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Showing Up Short

EPISODE 102! We discuss getting mysteriously wet, a jukebox villain, The House on the Rock, the short angry bagel man who took the internet by storm, what belongings you save in a house fire, choosing heaven or another shot at life, some voicemails and more. Buy a new shirt already: Leave a 5 star review with a rating or our toes fall off if this isn't enough for you Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something...


Just A Quick Detour

EPISODE 101! We discuss Slim's trip to Texas, our new intern, bruised ribs and getting the wind knocked out of yourself, the kitty keyboard, a romance between a bum and a trashcan, a submission about fears, some would you rathers, Drama seeing T-Pain and much more. BUY A NEW SHIRT AND BECOME COOLER! if you need more of this Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something fun Leave a 5 star rating with review on...



We did it folks. We did what no one could have ever imagined. We made 100 episodes. For this monumental occasion we discuss our stats for the month of June and take some LIVE CALLS. We of course make time to create an updated "stranger" technique, creepy Youtube videos, giving each other a quarterly review, jerkin' and more. Thank you to everyone who helped us get to this point. Here's to 10 more 100 episodes and then we're DONE. NEW MERCH BABY! 100 not...


I Think We've Been Over This

The last of the double digits. We discuss our first Twitch stream and slumber party, putting a message in a Henny bottle, some of our old sayings, issues with the Youtube video version, the running butthole challenge, strangers recognizing us, a stripper face licking, a fun tyrannosaurus rex toy, rats falling from the ceiling, an eff marry kill, a nice voicemail and more more more. - it's how we make money Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with whatever...


Big Glitter Conspiracy

Who buys all the glitter?? We talk about yelling out of cars, Naturdays (of course), unexplained disappearances, the glitter conspiracy, recycling, a submission about literally eating crap and more probably. if you need more of this for some reason Call/text 402-7DAPPER 402-732-7737 right now if you're cool for everything and more Leave a 5 star rating with a review or you're...


Treasure Chest Of Meatballs

Another Friday another steaming pile of greatness. Hear about a plan to punch homeless people, kratom and cbd, burning pizzas, ridiculous riders, us being your wedding dates, appearing on morning tv and Sesame Street, the story of a 9 day erection, Naturdays (of course) and some Instagram questions including bellies, weird snacks, the nightmare of wolfbagging and more. if you wish there was more of this Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something to...



This is a big old thick one. We talk about Hereditary again, an Aladdin with just Will Smith, potato salad and driving, some messed up questions, eff marry kills, last words, some would you rathers, a big reveal, our Minnesota trip recap featuring why we got kicked out of a bar, mini putt, beers, a bowling alley party and of course Soundset 2019. if you wanna get nasty Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something nasty for all...


Big Accordion Shelf Belly Button Arms

Well look what we have here. Listen to us ramble on about milking via a big foam airplane, the differences in buttholes, retirement homes, squirtin' and fartin', our old man problems with the youth, a plan for a month of statistics, juul vs. cigs, Slim's teeth dream, some fantastic Would You Rather's and more. for so much more Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with anything and everything Leave a 5 star rating with review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts or...


Hot Salad

Blah blah blah. Hear all about the number 23, exotic cereals, undergarments, a gift from a fan, our Soundset weekend predictions, waking up as a woman, Frankenstein's monster's penis, food court adventures, heating up a salad, So You Think You Can eat Mother's Day lunch, an update on our targeted marketing, smelly balls, tips for picking up ladies, some music talk because someone wants it and more probably. just keeps getting sweeter Call/text 402-7DAPPER...


The Poop Mailer Strikes Again

Speaking of porn. Hear all about unexpected porn music videos, surprise snowballs, Slim's mail, a tickling tv principal, the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark documentary, an eff marry kill voicemail, what Slim does for booze and a card game, some wonderful toys from, lil pumps and more. for all the bonus content your heart desires Leave a 5 star rating with review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes or our dongs fall off Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737)...


