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Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.

Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.


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Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.




Thuso Mbedu - “The Woman King” & Social Impact with Paramount+

Thuso Mbedu opens up about what it was like to work with Viola Davis in “The Woman King,” why she decided to pursue acting from a social impact standpoint, and what she hopes to achieve with her new production deal with Paramount+. See for privacy information.


Black Friday: Why Do We Celebrate This?

It’s the holidays, and that only means one thing: shopping. Desi Lydic investigates the insane event of Black Friday that we know and love today. See for privacy information.


CP Time: Thanksgiving Edition

From an African-American Pilgrim to the advent of mac and cheese, black people have been involved in Thanksgiving from the beginning. Roy Wood, Jr. explains. See for privacy information.


Back in Black - Why Are Young People Acting Older?

Embracing the early bird special, signing up for AARP and falling victim to online scams? Young people are acting older these days and Lewis Black is mad about it. See for privacy information.


Christian Pulisic - Becoming the Face of American Soccer

Soccer star Christian Pulisic talks why he’s called “Captain America” and how he’s passing down the love of the game to kids in his hometown. Originally aired: June 16, 2021 See for privacy information.


Danai Gurira - “Wakanda Forever”

“I gave everything.” Actor Danai Gurira shares how her line in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” spoke to the theme of the film in honoring Chadwick Boseman, discusses the power of being in the first Black women-led superhero film released by Marvel Studios, and how training and doing her own fight scenes was central to becoming the warrior Okoye. See for privacy information.


Barack Obama - Protecting Democracy and the Commitment to Facts

“Democracy requires, by definition, getting along with people who don’t agree with you.” Former President Barack Obama discusses why he believes the youth turnout made all the difference in Democratic victories these midterms, how globalization, disinformation and the media infrastructure are contributing to the weakening of democracy globally, and what advice he has for Trevor after The Daily Show. See for privacy information.


This Week's Top Stories | The Democrats Keep Control of the Senate

The Democrats keep control of the Senate, Kari Lake denies the Arizona gubernatorial results, Trump announces his presidential bid, and Hershel Walker talks vampires and werewolves. Here’s what happened this week. See for privacy information.


Pelosi Won't Seek Re-Election | Former President Barack Obama

Herschel Walker gives a wild speech about vampires and werewolves, Pelosi will not seek re-election to a House leadership post and former President Barack Obama stops by. See for privacy information.


Trump Announces His 2024 Run For President | Jonathan Majors

Trump announces his 2024 run for President with a boring speech, Beyoncé ties husband Jay-Z for most Grammy nominations ever and actor Jonathan Majors talks about his role in the movie "Devotion." See for privacy information.


Taylor Swift Crashes Ticketmaster | Danai Gurira

Taylor Swift breaks Ticketmaster, the world population officially passes eight billion and actor Danai Gurira talks about "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." See for privacy information.


The Democrats Keep The Senate | Nas

The Democrats keep the Senate, Jeff Bezos gives his Courage and Civility $100M award to Dolly Parton and Grammy Award-winning rapper Nas talks about his album "King's Disease III." See for privacy information.


Jordan Peele - “Quiet Part Loud” & “Nope”

“The difference between comedy and horror is the music.” “Nope” director Jordan Peele chats with Trevor about how the comedy part of his career is still active in his horror projects, why he thinks it’s important to feel fear, and why the unseen is the scariest part about his new Spotify Original audio horror series, “Quiet Part Loud.” See for privacy information.


CP Time: The History of Black Governors

When most people think of governors, they think of old white men in mansions. Roy Wood Jr. investigates the history of Black governors, including P.B.S. Pinchback, Douglas Wilder, Deval Patrick, and David Paterson. See for privacy information.


This Week's Top Stories | Oprah Turns On Dr. Oz

Oprah turns on Dr. Oz just before the midterms, the Daily Show correspondents provide Election Day coverage, Republicans don't get the red wave they expected, and Twitter faces a blue check fiasco. Here’s what happened this week. See for privacy information.


Twitter Blue Goes Off The Rails | Jordan Peele

Colorado is likely to decriminalize shrooms, Vogue sues Drake and 21 Savage for using a mock-up of them on their cover and filmmaker Jordan Peele discusses "Wendell & Wild" and "Nope" and his podcast "Quiet Part Loud." See for privacy information.


Democrats Fend Off "Red Wave" in Midterm Elections | Mark Leibovich

The Republicans "Red Wave" turned out to be a puddle, abortion rights had a major win in several states and The Atlantic's Mark Leibovich discusses his book "Thank You for Your Servitude." See for privacy information.


Introducing: Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy

Daily Show contributor Jordan Klepper knows the typical rally mottos. In his new podcast, "Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy", Jordan is diving into the wildest conspiracy theories pitched to him at Trump Rallies and is determined to trace down whether or not they’re true (they’re not). Join Jordan in finding out more about theories like The Deep State, Pizzagate, and Tim, which is apparently Osama Bin Laden’s real name. Listen to new episodes every Wednesday wherever you get your...


Trevor Breaks Down The Midterm Elections | Thuso Mbedu

Midterm election coverage from across the country featuring Roy Wood Jr., Michael Kosta, Dulcé Sloan and Desi Lydic, the history of America’s Black governors and Thuso Mbedu discusses her role in the film, “The Woman King.” See for privacy information.


Oprah Turns On Dr. Oz | Gabriel Iglesias

Oprah turns on Dr. Oz, Elon Musk fires and rehires half of the Twitter staff and comedian Gabriel Iglesias chats about his Netflix stand-up special "Stadium Fluffy." See for privacy information.