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Episode 76 - The Mount Rushmore of Comic Book Movies

This week tempers flare and friendships are tested as we try to agree on the four best comic book movies of all time. Join us as we defend our picks and attack everyone else's in the hopes of securing as many spots as we can on the Mount Rushmore of Comic Book Movies!


Episode 75 -Favorite Fabulous Flops

This week Bryan, Jennifer, Kevin, and Rob each pick a movie that they enjoyed watching but was commercially and/or critically a flop.


Episode 74 - The BigTime Spookast

This week is all about, shockingly, Halloween! Bryan, Kevin, and Rob talk about their Halloween memories. Topics include; trick-or-treaters who don't try, costumes, Halloween movies, favorite candies, and haunted houses.


Episode 73 - Crime and Profit

This week Bryan, Jennifer, and Rob discuss whether or not criminals should be allowed to profit from their crimes by publishing books or selling their story. Also, DC cancelled plans to reprint a 1940s Captain Marvel story called "Monster Society of Evil" due to concerns regarding the portrayal of ethnic stereotypes.


Episode 72 - The BigTime Prodcast

James Gunn has been fired and Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is on indefinite hold. Logan is a bleak movie that depresses Bryan. ABC is rebooting BeWitched. Rob wants Bryan to watch the Netflix show, Lost in Space. DC is bringing Superman and Lois Lane back to the DC universe in the Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl TV shows.


Episode 71 - The Killing Joke

It might be a few months later than we planned, but it's finally here! Bryan, Jennifer, Kevin, and Rob sit down for a Big Time book club episode and talk about the 1988 DC graphic novel, The Killing Joke. Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland. Considered by some to be a classic and ground breaking, The Killing Joke dives into the disturbing relationship between Batman and the Joker, testing the boundaries between insanity and perseverance. If you're interested, you can buy...


Episode 70 - Commonalities

This week Jennifer takes the reigns and shows the boys how a gameshow episode is done. Join us as she drags Bryan, Kevin, and Rob kicking and screaming through topics ranging from the TV shows 'Friends' and ‘Saved by the Bell’ to extremely obscure former constellations and retro candies.


Episode 69 - Resistance is Futile

This week Jennifer takes a break while Bryan, Kevin, and Rob get nerdy chatting about Star Trek: The Next Generation. Jennifer hasn't watched any Star Trek:TNG so the boys decide to make a list of four episodes from each season that Jennifer might enjoy. That's's more homework for poor Jennifer! Tell us your favorite episodes from each season of Star Trek:TNG in the comments!


Episode 68 - Outrage Machine

This week we discuss news that Nichelle Nichols is fighting dementia; The dark side of ComicCon celebrity signatures; Star Trek 4 negotiations with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth fall through; The Academy Awards is adding a new "popular film" category; and finally, silly fan backlash over Batwoman casting.


Episode 67 - Svengoolie - Rich Koz

Svengoolie himself, Rich Koz, calls in to The BigTime Podcast and chats with our own Bryan Brown. Rich shares stories and insights from his years in broadcast television with shows such as Son of Svengoolie, The Koz Zone, and now Svengoolie. What was the first horror movie to scare the heck out of Rich? What does it takes to put on a show like Svengoolie? Can bunnies be scary? Plus; the FCC has no sense of humor. Find all things Svengoolie at Follow Svengoolie...


Episode 66 - Schrodinger's Listeners

This week, Jennifer, Bryan, and Kevin enjoy some Rob-free time. Does the new Venom trailer make the movie look any more interesting? Patrick Stewart confirms he will reprise the roll of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Jennifer reveals she has never seen any Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes and promptly receives more home work. Robert DeNiro and Marc Maron are officially part of the Joker origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix.


Episode 65 - You Can't Chase Your Bubbles

Now that San Diego Comic-Con is over, we talk about the trailers for Teen Titans, Shazam!, Aquaman, and The Walking Dead. Speaking of Aquaman, Rob once again impersonates Jason Momoa much to the chagrin of Jennifer (and probably everyone).


Episode 64 - Pet rocks

This week on the show; Kevin finally watched Man of Steel, reeling Rob back into the critic's chair. Jennifer and Bryan provide an honest (but spoiler-free) review of Ant-Man And The Wasp. The spoiler problem in pop culture (referring to the NY Times spoilers for Batman #50 the wedding of Batman & Catwoman). Also, the passing of legendary comics creator Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange with Stan Lee, creator of Blue Beetle, The Question, Captain Atom, Hawk & Dove, and...


Episode 63 - Adequately Sized Birthday Package

Kevin shares his thoughts about weather coverage in the midwest and also finally managed to finish watching Star Trek: Nemesis. Jennifer expands Bryan's comfort zone by taking him out to new and different restaurants. Noted science fiction writer Harlan Ellison passed away. The Private Eyes with Don Knotts and Tim Conway. Bryan celebrated his birthday.


Episode 62 - Gutteral Red Shirts

Bryan, Kevin, and Rob talk about the recent Star Trek news including the new Discovery show runner, the possible return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and Kevin tries to stay awake long enough to give his thoughts on Star Trek: Nemesis. So join us on another away mission as we once again attempt to stay on topic and find a point to anything we're saying.


Episode 61 - The Millennial Falcon

This week - Why was Solo: A Star Wars Story such a flop at the box office? How can Marvel continue to dominate the box office with their very aggressive release schedule? Also, we finally discover that we have unanswered podcast comments that go back as far as 6 months.


Episode 60 - Last Podcaster Standing

This week the game show returns with Bryan at the helm. We've got bad impressions, squishy pants, and a sexy beast, so strap on your thinking caps and prepare for Last Podcaster Standing!


Episode 59 - The Walking Darkroom

This week the team covers the news that Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan will be leaving The Walking Dead. Also, Roseanne gets her show cancelled. Plus, some stories from Bryan’s past will not stay dead.


Episode 58 - Guilded or Rankless

This week we activate our Zeta-Beams and travel back to Krypton (pronounced Crap-ton or Crapped-On) and provide our updated opinions after watching episode 6 (Civil Wars). We also start to discuss the Fall TV lineup, but quickly realize there’s just too many damn tv shows. So, grab your hoodies and join us to see which shows remain guilded and which will end up rankless and ousted from society like a dull boring scene from Krypton. Topics include: Krypton, Gotham, Pennyworth, Joel...


Episode 57 - Sweaty Palms

This week we discuss various 80s movies and how well they have held up over the years. Jennifer and Bryan provide some non-spoiler opinions on Avenger's: Infinity War as well as the new YouTube Red show, Cobra Kai. Kevin will never see all the Marvel movies, Bryan shocks the group by revealing he has not seen many classic 80s movies. Rob uses The Avengers to take another jab at Man of Steel (and annoy Bryan). Topics include: Infinity War, Jaws, The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai, Pretty in Pink, The...