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37. Please Don’t Touch My Cards

Slim finally decided to slam his fist straight through all of our equipment and delete a good 20 minutes of this episode but we’re so dedicated that we started from scratch and tried to bring it back. Listen to us struggle to touch on the things from the deleted segment, flea markets, waiters and waitresses, the strange stuff young boys do together and more. Plus after the episode we tack on the original audio from the camera for those who care enough. The quality is very bad but the content...


36. Erotic Serial Killer Shrek Fan Fiction

Why don’t you take a load off with a fresh new episode of this here podcast? Listen to the guys blabber on about cannibalism, erotic fan fiction, avoiding social interactions at stores, what profession would be most innapropriate to wear sleeveless shirts, the rules to get in the Dapper Dad cult and more. What a bargain. Watch our March recap video: Smash that 5 star review Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with a submission or...


35. Equal Opportunity Fade Catching Establishment

There’s no more brakes on this ride so we hope you’re ready. Let your ears absorb the tales of Drama’s trip back to the doctor, the best bathtub foods, a submission that starts bad but spirals out of control, fast food drive thru experiences and a ton of other stuff. It just might be the best episode yet or possibly not. Hit those 5 star reviews, it’s our life source Call or text us at 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with whatever you wanna hear us talk about Buy some merch so your...


34. Murked By Porkchop

In this streaming pile of success and greatness Drama recaps his experience seeing Hannibal Buress live, proper bar etiquette, what makes Slim nauseous, job interview questions and the weird jobs they lead to and so much more you’re probably gonna be like wow that was quite a bit. Hit the 5 star review and never look back Buy merch and be the envy of your friends: Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with your favorite 90’s action movie or whatever...


33. Bob Barker Microphone

This episode is not recorded into cute little microphones like we really want but it’s still pretty good anyway. Listen and you shall hear a recap of 312 Day in Chicago with Danny Brown, split pee streams, the motel voyeur, a Danny Devito threesome, rap Mount Rushmore and lots of other goodies. Don’t forget the full video version of this episode is on Youtube 5 star reviews, how many times do we have to say it? Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with anything and see if it...



We did it again. Here are some more outtakes from our test recordings before episodes. Like with the previous one this is all over the place with some audio issues and whatnot since this is how we make sure everything sounds good. If you haven’t listened to the first one yet go check it out so you understand the process a little more. Happy Spring! FIVE STAR REVIEWS AND FIVE STARS ONLY Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with some interesting stuff Get some merch and be the envy of...


32. Drunk Tales Part 2(ish)

Since everybody loves sequels, here is (kinda) part 2 of our infamous drunk tales. In this one Drama finally unleashes his epic most drunk ever story. Slim also gets into drinking to ruin a classy dinner affair. Other topics include a former first lady, island vacations, teachers balls and so much more. Listen to it so people think you’re cool and intelligent. Go watch the recap video for episodes 29 & 30 - Tweet tweet @DapperDads Buy merch to...


31. The Hot Dog Cobbler Gobbler

The boys are back in town and they’re all over the place. Listen to them get into the gun epidemic, a serious cereal debate, getting lost in the sauce, their first music submission review, Grimace from McDonald’s fame and much more. If you don’t listen now you will wake up to Slim outside your house at 3:30am doing rapper adlibs. Go watch the recap video for episodes 29 & 30 - 5 star reviews or else Buy merch so we stop being so...


30. Madison For Prof

Two back to back party weekends? It’s true and as excessive as it sounds! Listen to the guys recap the Prof show, Drama breaking his knee, Slim’s sweaty intermission, little old troll men that steal your happiness and much more. Prof has a new album coming out April 13th - Preorder it and stuff - (This is not an ad, he’s just real cool and deserves some more ears) Tell your mom follow us on Twitter @DapperDads Make your hot aunt follow us on Instagram...


29. Milwaukee For Brockhampton

Hope you like Brockhampton, because the guys sure do (as you might know) and they finally got to go see them live. This entire episode is a recap of their trip and Slim’s first time to Milwaukee including a Pabst Castle, a 80’s/90’s dance party, drinking and of course Brockhampton. Check it out and then listen to STAR fifty times. Smash that review button with nothing but 5 stars @DapperDads on Twitter if you’re hip @dapperdadspodcast on Instagram to see our beautiful...


