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Abundance, Greed, and Knowing When to Say "When!"

Eps. 114 - Following my third speaking event at the annual podcasters conference called MAPCON, now the Independent Podcaster Conference, I'm back on mic to talk about how this one specific experience compares to all the others. Things are going great right now, I almost want to pinch myself. Just can't get too greedy because one can only fill their mouth with so much abundance at a time. Thank you so much for listening and remember, I'm glad you're with me. SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE &...


Believing That You're Good At It | Remembering Larry Errera

It feels good to be good at something. You feel pride. You inspire others to do the same. But it's the noise of others and the noise in our own head that keep us believing it for ourselves. In this new formatted episode, I remember a fan and friend that left this world too soon but did leave an impression that if he could believe that you were amazing, why couldn't you? SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD PAST EPISODES on any podcast player on Android or iOS. FOLLOW the SHOW on Facebook:...


Detaching from Those Pesky Attachments

Eps. 112 - We hear that people have "baggage", things they carry with them, that hold them in place. All these things start as simple attachments that although they seem like safety nets, creating a feeling of security, these attachments get a little too big for us back from moving forward, whether it be the material, harful human connections, or just the dollar. It's these attachments that create unseen obstacles. The risk is taking that first step, no matter how fearful we are of what we...


BONUS REPLAY: Accomplishing Greatness by Looking Down at Your Feet

(Originally Published May 16th, 2018) Eps. 84 - In this episode, Nick G. brings you a solo show to share an epiphany about how the greatest goals in front of you can sidetrack you from all the efforts you make to get there. When you are trying to climb a mountain, remember to look at your feet to see how far you are really going. You'll surprise yourself on the progress you are making. SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD PAST EPISODES on any podcast player on Android or iOS. FOLLOW the SHOW...


Don't Make It Happen, Just Make It

MiniSode 111.5 - Being satisfied with where we are is just not in our DNA. Whether it's looking over your neighbor's fence, asking for more money at work, and just believing we deserve it all when we want it. That mentality forces us to push things to happen to us. We force the universe to bend to our will and 9 times out of 10 it doesn't go the way you want it. So rather than trying so hard to make things happen, simply just make it. If you are in the South Jersey area, come check out...


$20 Bucks, Milkshakes, and a Homeless Man

Eps. 111 - I gave a homeless man all the cash in my wallet and here's why. And follow my new Instagram account @iheartpaintingnj SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD PAST EPISODES on any podcast player on Android or iOS. FOLLOW the SHOW on Facebook: LET'S personally CONNECT on Facebook: Learn more about how I can help you with your podcasting and social video @...


BONUS REPLAY: What do we STAND for?

(Originally Published March 5th, 2018) MiniSode 79.5 - Nick G. comes off a bout with the flu and is bugged with a question he cannot answer on his own, "What do I stand for?". We dare you to reach out to a friend, as he did, to check and see if the world sees you the way you want it to. A little objective feedback from a friend never hurt anybody, right? SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD PAST EPISODES on any podcast player on Android or iOS. FOLLOW the SHOW on Facebook:...


Controlling Time (BOOM, interwebs blown!)

MiniSode 110.5 - In this post-holiday minisode I take a moment in time to talk about TIME! It can mean so much to all of us, in so many different ways. It's an absolute constant than we all have the power to embrace. Do listen, would you? Just make the time. SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD PAST EPISODES on any podcast player on Android or iOS. FOLLOW the SHOW on Facebook: LET'S personally CONNECT on Facebook:...


Purpose, Service, and Doing Something Good

Eps. 110 - Ken Rotter, a community politician and activist in the Pasadena area joins me again after co-hosting Eps. 87 when he had just started his political career following a life-changing divorce. Ken and I talk through the mission of serving the community at large, whether it be with simple volunteering, to running for local office and campaigning in the community. Where does the motivation come from? Is it from the need to help others to serve ourselves or is it something else? Listen...


Bonus Replay: Gaining Control of the World Within Us

(Originally Published 10/23/17) MiniSode 68.5 - Control of the world around us is a commodity that we don't have much of. What we do have is the power to control ourselves in all the chaos. Nick G. shares a few stories in this MiniSode that test the control of the mind AND his waistline. SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD PAST EPISODES on any podcast player on Android or iOS. FOLLOW the SHOW on Facebook: LET'S personally CONNECT on...


