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Each week, Emmy-winning comedian Dennis Miller provides his no-holds-barred, uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else that’s on his mind. Joining him will be a A-list guests from across the political, comedic, and entertainment spectrums, along with his “Guy Friday,” Christian Bladt.

Each week, Emmy-winning comedian Dennis Miller provides his no-holds-barred, uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else that’s on his mind. Joining him will be a A-list guests from across the political, comedic, and entertainment spectrums, along with his “Guy Friday,” Christian Bladt.
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Each week, Emmy-winning comedian Dennis Miller provides his no-holds-barred, uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else that’s on his mind. Joining him will be a A-list guests from across the political, comedic, and entertainment spectrums, along with his “Guy Friday,” Christian Bladt.




HAS THE OVERTHROW HAPPENED? (with Victor Davis Hanson)

Dennis talks to Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson about whether or not the overthrow has already happened, if America is capable of staging a revolution if Democrats proceed with impeachment hearings and how effective Trump has been compared to the job another Republican President would have been. Victor also mentioned Obama’s collusion with Russia in 2012, and Dennis mentions how consequential he thinks Trump has been to the Republic. Dennis also talks to Christian about...


Presidents (Cloned and Otherwise), Jinky the Fruit Bat and more

Dennis starts off discussing the memorial service for Former President George HW Bush, and shares some of is personal remembrances of the 41st president. He also comments on a Vanity Fair piece called "Was Russiagate Worth It?" Dennis also chats with Christian about a radio station in Cleveland no longer playing the Christmas song "Baby, It's Cold Outside", the commemoration of 85 years since the end of Prohibition, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's denial that he died and was replaced...


Is There A Rate Card for Golden Showers?

Dennis shares some fond remembrances of Former President George HW Bush, and talks about his legacy. He also talks to Christian about the mentality of the White House Press Corps, the fact that French President Macron has half the approval rating of President Trump, the political aspirations of Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Jeff Zucker, while Michael Avenatti regrettably won’t run. Also : the ongoing Jonas-Chopra nuptials, the recent wedding of Joe Scarborough and Mike Brezinski, the latest...


"Buffjack and Other Pertinent Musings"

Dennis talks to Christian about how the true genius of Democratic Party has been to convince young people they don't need much money to be truly rich, and how that belief can really bury them under the college loans. He also explains why he thinks you should be able to buy health care across state lines, the Bill and Hillary Clinton tour and Jerome Corsi possibly going to jail for not wanting to make a deal with the Mueller investigation. A conversation about a 24-hour Al Gore climate change...


Dennis is Cranky and when he's Cranky he's Funny and being Funny oddly makes him Crankier

Dennis talks to Christian about why it makes sense to take a breath and actually figure out who everyone is at the border, President Trump's handling of the border, how easily he handles how much his detractors hate him and how the Left requires everyone to be all-in on everything on their check list. They also go through headlines about how Alan Dershowitz expects the Mueller report to be devastating but with no criminal charges for President Trump, John Kasich's presidential ambitions, the...


Cornucopia of Headlines

On The Dennis Miller Option Thanksgiving special, Dennis stuffs 30 headlines into a little more than an hour, talking to Christian about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,flying with Mitt Romney, Ivanka's e-mails, the 9th Circuit Court blocking the administration's asylum ban, President Trump refusing considering a visit to a war zone, answering Mueller's questions, plans to appear at next year's White House Correspondents Dinner, wanting the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James...


Ben Mankiewicz of Turner Classic Movies

Dennis is joined in studio by Ben Mankiewicz of Turner Classic Movies, who talks about his 15 years with the network, and how it took some viewers awhile to warm up to him. He also talks about some of the upcoming guest programmers and special Christmas programming. Ben also talks about his grandfather Herman Mankiewicz who wrote the script for Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane", and shares some of Peter Bogdanovich's recollections of Welles. Ben also discusses the rest of his famous family: his...


Trump Wants Out

Dennis talks to Christian about why he thinks Trump wants out, first meeting Judd Apatow when he emceed Paul Simon’s concert in the park, meeting Charlton Heston and Doc Gooden (separately), first impressions of Harvey Weinstein, Woodstock, seeing the reunited Zeppelin (with Jason Bingham), the great Leon Russell and his latest hike with Jimmy Connors. Plus, El Chapo, some truly unusual conduct at the ATM, the impracticality of outdoor sleepovers, daylight savings, the film “How to Get Ahead...


Adorably Deplorable with Mark Steyn

Dennis is joined by author and columnist Mark Steyn to discuss last week’s mid-term election results, this year's Florida recount compared to 2000's, why Amy Comey Barrett will be the next Supreme Court Justice, Paul Ryan as “the invisible Speaker”, French Prime Minister Macron saying patriotism is the opposite of nationalism as the angry mob at Tucker Carlson’s front door. Mark and Dennis also talk about their upcoming Adorable Depolorable Tour, the surprising grave locations of Mark Twain,...


