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Luke Anthony has a weekly conversation with comedians on the comedy circuit of all levels, experience and backgrounds

Luke Anthony has a weekly conversation with comedians on the comedy circuit of all levels, experience and backgrounds
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Luke Anthony has a weekly conversation with comedians on the comedy circuit of all levels, experience and backgrounds




Dan Farmer

Dan Farmer is a writer and stand-up comedian, he's one of the kindest people in the comedy world, a great friend of mine, promoter of Relevant Records Comedy Night and co-curator of the Cambridge Fringe Festival. Relevant Records Comedy Night - 2nd Friday of the month | Facebook: Cambridge Fringe Festival: Cambridge Comedy Connection Facebook Group:...


Ben Aveling

Ben Aveling is one of the most promising new comedians on the circuit, he's been going for under a year and already getting the odd paid gig. He organises one of Cambridge's best open mic nights called Ben Aveling's Comedy Stew and don't forget he is the owner of Radmore Farm Shop in Cambridge. Twitter: @benjaminaveling | Facebook: Radmore Farm Shop: This episode was supported by and recorded at The Portland Arms,...


Winter Foenander

Winter Foenander has been going for about 7 years, has toured internationally and is just an absolute joy to speak to. Check out his website for all of his upcoming gigs, videos, social media handles and you can even join his mailing list. Twitter: @winterdominus | Instagram: @WinterDominus | Facebook: Catch him live: - The Comedian's OutLuke Live | Rich Wilson | £7 - Buy Tickets:...


Kelly Ford

Kelly Ford is a Radio Presenter/ Producer, Writer, Blogger, Stand-up Comedian and much more. She has gained plenty of traction with her revealing blog 'Book of Mum', she's taking her split-bill show, Two Mums - One Cup with Naomi Wattis to Edinburgh this year and hosts a brilliant radio show called Sex, Lives & Videotapes. Two Mums - One Cup | 17-22nd Aug @ 2.15pm | Laughing Horse @ The Golf Tavern | TICKETS: Her Website:...


Katie Pritchard

Katie Pritchard is one of the most unique, most talented, most excitable and loveliest comedians on the circuit. She’s progressed rapidly, won highly acclaimed competitions and just keeps impressing wherever she performs. Her new show Storm Stud is absolutely brilliant, she's previewing it in many different places in the run up to Edinburgh - I really really recommend going to see it. Find her on all the social medias: - Facebook: | Twitter:...


Jason Stampe

Jason Stampe flawlessly mastered the balance between audience interaction and delivering his hilariously relatable anecdotes about his family. He also co-runs one of the best comedy clubs in Cambridgeshire called Big Deal Comedy and even built his own following by being the face of comedy club with is top drawer MCing. Big Deal Comedy: | Social Media: - The Comedian's OutLuke Live | Rich Wilson | £7 - Buy Tickets:...


Ophélie Hocquard

Ophélie Hocquard started comedy only a few years ago with a point to prove to herself that she would her fear of public speaking, within 20 gigs she entered the BBC New Comedy Awards 2017 and reached the semi-finals. Since then, she has become a professional comedian and is going up to Edinburgh with her show; "It's All Going To Be OK" Reserve Tickets | It's All Going To Be OK | 1st- 13th Aug/ 15th - 25th Aug | Venue 93, Laughing Horse @ The Newsroom, The Basement -...


Jack Campbell

Jack Campbell is a professional stand-up comedian originally from Cambridgeshire - in 2014 he won English Comedian of The Year, has performed all over the world and taken 6 shows to Edinburgh Fringe. Check him out at all the following places Website: Twitter: @JCampbellComedy Facebook: - Follow me too - @LukeAComedian for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Why not pop along to one of my gigs to see me in...


Louise Atkinson

Louise Atkinson has been a semi-finalist for So You Think You're Funny? and a finalist for the Amused Moose Competition. She has progressed in comedy rapidly having only started in 2017 and just keeps getting better. Follow her on the social medias and buy FREE tickets to her Edinburgh Fringe show. Louise Atkinson: Sounds Good, Looks a Mess | 15:40 - Laughing Horse @ City Cafe | Reserve Free Tickets | Social...


Aaron Simmonds

Aaron Simmonds was a finalist in the BBC New Comedy Awards, winner of the Jewish Comedian Of The Year in 2017, has appeared on BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live Extra and is taking his second show (Disabled Coconut) to Edinburgh this year. Aaron Simmonds: Disabled Coconut | 31st July - 26th August 2019, 1.30pm | Bristo Square | Buy Tickets: Follow him on Twitter and...


