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Episode 106 - Dick on Going to Greenland

The Road Rage: Dallas tattoo, Tim Pool calls in to bury the hatchet, I try to stop everyone from going to Greenland, "Dead or Alive", computer jiggle physics, and the War on Sexiness, Madcucks calls in to read from The Worst Interview in the Universe, Antoids brings in the "Airing of the Grievances"--possibly the most embarrassing audio ever recorded, Allan from Not For Human Consumption plays the Asterios throw up audio, TDS goes Hamilton, and all the money your apps are hiding from you...


Episode 105 - Dick on Caught Cheating

Landau is putting together a settlement offer, Mental Jess catches Maddox "trying to cheat" on her and spergs out on Facebook, I get the Ralph Retort a strike on YouTube, racism and jokes and the death of everything funny, why we have Incels in one simple graph, Snapchat filters for men, the Facebook group is shadow banned, stealing bum wine, nudie pics, the good and bad of reputation management, eating mustard with your hands, annoying baby talk, and another ridiculous Uncucked edit; all...


Episode 104 - Dick on Damages

Jerusalem is Disneyland for the somber, Israel likes their flag as much as the US does, the time Mohammed jumped into space, Ramadan and the sweet sound of black women, Sweaty Suits, mildew towels, how to make your girlfriend lose weight, "making it official", Dustin returns, Road Rage: Dallas, gun fever, the lolsuit, countersuits, and Asterios is no longer employed by Webber Shandwick; all that and more on this week's episode of The Dick Show!


Episode 103 - Dick on Maddox Lost

Maddox's lawsuit against me is dismissed with prejudice, I am detained by the Abu Dhabi customs police in a libertarian nightmare, hiding Israeli receipts from the secret police, Israeli women, the politeness of supervillains, my new classification of countries above first world countries, toilets in the kitchen, my take on Midwest Maddox getting fleeced by an ego project, a Dickhead courtroom reporter calls in, Landau's manservant, Gorgeous Greenberger, killer lines from court, Judge...


Episode 102 - Dick on Birthday Overhead

Donating your kid's birthday presents to charity overhead, the importance of a sharable thermometer, why some straight men are obsessed with gay rights, Aydin Paladin on why women love talking in a way that resembles a joke (but isn't) about their gross bodies, Mumkey Jones' book "Diary of a Supreme Gentlemen" is banned, firing your dad, my grey pubes and nude performances, Clay Early rats on a chick who pooped in his bed and gives a shout out to my mom for Mother's Day, and Sean's obvious...


Episode 101 - Dick on Supreme Gentlemen

Boomer humor and their legacy of spilled popcorn, "The Diary of a Supreme Gentleman" by Mumkey Jones, The Cassandra Bias--AKA why everyone thinks they're smarter than people smarter than them, Asterios gets kicked out of a bar, Madcucks vs Maddox, Thanos the Incel, killing yourself in Greenland, "Cool Cat Stops a School Shooting" and other gigantic letdowns, Tony from Hack the Movies and his rushed beejays, the Intervention of Asterios Kokkinos, incompetent tech judges, the five word...


Episode 100 - Dick on Keeping it 100

Sean brings in a problem, I miss an opportunity, Asterios doesn't get a lap dance, a ban on running, unfair hangovers, more idiocy from the papacy, Denzel vs. Peach, the erosion of the troll, miracles are all around us, Tim Tams, sharking, a legal bill measuring contest, my mom calls in, and resisting the inescapable craving to fail; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 99 - Dick on Happy Accidents

Happy little protests, Bob Ross can't paint a cabin to save his life, Ben from Drunken Peasants calls in, my own banned words list, experience creep, my only weakness, a premature movement for robot rights, problems with the conveniences of an automatic car, being worth less than nothing, Bill Guy the Science Dude answers your questions, drinking urine, "Sh*t Talker" gets an upgrade, getting bored while jerking off, Pavlov's nut, an annual YouTube Bloodsport tournament, free black coffee...


Episode 98 - Dick on The Trademark

Maddox loses his trademark application for sole ownership of "The Biggest Problem in the Universe", bullying, bully hunting, and hunting the bully hunters, Happy Birthday Thieves, the first stop in Asterios' Garage Tour, middle age Jaeger's, everything you ever needed to know about buying a house, four-square disasters, congressional hearings, the hot girl on Izzy Nobre's Instagram, custom Gameboys, The Sucker's Paradise, my new Skinner Box app "S*ve the Whales", Stephen Burch the Hero...


Episode 97 - Dick on Big Red

The myth of blue blood, prostitution and Congress' continuing attempt to get in Lady Liberty's pants, what is simple battery, times I have been attacked by women, the LARPing bearded "badasses" of LA, Mumkey Jones the almost English teacher, playing baseball for the worst team in the world, Kevin from The Thought Cops, the time I was attacked by six housewives, a financial aid based cryptocurrency, and 80s Girl is assaulted by a drunken Caitlin Hall at the Seven Grand after an argument...


