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70. Did Gilligan Have A Rough Life?

If you wanna hear greatness listen to us talk about switching bodies, tall women, the lesser known Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sequel, body wash preference and a bunch of other stuff. We also don't know why this episode is shorter, sorry. for exclusive bonus content at $5 a month Give us 5 star ratings with reviews on Apple Podcasts or the picture of us starts to fade away for literally everything about us Call or text...


69. The Ole Days

Probably not what you would expect for big number 69. We get into shots, specific circumstance steaks, Thanksgiving festivities, Whirlyball, Dr. Ruth being totally alive still, a submission to clear up previous confusion and so much more. if you're still not satisfied and have $5 to throw our way Leave 5 star ratings WITH reviews or we get younger and younger until we weren't born Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with what really grinds your...


68. Final Fifty Loads

We really harp on this one. Hear all about Slim's slew of surprises, deodorant choices, Good Charlotte and Sam Goody, 90 Day Fiance, having a limited number of loads left, Chuck Berry, some submissions and so much more. Get all your friends to subscribe and leave reviews on Apple Podcasts or we die Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something seductive for everything you could possibly...


67. Straddling The Toilet

Listen to us blabber on about Terminator 2, the first real snow and driving, Slim's new job, our actual dads, a very confusing bathroom scenario, some submissions and a bunch of other greatness. has a hot new exclusive episode for the $5 tier Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something spicy Smash that 5 star rating with a review OR ELSE for every single thing we could do for...


66. The Abscess

A majority of this episode revolves around a trip to the doctor. It gets VERY gross and intense at times. There's your warning. We also briefly touch on our trip to Madison, how many people it takes to make an orgy, our neverending illness and more. Join our Patreon! Bonus episodes at the $5 tier Leave us 5 star ratings with nice reviews our or feet fall off Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with your gross medical story for...


65. Peeing In The Sink

When Slim is under the weather and Drama is invincible you get a top notch episode like this one here. Listen to tales of Slim's pneumonia and pee tests, backroad adventures, new cereal choices, a wild would you rather, stranger danger, wet sandwiches, Jimmy of Jimmy Johns fame and a whole lot more. Donate to our Patreon and become the envy of your friends Leave 5 star ratings with reviews or we go to podcast hell Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with...


64. Fifi With A Clicker In It

We are sick and tired but we still pull through with another hit episode. We saw Pkew Pkew Pkew in Chicago (again) and Prof in Madison (again) and we talk about it. We also talk about a surprise Halloween party, a voicemail jingle, how fast Slim can be, something about sandy chicken, the detailed questions raised by the Goofy Movie and more. Give your hard earned money to us via Patreon Give us a 5 star rating with review on Apple Podcasts and tell your cool...


63. Ottomans Having Ottomans

WE FINALLY HAVE A PATREON! GO SUBSCRIBE, LINK BELOW. Also hear about our sweet new shirt and the work that went into it, Shaggy 2 Dope's dropkick attempt on Fred Durst, pizza bagel bites, the best time of day to make sweet love, a couple of couches and more. Smash that 5 star rating and review already Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with the pizza bagel jingle as discussed for all the things including merch and anonymous...


62. Holding It In

Hear us ramble about how many kids we could kick, Drama's first major hangover, holding in dumps for 8+ hours, and a slew of submissions covering Rammstein, random boners, Juggalos and a story of growing up in Iran. Watch our Minneapolis recap video: If you're listening in Apple Podcasts why not leave us a 5 star rating WITH review? Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with a drunken story has all that good stuff like brand new...


61. Two Dudes Dizzy On Duster

We sobered up a bit for this episode and who knows if it helped or made everything worse. We also took our FIRST LIVE CALL during this one. Listen to us talk about conspiracy theories, more geography, another trip to Slim's bathroom of terrors, tattoos we wanted when younger and more. Go listen to our guest appearance on The Gore Score podcast: Give us a 5 star rating with...


