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What's on the show Casimir? Well I'll tell you what! People around the world with a story to tell.

What's on the show Casimir? Well I'll tell you what! People around the world with a story to tell.
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What's on the show Casimir? Well I'll tell you what! People around the world with a story to tell.






Righto! We're back in the studio for a week. Holiday is over so we need to cheer up with some ace tunes from Paragon Cause, TBA, Jarra, Stocks and Skins plus loads more.

Its always tough coming back from holiday, but when you have so much music in the email post box it makes it so much easier. My new Paragon Cause cassette has arrived along with my Stocks and Skins T Shirt, we have new music from Jarra on new record label Flying Duck, Triple Black Amoeba land a cracker based on 70's TV show Space 1999 and my correspondents Miff and San Remo send in tracks by Eddie and the Wolves and Grey Disorder. I give you all the gossip about my holiday including...


Eyup! I'm strolling along the beach recording a podcast episode at the seashore! It's fab. Add to the view some fab sounds by Novacaine and The Boxteles plus and Interview with Left Hand Drive!

I've managed to squeeze a quick holiday out of the year but I can't miss out on recording a podcast beside the sea. So strolling along the sea shore we chat about brushing your teeth, meet two of the artists from Wirksworth Festival and gate crash a jamming session with local Wirksworth band Left Hand Drive. So live from the East coast of England let me present Left Hand Drive!!!


We Ain't Political on this Show! It's just great music from cool cats like The Bagatelles, Kay Burden, Our Future Leaders and more!

We don't do politics on T.C.E.S.P but this is a snap Election Special cos the interview I had lined up had to be cancelled due to bad weather, so to get away from wall to wall interviews with old politicians we've got the perfect antidote. Hang on, Casimir is a buffoon so what's the difference? Great music that's what including Into The Blood, Stereo in Solo, Useless Cities and Skaema who I still can't pronounce. Add in some chat about holibobs, Naughty But Nice and Conkers and you have an...


Casimir is steaming in his hot pants! Yep it's a sticky one and to make things even hotter we have top Prog with Du Pig, Our Future Leaders, Room 1985 and The Mighty Avon Jnr

Flippin eck! It's blistering in the studio tonight. It might be chilly where you live but in Blighty we aint used to the hot weather. After a holiday weekend of binge watching Killing Eve (don't tell me the ending!!) I'm back in the saddle. My guest went away for the weekend so I'm home alone. All I need is a pack of Pink Iced Rings, a cup of tea and a mic to guide me by. Grab some awesome tunes from prog to electronica including show newbies Black Hats all the way from Oxford, Husk from...


Triple Black Ameoba John lets the side down and goes ballroom dancing instead, so Casimir steps up and takes one for the team!!

A guest all lined up who then decides to go and do the Rumba instead. You couldn't actually make it up. So instead of listening to him bleating on you've got me and some absolutely ace tunage! I've been sent some brilliant tunes from Eric C Powell, The Bagatelles, Positronic and The Notorious Nose. We travel acoustically from California to Matlock and back in one show. Add to that the fantastic life changing feature that is Naughty But Nice, an online Cholesterol check before my biggy on...


Casimir is back in the studio with a brand new featurette! Plus top tunes by Volker Milch, Spray, Stocks and Skins plus loads more

Casimir is back from the pub and launches a brand new feature! Do you live near a town, road lane... in fact anywhere with a saucy name? We wanna know for Naughty Not Nice (like the French town way of saying Nice, not Nice... oh I give up.) We do banana chat, find out where you can be arrested for having a Vicks Inhaler, meet an over enthusiastic shop assistant and hear some terrible catchphrases plus we hear about Cas on his never ending diet and pretty much munch on celery for an hour. To...


This week we meet and chat with Frank, Derbyshire based indie band and all around nice blokes.

