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Okay, Phoebe Buffay

On this week’s episode, we sound like $#!+, but that doesn’t stop us from talking $#!+. In an effort to avoid talking about a pair of big losses we’ve all had this week, Stef and May talk about literally anything else! Vince Vaughn looks slightly less bad than normal while being slightly more bad than normal. Fergie’s ex, Josh Duhamel, has moved on with Eiza Gonzalez, star of the film “Baby Driver” which May has never seen. The Golden State Warriors are the new NBA champs, but LeBron James...


Two Thrusts, Finito!

On this week's episode: BEEF. Pusha T and Drake have it. And just like Taco Bell's Beefy Crunch Burrito, it holds a special place in our hearts. Next up, Stef guides us down the rabbit hole as we discuss Holly Madison's tell-all book about her relationship with Hugh Hefner and life at the Playboy mansion. And in this week's Quickie, let's check in on baseball legend Sammy Sosa, shall we? The tea is hot in this one- just like Taco Bell's Beefy Crunch Burrito. Only $1 for a limited time at...


The Last Donut

In this week's episode: May has a surprise for Stef. Then, the male Arrested Development cast members have a surprise for Jessica Walter, their fans, and women in general. And later, Winona Ryder has a surprise for Saks Fifth Avenue. And finally, Tupac has a surprise for Snoop Dogg. Twitter/Instagram: @dramaclubpod Reddit: The_Drama_Club Email: Hotline: (505)539-0556 If you're enjoying the show, be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to The Drama Club and most...


Technicolor Eyes

This week, the girls are still riding high after an appearance on the "What's Up Fool Podcast" because Felipe, Rodrigo, and Lesa are the f*cking coolest. Then- *Divorce Alert* when Frances Bean Cobain loses more than just her gold digging husband. And later- a double dose of drama when Stef gives us the details of the rape case against Kobe Bryant and May talks about one of Hollywood's all time biggest scandals- when shady Elizabeth Taylor stole her best friend Debbie Reynolds' husband....


Never Forget

This week, Stef and May take their corners when they disagree about everything from every Met Gala look to Bill Nye the Science Guy's credentials as a scientist. Luckily, by the time Stef tell us the story of Mariah Carey's breakdown circa 2001, they're back on the same wavelength. And finally, a Quickie all about the veritable who's who and who(?) that is Lindsay Lohan's sex list. Twitter/Instagram: @dramaclubpod Reddit: The_Drama_Club Email: Leave us a voicemail:...



Kanye West has broken The Drama Club. This week, the girls are so furious with K**ye that they spend several minutes chastising him like Tyra Banks on that *one* episode of America's Next Top Model... You know the one. Or that time your dad caught you sneaking back into the house at 4am when you were 16 at the end of the same week he found out you got a C- in pre-calculus. Then, Stef tells us about the #classic Reddit thread where civilians posted about the times they had sex with...


Leather Lungs

This week- the girls bid good riddance to Bill Cosby and Kanye West. Then May takes us through the highs and lows of Judy Garland's life and career. And finally- Claire. Danes. Bone. Picked. Get your pep-pills and barbiturates ready, cause this episode is a bumpy streetcar named DRAMA. Email: Twitter/Instagram: @dramaclubpod Reddit: The_Drama_Club


Congressional Thong

This week, the girls discuss the breakup of John Cena and his "guest" Nikki Bella. Then, May demands respect for American hero Monica Lewinsky, and Stef and the "Pretty Police" put George Michael and his bathroom habits on blast. And finally, for this week's Quickie, the girls tell George Michael's boyfriend to get a job at Supercuts. Join The Drama Club for this week's tales of lust, power, and public restrooms. Got any scandals you want to hear us cover? Complaints? Comments? Concerns?...


Professional Fraudulent Hoeness

On this episode: Khloe Kardashian's karma konundrum tests Tristan Thompson's trustworthiness. Drew Barrymore-Disco Baby. And, an anecdote about apparel abduction.


Vegas Baby!

Steph and May take a field trip to fabulous Las Vegas to record a special Sin City themed episode. But first, they talk about the infamous and problematic Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview. Then May tells us everything you’ve ever wanted to know about “The Most Famous Brothel in the World” - The Moonlite Bunny Ranch. And Steph tells us the tale of Prince Harry’s lost (and naked) weekend in Vegas. Finally, they finish with a quickie on the wedding of the century: Britney Spears’ 55 hour...


Heart Psychosis

The girls give shoutouts to their international listeners by saying everything they love about each country. It's mostly food and men, but still... Also, some things, like tattoos, are forever (sorry Ben Affleck). Then, buckle your seatbelt and put on your pampers cause Steph's got the tale of Lisa Nowak- the astronaut who drove cross country in diapers to get revenge on the woman who stole her man. And May gives you the tale of American royalty when she recounts the Buttafuoco/Fisher...


M.O.P. (Murder Over Pastrami)

In part one of a very special two-parter, Steph tells us all about the life and scandalous death of Tupac Shakur. Also- the ladies make their best guesses as to what Dr. Who is, and why that somehow justifies Matt Smith making more money than Claire Foy. Plus- Colin Firth's wife slept with their stalker AND we discuss the weapon allegedly used in the death of Mama Cass. Spoiler Alert: It's a ham sandwich. Beware of sandwiches- on this week's episode of The Drama Club!


D*ck Double Feature

In the shadow of the girls’ favorite day of the year - The Oscars - Steph and May talk about Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak’s relationship, Jennifer Garner’s time to shine, and the crime of the century as someone tried to swipe Frances McDormand’s Oscar! Then, May gets personal with Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner, and Steph takes us inside *that* movie theater with Paul “Pee-wee Herman” Reubens. Plus- a quickie involving a celebrity’s spouse being eaten by a Komodo dragon. No, really… A Komodo...


F**k The F**king Hamburglar

The girls dissect Heather Locklear’s arrest, Blake Griffin’s baby mama drama, and the romantic woes of Ewan McGregor. Then, May exposes notorious scumbag- Sean Penn for his alleged abuse of Madonna during their marriage. Finally, a couple of quickies including Steph getting something about Jennifer Lawrence off her chest, and thoughts on Stacey Dash’s political career. Come for the shade, stay for the heat- on this week’s Drama Club!


Remember Vicodin?

The girls discuss Demi Lovato thirst trappin' Superman, plus- Quincy Jones and his endless stream of tea. Then, Steph tells the tale of the scandalous life of Anna Nicole Smith. Plus we've got a quickie about some famous red carpet body hair. Welcome to The Drama Club!