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Join James, Cheyne and Danny as they discuss life over a drink. Chatting anxieties, demon cats, embarrassing pasts, mental health and more with great guests

Join James, Cheyne and Danny as they discuss life over a drink. Chatting anxieties, demon cats, embarrassing pasts, mental health and more with great guests
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Join James, Cheyne and Danny as they discuss life over a drink. Chatting anxieties, demon cats, embarrassing pasts, mental health and more with great guests






Drunk Therapy Episode 45 - Jane McCarry's Flavoured Condom Emporium

Salute throughout for Scottish comedy royalty as we're joined by Jane McCarry, best known of course for playing everyone's favourite gossip, Isa in Still Game. Danny has bought her a special treat to get things started before James dives straight into conversation about Jane's career and the impact of her character in arguably Scotland's biggest and best comedy ever made. There's hilarious stories from the set of the show throughout as well as chat on teaching, Cheyne's murder question and...


Drunk Therapy Episode 44 - Ray Bradshaw is Tha Heezie Weezie Teezie

Fresh off supporting Frankie Boyle on his last tour we're joined by comedian Ray Bradshaw, who's introduced in a highly professional style in an excellent episode that starts as it means to go on. We go through all our individual first encounters with Ray, rewrite kids TV and generally make fun of Cheyne a lot. Conversation eventually gets slightly serious as Ray tells us about starting his last stand up show Deaf Comedy Fam, appearing on The One Show and parenthood. An ultimatum is laid...


Drunk Therapy Episode 43 - Defrost Your Aunties, it's Gary Faulds!

Serious anxieties are overbearing two of the team to kick off this chat with comedian Gary Faulds just days after performing his sold out gig at the SEC Armadillo. After Cheyne promotes incest and won't swear on Twitter we get talking to Gary about his huge rise in the comedy circuit in the last 12 months, the best benefits from it, social media abuse and the canal capital of Scotland. Gary then opens up to us on his past struggles with mental health and the work his past work with the men's...


Drunk Therapy Episode 42 - That Kiwi Isn't Funny Anymore with Hannah Currie (Part 2)

Flawlessly picking up where part 1 of our chat with Hannah ends she tells us about her BAFTA winning documentary That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore, we out a closet Tory, have a staff discount challenge and fall in love with the word snaxident. As alcohol is well and truly flowing enjoy nonsense about McDonalds tactics, the murder question being asked and a square go between Hannah and Cheyne after he makes up a story. James then tries to get us into the live music scene as our amazing chat comes...


Drunk Therapy Episode 41 - Mental Health, Making Movies and Magic Mushrooms with Hannah Currie (Part 1)

In the first of this two part chat we are joined by filmmaker, all round good egg and recent Scottish BAFTA winner Hannah Currie. After some nonsense on youthful job aspirations we get serious, discussing Hannah's journey working on her documentary Lumo: Too Young to Die and the reaction it received. Beyond that we share our own experiences of struggling with mental health and discuss the current systems available to support it before Cheyne says some words. There's another meeting of the...


Drunk Therapy Episode 40 - Only Fans

Embrace this episode as Cheyne is the miserable one for once as New Zealand mourns losing at a game of marbles or something and it has him completely and hilariously broken. Beyond that James has another money making scheme, sporting achievements are shared, Cheyne auditions to become a Kiwi Daily Mail columnist with a controversial hot take and Danny is challenged to follow through on a social media game he played.


Drunk Therapy Episode 39 - Rebooting Weir's Way with Neil 'The Wee Man' Bratchpiece

Cheyne's wishes are fulfilled as rugby is discussed (kinda) to open episode 39 with actor, comedian and the UK's #1 wrestling manager Neil Bratchpiece, aka The Wee Man, joining us. We find out more about the Welsh hip hop scene, the crazy bathroom antics of Japan, magically appearing fish, how shite birthdays are after 30 amongst much more nonsense. The Urban Dictionary Quiz returns and Neil talks about his career as The Wee Man, candidly opens up about some of the problems he has faced...


Drunk Therapy Episode 38 - Debriefs, Foster Cats and Funerals.

The subcrawl has been and it was a lovely day out that ended up with someone getting a new pet. Can James and Cheyne convince Danny he was wrong not to go? Why did Danny not go anyway? All is revealed. Beyond that there's chat on kitten manufacturing, public shagging and drafting your dream funeral. We are available for funeral planning and our DM's are open.


Drunk Therapy Episode 37 - James Addiction

Recorded back in August this, James recounts the story of the gambling addiction that ultimately led him to financial destitution, mental health deterioration and a suicide attempt. As you can imagine the chat gets very dark at times and there's some black humour used at points to try and lighten the mood, mostly unsuccessfully. The story does have a happy ending though as James managed to pull himself out with the help of Gamblers Anonymous and the support of strong people around him. If...


