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What's on the show Casimir? Well I'll tell you what! People around the world with a story to tell.

What's on the show Casimir? Well I'll tell you what! People around the world with a story to tell.
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What's on the show Casimir? Well I'll tell you what! People around the world with a story to tell.






We've got a birthday to celebrate! Welcome Adrian from Analogue Trash to the podcast.

It's Vegan sausages and pineapple and cheese on sticks tonight as we break out the party hats and welcome Adrian Brian Thompson to the podcast show! As a co-owner of the very awesome Analogue Trash empire, Adrian talks about his life in the Far East (Hull) moving to the big city, work, bands, events and the future of music. In between chatty shiz we have some fave new music including a sneak of a brand new track by Ded Pixal. Blow out the birthday cake candles and grab a nice big slice of...


Shoot it up! Let me introduce Lloyd Price best known as half of The Frixion and a collaborative partner of SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK’s Martin Degville and a member of MASSIVE EGO

Hey pop pickers. It's a podcast chat this week where you can hear Lloyd Price and Cas discussing some of the most intense issues including his work with The Frixion, remixing Sigue Sigue Sputniks first album Flaunt It and working with the original Cyber Punk Martin Degville, the best way to release music and how to survive extended stays in a Holiday Inn! We've been trying to get together for a few weeks but our grown up work commitments have prevented us catching up. I was really nervous...


Announcement!! I'm ok thanks for asking!! I'll explain in this episode why I spent 6 hours in the company of the NHS!! Plus to sooth my brow there's awesome music

Yep, I've gone and announced on Twitter that I'd been in hospital but honestly and thank you so much for asking, but I'd taken someone in and stuck around to keep them company. Can you imagine being in a room with me for six hours. Hell on Earth that's what. No wonder they needed a doctor. All's well though. I'm looking for bands to record something for my Summer Special Festival, I need vegetarian food ideas and I'm asking how many listeners have tattoos or piercings? Add in some ace...


Want to know what the worst things are in a hotel room? Fans of the show share their experiences and the number one spot is shocking!!

After my chat with Jim in The Royal Oak last week I needed to get back into the swing of things and share some of the fab music that made it's way to the Engine Shed over the last week. We have a chat about vegetarianism and my Easter issues and my challenge to you for veggie ideas, listeners share hotel nightmares, and I've had an idea for The Casimir Engine Show Podcast Festival!!! Catch the best music from Rogue Embers, Darren Claxton, Psyshicbread, Skaema, something a bit dancey from...


Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please!! This week we meet and chat with Jim, landlord of The Royal Oak Wirksworth

On this weeks show we head off to a town that was a buzzing commercial centre when Liverpool was a swamp. Wirksworth, the capital of Mercia back in olden days (that's as specific as I get with dates!) and home town of The Royal Oak pub. We get a chance to chat about all things brewing with mien host Jim Stuart Angus to give his full name above the door, discover aliens in Bonsall, down a large glass of old building headaches, and hear the plans for the future of a pub that has been standing...


Spring has definitely sprung as we head towards a well deserved long weekend and as an audio Easter egg we have a chat with punsters Before They Were Hanged

Do you know that feeling when you chat about school days and all those memories come flooding back? Well today my school sports activities came back to haunt me and I bare my soul to the listeners. Add to that I had a chinwag over a virtual cuppa with Before They Are Hanged singster Simon Madden. New single Clenched Fist takes centre stage as we chat about gigs, the writing process, Cas reminisces about the punk gigs at the Adjanta cinema in Derby and we hear first hand that summat big is...


Where've you been Casimir? I've travelled the length of Britain and battled the tribes of Scotland to bring you this podcast!

Here are the excuses: Been to Scotland for two days working, Mrs Engine wanted to go to Ikea, the dog ate my podcast notes, left them on the bus.... hey it's my show!!! I can do it when I want can't i? I'll get a note next time. What's on the show Cas? Well we have plans for my pub journey around Derbyshire, Best buildings photo competition, The Podcast Easter Egg Hunt, who've you met miles from where you live and the most awesome tunage from Richie Tyler, AEW, Wynch ahead of the gig at...


We've gone interseller on this weeks show! Meet top astronomer Nigel Bradbury, The Lord of The Northern Lights!

I've always been fascinated by space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of The Casimir Engine... this week we meet super star gazer Nigel Bradbury who tries his hardest to humour the idiot Engine with his ridiculous questions. Hang on! There's some good uns! Nigel tells us about his trips to see the Northern Lights, explains how the Star Ship Enterprise's speedo is out by about 10,000 years and introduces his foot tall Parrot Donald. Nigel explains the wonders of the universe in a...


It;s a Double Chit Chat Special to make up for the last episode. This weet The Indieannas and The Wardettes

After last weeks episode I felt that I needed to make it up to you. So this week we have a double interview and a big steaming bowl of top tunage. We get together with Mark, bass player with Buxton indie superstars The Indieannas. Mark explains the writing process, the headaches in holding a band together and the future for a stunning band. The album in incredible. We manage to wedge in some cracking tracks but the album is chocker block full of brilliant music. After orange slices and a...


It's a Complete Cock Up!! We have an Express Show this week with special guest Public Service Broadcasting

I had a disaster this week. After arranging an interview with my new best friend, i managed to complete a two hour chat forgetting to switch on my recording device. I din't realise until I'd got back to Casimir HQ. New dates have been scheduled for a revisit, this time pressing the red button. So to compensate I've trawled the archives and dug out a chat I had with Public Service Broadcasting or PSB as you may know them during the launch tour of The Race for Space. They were brilliant and...


