One, Arrested Development, The Detour


Episode 55 - Don’t let anyone slip you the Carrey

We continue the countdown to Infinity War as Jennifer tries desperately to watch 17 Marvel movies so Bryan will take her to the opening night of Avengers: Infinity War. Bryan is concerned that Jennifer is a night owl after reading a new study. Topics: Ironman The Incredible Hulk Ironman 2 Hulk Thor Liv Tyler Ben Affleck Armageddon Natalie Portman Captain America Agents of Shield Stan Lee The Avengers Jim Carrey Agents of Shield Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider Justice League


Episode 54 - Futuristic and Technologically Advanced Hoodies

This week Bryan, Jennifer, and Rob talk a little about an upcoming episode of Star Trek Discovery directed by Jonothon Frakes. They also review the first episode of the SyFy show, Krypton, which Bryan affectionately calls “Crap Ton”.


Episode 53 - Just the Tip

This week Jennifer, Bryan, Kevin, and Rob share movies they enjoy that aren’t necessarily well known, some of which might actually be good! From the not so creepy smile of Mr. Sardonicus, the “Great Allnighter” of Midnight Madness, the hillariously bad beach ball alien of Darkstar, to the terrifyingly bad acrobatic sexcipades of Showgirls. Kevin even throws a couple extra movies in just for good measure.


Episode 52 - Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Join us this week as we take a trip back to our childhoods and talk about Saturday morning cartoons, live-action shows, and chracters in the 70s and early 80s. We actually manage to stay mostly on target this week so crawl out of bed, stay in your jammies, and curl up in front on the tv……or whatever device you are listening on and enjoy this dose of nostalgia! Some of the cartoons/shows discussed: Thundarr the Barbarian,Superfriends, Loony Toons, Scooby Doo, Laff-A-Lympics,...


Episode 51 - Stop Saying Butt Stuff

This week Jennifer shares her dental horror story, Rob is surpised to learn that Bryan willingly took an acting class in college, and Kevin talks about his goal of writing a screen play.


Episode 50 - Kevin’s Gameshow Revenge

Join us this week for our oversized, extra-long, under-hyped, and yet somehow still underwhelming 50th episode gameshow spectacular! Kevin takes the reigns and exacts his revenge upon Bryan, Jennifer, and Rob. Will Bryan be able to navigate Kevin’s diabolical and ever changing rules to defend his title as gameshow champion? Listen to this all new episode to find out! There is a bit of uncensored swearing, so if you have young children around or delicate ears, beware.


Episode 49 - Why Comics?

Rob and Bryan discuss why two grown adults would still be reading comic books well into their 40s. This is the first in a series where we’ll dive into the world of comics and explore characters, stories, creators, and how comics engage with readers.


Episode 48 - Andy Schmidt Comics Experience

This week, Rob and Bryan chat with Andy Schmidt from Comics Experience! Andy shares a bit about his time as an editor for Marvel and IDW and how his work on Annihilation influenced the current cinematic version of Guardians of the Galaxy. We also talk about what he’s doing now with Comics Experience to help creators learn, connect, and get published with their new partnership with Source Point Press. Comics Experience at Source Point Press:...


Episode 47 - Joe Stuber Comic Book Central

Joe Stuber, host of the popular Comic Book Central podcast, stops by the Big Time studio for a chat. We laugh, we cry, mostly at the bad CGI removal of Henry Cavill’s Mustache from Jutice League. Don’t miss the Big Time fun! Don’t forget to check out the Comic Book Central podcast! Subscribe to Comic Book Central in iTunes Listen to Comic Book Central on Blog Ta [...]


Episode 46 - The More You Know

Smoking is bad kids. This week the team takes on addiction. Rob and Jennifer talk about their past struggles to quit smoking. Kevin talks gambling, Bryan denies having a comic book addiction.


Episode 44 The BigTime Improv

On this special mini-episode of The BigTime Podcast, Bryan tortures everyone by trying to get the team to do improv and impressions. Rob really doesn’t like improv. Kevin and Jen get a gold star for sticking with it for as long as they did. Note: This episode was originally labelled 43.5 but has since been renamed to 44 to keep things consistent in iTunes. Unfortunately, we can’t change the file name, just the post title, so keep that in mind if you download the episode.


Episode 43 - The Blockbuster of Podcasts

On this week’s episode, the team discusses upcoming and potential tv shows and the trend of networks to reboot shows rather than creating something new. Bryan doesn’t like change. Rob gets tingles. Kevin wants to take Bryan to a Las Vegas nightclub. Jennifer questions her relationship with the show. Topics: Roseanne, Will & Grace, Mad About You, MacGuyver, Star Trek Discovery, The West Wing, The Greatest American Hero, Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,...


Episode 42 - When does the damn fun begin?

This week at least 50% of the team discusses Jodie Foster and why she hates comic book movies. Kevin hates Wonder Woman. Bryan hates Logan. Jennifer has technical difficulties. Rob disappears. Show links:


Episode 41 - King Tut and Cultural Appropriation

Students have claimed that the Steve Martin musical parody, King Tut, is an example of racism and cultural appropriation. This week the team dives deep into the controversy and attempts to unravel the issue. Will they find answers or have they jumped from an airplane without a parachute? Listen to find out! Episode Links and Sources: Steve Martin King Tut Musical Parody Washington Examiner Article Reedies Against Racism Why Cultural Appropriation is wrong


Episode 40 - Mystery! (Gameshow)

This week the gang discovers that game shows are hard, especially when everyone is in different states. Jennifer has memory issues. Rob doesn’t know what dolphins sound like. Kevin has ideas for his own gameshow. Bryan is competitive and argumentative.