Mid-Term Election Post-Game Show

Dennis reacts to Tuesday night’s midterm election results, congratulating Democrats on winning the House, how he hopes everyone can come together on some common sense issues and why Trump is now well-positioned to be re-elected in 2020. Then, Townhall Senior Writer Kurt Schlichter calls in to talk about his mixed feelings regarding the midterm elections, how President Trump can thrive in this new environment, the toughness of Ruth Baden Ginsburg, why liberals depend on the right so much, and...


Mid-term election predictions, Daylight Savings, Yoda, “The Sting” and more

Dennis has some observations about this past weekend in the NFL, discusses some great all-time quotes with Christian, gives his prediction of the mid-terms, but that even if Democrats have a big night, he won’t obsess over it the way the Left does over Trump. They also talk about Bridge on the River Kwai, Yoda and other Star Wars mysteries, Kayne’s evolving political involvement, Dennis’s upcoming appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, ongoing problems with Facebook and a drunk man who tried to ride...


Political Correctness and Halloween, Whitey Bulger, Jimmy Connors, Star Search and more!

Dennis and Christian discuss Whitey Bulger’s murder in prison and other rough crowds on West Virginia. They also talk about Halloween, Megyn Kelly, political correctness, whether you could make “Napoleon Dynamite” today, Dennis’s Old CNBC Show, radio show, the merchandise they used to sell from it and the “bathrobe sessions” where he would answer questions from listeners. There’s also a quick visit from tennis great Jimmy Connors, who discusses hiking with Dennis, his workout regimen and how...


Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco and Why Clayton Kershaw Isn’t An Ace

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is in studio to talk about his Halloween costume this year, four upcoming shows at Madison Square Garden, how he first started doing stand-up, working on television, meeting Jerry Seinfeld, his podcast, the pressure placed on preschoolers today, his father, throwing out a first pitch at a Mets game, how his role in a film called “Cruise” led to an audition for Martin Scorsese, whose next film he appears in. Then, Dennis and Christian recap the World Series,...


WWE Superstar and Rock Star Chris Jericho

Dennis talks to Chris Jericho about growing up in Winnipeg, wanting to be a rock star and a wrestler instead of playing hockey, his thoughts about the WWE's Roman Reigns announcing he step aside from wrestling so that he can battle leukemia and the importance of storylines in the WWE. Chris also discusses his rock band Fozzy and his upcoming cruise and taking his kids to see the latest "Halloween" movie. Dennis also chats with Christian about taking another, steeper hike with Jimmy Connors,...


Liz Warren, Hillary Clinton and Other Women Who Won't Be President

Dennis reacts to Elizabeth Warren's decision to publicize the results of a DNA test, Hillary Clinton's comments that Bill's relationship with Monica Lewisnky wasn't an abuse of power because she was an adult, and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. There's also some free-associative conversation with Christian about hiking with Jimmy Connors, the Harlem Globetrotters, Wilt Chamberlain scoring on and off the field, the MLB Playoffs, the...


High Bidder and Hot for Teacher (More with David Spade)

Dennis starts off talking with Christian about Halloween, Kanye and Trump, Taylor Swift getting involved in politics, President Trump liking her music 25% less and his predilection for fast food. Christian and Dennis also remember working together on his CNBC series 14 years ago, and Dennis reveals that he has upcoming appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Then, comedian David Spade is back to tell some more great stories, starting with memories of Chris Farley at the SNL Monday...


Hanging with Kinison, Trivia with Norm MacDonald and Making McCartney Self-Conscious (with David Spade)

Dennis is joined by David Spade for the first of two episdoes this week, discussing the dinner they recently had with Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. David also talks about getting his start in stand-up and great advice that he got from Dennis, hanging out with Sam Kinison, working with Sandler for Netflix and going out on the “Grown Ups” tour with him, where Schneider insulted Norm MacDonald, whom Spade does trivia nights with. He also tells a story about Chris Farley’s brothers making Paul...


In the Future, Everyone Will Be Hated for Fifteen Minutes

Dennis starts off talking about Winston Churchill and updates Andy Warhol’s prediction that everyone will be hated for 15 minutes. He also asks Christian about the TV show “Glee”, characterizes Nancy Pelosi as Oblivia de Haviland, comments on the film “Remains of the Day” and “ships” a romance between Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and Jim Bob Cooter. There’s also discussion of Nikki Haley resigning as Ambassador to the UN, the business portfolio of Papa John, marveling at the brilliance of David...


Democrats 2020 Ticket

Dennis discusses Brett Kavanaugh's swearing in as Supreme Court justice, which leads to a conversation about the field of potential Democratic presidential hopefuls, and where Joe Biden and Michael Avanatti factor in. He also theorizes about what Democrats actually want and reacts to images of Progressive activists clawing at the door of The Supreme Court. Dennis also talks to Christian about Indigeonous Peoples Day, an upcoming episode with David Spade, remembering hanging out on the Sunset...


Alone Again. Crankier.

Dennis and Christian discuss the download numbers of the podcast with producer KC, compared to other podcasts. They also talk about Tesla heading in a similar direction as Apple has without Steve Jobs, and the time that Dennis introduced Clint Eastwood to Ed Norton. The conversation shifts to Lindsey Graham, Trump's taxes, politicians being morons, and how important it is to not let politics ruin your life. Then, Dennis celebrates a strong week of NFL picks and talks a little baseball. Plus,...