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50 - The Shining 2

In this week's season finale, Tam retells one of his abandoned pitches: an adaptation of 'Doctor Sleep', Stephen King's 2013 'The Shining' sequel novel. Wumi learns about the Psychic life of Danny Torrence, Deeby can't stop referencing The Simpsons, and Tam really doesn't want his pitch to turn into a Superhero film. We're starting the Stephen King-ematic Universe. Email us at if you want to join the Initiative. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook...


49 - The Sword in The Stone

Deeby follows the modern Disney method with his live-action adaptation of the 1963 Disney Classic(?), 'The Sword In The Stone'. Deeby does some accents, Wumi finds animated mice delicious and Tam is a Disney-less pariah. Who's ready for a live-action Bambi? Email us at with your valid reasons why that would never work, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod. This...


48 - (LIVE!) The Special Edition

On the 3rd of April 2016, we uploaded our first pitch: Tam's 'Spider-Man 4'. One year - and 47 pitches later, Deeby and Wumi decide to repitch their stories in front of a LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE! Deeby returns to his first pitch with "Fargo II" and Wumi remixes his Daft Punk "Interstella 5555" sequel. Wanna send us a birthday card? Drop us an email at and we might send you a postal address. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod. This week's...


47 - Rugrats: Reborn

Wumi brings the Nick classic to the modern day, taking inspiration from the greatest film of 1989 that wasn't Batman: Look Who's Talking. We're going LIVE! For our 1st anniversary, we're recording our 50th episode at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London, N1 3DT. Tickets are still available: This week's blog:


46 - Tam & Wumi Save The DCEU

Deeby's away this week, leaving Wumi and Tam to unleash their comic book knowledge on Warner Bros' less-than-stellar cinematic universe. What would you change about Batman v Superman or any of the upcoming films? Let us know at, or tweet us @BrokenEPod


45 - Fuse The News II

This week we're grabbing another tabloid as we prepare to FUSE THE NEWS! We each take two stories from the newspaper and smash them together into our own Frankenstein's Monster of news of a story. Wumi goes to Washington, Deeby takes a Road Trip and Tam is a Man of Science. and JUSTICE. What recent news stories would you combine? Let us know - email us at, or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod.


43 - Romeo + Juliet + SPAAAACE

This week Deeby gives the term “star-crossed lovers” an all new meaning in his Romeo and Juliet-inspired pitch. Deeby takes inspiration from Star Wars, Stranger Things and even a little bit of the bard himself in his planet-hopping adventure. It’s super romantic, you guys. Ponda Baba & Cornelius Evazan are the Rosencrantz & Guildenstern of the Star Wars Universe. Wanna prove us wrong? Email us at, or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @BrokenEPod....


41 - Shaft

Hollywood’s just announced that they’re rebooting the ‘Shaft’ films, but Tam reckons he can do better that the director of ‘Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’. Tam introduces a new generation of the Shaft Family to the gritty world of modern-day Harlem - whatever that’s like. With only two days to write his plot, Tam’s only got the opening scenes, but Deeby and Wumi help plan the rest of the story. What other films should we pitch at the last second? Email your suggestions to...


40 - Air Doll: Origins (ft. Jan Lukas)

This week’s episode is probably NSFW. Probably. Everyone loves a good foreign film every once in a while, right? This week, our guest Jan Lukas from German podcast ‘Kompendium des Unbehagens’ introduces us to the Japanese film “Air Doll” and his idea for a spinoff prequel. Have you seen any “Level 10” Japanese films? Send your recommendations to, or find us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @BrokenEPod Follow Jan Lukas on Twitter:


39 - Interstella 5555. Two

Back in 2003 Daft Punk released ‘Interstella 5555 - The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem’, a feature length film of animated music videos for their album Discovery. Fourteen years later Wumi attempts to tie the songs of 2013’s Random Access Memories together in his sequel pitch, ‘Fragments of Time’. Christopher Nolan has no involvement in either project. In this week’s musical episode, Wumi gets super visual, Deeby isn’t a fan, and Tam tries to sing like a robot. Did Wumi’s pitch (Robot)...


