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67. Whitewater

New book alert! Jody and Alison get back on the Fudge Train with the second in the series, "Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great," written by Judy Blume in 1972. The girls are joined by longtime Blume Head Lizzy as they read chapters 1-3. To set the scene, Jody talks 1972 current events, movies, and hosts a trivia quiz where everyone's a winner! Alison presents her pop music findings, and Lizzy gives us the low-down on fashion of the era. They also dig up Judy's musings on Sheila, and an...


Odds and Ends #8: Lolita vs. Marathon Bars

Alison and Jody conduct a thorough post-mortem of Norma Klein's edgy YA novel, "Domestic Arrangements." They read some awesome listener letters about hot record store boys, '80s triangle perms, and Judy Blume eBay treasures. Alison shares her obsession with French chanteuse Alizée, and Jody discovers who wrote the iconic beat poem "Now-Times for People with Now-Dreams." The girls discuss Adrian Lyne's 1997 adaptation of "Lolita," Dominique Swain's film legacy, and the truth about Marathon...


66. Now-Times

The "Domestic Arrangements" finale! Alison and Jody read chapters 23-25 of Norma Klein's 1981 YA novel, in which Rusty gets a bootleg pixie cut, finally meets Pam from Andover, learns the truth about her parents' marriage, and appears on the Today Show. You absolutely don't want to miss Alison's far out beat poetry or Jody's Medieval chamber singing! And congratulations to Rosemary's Ladies, this week's Blume Head(s) of the Week! It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!


65. Hashtag NoLo

In the penultimate "Domestic Arrangements" episode, Alison and Jody discuss chapters 21-22 of Norma Klein's 1981 racy YA novel. Rusty auditions for Lolita the musical by singing a weirdly maudlin Beatles song and playing some bra-less tennis with a middle-aged pervert. She finally gets to read her People feature, and learns a Very Important Life Lesson from the Man on the Plane. The gals muddle through two mysteries: 1) Who is Beryl the bootleg Barbie? and 2) Are Marathon bars really...


64. Beryl

We're still languishing in La La Land with Rusty and her co-star Felix, through chapters 19-20 of the 1981 Norma Klein YA classic, "Domestic Arrangements." Rusty gets cornrows and spends a naked night with Felix over Nova Scotia salmon and Champagne, Joshua Poshua is MIA (potentially Andover-bound), Alison forms a Little Boy Parade, and Jody learns a new word. Listen along for the usual dramatic radio plays, mess-ups, and uncontrollable singing/swearing. The girls also have a first look at...


63. Like a Satan

Rusty's going to California all by herself! But she's 14, she can handle it, right? Join Alison, Jody, and a bottle of Courvoisier to discuss chapters 17-18 of "Domestic Arrangements" by Norma Klein. Mom leaves town and Daddy quickly replaces her with Abigail, Deel loses her virginity while a five-year-old child sleeps soundly on the floor, Rusty hops on a flight to LA, and Joshua Poshua proves to be Numero Uno Stalker of 1981. Jody and Al reveal their embarrassing internet screen names,...


62. Girthy

Alison and Jody have a SUPER exciting announcement to make, along with their regular "Domestic Arrangements" programming. The gals read chapters 15-16 of Norma Klein's 1981 novel about teen sex and stardom, and things just keep getting weirder. Daddy receives an obscene phone call and Rusty is interviewed by People magazine. Don't worry, she continues to say all the wrong things and her parents remain eternally incompetent. Jody and Al talk about early internet relationships,...


61. Sex and Typing

It's a Valentine's Mystery! Alison and Jody read chapter 14 of Norma Klein's "Domestic Arrangements," where Rusty tries to figure out who Daddy's secret admirer is. She also goes into battle with Joshua Poshua and totally MURDERS her fram. Speaking of murder, Jody presents a Special Report on the Scarsdale Diet and the scandal involving Dr. Tarnower's jilted lover. Join the girls for some rosé, melodramatic readings, technology failures, and another glorious update from The Karen Files....


60. The Hummus Express

All aboard! Jody and Alison analyze chapters 12-13 of "Domestic Arrangements," a YA treasure written by Norma Klein in 1981. Rusty poses with some cherries for Seventeen Magazine and does an exclusive interview on cable TV (you don't wanna miss this lively reenactment)! She also goes back to school but finds herself accosted by her jealous classmates. Rude! The gals present another treasure from The Karen Files and receive some fabulous tidbits about Barbizon and Scoliosis from Blume Head...


59. A Horse Named Linda

A star is born! Alison and Jody eat gross shooting star cookies (sorry!) as they cover chapters 10-11 of “Domestic Arrangements,” written by Norma Klein in 1981. Rusty receives some glowing movie reviews, test drives her new “acquisition,” and discovers that mom has a not-so-secret lover! We also learn more about the day Rusty and Joshua met (hint: it involves nude pix!). Al and Jody chat spermicide, Mary Kay Letourneau, and Lanz nightgowns. They receive another thrilling batch from The...