28. No Doinks For Dorks

The hit episode train keeps chugging along with big number 28 here. Slim hit the big city again for chuckles, Drama continues to have awkward interactions at stores, a submission about theme songs and the bright future of sex dolls plus even more. Twitter us @DapperDads Buy merch so we stop being so poor 5 star reviews or else Follow @dapperdadspodcast on Instagram because pictures are worth many words Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with...


27. Milly Rock In A Half Half Crop Top

Hot off the presses. The guys get into band shirts and books, Drama skating again with consequences, trimming the cat, worst “dates”, porn parodies and a very intense would you rather. All this and more to make you question your sanity and life decisions. Tweet Tweet Tweet @DapperDads Get merch so we can fund our vices 5 star reviews or they’ll break our knees Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with whatever you want for all...


26. Rusty Trombones Under The Bridge

26 episode makes six months of doing this for some reason. The guys get into nu-metal (again like they’re trying to bring it back or something), irrational video game fears, a submission about being friends with your ex and a submission about butt stuff. A good time to be had by all. Justify all of this by giving us a hot 5 star review Tweet us on Twitter like cool kids do @DapperDads Buy stuff and wear it/drink it Follow @dapperdadspodcast on...


25. Riding In Cars With Dads

You know what really grinds the dads gears? Listen and find out as they discuss old guilty pleasure jams, the joys of owning a car and driving it, almost altercations and more. Plus a check-in from resident correspondent Yung Curd with some input and stats on last episodes hot button debate. Hashtag a retweet right? @DapperDads Buy stuff so we have inevitable bail $$$ 5 star reviews or all of this is worthless Follow @dapperdadspodcast on...


24. Stand Up Or Sit Down

The guys reflect on some funny childhood moments thanks to a quality submission. Topics include a lot of dad pranks, dealing with bullies, concussions and more wonderful memories. We also need your input on a very important topic in this episode that left the dads split. Please submit which side you’re on so we can get some more information for this very serious debate. Hashtag us cool guys on Twitter and follow @DapperDads Buy stuff so this doesn’t end...


22. Stripper Chop

Welcome to 2018. The dads had a wild holiday weekend together. They tell the tale which features $1 Applebee’s long island iced teas, freeish drinks, going too hard and tapping out early, Mexican food, a gentleman’s club full of fog and of course Slim’s ugly sweater party. There’s no guidelines for going on a bender, but this isn’t a bad example either. Cop some merch already 2018 is the year of you leaving us 5 star reviews. Follow @dapperdadspodcast on...



Suprise. This is a compilation of test recordings we do before each episode to ensure everything sounds good. We affectionately refer to these as “pre” and I’m sure you can already see the type of jokes that result. Shortly after implementing this process we realized we were leaving some real gold on the cutting room floor and decided to grab some hilarious pieces of them as an extra thank you for sticking with us throughout 2017. The quality of this at times is less than ideal, but fun...


21. Goodbye 2017: Albums Of The Year

The guys wave farewell to 2017 by discussing their top 10 albums of the year each in great detail. They also talk about starting the podcast, Drama tells one of his favorite stories of the year and they talk about what 2018 holds just like everyone else. See ya next year. WE HAVE MERCH NOW! There better be new 5 star reviews by 2018. Follow @dapperdadspodcast on Instagram and maybe we’ll follow back. Let’s ring in the new year with wild submissions: Call or...


20. ‘Tis The Season: Christmas & Songs Of The Year

An episode full of Christmas cheer (and a video full of so much more - go watch now on Yotube). Hear about how Slim was Santa, Drama got his first starbucks ever and finally cashed in his fraudulent free Chik-Fil-A card, plus their favorite christmas movies and memories. Then the songs of the year get discussed in great detail. Also a lot of awful singing from both Dads. 5 star reviews are the only gift we need. Newish Instagram alert: follow @dapperdadspodcast and maybe we’ll follow...


19. Premium Nightmares Lingering In The Ether Since The 90s

The guys take a deep dive into all their crazy dreams and nightmares thanks to a submission. They also chat about out of touch rappers, old relationships and the thought of waking up years in the past. It’s all super captivating and will change your life probably. Give us 5 star reviews so we don’t feel worthless. We have an Instagram. Go follow @dapperdadspodcast and maybe we’ll follow back. Shoot us some hot submissions to discuss: Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with...


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