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Top post-ironic podcast bants about nothing. You'll either love it or hate it. Or think it's ok.

Top post-ironic podcast bants about nothing. You'll either love it or hate it. Or think it's ok.
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Top post-ironic podcast bants about nothing. You'll either love it or hate it. Or think it's ok.




SE3 EP4 - Due to an Error

For this episode, we're joined by (award winning!) comic Belle Fin as she lets us into her lovely Westminster pad to chat about music and creativity. And we somehow end up down a self-help rabbit hole. This episode is also spliced with exasperated real calls to the Tory Head Office as for some reason Belle Fin's number is also mistakenly given out as some sort of Tory hotline for moaning. The closing song is an instrumental of 'Hello' by Lionel Richie that is performed by Gilles Petry on his...


SE3 EP3 - England vs The Rest of the World

This episode we are joined by the very funny stand up comic Philipp Carl Kostelecky (@CheeseCakePCK) as we have a small drink and talk about life, the universe and er, geography, which is frankly, confusing. Ian Irvine also joins us, laughing too loud into the mic, as usual. The closing song is a cover of The Waterboys song ‘Old England’ by Charnia, an acoustic duo from Leicester. Their Soundcloud page is here:


SE3 EP2 - If You're Going to Be Bad, Be the Baddest

This episode we're joined by seasoned actor and now stand up artist Andy Obeney and we talk about terrible gigs, terrible schools, being in bands, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and calling people the c-word. Also joined by rent-a-Scot Ian Irvine.


SE3 EP1 - The Smoky Beckham Kid

Welcome to Season 3 of the Early Late Night Review Show! We start by interviewing actor, comedian and Aussie Dan who has left Sydney to live in London and find fame and riches. Unfortunately we offer none of those things but onwards and upwards. Also joined by resident gob-for-rent Ian Irvine who also talks about taking to the comedy stage. Enjoy you mothers! And fathers.


SE2 EP8 - It's Not Dance It's Coldwave

On this episode I'm joined by Tom A who essentially talks about three things in order: Teaching is hard // music that is good // computers are nuts. That just about sums this up. Closing track is one of Tom's own songs, called 'Finite Wisdom' by his one man pseudo-post-techno-coldwave outfit Revulsion.


SE2 EP7 - Cheese Meringue

This episode we're in Brighton during the World Cup where we talk about er, mostly other things actually, including getting "Hulk Hoganed". We're joined by Ben Cosmos, Ian Irvine and James Lovell. Closing number is a live version of 'Real American' by Rick Derringer - Hulk Hogan's entrance music.


SE2 EP6 - The Extremes Pull the Middle

This week is a fast moving chat covering all things political (sorry) with Ant and Tim aka Fredric Effects. We even discussed Brexit for the first time in 18 episodes without hitting each other. Credit to K*nt and the Gang for a clip of his Nick Clegg song and the closing number is a cover of Man! I feel Like A Woman by the wonderfully named Colin Surname.


SE2 EP5 - Trevor McDonald's Hair

This week features regular talking jock-o-mouth and pseudo-co-host Ian M as we discuss our trip to the flotation tank centre, his trip to Mexico, Trevor McDonald, Jet from Gladiators and Prefab Sprout (ask your mum). Essentially lots of post-ironic banter for the jilted generation. Mostly. Closing song is ‘Take My Hand’ by Matt Barry covered by Brendan Perkins.


SE2 EP4 - It Destroys Your Balls

Lots of people on this week's episode. All revisiting idiots and opinion mouths. Varied chat about castration, live music in pubs and live castration in pubs. Also lots about goal setting. Got to be motivated yeah? Closing number is Peter Wheeler's 'Blues Have Got Me By The Balls'


SE2 EP3 - Professional to the Last

This episode we're with mild-mannered grunge-head Aaron C as he chats to us all about Derry, music and not so much about Tim Lovejoy, which is a shame. Though, he's kind enough to play us a tune. Therefore the closing number is 'This Bruise' by Aaron. Obviously.


SE2 EP2 - Acronyms and Initials

The one where I talk at you for 40 minutes about being in bands and there are some adverts. No really. