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56. Step Down!

Breaking news: Rusty's in a movie, y'all! Jody and Alison cover chapters 4-5 of Norma Klein's 1981 YA novel "Domestic Arrangements," where fourteen-year-old Tatiana (aka Rusty) has lots of mediocre sex with her boyfriend, attends a bizarre giant penis photography show with Daddy, and is going to be the star in a new Columbia Pictures movie. She will appear nude in said movie. WTF?! Along with the usual dramatic readings and chapter summaries, Alison and Jody chat about San Francisco's...


54. Sexy Bubbles

Are you ready for a new book? How about a new author? Or a new co-host? Alison is out this week, but Sara joins Jody in the Cocoon to discuss chapters 1-2 of Norma Klein’s 1981 novel, “Domestic Arrangements.” Not only was Norma one of Judy Blume’s close pals, they both found themselves on the “Most Banned” lists for YA fiction in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Jody and Sara present their research on the pop culture, music, fashion, and weird facts about the year of their new heroine, Rusty Engelberg....


53. Perv Busters

It's the final "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" episode! Alison and Jody wrap up chapter 10 of Judy Blume's brilliant book, the one where Fudge Hatcher does the unspeakable. You know what it is. Peter is devastated by the loss of Dribble, and no one seems to care! Will his family ever make it up to him? Alison presents an exclusive interview with Blume Head Amanda -- a real live person who grew up in 1970s Manhattan -- while Jody gives a Special Report on the hellish '70s NYC subway...


51. Hamburger Hell

Join Alison and Jody as they cruise through chapters 5-7 of Judy Blume’s 1972 childhood treasure, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!” Fudge turns three and has an absolute shitshow birthday party with a puker, a biter, and a crybaby. Peter grows increasingly resentful of his li’l bro, especially after being forced to do a weird balloon dance. The fam spends a day in the city which ends with mashed potato wall art and a cascade of peas. And to top it all off, Peter’s transportation committee...


50. Creative Walking

Alison and Jody zip through chapters 3-4 of "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," one of Judy Blume's most famous novels, written in 1972. Fudge gets a cereal bath and has a jungle gym accident in Central Park, Peter gets into trouble with Mom, and we finally meet the legendary Sheila Tubman. Alison remembers being a very mature five-year-old, and Jody shares her secret to the perfect headstand (it's all about triangles, y'all). The gals also ponder an important question: does dope mean...


49. Page Two Fifteen

New book alert! Alison and Jody take you back to early '70s New York City, the world of Peter Hatcher and pesky Fudge, as they read chapters 1-2 of Judy Blume's kid lit hit "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." Jody gives a Special Report on the unprecedented spate of bizarre airline hijackings in 1972, while Alison sets the scene and walks us through the popular music, movies, and TV of the era. There's also a lot of talk about fake plants. Meanwhile, Peter's just trying to live his...


48. Gon-Gon Be Gone

Can you believe it?! Jody, Alison, and special guest Cathy finish "Wifey," Judy Blume's outrageous sexy adult novel published in 1978! Sandy tells Norm she has The Clap, he goes ballistic, she spends the night in the attic with a Snoopy sleeping bag, and we finally learn more about Brenda Partington Yvlenski via the Tufts Box Letters. Oh, and the Motorbator makes one last appearance. Alison talks about the time she got beat by a pop-up tent in Hawaii, Jody writes a diaphragm jingle, and...


47. Esther in Waiting

The weird world of "Wifey" is getting wilder! In Judy Blume's groundbreaking 1978 novel about bleakest suburbia, Sandy get the Gon-Gon and has to notify all her lovers, Shep brings some soul-crushing real talk, Banushka goes for a ride, and the Motorbator's identity is revealed... maybe. Jody and Alison discuss chapters 22-24, complete with readings, sidebars, and expert analysis. They also announce the first ever Blume Head of the week recipient(s): Muses and Stuff podcast! Wanna be next?...


46. A Silky Mushroom

Sandy strikes out! Join Alison and Jody as they recap chapters 20-21 of Judy Blume's 1978 erotic novel, "Wifey." Secret motel liaisons, a rendez-vous at The Cape, and quite possibly the first signs of a psychotic break. Jody develops a theory about who (or what) Sandy Pressman REALLY is, while Alison reveals her obsession with the Met Gala. Tune in for some great forgotten '70s commercials, melodramatic readings, and reminiscing about a simpler time... a time when you could smoke on...


45. Pouilly Fuissé Chardonnay

Storm's a-brewin' in chapters 17-19 of Judy Blume's "Wifey"! Sandy get crushed at the Club tournament, hijacks a golf cart, has an intense car-fight with Norm, and decides to give Shep a buzz. Meanwhile, Myra considers divorce and Steve hunts for his very own Mrs. Robinson. The girls receive a great letter from a new Blume Head, Alison gives a lesson on low-number license plates, and Jody uncovers another thrilling Jimmy Buffet connection. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!


