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ou will love our black asses :-)

ou will love our black asses :-)
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ou will love our black asses :-)






(ep. 98) Someone Hire Birdman to take out Ye...

WHAT DOES TRUMP AND U2 HAVE IN COMMON?! This week's episode is FULL of the latest and the greatest...we talk about Kanye being "bullied" on SNL, Toys R Us playing people like a fiddle, Uber getting people caught up, Birdman looking more and more suspicious, and much MUCH MORE!!! INDULGE!! Baeoftheweek: @alexisabella LISTEN | RATE | SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 97) Bill Cosby is in JAIL JAIL

HALLE BERRY...NOOO!!! This week's episode is FULL of the latest and the greatest...we talk about Joe Budden joing Love & Hip Hop, Dunking Doughnuts dropping the doughnuts in their name, Jesse Williams bad taste in meme making, Chick-fil-a doing a good deed...maybe, what happens when you leave your weave in for over a year, and much MUCH MORE!!! INDULGE!! Baeoftheweek: @allyrossel LISTEN | RATE | SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 96) Pray for Cardi B's Forehead & Serena's Tennis Racket

RIP MAC MILLER!!! This week's episode is FULL of the latest and the greatest...we talk about NICKI MINAJ vs CARDI B, Serena Williams doing a little too much, Elon Musk receiving backlash for smoking with Joe Rogan, Taco Bell being named the best Mexican restaurant, Michael B Jordan possibly playing Superman, and much MUCH MORE!!! INDULGE!! Baeoftheweek: @niykeeheaton LISTEN | RATE | SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 95) Nike vs Extreme Caucasity

WILL THE REAL SLIM SHADY PLEASE STAND UP?!! This week's episode is FULL of the latest drama...we talk about Aretha Franklin's live debacle of a funeral, MGK going at Eminem , "people" being upset at NIKE for backing Kaepernick, lady faking her death to get out of paying employees, Scoop introduces and new segment that Earlpheus falls victim to, and much MUCH MORE!!! INDULGE!! Baeoftheweek: @issarae LISTEN | RATE | SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 94) DJ Khaled shaped PLUS SIZED luxury bean bag chairs for sale...

DID 50% OFF WEAVES DESTROY HOPE?!! This week's episode is FULL of the latest craziness...we talk about Kanye West semi apologizing, real life sex robot doll brothels , Marlon Wayans being selfish with his latest movie, the infamous dine and dasher,Scoop and Earlpheus rap battle, and much MUCH MORE!!! INDULGE!! Baeoftheweek: @himynamesteee LISTEN | RATE | SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 93) Nicki Minaj better show R-E-S-P-I-C-T

PEOPLE STILL F*CK GOATS IN 2018?!! This week's episode is FULL of the latest craziness...we talk about Madonna botching yet ANOTHER tribute, difference between baby mommas & wives, Nicki Minaj in her feelings over being #2, Idris possibly being the first black 007, Earlpheus reveals his first stand up joke, and much MUCH MORE!!! INDULGE!! Baeoftheweek: @chelsarellaa_ LISTEN | RATE | SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 83) Jaden Smith > JR Smith

IS YOUR LIFE AS EMPTY AS JR SMITH'S HEAD? Fill that void with a NEW episode!! This week we discuss Trump disinviting the Eagles, Buffalo Wild Wings being hacked...? , tilapia skinned vagina, IHOP possibly changing their name, the selling of Whitney Houston's bible, and much MUCH MORE!!! Bae of the week: @kurzca RATE. SUBSCRIBE. INDULGE


(ep. 82) Pusha's Tea made Drake a Duppy

PUSHA IS SO DISRESPECTFUL!! This week's episode we talk Drake vs Pusha T, Roseanne and her dumb*ss tweets, Kim Kardashian's trip to the White House, Alexa eavesdropping capabilities, Southwest dropping the ball yet again, and much MUCH MORE!! Bae of the week: Dye.Hard LISTEN. RATE. LAUGH. INDULGE


(ep. 81) NFL = N*ggas Finna Learn

FEELING LIKE CARLTON IN THIS B*TCH!! Back for another fun episode... This week we discuss Kendrick Lamar tricking his fans, Lil Tay being exposed, Morgan Freeman breaking our hearts, Guinness World record for the biggest orgy, dancing doctors, and so much MORE! BAEOFTHEWEEK: @lemybeauty RATE. SUBSCRIBE. INDULGE


(ep. 80) Sniff Yanny, Smoke Laurel

PRESS PLAY if you want a EARGASM!! This week's episode we discuss Yanny vs Laurel, the Oakland BBQ police, a 25 year old highschool basketball player, Spotify's new conduct policy, Jay-z growing dreads, and much much more! INDULGE!!


