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BB.9 - Star Trek: Discovery Episodes 1 & 2 Review

"A Master Piece" by Mike Borchelli - 2017 Hello! In keeping with our recent sci-fi nerd theme, we've decided to review the first two episodes of the brand new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery! This is coming just in time, as the third episode airs tonight! Before you watch that, take a listen to gain some insight and find out our thoughts on the series so far! MAJOR SPOILER ALERT FOR EPISODES 1 & 2! We swear, the next BB/full length episode we do will be about history or art or...


BB.4 - History of Adult Animation Part 1 - Let's Talk About Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi/ American Pop / Fritz the Cat It's BB time! This Borchelli Bite is the first in a series of short episodes devoted to discussing the history of adult animation (animation geared toward adult audiences). Today's episode starts us off in the 1970s with the release of Ralph Bakshi's interpretation of R. Crumb creation, "Fritz the Cat" (1972) and leads us to the beginning of the 1980s with another Bakshi classic, "American Pop" (1981). We take a look at the career development of...


BB.2 - Thor: Ragnarok Trailer with Fish Griwkowsky and Curtis Ross

Welcome to another BB! Today on the show we're discussing the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer with Fish Griwkowsky of the Edmonton Journal and local rock star slash movie buff, Cutis Ross! We're really excited about this movie. Take a listen! Click HERE to watch the trailer


BB.1 - The Last Jedi Teaser with Fish Griwkowsky and Curtis Ross

HEY! Welcome to a new thing we're doing here at Borchelli Brothers Studios called "BBs" (Borchelli Bites)! These are a shorter form of podcast episode that focus on topics that can't fill our usual format length. On this first BB we have Fish Griwkowsky of The Edmonton Journal and local musician and Star Wars aficionado, Curtis Ross in the studio to discuss the first teaser trailer for The Last Jedi! Take a Listen! Click HERE to watch the trailer!!


Episode 2.2 - Myths & Legends 3/Christmas Special? with Jaime Fjeldsted

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories in this episode contain very graphic content. Welcome to our third Myths & Legends episode! Its also kind of a Christmas episode? This time we are joined by our good friend, Jaime Fjeldsted! She comes to us with stories of Icelandic folklore! Sean Borchelli also disturbs and dazzles us with his stories of strange and gruesome burial practices from history and even some that still take place today. BUT FIRST! Mike Borchelli stumbles through his unprepared...


Episode 1.THIRTEEN - Dave Coulier or Nay? Season One Finale!

Lucky number 13! What could go wrong?! The Borchelli's are waiting for their special guest. A major storm is threatening to cut the power. Will this be the season finale they were hoping for!? Will Mike and Nick Borchelli be able to improve Sean's stormy mood?! Tune in to this very 1980s inspired episode to find out!


Episode 1.TWELVE - Extended - Air Buddies + We all got drunk and played Book of Questions

Look at how uncomfortable everyone is! In this extension we start off with the tale of Omar's long career in film and then Sean gets the rest of the Borchellis trapped in an uncomfortable lie! We also play some Book of Questions which of course leads us to talking about the future and virtual reality.


Episode 1.TWELVE - Canada Day + Omar Mouallem Talks Street Meat

On this episode we chat a bit about Canada! Canada is our home and native land! Sean tells us some fun facts and we discuss some of the more recent global news events that have shaken up the system a bit. We also got a chance to sit down with award-winning writer and journalist Omar Mouallem (The Yards, Rolling Stone, Vice, Wired, The Walrus) to talk about street meat! From the perfect donair to street food around the globe and how to properly pronounce "gyro", we talk about it all! Take a...


Episode 1.ELEVEN - Extended - Mike Robertson and Tim Mikula

Mike Robertson and Tim Mikula were great guests! SUCH great guests that we talked to them for a REALLY long time! In this extension we cover a wide variety of topics, including: WHAT IS A COMEDIAN'S COMEDIAN?, KIDS IN THE HALL, THE BEACH BOYS, FUTURE EPISODE SUGGESTIONS, AAAAAAAAND OF COURSE WE PLAY BOOK OF QUESTIONS! This was a really fun and hilarious conversation. The Borchelli Brothers are eager to have these two back!

Episode 1.ELEVEN - Kevin McDonald, Mike Robertson and Tim Mikula - Which of These Three Guests Is a Celebrity?

Drawing by Sean Borchelli This episode is jam packed! We've got THREE guests and one of them is a celebrity! Sketch comedy legend, Kevin McDonald (of Kids in the Hall!) called our program and had a wonderful chat with us about some of his favourite sketch troops and influences. He was also kind enough to chat with us a bit about his experience making the 1996 Kids in the Hall film "Brain Candy" and he gave us an update on what the Kids currently have brewing! BUT FIRST! We sat down with...


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