Cas is back on his high horse and rants and raves about Matlock and the councils plans for the town or more importantly lack of them. Luckily top tunes saves us all!

All I want is for someone from the local council to come on to the show and explain exactly what they're planning for the beautiful town of Matlock, that's all I ask. Plans are being turned down but Dominos Pizza is welcomed with open arms. Do we actually need another fast food outlet? McDonalds are littering the town and it's surrounding areas nicely themselves so do we really want pizza boxes all the way from here to Stanton Moor? Let me know. Luckily we are saved from a complete rant by...


Casimir is back in the chair in the middle of Storm Freya. We have tracks to hide the wind noise by The Indieannas, Frank, Left Hand Drive and Valley of Crow.

Casimir sits alone in the studio battling wind! The weather isn't so good either!! Boom Boom. Storm Freya hits Britain with force and the rain is torrential. Last week it was hotter than Casimirs day long underpants and now it's Winter again. Well what have you got to keep the chills away Cas? Well we have tunes from Buxton with The Indieannas, from Belper it's Paytron Saint, Wirksworth we have Left Hand Drive and Frank, and Matlock we've got the awesome Notorious Nose. We've sent our...


It's Part Two and Cas has another large one. Max from White Peak Distillery takes up the story where we left off

It's part two of my chit chat with Derbyshire's only distillers, White Peak Distillery based at the wire works in Whatstandwell. I met with Max Vaughan who told me how he set up, recruited and developed a company to produce his very own Gin and Whiskey. Sounds like a dream job? Well it looked like it to me but as you'll hear, there's an enormous amount of work and effort by the White Peak Team to get to the start line!! We have the very best music to accompany your fave tipple. We have a...


Cas kicks back and listens to Max from White Peak Distillery chatting about all things Whiskey and Gin. Ice and a Slice?

What could be better.... a beautiful evenings drive through the Derbyshire dales, a trip along a World Heritage site, arriving at a whiskey and gin distillery? Its got to be a dream surely? Nope, last week I had a chance to get together with ace Derbyshire distillers White Peak Distillery for a chat about Whiskey, Gin and all things Derbyshire. These guys are fanatical about producing the very best product in the best county in the world. Super local, and super quality.... that's the...


Its a local Podcast for local People and for the World! We've got Frank, The Guvnor, Catching Kate and The Something!

What a day! I've travelled the length and breadth of the country on this beautiful day. Dare we suggest we may have missed the snow? I daren't. The coolest thing that happened today... I had a batch of local music sent through on messenger and it's all awesome stuff. We've got an absolute belter from Frank, a cracking new one for me from Matlock band The Something and the incredible Catching Kate with a beautiful acoustic track. Add is some new music from Atomzero, StocksnSkins and new fave...


We've got an exclusive from The Marigolds, a top tune by Frank and a load of jabber from me!

Oh heck I'm in a rush! I've been all over the place today so its a Podcast at a million miles an hour. I'm asking school related shiz today. Can you remember the school house you belonged to? What clubs did you join? Karate, Judo, Cycle Speedway..... WHAT!!! Cycle Speedway? Is the only Cycle Speedway track in Long Eaton or have you been in a team? Did Long Eaton only cycle between themselves? Its a massive mystery. We have tracks by The Distant Mind, This Human Condition and Factory Act....


It's a rant about Parking, Vegan Sausage Rolls and Cas getting caught in his pants in a snow storm!

Oh my giddy aunt! It's been a week and a half for Casimir. We've had Snowmaggedon bringing the country to a complete halt. Lets face facts we probably had about two inches but Cas gets caught with his trousers down by the Old Bill. Add to that getting thrown out of Greggs in Mexborough and a complete melt down about parking in Matlock and you kind of get the idea Cas is in a mood!! To improve matters we have awesome music from local bands Wynch, Left Hand Drive and Frank with a demo of the...


This week we get together with Matt from Jacks Got a Plan who chats with us about the upcoming gig at @beat_streets_

We've recorded on Blue Monday but you can expect a pick me up of sorts with some awesome music and waffley chat! This week we meet up with Matt from Belper based band Jacks Got a Plan who explains Beat The Streets, a festival in Nottingham featuring more than 80 bands performing to create funds to support the homeless in the city. Matt explains how the money will be spent and how you can grab tickets for this amazing event. We also chat about those annoying emails asking about your...


We're joined this week by author, long distance cyclist, teacher and all around super woman Helen Moat

Christmas seems ages ago and we're back into work like nothing happened. This week we have an interview with Helen Moat, author, blogger, ex teacher and long distance cyclist for a chat about her life growing up in Northern Ireland in the height of the troubles and her work to get us all to slow down a little and enjoy the beauty of Derbyshire. For music, we are joined by Frank Power from Switzerland. Frank or Dino as he's known travelled from his home just outside of Zurich to play his...


It's 2019 and resolutions are being broken everywhere! Vegan Greggs anyone?

Happy New Year from the Casimir Engine Show Podcast Team!! Christmas is a disctant memory unless you're an all year round Christmas decorations fan! On this weeks show we ask if you've still got them up or if you couldn't wait to gerrum down. Now it's resolution time and by all accounts most people have broken promises to themselves already. But at Cas HQ we're trying to be as Veggie as possible. So far I've not had any meat between my lips. Not a sausage. How long will it last, I'm not sure...