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Wonder Woman Bush

A terrible sounding episode scraped from the editing room floor as a Blog Honey-less Cholly and The CHAMP! cover topical matters and generally unravel without the presence of the Blog Honey to help balance out their wildness. It's funny for all the wrong reasons!


Selfish Ass

Cholly and The CHAMP! ft. The Blog Honey answer user ​listener questions regarding anal play; Cholly FINALLY discovers something The Blog Honey is NOT into and then they dive into the possibility of being in love with two people at the same damn time, being a fool for love and the drama that comes with that. Submit topics to IG: @chollyandthechamp Twitter: @chollyandchamp


Why Am I Not Enough

Cholly and The CHAMP! ft The Blog Honey answer a listener question then address the topic of feelings of inadequacy that come with the discovery of your mate sending penis pics to ladies DMs and whether men love the women they cheat on. Submit topics to IG: @chollyandthechamp Twitter: @chollyandchamp


Bait and Switch

Cholly and The CHAMP! ft The Blog Honey breakdown the faults in doing things to impress in the beginning and then stopping; changing expectations; the window of time on the effort men are willing to put in and titty biting as a mating ritual, plus as always Cholly is pursuing "that thump!" Submit topics to IG: @chollyandthechamp Twitter: @chollyandchamp


Attention Seeking

Cholly and The CHAMP! ft The Blog Honey uncover why women go out of their way to seek attention, the good intentions of lopsided titties, tassels, love languages, knowing when to switch hands, women who NEVER think they are wrong plus how all of this impacts your video gamer rating - yeah its something for everyone in this episode! Submit topics to IG: @chollyandthechamp Twitter: @chollyandchamp


The Successful Sidepiece

Cholly and The CHAMP! ft The Blog Honey provide a few rules for being a successful side dude as Cholly Sheen reiterates how he "ain't worth a fuck" and the Blog Honey details why she would make for an excellent side chick. Submit topics to IG: @chollyandthechamp Twitter: @chollyandchamp


The Mack Daddy Vibe

Cholly and The CHAMP! are joined by new collaborator The Blog Honey to discuss the sticky situations of new millennium macking; the pitfalls of having the wrong opening line when meeting someone; plus anal massaging; exchanging numbers with lame dudes & how to avoid running up a sex tab when out dating. Submit topics to


Bedroom Bodycount

Cholly and The CHAMP! try to see if the numbers add up as they discuss the virtues of not shaming women for wanting to have sex, the disparity between the male and female sex number, why this double standard exists and who benefits from being known for having more experience in the bedroom. This is a HILARIOUS episode! Getting your mental laugh track ready.


Coonin' and Cat Punching

Cholly and The CHAMP! get to the bottom of the Steve Harvey Porn mustache epidemic as they examine the coonery & buffonery with black athletes and entertainers drinking from the Trump goblet; self-confidence and self worth in women; and then Cholly Sheen ponders the ramifications of vaginal fisticuffs. Pardon The CHAMP!'s coughs, the H-Town weather was wreaking havoc on his immune system.


Good Riddance 2016

Cholly and The CHAMP lament the Presidential election as they reflect on the pitfalls of 2016 and its continued slaughter of celebs; masturbating to the First Lady; the dangers of supposedly "WOKE" negroes; the state of Hip-Hop; PLUS the mysteries of what happens to Ray Lewis' hair in the rain and the resurrection of LeBron James hairline are pondered upon - no stone is unturned! Pardon my (Cholly) mic bumpage - I'm fat Contact us with questions, topics, and other foolishness...