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Episode 125 - Dick on Lengthening

The greatest bonus episode in history fall out, the magical experience of being a best man with another man, a guy who got leg lengthening surgery calls in, illegal lotteries and the christian caliphate, Waut3rGate3: Cuck With a Vengeance, cancer kills your bank account, Crippled Jesus crashes a domestic violence seminar, eating three breakfasts while camping, men and women: frenemies with no benefits, literal kid prisons for an accidental suicide victim, Sean's advice for NEETs, and...


Episode 124 - Dick on Proper Grooming

Self-replicating holiday decorations, Taylor from PKA calls in, "American Circumcision", a documentary on foreskin, high-pressure medical sales, and "Jewish calamari", unpopular uses for tampons, QR codes, Venn diagrams on meth and cryptocurrency, sexist artificial intelligence, McDonald's game pieces, Sargon of Akkad calls in to resurrect Gamer Gate, I want to resurrect NoMa'am, hate mail from a victim, Nick Rekieta loses his temper, and I get subpoenaed; all that and more on this episode...


Episode 123 - Dick on Getting the Band Back Together

A cold bidet, Sean agrees to get the band back together for Road Rage: Nashville, body building, female empowerment, and moms I wouldn't like to f**k, penis knowledge is power and other forms of male dominance, a fat woman chews on a pen at the bank, Owen Benjamin plays piano for men and women and believes in the deep state, I believe all women, the Christmas season begins, Karl from "Who Are These Podcasts?" deconstructs The Best Debate in the Universe, I tell several tell comedy jokes and...


Episode 122 - Dick on The Mustard Song

Throat sweats from the #Healstream, raising money for children's cancer, the all-knowing time-wizards at the FBI, tone police, why we believe all women, Peach's mustard song, the #Compliance movement, Modern Medusa reads the news, Tanner has his own Devil's Triangle, the hangover that never goes away, a woman in code, Peach says too much again, agreeing to the terms of cervix, and what happened to all the UFOs; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 121 - Dick on Unintended Consequences

My obsession with retaining walls, my dad stealing koi, I finally find the mysterious Wage Gap everyone is always complaining about, my violent ranting gets a beautiful woman off on Drunken Peasants, why diversity is a weakness, swing dancing, frozen yogurt for Hitler, the death of Fight Night 2, swing dancing, destroyed suits, Nick Rekieta interviews a pedophile and sends a real Cease and Desist letter to Maddox and Landau, Kaya Orsan from The Official Podcast defends his stalking charge,...


Episode 120 - Dick on Earthworm Jim

I am mistaken for a woman at bar trivia, half-drinked Diet Cokes in the fridge, Doug TenNapel calls in to talk about Earthworm Jim, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, the Jurassic Park video game, cuckery, lawsuits, gay marriage, and my fan art, Maddox confesses to Maliciously Prosecuting Asterios, "Tito, Tito, Tito", human suicide shields, the Liquor Limbo, Russian toaster cars, losing too much weight, Jamie news, and Facebook News turns one years old; all that and more this week on The Dick...


Episode 119 - Dick on Nachos on Dick

A 9/11 story to rule them all, fat women at the LA fair spill nachos on me, out of control snoring, forgetting your Leatherman, lost sunglasses and the time I got knocked out by a fish, #ComicsGate, when to ask for a girl's number, THOTs at sea and fisherman wisdom, Mundane Matt calls me a name I won't repeat, a news babe flakes, the big tiddy goth gf who destroyed Elon Musk, and erotic stories of failure and conquest from 9/11; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 118 - Dick on Paying Maddox's Rent

A terrible thing I did after the PKA drinking show, the Little Platinum Books/Maddox Patreon conspiracy, Cody Wilson calls in to talk about women and guns, my investigation into the Alex Jones trans-porn incident, Kate the Russian news babe, false-flagging Neil Armstrong, 4D-printed guns, "Bad Hombre" the Madcast pedophile, Dr. Nurse defects to our side, UCB front holes, the fake police are called again, and my offer to pay Maddox's rent since he seems to be hard up for cash; all that and...


Episode 117 - Dick on Memory Rot

The Dick Show in S.A.P., envelope pushing hip hop in the 22nd century, when apologies don't matter, muscle memory rot and how I embarrassed myself at tennis, starting sentences with "so", fake compassion for celebrities and the ruling elite, back to school, a K-cup listener sends in an erotic rage, the Thousand Island Supreme call, "Mumkey Jones Stops a School Shooting", and a mystery jokester leaves a voicemail threatening Maddox's website; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 116 - Dick on The Stolen RSS Feed

The story of how Maddox lost his RSS feed, more chat leaks, Dame Pesos reads a dramatic re-enactment, Fast Pass, the new Star Tours, and other ways in which Disneyland has been made even more worse, the Great Magnet, the MtG: Grand Pricks tournament, not-so-super glue, women and their garbage-selling parties, one-note jokesters, Hazencruz vs. The Cuck Sockers, The Laughing Loser, shooting turtles, my white father, Taco Locos, and how to spot a fake Mexican; all that and more this week on The...


