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Episode 13 – Ballsiest Bank Jobs

Who wants a big pile of cash? EVERYONE Who tried to get it? THESE GUYS Did they get away with it? SORTA Bank jobs!! Join us this week as we jump into the hilarious world of bank robberies and fraudulent shenanigans from some dudes that got balls.of.steel THANK YOU! WE LOVE!!! BYE!!!!


NXVIM Sex Cult – Yugoslavian royalty, Hollywood actresses, and predatory cult leaders [Article, podcast]

The first thing someone thinks of when they hear "multi-level marketing" is usually "pyramid scheme". You pay thousands to join, and make money from recruiting people who pay thousands to join. It's a scam, and the majority of participants end up losing money while the people at the top get rich. NXVIM certainly pulled that off, but it went a lot further than that. Keith Raniere, a man with a decades-long history of abusing girls as young as twelve, also managed to launch several...


Episode 10: Dude, Where’s My Reich? Origins of 420

Its nearly that time of year boys and girls... 4/20 BABY!!!!!! A time to celebrate friends, family, the stickiest of the icky and...🔥🔥👌👌🔥🔥 Hitler's birthday? Join us this week as we explore the origins of 4/20, rampant drug abuse of Adolf Hitler and Third Reich, and the surprise appearance of one Mr. Crowley.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LISTENING!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! BYE!!!!


Episode 09: Puertopia – The New Crypto-City and the Hollywood Scandal Connection

A group of millionaires, led by a crypto-billionaire, are buying a 250,000 acres to build a blockchain city in Puerto Rico. And the billionaire is an alleged paedophile who fled the US before sued for running a child sex ring. This one only gets more complicated as it goes on, so just dive in and find out wtf is happening in Puerto RIco!


Episode 08: Kingmakers – Cambridge Analytica Uncovered

We told you we weren't crazy! Wait, did we actually tell anyone that? We might have forgot. Listen in for recordings of Cambridge Analytica, the Trump and Brexit election consultants, admitting to: bribery blackmail espionage fake news loitering* illegal election manipulation jaywalking* and more! Plus we'll talk about who they are, where they came from, and why you don't even need to be a Facebook user for them to harvest your delicious personal data. Enjoy! *fakenews


Episode 07: Gráinne Mhaol – Aristocrat, Trader, Pirate Queen

Cut-throat pirate or well-bred diplomat? Today we talk about Grace O'Malley/Gráinne Mhaol, legendary chieftain of the O'Mháille and O'Flaherty tribes. We explore misconceptions about her appearance, demeanour, and lifestyle as well as the effect her death had during a massive turning point in Irish history as the last of the Irish nobles battled fiercely in the standoff to preserve the Gaelic way of life from extinction. Enjoy!


Episode 06: Occult Killing in 70s Ireland; The Boy In The Attic

Join us this week as we explore Opus Dei, the unlikely origins of Black Mass, and our first Irish true crime adventure as we dive into one of Ireland most horrifying and secretive murders. John Horgan... The Boy in The Attic.


Episode 5: Geopolitics Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

What do Chaos Magic, Paramilitary Groups, and Neo-Fascism all have in common? Last week we talked about geopolitical scientist Aleksandr Dugin's book Foundations of Geopolitics and the massive impact it may have had on Russian foreign policy, and read excerpts from our email interview with him. So the guy's an academic, right? Right! He's an academic. He's an academic who uses chaos magic symbolism to propagate the message of the paramilitary group he founded... through his currently...


Episode 04: The Man Behind Putin; Aleksandr Dugin (Exclusive Interview)

In this episode we read from an exclusive interview we have with former Russian geopolitical adviser Aleksandr Dugin, writer of the globally influential Foundations of Geopolitics, and discuss his work and influence on Russian foreign policy. The book advocates funding black and white activist groups in the US, separating Britain from the EU, and annexing Ukraine. Oh, and it was written in 1997. Enjoy!


Episode 3: The Act of Killing

In this episode, Master of Film Theo Bowyer breaks down The Act of Killing, a documentary following members of a former death squad in Indonesia as they recount their crimes as un-punished heroes of the state. We get into mob-mentality, groupthink, cognitive dissonance, and the capacity for good and evil within us all. We also repeatedly bring up non-binary gender pronouns, unrelated. Enjoy!


Episode 2: The Act of Shilling

Fake news, shilled reviews, and college degrees for sale. Conor discusses his professional knowledge of (and experience with!) fake news, shilled product reviews, and "academic ghostwriting". Forget what you thought you knew about online content writing! Unless you knew it was all, you know... fake. We're gonna get real with this one, guys. We also got kinda drunk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Enjoy!


Episode 1: The Corporate Side of Scientology

From setting up Christmas markets in Ireland to infiltrating the Indonesian boy scouts, Scientology have a business plan that has nothing to do with their outlandish beliefs. We get into the different sub-groups and corporate entities that comprise Scientology and what they're up to around the world. Tune in for weeks of research compounded into a single hour of hard-hitting analysis heavily interspersed with crude and unrelated ramblings. Seriously though. HEAVILY interspersed. Enjoy!