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7: Marine w/ Josh Lawhorn

HOO-RA hooray! Comedian & one of Jess's favorite people Josh Lawhorn (@jlawcomedy) stops by to discuss his default setting: Marine. We learn so much this week, including how much weed you can smoke before you're barred from ever being a weatherman, a TON of stuff about boot camp & even more importantly, we learn about DMT. You kids and your drugs these days. This episode is Mother Ayahuasca approved. Shoutouts: -Pete Milk (@patrick_melk) -OKPants (@okpants) -Above Below Entertainment...


6: Helpful w/ Josh Morrow

This week we chat about the pitfalls of being a good Samaritan when comedian and Accidental Comedy member Josh Morrow (@divebarmegastar) drops in to discuss his default setting: helpful. How helpful is too helpful? When is it a slippery slope into obligation, quid pro quo, tit for tat situations? We also get waaaay off topic and on to the Cleveland Akron comedy page, where Jess lets it be known there's a certain comic who really needs some self reflection. Fun game: see if you can detect...


5: Cynicism w/ Ryne DiPerna

It’s the end of the world as we know it when co-host of the Ad Hominem Attack show podcast and roast battle, co-host of the Fantasy Boyz podcast & Pizza Money member Ryne DiPerna (@partyalltheryne) joins the gang this week to chat about his default setting: cynicism. We discuss our dear leader, overthrowing the government, conspiracy theories and more. If the CIA wasn’t listening to the show before this, they definitely are now. -Pete Milk (@patrick_melk) -OKPants (@okpants) -Above Below...


4: Parent w/ Marla DeMarchi

Welly welly welly welly welly welly WELL; this week we get to talk to fellow funny lady Marla DeMarchi about her default setting: being a parent. Jess and Marla reminisce about their days as professional forgers and Gigi gets blown away by how easy kids have it these days. We also dive into The Bard Eternal, the play whose name we cannot say, and writing everything from burn books to Schindler’s List. -Pete Milk (@patrick_melk) -OKPants (@okpants) -Above Below Entertainment (@abovebelowent)


3: Dreams w/ GG Chick

Is this for real or is it just another dream? Co-host G.G. Chick rejoins the podcast after a short hiatus to talk her default setting: dreams. We talk deja vu, reincarnation, shared dreams, sleep walking, sleep talking, night terrors & all the other things that happen when our consciousness decides to peace out. Shoutouts: -Pete Milk (@patrick_melk) -OKPants (@okpants) -Above Below Entertainment (@abovebelowent)


2: Apathy w/ Dan Experience

This week Jess & special guest co-host Elizabeth Seman (@elizabethseman) get nosy and dig into the reasons why comedian Dan Experience's default setting is apathy. We also chat about libertarians, global warming, burning rivers, gun control, yelling, death, yelling about death, AIDS, pets, pets who have AIDS and that's just in the first 20 minutes. Shoutouts: -Pete Milk (@patrick_melk) -OKPants (@okpants) -Above Below Entertainment (@abovebelowent)


1: Perspective w/ Rustin McCann

It's the Season 2 premiere! Jess and special guest co-host BJ Colangelo (@bjcolangelo) talk to paparazzo pal Rustin McCann (@rustinmccann) about his default setting: having perspective. Photog phrends take note: we discuss a TON of things about still photography, videography and how photos used to be made with eggs & Jello. We also chat about the godawful traffic in NEO, the hot goss in the comedy scene & how expensive it is to be alive. Shoutouts: -Pete Milk (@patrick_melk) -OKPants...


21: Catholic Guilt w/ Jon Nix

On the season finale of The Default Setting, Jon Nix (@jonnixfilm) joins Jess and guest co-host Elizabeth Seman this week to confess his default setting: Catholic guilt. We didn't think we would ever talk more about a topic than comedy…but we were wrong. This is also the most we've ever stayed on topic. Ever. We get into everything from the Pope to the Nazis to the KKK. And we actually discuss nice things too.


20: Tics w/ Brett Thomas

Rising comedic star and lovable poindexter Brett Thomas stops by TDS studios to explain his default setting: tics. Guest co-host Elizabeth Seman joins Jess this week and we dig into all the nervous habits and OCD behaviors that plague every good standup comedian. We reminisce about 9/11, talk about our hopes & dreams and Brett teaches us how to handle hecklers.


19: Being an Only Child w/ Chelsea King

Record store kween Chelsea King (@chelseakingwashere) sits down with Geeg and Jess this week to turn the tables on her default setting: being an only child. We talk tats, cats, the trials of being an attention whore and what life was like inside.