Episode 115 - Dick on The Bro Economy

Coach has a son, giant bars of soap, Space Force and military uniforms, the bro economy, Adam Baldwin blocks me and is an idiot, nurses who can't talk, obvious sports announcers, buried in collectables, doing a barrel roll, Crippled Jesus needs dating advice, sirens in music, Ben from Drunken Peasants calls in, Mundane Matt kills his career, funeral stories, and "Not For Human Consumption" squares off against "The Thought Cops" in the first ever Super Podcast Championship Edition Turbo to...


Episode 114 - Dick on Road Rage: Atlanta

Libertarians, globalists, hate speech against the Illuminati, the will to execute failure, using the airplane slide, people who walk around with neck pillows around their neck, a homeless ranking system, taking selfies at funerals, concern trolling and pretending to care, how the KKK was born, how valuable is your semen, "So You Want to Talk About Race", Uncle Buck and the Cuck Sockers, Mental Jess moves out, Road Rage: Atlanta, the myth of the free market, and the protein powder scoop...


Episode 113 - Dick on Green Eggs and Body Dysmorphia

The scourge of squeaky beds, Liquor Wardens, crying over scrambled eggs, Brittany Venti calls in to correct the story of The 4Chad Strangling, TDS Top Gay handles some pork, women saying "interesting", Body Dysmorphia,, Asterios' flub of the century, and a memorial rant for a fallen Dickhead; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 112 - Dick on The Bride Catcher

The local bride catcher, bachelorette parties, drag shows, military parking, the last straws, freedom of speech means freedom from consequences, Chris Chan goes kiss crazy, Layc's high school boyfriend stole money from her, a Trader Joe's death trap, the parallel parking bet, Saudi Arabia's emergency woman driver number, Brittany Venti gets strangled by her ex-boyfriend, Asterios, Swatting, and Maddox calls Mental Jess' parents; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 111 - Dick on Moon Lasers

Doing a three quarter-ass job, the Trump balloon, how to pull teeth, filming white people filming black people, racial sensitivity training, the gender outrage porn gap, Cat Girl gets sued, Chris Chan Gets extorted, COBRA, Null, Palestine's lasers on the moon, The Nihilist Devil's Advocate, and Mental Jess considers a call in; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 110 - Dick on Avoiding Holes

People getting stuck in holes, snipers for hat snatchers, a real-life PvP solution, racist artificial intelligence, yelling at an Apple Genius, the 20 Million Dollar Mead man calls in, Dame Pesos' news segment, and Clay Bangs a Trans Woman; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 109 - Dick on Road Rage: Dallas

Road Rage: Dallas ends in a shooting, Peach calls in about the Mustard Chug-off, I have a solution for the Supreme Court, an erotic story about shoes, uncucked racism, small Tupperware, Madcucks' retirement and the final bonus episode of the Biggest Solution in the Universe, the microphone interlock device by Soyboy Industries, exploding honey mead, more countersuit backtracking, bar stools, fat asses, Pride-vertising, the Forth of July, and Road Rage: Atlanta; all that and more this week on...


Episode 108 - Dick on The Sean Show

Post Traumatic Ball-Busting Disorder, family vacations, floating prisons, Map Rotators, Spider Savers, I sink a boat, culture is a zoo, praying to God finally works, Landau Breaks up with Maddox, Asterios' Legal Offense Fund, too-long of a foreskin, Lowtax's #MeToo moment, Peach's mustard wager, and Sean can't make it; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 107 - Dick on Milking Dad

My dad tries to correct the record on the Optimus Prime story, Sh*tty Passenger gets mugged, I have mana problems, packing a fake penis in your pants, #MeToo and the duality of abuse, lactating dads, Antoids falls asleep while waiting to talk, a string of very generic parenting advice, to have kids or not to have kids, movies need a man-hating score, newscasters with racist accents, arguing with a Boomer, my incredible speed, the 3-hour GFY marathon, Larry hits 100 episodes, and a Dickhead...


Episode 106 - Dick on Going to Greenland

The Road Rage: Dallas tattoo, Tim Pool calls in to bury the hatchet, I try to stop everyone from going to Greenland, "Dead or Alive", computer jiggle physics, and the War on Sexiness, Madcucks calls in to read from The Worst Interview in the Universe, Antoids brings in the "Airing of the Grievances"--possibly the most embarrassing audio ever recorded, Allan from Not For Human Consumption plays the Asterios throw up audio, TDS goes Hamilton, and all the money your apps are hiding from you...