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Comedian Si Deaves chats to comedians, musicians and other influencers about anything and everything in this loosely tea based podcast. They also try some new and interesting teas that they haven't tried before.

Comedian Si Deaves chats to comedians, musicians and other influencers about anything and everything in this loosely tea based podcast. They also try some new and interesting teas that they haven't tried before.
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Comedian Si Deaves chats to comedians, musicians and other influencers about anything and everything in this loosely tea based podcast. They also try some new and interesting teas that they haven't tried before.






Episode 12 - Abigoliah Schamaun

Hello you handsome devils, Thanks for finding yourselves back here, I've got a smasher for you, with Abigoliah Schamaun. She tells me about an incredible trip she's taking, and I really think you should all send her messages of luck and positive thoughts to help her out when it gets tough! We talk American teas, eye surgery, yoga, growing older, parking in Camden and much, much more. Be sure to check out her tour dates at You can also get in touch with her/find out...


Episode 11 - Ash Frith

Welcome back, or just welcome if you're new. How are you? Well? Good. I'm really good, but a bit tired, thanks for asking. Welcome to this new episode with Ash Frith, it was a genuine blast recording this, so I hope you enjoy it, too. Thanks to both Teapigs and Twinings for the tea this week, we have some new ones incoming any time now, which is exciting. Find Ash on everything as @ashfrith, which keeps it simple. Get in touch with me at; T/I - @tpartypod E - Or...


Episode 10 - Stuart Goldsmith LIVE

Hello you lovely lot, Welcome to episode 10, the first EVER live recorded episode of The Comedian's Tea Party where this week I chat to the one and only Stuart Goldsmith of Comedian's Comedian Podcast (and also of his own comedic merit) fame. It was such an absolute joy chatting to Stuart this week and also great fun getting to see his show later in the day after recording this. It's going to be a truly great show if you get a chance to see it in Edinburgh, or on tour. Or if you're reading...


Episode 9 - Winter Foenander

Hello folks, Welcome to this week's ramblings with Winter Foenander/Dominus/is coming... This week we talk woody teas, apple feet and their other anatomy, Bach (the composer, not the acronym), world tours, people railroading comedy nights with dark news, fields of mushrooms, doing the splits for Shaolin monks and Winter's oddly early development of his love of tea. Who DOES make square pizza? Get in touch and let me know on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook OR email; Insta & Twitter:...


Episode 8 - Matt Adlington

Greetings beautiful people, Congratulations on finding your way to this podcast. I do hope you enjoy it. It's a fun one this week, talking to a very good friend of mine, comedian and radio host, Matt Adlington. We talk about all sorts from ground breaking work in the renaming of milk alternatives to his criminal hobbies, we cover a number of things that Matt struggles to pronounce and he talks about how his favourite milk is made from old ropes. We even manage to conclude a story that I...


Episode 7 - Jordan Gray

Welcome, chum, to episode 7 with my guest this week, Jordan Gray. This one is an absolute treat with some really fun chats, some serious bits and some truly silly bits. It's quintessential TCTPWSD! Jordan is a pop music artist turned comedian and is very quickly making a name for herself for good reason. We discuss things all the way from Pokemon to threesomes to what is scientifically the best biscuit for dunking in a slightly longer than normal, but brilliantly fun and engaging...


Episode 6 - Ross McGrane

Nothing for weeks and 2 in a week this time round, but it's all so that I can plug my show at The Southend Festival this Saturday (15/06/19 *ahem*). This episode I have another of my good friends, Ross McGrane and we have a very fun chat, talking about the comedy industry, guessing what our teas were made of (both of which were supplied by Twinings again, so thanks so much for the tea, Twinings, you legends, they were lovely). Ross swears a bit and we discuss...


Episode 5 - John Oakes

In episode 5 I have a very fun chat with comedian, improviser, actor, radio show host and much, much more, John Oakes. We talk about all of the important things, like hippos, Skeletor and coasteering, John gets stuck in a pun hole, which is always a delight to witness and never ceases to amaze me as I'm awful at thinking of puns, let alone to the extent that he can. This week we have some delicious teas, one of which is one of John's favourites and those are both supplied by Teapigs, so...


Episode 4 - Andy Storey

Hello, Apologies for another brief hiatus, it's been a whirlwind, but I'm back with this episode and 2 more next week, promoting The Southend Festival. At which, don't forget, I'll be launching the whole festival on 15/06/19 with Si's Matters at The Alex. See more, and who else is on, at In this episode we have Andy Storey, we talk about being awkward and how to make the best of it, our favourite smells and the advantages of being bent in half over a giant...


Episode 3.5 - A Lonely Tea

Here's a little extra episode just to explain my whereabouts and my unexpected break! You can hear me try a tea out, solo, which in this episode is 'Happy' from Teapigs! You can also hear me essentially have a breakdown as I start laughing at my own jokes! More regular instalments will be coming soon, so stick around for good humour and good tea! Don't forget to follow the podcast on Twitter and Instagram @tpartypod on Facebook at and get in touch with your...


Episode 3 - Chris Norton Walker

This was a great a fun episode where the conversation got highly surreal and really fun. We talk a surprising amount about poo, a special tea pot inspired by a confused woman at a fairground, literally exotic teas and some special snacks and treats supplied by Chris, himself (apologies in advance for any sounds of eating). Our tea this week was Twinings Superblends Matcha Green Tea with cranberry and lime and a couple of special teas supplied by Chris which are revealed in the show. You...


Episode 2 - Sarah Breese

In this episode I talk to Sarah Breese largely about nonsense, science, the Welsh language, we discover a letter, talk about how to improve your gigs, blood-sports and Sarah teaches me a better way to make tea. We are drinking a tea provided by the wonderful Teapigs this week, which was specifically the chocolate and mint flavour. Come and see what we thought about it as the podcast progresses. Don't forget to subscribe to the show, drop me a 5 star review and then follow me on all of the...


Episode 1 - Carl Donnelly

In the inaugural episode of The Comedian's Tea Party I chat to comedian Carl Donnelly about absolutely all sorts, including religion, wildlife, Carl's origin story of how he became a quiz expert, body language and more. We drink a couple of tasty teas that were kindly supplied by Twinings Tea from their brand new Superblends range, which are well worth a look. If you want to follow Carl online, and I think you should, you can do so on Twitter and Instagram at @carldonnelly Additionally you...