58. Jackrabbit

Back from the dead, and it's even better the second time 'round! Alison and Jody motor through chapters 8-9 of Norma Klein's 1981 novel, "Domestic Arrangements." They present another fascinating letter from The Karen Files and interview Jody's English Mum about her adventures with the f-word. Meanwhile, Rusty baby-sits Kerim and makes up with Joshua via a blowjob, Dad is appalled at her Christmas request, and Deel throws some fightin' words. The movie premiere is a great success, but Mom's...


57. Butt Chairs

Good lord, this one's a doozy. Alison and Jody make their way through chapters 6-7 of Norma Klein's "Domestic Arrangements," published in 1981. The girls get an incredible, intriguing letter from a Blume Head with some serious intel. They chit chat about millennial strawberries, the Clueless Targ-Bucks takeover, chairs shaped like hands, THC drops, Jock Jams, great tits, and Gunne Sax. Meanwhile, Rusty's dad turns 50 and celebrates with some Dobos Torte and a semi-surprise party, Deel gets...


56. Step Down!

Breaking news: Rusty's in a movie, y'all! Jody and Alison cover chapters 4-5 of Norma Klein's 1981 YA novel "Domestic Arrangements," where fourteen-year-old Tatiana (aka Rusty) has lots of mediocre sex with her boyfriend, attends a bizarre giant penis photography show with Daddy, and is going to be the star in a new Columbia Pictures movie. She will appear nude in said movie. WTF?! Along with the usual dramatic readings and chapter summaries, Alison and Jody chat about San Francisco's...


55. An Exquisite Daughter

Alison and Jody are back in the Cocoon to talk about Norma Klein’s “Domestic Arrangements” chapter 3! This one’s a shortie, but we’ll get back to our regular programming next week. Rusty has a horrifically forthright conversation with her “cool mom” and butters Daddy up after his chat with the Laskers. We learn that Joshua has some naked pics, and most importantly, that Rusty has starred in some kind of mysterious exploitation movie. WHAT?! Total cliffhanger. The gals talk about their first...


54. Sexy Bubbles

Are you ready for a new book? How about a new author? Or a new co-host? Alison is out this week, but Sara joins Jody in the Cocoon to discuss chapters 1-2 of Norma Klein’s 1981 novel, “Domestic Arrangements.” Not only was Norma one of Judy Blume’s close pals, they both found themselves on the “Most Banned” lists for YA fiction in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Jody and Sara present their research on the pop culture, music, fashion, and weird facts about the year of their new heroine, Rusty Engelberg....


53. Perv Busters

It's the final "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" episode! Alison and Jody wrap up chapter 10 of Judy Blume's brilliant book, the one where Fudge Hatcher does the unspeakable. You know what it is. Peter is devastated by the loss of Dribble, and no one seems to care! Will his family ever make it up to him? Alison presents an exclusive interview with Blume Head Amanda -- a real live person who grew up in 1970s Manhattan -- while Jody gives a Special Report on the hellish '70s NYC subway system...


52. Super Duper Omelette

The Hatcher men are on their own! Alison and Jody cover chapters 8-9 of Judy Blume's delightful "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Fudge becomes the star of a new Toddle Bike commercial, Peter gets his first kiss from Dad's secretary, there's a movie theater emergency during "A Bear's Life," and Dad cooks a truly disgusting 12-egg omelette (with mushrooms). Join the gals for their most earnest, enthusiastic dramatic readings yet, memories from Alison's bachelorette party, and some fantastic...


51. Hamburger Hell

Join Alison and Jody as they cruise through chapters 5-7 of Judy Blume’s 1972 childhood treasure, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!” Fudge turns three and has an absolute shitshow birthday party with a puker, a biter, and a crybaby. Peter grows increasingly resentful of his li’l bro, especially after being forced to do a weird balloon dance. The fam spends a day in the city which ends with mashed potato wall art and a cascade of peas. And to top it all off, Peter’s transportation committee...


50. Creative Walking

Alison and Jody zip through chapters 3-4 of "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," one of Judy Blume's most famous novels, written in 1972. Fudge gets a cereal bath and has a jungle gym accident in Central Park, Peter gets into trouble with Mom, and we finally meet the legendary Sheila Tubman. Alison remembers being a very mature five-year-old, and Jody shares her secret to the perfect headstand (it's all about triangles, y'all). The gals also ponder an important question: does dope mean heroin...


49. Page Two Fifteen

New book alert! Alison and Jody take you back to early '70s New York City, the world of Peter Hatcher and pesky Fudge, as they read chapters 1-2 of Judy Blume's kid lit hit "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Jody gives a Special Report on the unprecedented spate of bizarre airline hijackings in 1972, while Alison sets the scene and walks us through the popular music, movies, and TV of the era. There's also a lot of talk about fake plants. Meanwhile, Peter's just trying to live his best...