Episode 96 - Dick on The Status Quo

My problem with Sateen sheets, the Smurflings were whack, Status Quo bias, the taxes that boil us slowly, Bunty King calls in, the death of humor on the Internet, Digibro and Mumkey Jones' fall out and who is the Maddox, defending the indefensible, I am worse than (virtual) child porn in some circles, interrupting Dad's sexy time, the advent rage calendar, and five million downloads, and my latest legal bill; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 95 - Dick on Chutzpah

Pornhub: The Promised Land of de-platforming, taking protesting teenagers off the streets for their own safety, gearing up for "The Revenge of the Jedi", the Squatty Potty debate, Maddox's attempt at a $2,545 shakedown, how to tell if a chick is ovulating, Captain Jack*ss investigates Dustin's Dickumentary, how many chicks is too many chicks, the Omnibus bill, eating hair, Ron Babcock is "sorry not sorry", and Chutzpah explodes all over the lolsuit with a new motion for sanctions; all that...


Episode 94 - Dick on Doubling Down

Chick Jeopardy, Intersectional Engineering, Brad from Phone Losers gets raided by the FBI, replacing your credit card numbers, making the NRA friendlier, Peach has more issues with the bathroom, MyRoomRecords releases "Too Small of an Album", St. Patrick's Day, midnight miracle vomiting, Squatty-Potties, the mustard bet, an erotic forgery, "My First Sanctions", Maddox's newly filed and massively frivolous hissy-fit, and the show prepares to pass FIVE MILLION DOWNLOADS; all that and more...


Episode 93 - Dick on Heather S

An altercation with a cliche on International Women's Day, why no one goes to sporting events, The Dodgers commit Opening Day ticket extortion, Peach sends in her greatest Jass number yet, the effect of weed on the police, Grant Mooney has a new podcast, Nick Rekieta Bible-splains to me, why Rucka will never be on this show, Martin Shkreli makes people happy, more sure-fire pickup lines from America's Wingman, and Maddox admits to impersonating "Heather S" [in an attempt to destroy...


Episode 92 - Dick on Suppositories

The Dick Show Album charts at #2 in Billboard comedy, Vicodin hoarding nurses, brushing my teeth with new things, youth sports parents, Male Autism, David Hogg is a little POS, FigBat DiggerNick gets kidney stones, UPS postage reuse, Larry's Flag Day, Harmful Opinions talks Twitch ToS violations, uppity waitresses, customer service hostages, the Corporatocracy, and the cuck bounty; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 91 - Dick on Road Rage: Portland

Road Rage: Portland, planting the strip club seed, cops preventing crimes, 80s Guy loses his keys, the Portland Goss Bomb, women hiding your stuff, bathroom fans that are too quiet and the poop orchestra, Jane Walker Black, the future dystopia and the purchasing power of women, The Dick Show IQ Test, double doors, self-censorship, and getting my nipples pulled off; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!


Episode 90 - Dick on The Dick Show Album

The Dick Show Album is released and hits #1 in ALL CATEGORIES, I have an altercation with someone else's neighbors, The Maddox IQ Test story, catching your pocket on door handles, a new working lolsuit theory, my life-threatening whale T-shirt, Peach tells us how to identify a lesbian, The Winter Cuck Olympics, Madcucks news, school shootings are not news, Sean and I get in several arguments, and Maxwell Kimball shows Maddox's breakup letter to 80s Girl to girls in high school who give...


Episode 89 - Dick on Getting Caught

People who ignore "The Zipper", the mystery of my broken toilet, Smiley my broken handyman, "My House" TV has turned me into a dog, Nick Rekieta calls in with some Hot Goss about Maddox's maybe two or three time DUI lawyer "Dog Bite" Kevin Landau, Asterios' Cernovich sex tape, a special erotic story for Valentine's Day, Sean learns to ride a bicycle, The Skate Mate, being on The Milo Yiannopoulos show, the feminist caliphate, drunk dogs, and the nature of getting caught; all that and more...


Episode 88 - Dick on Blue Balls

The bikini chicks from Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road, Western Feminism intersects with Islamic Fundamentalism, eSports "practice", the "fake because", April O'Neil, the endless blue balls of waiting on a single computer part, forgetting your wallet, Jordan Petersen is Al Bundy with statistics, the time I smuggled weed into Belgium, people who see each other driving when they're driving, nymphs are NSFW, Holy Testicle Tuesday, resistance training like a woman, and history with...


Episode 87 - Dick on The Ultimate Douchebag Machine

The Ultimate Douchebag Machine, Acting!, Small Time Tyrants, Dexter meets The Gimp, Coach is pregnant, a mob of angry Q's from Google target Nick Rekieta, The 2018 "Be More F-able" Challenge, Smeagol in bed, what Lettuce Jones missed the most in jail, the buying power of Dickels, Negasterios calls in, Stephen Universe is Degenerate: Part 2, Layc's Singled Out, and advice for the guy who couldn't get off; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!