(ep. 79) Has anyone ever Met Gala ??

*AVENGERS SPOILER ALERT* We are back with much more flava for your ears!! This week we discuss Childish Gambino and his cryptic video, explore what DJ Khalid WONT eat, new crazy ear surgery, the point of the Met Gala and much MUCH more!! INDULGE!! LISTEN . RATE. SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 78) Ye vs. Your Emotions.

Kanye has got the world on fire....Is it for album sales or something deeper? Would you enter a "Air Humping" contest?? How dumb is Ben Carson really? Does Drake really want problems with Kendrick Perkins?? We discuss these topics and so so much more!! Check out Earlpheus' album "30430" on soundcloud NOW!!


(ep. 77) Make Kanye Great Again

>>>EARLPHEUS' ALBUM DROPS 4/30<<< Back with more flava for ya ears!! This week we talk Kanye's emergence from the sunken place, Bill Cosby getting locked up, doo doo transplants, a epic Fajita heist, and much MUCH more!! Sit back, grab a ice cold caprisun, and listen to us rant on news and pop culture. LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE


(ep. 76) Free Mr. Clark... Free Mr. Clark!!

AND ANOTHER ONE!! This week we unfortunately discuss Whoa Vicky getting caught outside, Stevante Clark and his Facebook antics, R.Kelly spreading diseases, Kendrick Lamar winning more awards, Dez Bryant, and much MUCH MORE! Listen to Legal Ganja on itunes & Soundcloud Drops 4/20


(ep. 75) Congrats to SCOOP!!

We BAAAACK! This weeks episode we talk Fabolous' family drama, Blacc Chyna throwing strollers at theme parks, Wendy's new mixtape, the Youtube shooting, and much MUCH MORE! Congrats to Scoop and his wife for bringing another healthy Webb into the world! THANK GOD she talk after her momma!!


(ep. 74) When the glove fits...

We got that new Flava for ya ears!! We are back for another HOT one full of f*ckery and sexiness!! This episode we discuss Bow Wow taking more L's, Odell Beckham and his alleged fetish for white girls with that white girl, OJ Simpson's creepy interview, NFL free agent moves, and much MUCH MORE! Scoop gets tested during the "Spell Dat Sh*t" segment and Earlpheus crowns @beauty_newnew as this weeks Bae of the Week! Sit Back and enjoy the madness...BLAQ OUT!


(ep. 73) Rick Ross is on God's Plan

Black History Month is OVER!! But the f*ckery continues! We are back this week with another FIRE episode! This week we discuss Netflix and the "black" woman they are paying big bucks too, DEATHS due to texting, how Shaquem Griffin HANDled the NFL combine, Leonardo DiCaprio and his Oscar problems, and much MUCH MORE! Also this week SCOOP has a FIRE album of the week & we also name @Jenafrumes this week's BAE OF THE WEEK! Strap up and sit tight... ITS THE BLAQOUT!


(ep. 72) Wakanda sh*t is this?

Hi my loves... We are BAAAAAACK with another BLACK ASS episode...and this week there was sooooo much to cover. We talk Zaza Pachulia's dirty play, Robert Craft and his mysterious step baby, the truth behind R.Kelly's Ignition Remix, Monique vs Charlamagne, dog clones, and much MUCH MORE! We also review BLACK PANTHER in a BLAQ ASS way and Scoop brings back his stank ASS segment... "WHOSE BOOTY?" Sit back and ENJOY!!


(ep. 71) Riding the Pozzy Wave w/ CAM GNARLY

A new week, a new episode!! We had some audio issues but still put out a great one!! THIS WEEK on the NEWSFEED we talk NBA All Star Weekend, a pastor we dub "Machine Gun Preacher", Tekashi69 and his Kerfuffle at LAX, marriage to sex dolls, and more!! ALSO This week we are joined by Cam Gnarly, a budding local artist who is bringing pozzy waves and great energy to Hip Hop. He discusses his time on the show VERSUS, the inspiration behind his music, who he would cast to play in the BALL family...


(ep. 70) Pray for America

It was hard to come with the energy in light of what happened in Florida...our prayers are with the family and friends of the victims.