60. Kink In My Slinky

Is this our loosest episode yet? Probably. Things get off the rails after several games of beer darts. We try to discuss calling sex hotlines, Jackie O (again), a wedding Slim attended, getting old, what happened to the man in the bathroom and other drunken ramblings. Good luck! Leave a hot 5 star rating WITH a review our this is done Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something great for everything like merch and anonymous...


59. Diaper Dads?

Hear a detailed recap of our Minneapolis trip for Prof Outdoors including a dance party, $45 on Papa John's, Lil B and much more. We also get into reality tv, G.G. Allin, eggs and egging, how dirty we will get in a fight and diapers vs. being cheated on. Give us a 5 star rating with review on Apple Podcasts or we take this thing out back and shoot it for everything like merch and anonymous submissions Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something...


58. Jesus Juice Zombie Escapade

Back from Minnesota we discuss felonies, horrible tv shows, a correction to something from last episode, a spicy text message, doctors and drinking plus our plans for Minneapolis. Give us 5 star ratings with a review or we go to podcast jail Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something wild for everything including anonymous submissions and merch Twitter at us Instagram at us...


57. Tubby Custard

Slim gets unexpected visitors, Spotify shenanigans, how to enter a bathtub as a man, a 101 year old woman giving birth, the best erotic fan fiction and probably some other good stuff. WATCH OUR CABIN VIDEO: Leave us a 5 star rating with a review on Apple Podcasts or we become podcast ghosts Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with some real cool things for EVERYTHING like merch, anonymous submissions and...


56. Suspendered Underpants

Back in the dungeon post-cabin we continue to harp on it and how life was better there. Other hot topics include a man that eats 1,460 burgers a year, quality pizzas, a new road name, Slim's middle school lip sync performance, turning japanese and more fun stuff. Hit that 5 star rating with a review or we go to podcast hell Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something spicy Hop on over to for merch, anonymous submissions and all the other...


55. Live From The Cabin

We snuck away out to the middle of nowhere to finally take an appropriate vacation for all of our extremely hard work. But even on a getaway we must still keep this thing chuggin' so we recorded our first episode away from the dungeon. Hear all the deets mainly about beers and the beach and realize how without stress we're no longer funny or entertaining. Give us 5 star reviews with ratings on iTunes/Apple Podcasts because it matters a whole bunch Call or text 402-7DAPPER...


54. Reusable Rubbers

Recorded on a very weird Wednesday hear how we took Alex Jones Youtube account, a bunch of gross sex talk, one hit wonders, how many hot dogs is too many hot dogs and a submission that leads to geeking out about Goosebumps, records and Simpsons. Smash that 5 star rating WITH a nice little review because it helps us! of all the good stuff like our NEW merch and anonymous submissions Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with some juicy details Twitter...


53. Five's A Massacre

Diving straight into year two and not much has changed. Hear about our multiple recent trips to Chicago for Kweku Collins, Against Me! and Brockhampton, the long mistreatment of elephants, a father of 64 with too much math, rampage vs. spree, whip-it addiction and a bundle of other quality stuff. Hit us with those FIVE STAR REVIEWS on Apple Podcasts/iTunes because it helps us a ton Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with anything and everything Read more of our dumb thoughts at...


52. Baby's First Birthday

We did it. We actually made it to one year somehow. So we spend this entire episode reflecting on it. If this is your first time checking us out you might want to start with a different episode. You should also be watching this on YouTube because the video is insane. Anyway, thanks everyone for the support and making it worth continuing to a year. Year 2 is gonna get real weird so get ready. Watch the video version! Give us 5 star reviews on Apple...


51. Skol And Screams In A Thunderstorm

You think you've heard it all but you haven't yet. Sit back and enjoy tales of billboard money, extreme Elvis, more grease, a voicemail full of lies, Malcolm in the Middle, fire stories, worst lyrics and other unspeakable stuff that was spoken. NEXT EPISODE IS OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Send in your submissions NOW. Tell us your favorite moments/episodes/whatever or anything else you think would be good to discuss. DO IT NOW. Call 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) and leave a voicemail with...