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Comedy, talk and ball busting


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Comedy, talk and ball busting






107: Lady Pants

Derf and Deets continue the Covid-19 talk and they talk about scrubbing their vegetables. Some bitch is getting an award and they aren’t doing you haven’t coughed on my cheese. This is all getting in the way of their love of food and Derf spends the day in a women’s pants. And have no fear even in a pandemic the D jokes continue.


106: Displaced

The boys virtually get together to talk about Covid-19 and not much more. They get caught up on their health, 1992 sports and the poggie. It’s hard to gear and they don’t care. Stay safe and get back in your mouse.


105: Squash

In episode 105 the beans get above the franks as hot nuts are being slammed down. Derf & Deets are dicks and Derf wins. Not a fuck is given as you cry your way out of Montreal. There is a big hairy moose cock and copy, paste and your cut.


104: Door Hole

Two ill bitches and a microphone are back and they discover that Monkey Goosenfadden is 28 years ole. Deets informs Derf that some broke his door. We are going to hire Paul Osbaldiston to kick some nuts and The Big Unit to throw some hard balls. Also Benders on George, Astro titties, screen doors and Deets “No Guess” Johnston.


103: Snowmegaladon

Derf & Deets emerge from a state of emergency and cough their way through a episode. Keish hits the hay truck, Uncle Tom has a magic bag and even the cat gets sick of his shit.Flubber can hover and busts Deets with a gun and he ain’t got no chips. Someone is going to get their dick ripped off for real.


102: Greasy Jesus

Derf & Deets put some sandpaper on the outside and you won't figure out what to do in the streets. A old man and children get worked over and for god sakes on one do what Cuba is asking. The decade that was gets summed up in stupidity and stop classing up body fluids calling it milk.


101: Run Over

The boys are back and Cuba please stop talking, well not really but don't follow his instructions. We get run over like that hot off the heals of episode 100 and bursting into a new year and decade.


100: Utility Franco

Episode 100 starts with a ASMR hot noodle dream that will burn up Deets ass and Deets finally gets Derf to drink that milk. The classic would you rather question returns and fuck half of the Whadolfishark network. We have the Bubba Gump of shit and there are new rulers of the network and they make big changes right away.and FUCK YOU CUM BUBBLE!!!


005: Shit Eater

Derf brings along a fun game to play and Deets changes everything.....FOREVER!!!


099: Heposode The 2019-20 NHL Season Preview Part VI

Part 6 and the final episode of the 2019 - 2020 NHL preview show and I’m out cause you don’t want to know where the hot sauce is going. Derf is not a bitch like Deets and Deets completely agrees but Derf does fuck up. Derf has to teach Deets how the playoffs work and Deets still choses no one from the east to make the final. And Fuck ‘Em.


098: Fat Gretzky The 2019-20 NHL Season Preview Part V

Part 5 of the NHL preview show and someone has been cutting jibs wrong but it’s a good thing Derf is on pain killers. Deets goes chair shopping got Derfielocks the first was to weak, the second was too hard so sit on this bitch. The NHL takes back Tampa Bay’s season but can’t get their deets right. Matt Sundin will never taste a Big Mac, there is only one highlight from the 90’s and Wayne gets his double chin spread apart.


097: Bust That The 2019-20 NHL Season Preview Part IV

Part 4 of the NHL preview show and its still fucked the fuck up just like Kiprusoff. Derf is going to train bugs to fly in Deets “straw” hole and is going to keep him fucked. Deets continues to make deets up, someone got a gritty pussy maybe its Vanderbush. Deets gets his throat ready to “talk” and Roy is the worst person ever. And finally Gino and The Kid boot Phil out of town. Eat your heart out “Insiders” if that is your real name!!!


096: Rubber Dog Shit The 2019-20 NHL Season Preview Part III

The boys continue their NHL Preview with part 3 and they are no closer to staying on the rails because its part three and we haven’t even hit the eastern conference yet. However the boys are all gaped up for hockey and are good for that B. We talk about San Josie, round tree the titty and what would happen if Cuba was Derf’s man. They quit on air and keep having fun. Enjoy cause they most certainly did.


095: Nose Hole The 2019-20 NHL Season Preview Part I

Part 2 of the NHL preview show and its just what you would come to expect from Derf & Deets. There is hockey talk as Bad Deets returns on a flying dicky bird. There is some moth killing at its worst, Deets keeps it closed. There is a jammed fart and the Lull returns from a unlikely source. I swear we talk about hockey.


094: Titty Gate The 2019-20 NHL Season Preview Part I

The NHL preview show starts off just as you would expect, complete fuckery and nonsense. Deets years of training Derf in Haky Sack finally pays off and it’s all worth it. We cover the great McTitty grab of 1999, Deets gets sookie about his deets, righteous ass and it all adds up to prove we are getting no better at this.