42. Everybody Watchung Tonight

It's a full house! Jody and Alison envelop author and Literary Death Match creator, Adrian Todd Zuniga, into the Cocoon to chat about his new book, "Collision Theory," his journey to becoming a bona fide novelist, and the time he HUNG OUT with Judy Blume in Miami! Then, Blume Head Cathy drops by to discuss chapters 10-11 of "Wifey," Judy's positively naughty adult novel from 1978. Sandy gets a pixie cut, argues with Norm about his asshole mother, and remembers her cringeworthy wedding...


41. Beige on Beige on Beige

Our beefiest episode yet! Alison and Jody cover chapters 7-9 of Judy Blume's sexy, fantasy-filled adult novel, "Wifey." Sandy decides to be her best self on the eve of 1970, has a mind-blowing open marriage convo with Lisbeth, and spots Shep on the train. She receives some obscene phone calls and another visit from the Mystery Motorcycle Masturbator. Jody presents two Special Reports on vasectomy pins and the numerology of Judy Blume, while Alison hosts a 1970s pop culture quiz. And, of...


40. Mister Sunshine

In chapters 4-6 of Judy Blume's scandalous 1978 novel, Wifey, Sandy Pressman evades a crew of expat swingers, finds a new way to entertain herself on the beach, and learns about ganja from her 10-year-old son. Norman continues to be a total douche, but has inexplicably become a choice cut for the ravenous Club Ladies. Sparing no gory detail, Jody and Alison read aloud the most wild/excruciating/sexy moments and are still left wondering: what the hell is going on?! Was the mystery man in...


39. Sticks and Wees

Alison and Jody start a new book... WIFEY!!! Judy wrote it, her first adult novel, in 1978 above a Los Alamos donut shop and turned the literary world upside-down. The gals read chapters 1-3, present some 1970 deep cuts, and find themselves wrapped up in Sandy's wild world of unexplained illness and frenzied masturbation. The Pressmans argue over half-baked Chicken Piquant, Sandy finds the pervy ghost of Evel Knieval on her lawn, and Myra battles a Jamaican customs officer over 300 pounds...


38. PB for BB

The "Blubber" finale! Things take a turn for Jill as she finds herself in Linda's shoes. More dramatic bathroom encounters, bus stop brawls, and Kiddie Justice ensue. Alison and Jody re-enact all the crucial scenes and provide whiskey-fueled analysis on the characters' motivations. They also read a sweet letter from an Ohio Blume Head and bust out some 1974 issues of Teen Star Gossip magazine to bring you all the hottest news on style, slang, and celebrity rumors. Hint: Elvis has packed on...


37. Corduroy Hemorrhoids

Three's company! Special guest Beth joins Alison and Jody to discuss Judy Blume's "Blubber," chapters 13-16. The tables have turned and the bullies are on their way to sweet Kiddie Justice. Jill eats a toilet sandwich at Warren Winkler's Bar Mitzvah, Linda and Kenny become BFFs, and Judge Wendy presides over the trial of the century. Beth recalls a (literally) shocking childhood memory, Jody and Alison discover that they're Whale Twins, and the gals dive deep into Judy Blume's inner psyche...


36. A Federal Offense

Happy birthday week, Judy!!! Queen Bees, frenemies, bullies, and betches. Is there no end to Linda Fischer's living nightmare? Alison and Jody read chapters 10-12 of "Blubber," Judy Blume's 1974 YA novel. Jill writes a nasty letter to the Superior Stamp Company (just like the one Jody wrote to Ann M. Martin), Mrs. Sandmeier drops a bomb, Linda is force-fed a fake ant, and Mr. Machinist catches his culprits. Join us for some vintage commercials, Toddlers & Tiaras recaps, and a "Which...


35. Bad Witches

Poor Linda Fischer! Despite her new celery diet she continues to get bullied by the Mean Girls of class 206. Jody and Alison plow through chapters 7-9 of Judy Blume's YA classic, "Blubber," with recaps, dramatic readings, and of course some singing. Jill loses her tooth during a choir performance, Linda really nails an unintentional solo (brrrrreast!), and a kickball accident sends Linda to the nurse's office. Blume Head Jeb shares an incredible letter about reading "Forever" as a ten year...


34. Shart on the Bart

Take a seat inside the Blume Cocoon for chapters 4-6 of Judy Blume's 1974 novel, "Blubber." This episode is chock full of bullies, bitches, and BMs. Poor Linda is harassed in the bathroom, the gang gets up to no good on Halloween night, and fan favorite Miss Rothbelle sings bizarre lullabies while touching every student one by one. To wind down, Jody and Alison share personal horror stories of bladder and bowel mishaps. It's a sort-of book club. Join us every week! PS - Be sure to check...


33. Robert Redford Arnold Palmer

The gals start a NEW BOOK, "Blubber" – written by Judy Blume in 1974 as a first-hand account of 5th grade mean girls and bullying. Linda Fischer gives a speech on whales, Jill decides to be an asshole flenser for Halloween, Wendy turns into a baby Regina George, and cool Kenny drops some Guinness Book knowledge. Alison and Jody travel back in time to the mid-'70s bringing you some real talk on current events, movies, and music of the era. Jody learns the truth behind margarine, and Alison...