Adele Cliff

Adele Cliff is one of the UK's most exciting upcoming pun merchants, she has two Edinburgh shows in the bag with her new show Undershare going up this year - she was an absolute delight to chat to and I look forward to seeing what she does next. Go see her new show Undershare The Great Yorkshire Fringe - Monday 22nd July @ 7.30pm | Book Tickets: Edinburgh Fringe Festival - 1st August - 25th August @ 3:40pm...


Chris Norton Walker

Chris Norton Walker is highly regarded on the comedy circuit and has been described by critics as 'nearly famous' - he is an absolute expert at constructing punchy one liners and just generally a stand up guy. We speak in detail about engineering jokes with Chris even doing a live demonstration of the Memory Palace Technique on me. Follow Chris on Social Media: Twitter: @NortonWalker | Facebook: | Instagram: | Website:...


Jason Stampe: Bad Guy

I met up with comedy friend Jason Stampe for a chat and spoke about his show Bad Guy, his show at Cambridge Fringe Festival is sold out - here's a little insight to the man behind the show. Full Conversation out: Monday 8th July 2019 Follow him on Facebook: Cambridge Fringe Festival | 26th May 2019 | The Boathouse - The Portland Arms - Thirsty Cambridge - The Waterman |


Cambridge Fringe Festival 2019 - Ali Warwood

Having spoken to so many of the amazing comedians performing at the Cambridge Fringe Festival, I thought it best to catch up with Ali Warwood, the curator of the festival. She is a fantastic comedian herself and is also performing her show 'Town and Dressing Gown' at the festival. Cambridge Fringe Festival 2019 | Sunday 26th May 2019 | Ali Warwood: Town and Dressing Gown | 12pm @ Thirsty Cambridge | Reserve Free Tickets:...


Jack Campbell: When I Found You

I met up with Jack Campbell at The Boathouse in Cambridge which is where he is performing his show 'When I Found You'. Cambridge Fringe Festival | Sunday 26th May | 2pm @ The Boathouse Full Interview out: Monday 1st July - The tricky third hour. A look back on five years on since winning English Comedian of the Year 2014 to the next big dream- having his own utility room. “English Comedian of the Year 2014” “Brand new work-in-progress show that was performed at Leicester Comedy...


Louise Atkinson: Sounds Good, Looks a Mess

I dropped by to have a chat with the amazing Louise Atkinson about her WIP show, 'Sounds Good, Looks a Mess'. Cambridge Fringe Festival | Sunday 26th May | 6pm - Thirsty Cambridge | Reserve Free Tickets: Full Interview out: Monday 24th June 2019 - "Sounds good, looks a mess" was a review Louise received last year and something she cannot seem to get out of her head. It seems stuck in her vast amounts of curly hair, along with 4 hairbrushes,...


Steve McLean

Steve McLean is a fantastic comedian and is currently touring all the Fringe festivals including the amazing Cambridge Fringe Festival this Sunday 26th May. Steve opens his old toy box and rediscovers your faves from He-Man, Transformers, Star Wars and many more (about three more). Remember when toys were better? Your memory might be playing tricks on you. Who was the worst Decepticon? Why didn't they make a Star Wars Tarkin figure but they made one of the blue elephant trumpet player?...


Aaron Simmonds: Disabled Coconut

I caught up with the awesome Aaron Simmonds to speak about his show 'Disabled Coconut'. Cambridge Fringe Festival | Sunday 26th May | 12pm - The Waterman | Reserve Free Tickets - Full Interview out: Monday 17th June - “A Comedian going places”* Join the 2017 BBC New Comedy Award finalist and wheelchair enthusiast as he tells you about how his first paid gig led to him performing on BBC2 a year later, and what happens when you are being...


Adele Cliff: Undershare

I caught up with Adele Cliff to speak about her new show Undershare. Playing at Cambridge Fringe Festival | Sunday 26th May | 7pm - The Boathouse | Free Tickets: Full interview out: Monday 10th June 2019 – Adele Cliff is a one woman joke-machine, Adele Cliff, previews her show about lions and sharing, but not the lion's share. Dave's Funniest Jokes of the Fringe 2018, 2017 & 2016. UK Pun Championship Finalist 2019 & 2018. The...


Chris Norton Walker: Unexpected Item In The Gagging Area

I caught up with (Nearly famous) comedian Chris Norton Walker to speak about his NEW show for 2019, "Unexpected Item In The Gagging Area”. Full Interview out Monday 3rd June 2019. Cambridge Fringe Festival | Sunday 26th May 2019 | 10pm @ The Boathouse - Reserve Free Tickets: - Nominated for Best Joke at Leicester Comedy Festival 2018 Sell out shows : Leicester Comedy Fest 2019,...