Its a Casimir Engine Podcast Special featuring ace Derbyshire band Frank! On a summer (which means rainy) night at The Royal Oak Wirksworth, we get a chance to chat with Andy Page and Craig Wheeldon vocalists, guitar man and writers of the great tunes on the new EP Tell You What available on Spotify, Amazon, Youtube... well just about everywhere. The podcast has been recorded as live to try and capture the evening just as it was. And blimey the lads were on form. Check it out and grab a copy...


Casimir is back in the studio drying out from the YNOT Festival rain and this week is THE LAST of the hotel nightmares features!!!

Well a Hard Rain is Gonna Fall! It did this wekend and the YNOT festival suffered again. So to make sure everyone gets a measure of the finest tunage The Casimir Engine Show goes LARGE with wall to wall bangers including music by Georgia Fearn, Paytron Saint, Nature of Wires, Jigsaw Sequence, Spray, Lemonade KidThe Truth Sounds Different and Kind Regime. In between belters, Casimir launches into the very last Hotel Horrors feature and ends on a skid mark, we chat about dinner party...


It's a Walkabout episode with guest presenter Rocking Roy Goodhall reviewing some of the brilliant artists at this years MBMF

It's a hot a sticky night as I slave over a sweat stained laptop to bring you the listener some of the highlights of this years Matlock Bath Music Festival. Forced to visit pubs, persuaded to drink beer on a school night, I battled with by co host Rocking Roy to give you a tantalising taste of the days musical treasures. We wander from The Midland Hotel all the way through to The Pav and chat about some of the seriously good music we managed to hear. Throw in a bag of chips, a candy floss...


Its been Festival Weekend! Cas reports back from The Songwriters Cafe and MBMF with an exclusive session by Frank!

What a wekend. Iall started with The Song Writers Cafe at The Restoration Cafe at the Pavilion with the brilliant Darren Claxton, Ben and Bex and Mark Gwynne Jones. Friday I managed to catch Rivers at the brilliant Stantonbury festival run by Richard at The Flying Childers and then finally it was Matlock Bath Music Festival, a marathon of music over Saturday. Hal a Mile of the A6 saw top artists performing live. Exclusively for The Casimir Engine Show Podcast we have the A6 session by Frank!...


It's the Week of Tunage!! Festivals, exclusive gig, new music and old waffle! Yep, Cas is back and is on the road!!

Phew! What a week to come. What's on the show Casimir? Well I'll tell you what, we have top new music from Sombre Moon, 3 Second Fuse, Trade Secrets, Jonteknik, Spray, Into The Blood and Analogue Electronic Whatever. You want more? Well we preview the events this week including John Gills Songwriters Cafe, head up to Stanton by Dale and The Flying Childers for Stantonbury and then finally it's THE BIG WEEKEND with Matlock Bath Music Festival. Who's going? Catch up with The Casimir Engine...


I'm sooo late with this! Been a mare of a week but it all started brilliantly with my chat at Newtone Strings

In this weeks episode I chat with super string manufacturing person Neil from Newtone Strings, based in Tansley just outside of Matlock Derbyshire UK. I get the full tour as to how guitar strings are made, along with everything from a Sitar to a Balalaika!!! It's a fascinating place. We discuss the different types available and the secrets as to who Newtone supply. Add to that some ace... and i mean ACE music from (and they're in this order) The Bagatelles with One of These Days, 3 Second...


Casimir has come back from his jollies! Where you been? Find out in this episode along with the most expensive beer ever! Plus Mick Wilson from Diamond Bridges join the show

Cas is back! I've been on me holidays, living on an island for a week. The beer prices are the highest I've ever known!! Plenty of fresh air, miles of walking, and hours staring into the clouds trying to see a Golden Eagle! Did we? Well you can find out in this weeks episode. Add to that a truck load of top music from Derby, Ripley, Bournemouth and Australia. As usual, some weird shiz happens to Casimir. This week I bumped into Argentinian traveller Beco, artist, author and bagpipe...