Twerk Whiff

Your #1 source for Italyan Erotik. Hear all about our interns, working with Disney, Will and Jaden Smith, Nu Metal (again), beautiful women from our childhood, our camgirl alternative, birds not being real, targeted marketing, a breakdown of the Youtube search terms we mentioned last episode, Olive Garden, first date dinners, a wild submission, a followup to an old serious submission, cottage vs. cabin and even more. if this doesn't feed your hunger Call/text...


Mothers Against Dapper Dads

Hey BABY! Me and my boys are going to JAIL! Hear all about refreshing Naturdays, forgetting that people actually listen to this, conjuring a giant demon frog, bubbles, stealing from parties, Youtube search terms, an odd record hunt, not being a baby daddy, sports memorabilia, dry ice, Claritin or Chloroform, the worlds longest podcast, being awake for days, street gang doppelgangers and more. if you want the real good stuff Call or text 402-7DAPPER...


Honking Of The Breasts

90 seems important but who knows anymore. Hear all about pretzels, posting pics on Facebook, egg burritos, some self review, being gay in a mouth or a butt, crashing our cars, peeing at sports events, everything you touch bursts into flames, a weird voicemail, some would you rathers, furry consolidation and much more. for some disgusting things Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with wild topics Leave a 5 star rating with review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts...


Chili Defense

If you're sick on your birthday do you get a year older? Listen to us blabber about the Smooth Tour 2020, ATM expectations, getting rid of old people, convenience store fires, a semen extraction machine, Alex Jones, an explosive submission, playing with fire and fireworks, the egging of Slim's car and more. 5 star ratings with reviews on iTunes/Apple Podcasts or else if you need more of this Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with something...


The Apology Tour

Screaming sorry in a city near year. Hear us ramble about becoming gravy, a text meant to clarify but only further confuses, a psychopathic riddle, how many chuggas, a hole of glory, getting our bottoms eaten, our predictions and picks for the 2019 XXL Freshman list plus a bunch more stuff. Leave us 5 stars with a review on Apple Podcasts so the nightmares stop for even more of this gross stuff Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with everything we asked...


Dippy Dawg

We're back and you didn't even notice we were gone. Hear if we'll be gay or dead and when it will happen, leaving without a trace again, lean vs. lien, Drama's Florida vacation, Goofy: dog or cow, some this or thats, being buried alive before a show, what we do in front of God when we go to heaven, who we would bang if they die immediately after and much more. Give us the 5 star ratings with reviews already, come on if this doesn't cure your...


Boofin' The Flu

Another week, another solid gold podcast. Hear all about that thing Marilyn Manson removed his rib for, mysterious neck pain, the best holiday for candy, Kidz Bop World Tour 2019, deaths at the Grand Canyon, Gods love for Slayer, some cosmetic surgery, Dilbert's voice, laundromat shenanigans, a presidential parrot and much more. for even more of this nonsense Leave a 5 star rating with review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and get a bonus episode! Call or text...


Burger Photographer

We'd rather be listening to Smooth by Satana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty. Hear all about us becoming more PC, food photography, being a huge sports fan, weird wedding traditions, the hit song Smooth, seeing Remo Drive, our musical episode, seeing JPEGMAFIA and Vince Staples live, vacations, a beefy submission, how Kurt Cobain woke up from an overdose and much more. If you leave us a nice 5 star rating with review on iTunes/Apple Podcasts you get a bonus...


Latter Day Saint Mafia Squirrels

Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior? In this one we chat about our need for a summer intern, Dramas delicious surprise, how spring appears to be springing, seeing Pkew Pkew Pkew in Chicago again, Disney dvds, Dollar Tree, gangstalking, EpiPens, email chains you must forward, a deathly submission, movie gore, embarrassing moments, awful retail stories, Billy Joel and more. if you need more of this in your life Call/text 402-7DAPPER...


The Church Of Ray Romano Voice

DEBRA! In this doozy we dive into making a dating app, using the bathroom without cell phones, stubborn dogs, babies, throwing food out of a car, a world ending tornado, the Lords of Chaos movie, an Everybody Loves Raymond parody, dying at 130 vs. 30 like the old days, movie then dinner or dinner then movie, where does the crack begin and probably even more. Leave a 5 star rating with review, get a bonus episode! Contact us if you want more of...