37 - #TeamDeeby #TeamWumzum

Last week’s versus episode CONTINUES this week, as the Wumicide Squad and the Deebyngers go through more of Tam’s perilous scenarios. The teams meet an old friend, Deeby loses a member and Wumi has a mansion just for car stunts. Who wins? You Decide. Email us at, or Tweet/Insta/FB us @BrokenEPod. Who would you have on your team? We’d like to know. We did our first shout-outs this week - check out some of these shows: Woo Long Talks:...


36 - Deeby v Wumi: Dawn of Civil War

Tam unveils the Broken Elevator Cinematic Universe as Deeby and Wumi assemble teams of characters from previous episodes. It’s like a versus episode, but it’s not? Wumi loses a colleague, Deeby stops some Polar Bears and the gang get themselves banned from The North with their Liverpudlian accents. Three scenarios down, two to go. Want to help flesh out the BECU? Send some scenarios to and we might use them for another versus episode! Tweet us @BrokenEPod and...


35 - Disney's Next Animated Film

Tam opens up his Big Book of Stories (aka The Internet) and tells Deeby three tales he thinks should be the next Frozen. Or Moana. Is Moana good? We don’t know, we haven’t seen it. Crabbe gets smart in ‘Doctor Know-All’, Tam narrates a peachy story in ‘Momotaro’ and the race is on in ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’. Deeby’s just learnt the power of friendship. Email us at to congratulate him, or find us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @BrokenEPod. Join us at...


33 - Marvel's Strange Tales #110

Tam looks back at Doctor Strange’s 1963 comic book debut in this week’s episode, and tries to turn an unrelated story in the same issue into Marvel’s next big franchise. But-- he hasn’t read the comic. With Wumi’s help, a two line synopsis for ‘We Search The Stars!’ and a bunch of nameless characters, can Tam make a good story? Sort of. What other fringe Marvel stories could become movies? Send your suggestions to, or find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram...


32 - Public Domain Horror Night (Pitch-Off #6)

Merry Halloween! This week we go to, find an old horror film and modernise the crap out of it. Deeby gives ‘Nosferatu’ an arthouse spin, Wumi hates horror, but questions reality with ‘Fear in the Night’, and Tam gives some gore to ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’. What Public Domain film would you remake? Because legally, you can. Email us at when you go into production, or find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod....


31 - Attack the Block 2 (ft. Moses)

Friend of the show Moses passes by to pitch a sequel to 2011’s “Hoodsploitation” Sci-Fi, Attack The Block. Moses brings in a different Sci-Fi element, Wumi rips down the block and Tam talks about an embarrassing encounter with Noel Clarke. What you sayin’, bruv? Let us know at, or find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Thanks to Moses for coming in - you can find him on Twitter @mozziemutant. Check out Youtube for his upcoming short film,...


30 - Fuse the News!

It’s Episode 30! ...and we’ve run out of ideas. In this week’s episode Tam, Deeby and Wumi take true stories from a newspaper and remix them into original stories. Tam takes an ill-fated train journey, Deeby causes triple-double trouble and Wumi faces the music and gets the gang back together for one last score. What should we fuse next? Send your articles to, or find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @BrokenEPod. Feel free to leave us a review on iTunes:...


29 - Icon & Rocket

In this week's episode, Tam adds two lesser-known superheroes to DC’s Cinematic Universe with an ‘Icon and Rocket’ solo film. Deeby talks Original Sin, Wumi talks Black Lives Matter and Tam just wants to talk about an immortal alien who looks like a Black dude. Tam thinks talking dogs are amazing. Email us at if you do too. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BrokenEPod. Do you have iTunes? Feel free to rate us and leave a review, we'd really...


28 - Coming to America 2

Wumi returns to the African nation of Zamunda with his totally natural-sounding film: “Welcome to England - Coming to America: Part 2”. Wumi’s an Acronym Genius, Deeby loves the Lion King Trilogy and Tam tries to assassinate Eddie Murphy. One of us may or may not actually be a Prince. Email us at and we’ll tell you which one. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @BrokenEPod.


27 - Bring Me the Head of Paul McCartney

Tam takes a Magical Mystery Tour to 1969 in his Beatles-inspired pitch. With A Little Help From his friends - including guest Barney - Tam pitches a trueish story about an Abbey Road billboard on the Sunset Strip. Barney’s got a Ticket to Ride, Deeby’s In The Sky With Diamonds, Wumi want to Hold Your Hand and Tam can’t think of another pun and needs some Help! Are you The Walrus? Let us know at, or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @BrokenEPod....


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