Drunk Therapy Episode 36 - The Rabbit Dilemma

It's the go home show for the inaugural Drunk Therapy Subcrawl, more info here and there's one last push from James and Cheyne to get you to join them. Beyond that Cheyne makes up a story about a made up friend, an increasingly vocal Danny moans about becoming more adult and a rabbit related crossroads he faced as a result of it. We introduce the first, and probably only, edition of The Urban Dictionary Quiz - Dave TV execs we await your call...


Drunk Therapy Episode 35 - Dil-Don't You Forget About Me

Just one word triggers a very exciting business proposition and pitch from Danny to open episode 35. From it Cheyne's lust for incest creeps back in and James is too busy trying to fix his phone to notice. There's threesome etiquette talk, guilty pleasures are revisited and some truly bizarre confessions on stuff you do home alone as three men with substandard penises get weird. Our DM's are open to any listening investors.


Drunk Therapy Episode 34 - Salad Tossing with Chris Quilietti

Drunk Therapy and Friends continues (and probably concludes) with Chris Quilietti, worker at a mysterious broadcast company, excellent laughter and all round good egg. It opens with a chat on the point of Falkirk, tossing the salad and where accents start and end. We then get serious as Chris shares his experience of coming out, being in a long distance relationship and current attitudes on sexuality. Cheyne also makes up a story.


Drunk Therapy Episode 33 - DJ Meechan and The Great McDonalds Robbery

***Disclaimer*** Following this podcast we just want to state we honestly do like the English We're joined by DJ and James good friend, Chrissy Meechan to discuss his summer working as a DJ in Zante and life in general. Chrissy discusses the fun side of Zante whilst Danny shares his experiences of his lads holidays in the same location. Did he enjoy it as much? (Spoiler alert - of course he didn't). Enjoy learning about the child gangsters causing havoc on the streets of Laganas, Mr...


Drunk Therapy Episode 32 - Instagram Questions (2/2) Sponsored by Boss Baby

It's part 2 of the Instagram questions - sponsored by Boss Baby, available now on DVD - and after chat on crying at movies we genuinely do answer some this time. Who of the team do we want to be stuck drunk with for a year? What's the one drink we can never touch again? What's our most life changing moment? After that question James and Cheyne are too wrecked and Danny is annoyed at this and it all starts to fall apart a little, but in a fun car crash way. The episode ends with an...


Drunk Therapy Episode 31 - Instagram Questions (1/2)

A surprising karaoke intro takes us into episode 31, where we plan to answer a raft of questions posed from people on our Instagram page. How did Danny's best man speech go down? Has Cheyne finally bought Kenneth a beer? What is crotchery/corrosive gooch syndrome? Did anyone actually ask any of those questions? There's also mature adult discussion on the last drop of pee and an update on the Drunk Therapy Subcrawl


Drunk Therapy Episode 30 - Jen Louise Presents The Onion Support Group

ICW interviewer and Cultaholic host Jen Louise joins us, and somehow doesn't leave immediately, when Danny opens with more tales of being an obliviously evil child. Chat on veganism leads to James plans to start an onion support group, there's debate on where's best to discard Clifford the Big Red Dog and Cheyne makes up another story. We obviously geek out on wrestling throughout and get serious at points, discussing imposter syndrome, self esteem issues, mental health support and Jen...


Drunk Therapy Episode 29 - Lauren Spiteri

Fresh off headlining the Queen Tuts Stage at this year's TRNSMT, we're joined by James old hip hop ally Lauren Spiteri. We discuss her festival experience, job hopping in London, celebrity encounters, Buckfast Abbey and Danny finally makes Cheyne snap. Lauren is playing King Tuts soon and you should go and buy tickets right now from here


Drunk Therapy Episode 28 - Rachel Jackson and the Slutty Little Goldfishes

Ahead of her week long run at the Fringe this month, comedian and actress Rachel Jackson sits down with us for a second (?) open and hilarious chat. We discuss becoming Twitter pals with The Rock, dealing with depression, the worst hangover cure ever and death by egg amongst many other things. Recently awarded the one to watch award at The Herald Culture Awards, it's too late to take it off Rachel now for coming on this. We checked.


Drunk Therapy Episode 27 - Sub Crawling Towards Death

It’s the week after the stag with James and Danny starting to sound like they’re too old for it all as they share their experiences and fears from it. Cheyne wants to make grand plans for a Drunk Therapy night out, despite being unable to order a beer online for a beloved listener, and we all get nostalgic over school misbehaviour, traumatic childhoods and old school gaming. An hour long cry for help.


Drunk Therapy Episode 26 - Megara Furie

Campaigner and dominatrix Megara Furie joins us for a hilarious chat in episode 26 about her life working as a dominatrix. She helps us find out our kinks, instigates a nappy mystery and is extremely courteous and funny throughout as she deals with a deluge of dumb questions from three idiots. Finally we discuss her important work with the ask the 700 campaign and strongly encourage everyone to check out the website here