Casimir is on the road! Recorded live in room 734 of The Holiday Inn Glasgow on a rainy day in June!

I'm travelling this week so tonights show has been recorded in my overly hot hotel room alongside Glasgow Airport. No upgrade this week so no bathrobes and slippers to lounge around in. What's on the show Casimir. This week I met some fab people at Dubrek Studios in Derby at the No Sleep Till event. We have Fourth Engine, Vieon and St Lucifer from the gig. Add to that my face to face confrontation with a swarm of bees, the Amazon man has been, how I got a hangover from non alcoholic beer...


Hey, it's the Analogue Trash birthday chat again! Why's that I hear you cry? Cos Apple won't change the link!!

I've got a bit of time on my hands whilst idling the hours away in a hotel at the airport in Glasgow and have been running through the episodes on Apple Podcasts. The Analogue Trash Birthday episode is still the episode from last Christmas??? Don't ask me why but it needs addressing. Obviously Apple aint gonna change nuttin for little old me so I thought the best thing to do was to upload again. So here you have it, Casimir meets Analogue Trash. I chat with Adrian B Thompson co owner of the...


It's Live music on The Casimir Engine Show Podcast with tracks from the Songwriters Cafe at the Pav, Matlock Bath

This week we meet songwriters from the John Gill event at the Pavilion Matlock. I managed to record some of the incredible artists performing live without any of the issues Madonna and The Spice Girls have been having!! Andy Page, Molly Mercury and MJ Gill played self penned songs at the Restoration Cafe. It's my fault that the sound isn't as good as it's all been recorded on my phone. What else you got Casimir? Well I had a Twitter barney with Nicky Campbell off of BBC 5 Live, Mrs Engine...


We've got a birthday to celebrate! Welcome Adrian from Analogue Trash to the podcast.

It's Vegan sausages and pineapple and cheese on sticks tonight as we break out the party hats and welcome Adrian Brian Thompson to the podcast show! As a co-owner of the very awesome Analogue Trash empire, Adrian talks about his life in the Far East (Hull) moving to the big city, work, bands, events and the future of music. In between chatty shiz we have some fave new music including a sneak of a brand new track by Ded Pixal. Blow out the birthday cake candles and grab a nice big slice of...


Shoot it up! Let me introduce Lloyd Price best known as half of The Frixion and a collaborative partner of SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK’s Martin Degville and a member of MASSIVE EGO

Hey pop pickers. It's a podcast chat this week where you can hear Lloyd Price and Cas discussing some of the most intense issues including his work with The Frixion, remixing Sigue Sigue Sputniks first album Flaunt It and working with the original Cyber Punk Martin Degville, the best way to release music and how to survive extended stays in a Holiday Inn! We've been trying to get together for a few weeks but our grown up work commitments have prevented us catching up. I was really nervous...


Announcement!! I'm ok thanks for asking!! I'll explain in this episode why I spent 6 hours in the company of the NHS!! Plus to sooth my brow there's awesome music

Yep, I've gone and announced on Twitter that I'd been in hospital but honestly and thank you so much for asking, but I'd taken someone in and stuck around to keep them company. Can you imagine being in a room with me for six hours. Hell on Earth that's what. No wonder they needed a doctor. All's well though. I'm looking for bands to record something for my Summer Special Festival, I need vegetarian food ideas and I'm asking how many listeners have tattoos or piercings? Add in some ace...


Want to know what the worst things are in a hotel room? Fans of the show share their experiences and the number one spot is shocking!!

After my chat with Jim in The Royal Oak last week I needed to get back into the swing of things and share some of the fab music that made it's way to the Engine Shed over the last week. We have a chat about vegetarianism and my Easter issues and my challenge to you for veggie ideas, listeners share hotel nightmares, and I've had an idea for The Casimir Engine Show Podcast Festival!!! Catch the best music from Rogue Embers, Darren Claxton, Psyshicbread, Skaema, something a bit dancey from...