Buy That Lottery Ticket to Find That Passion

MiniSode 109.5 - Today everyone is using the word passion as a way to define what makes them happy, what provides the most fulfillment in their lives. Most people leave it to chance to find their passion when the time is right, so rather than taking any chances, they try to will that discovery to happen. Finding one's passion, whether it be with a likely hobby, or pursuing a business doing something you love, always requires risk. Just like winning the lottery. You'll never win if you never...


Fortnite is Dead w/ My Son Nate G.

Eps. 109 - There are times in our lives when something is created that captures the attention of everyone, adults and children alike. My son and co-host Nate G. jumped into Fortnite about a year ago and after enjoying it to the fullest it's finally fallen off the cliff of interest. In this episode, with the upcoming E3 weekend, I hear my son's own story of video games and how something so beloved as Fortnite could be replaced so easily. Is Fortnite dead? May not dead, just a gateway to...


Take Responsibility for Your F#cks Given

MiniSode 108.5 - A few weeks back I accepted a job. A job to paint an entire house. I knew I could do it, I was excited to do it, but not until I started did I realize that choosing to "give a fuck" about something you love to do, comes with a price. It's the responsibility we have to accept when we make the choices we make, no matter how good or bad it turns out. I have to give my father props for the advice he gave me a ways back. Smart man. I highly recommend you read or listen to Mark...


Our Super Wives and Their Super Support

Eps. 108 - In this episode, Eric Schmehl from this amazing little shop in town called Fermented ( and sat down to share how our significant others have stood by us, no matter how weird or impulsive our passions have been to get us where we are today. Eric and his wife Mica sell food products to create all things fermented and even though we connected over simple beer ingredients, he has shown me how patience, communication, and support from those around you contribute so...


Now's that time to say YES!

MiniSode 107.5 - I recently came across an opportunity that most people in my situation would hesitate to grab. I met someone for the first time at a networking event and within a time span of five minutes, I accepted a request to paint someone's his entire house! In this quick MiniSode, I talk about how there are times when someone needs your help doing what you LOVE to do to help them, even when common sense wants you to take it back. It's at those times that there is only one option for...


Truthful Life, Mind & Spirit of a Podcast Host

Eps. 107 - I was able to swing by my pal Dewey's studio to do again what we did all the way back in Episode 1. My friendship with Dewey has grown since we worked together at our corporate jobs starting in 2006, watching him work so hard to build his successful business. As I venture to do the same, I reveal more in this episode than I have ever done. We share sincere details about the last year of my life, the personal and professional struggles, and why spirituality, compassion, and...


BONUS REPLAY: Terrified of a Successful Side Hustle w/ Chris Galluccio (Eps. 81)

(Originally published April 5th, 2018) Eps. 81 - Nick G. invites Chris Galluccio from to dive deep into the brain of a successful solopreneur and see what makes him tick. Nick G. is about to take an even bigger step into the world of the side hustle and the fear of success has got him thinking how big can this all get if he does it right? Only time and a lot of hard work will tell. Some podcast friends we mentioned on the show, and sorry Harry for the mistake in...


The Only Real Win is Earned

MiniSode 106.5 - It's safe to say that we all want to win and we want the win as fast as possible. Our impatience gets the best of us and the pursuit of a quick win is spilling over to our kids, how we manage their activities and the sports they play. We are compelled to protect ourselves from the pain of losing and have lost sight of earning the wins we strive for. In this MiniSode I share a few recent events that clarified the need for patience, the power of just doing it, and how some of...


A Parents Guide to Proper Cursing

Eps. 106 - I was excited to have my wife Megan, host of the You Be You Podcast with Meg and Liv, to stay up late and discuss why bad words are such a big deal to people. Hear how the birth of cursing started, in different ways for both of us. We discuss how society norms (or not) make casual cursing tolerable and how cursing has become a topic of parenting we weren't really prepared for. Oh, and by the way, we both say the F-word, more than once. Thanks for listening and remember to think...


Choosing to Make It Matter Today

MiniSode 105.5 - We are all watching and obsessed wth the time. Always waiting for a clock to hit the point that we ourselves have set as a deadline for things to finally matter. In this podcast, I challenge that. Clock or not, we all have the power to make something MATTER. We simply need to make a choice. Thanks for listening and remember to tell a friend & SHARE the show. Now drink. SHARE, RATE, SUBSCRIBE & DOWNLOAD PAST EPISODES on any podcast player on Android or iOS. FOLLOW the SHOW...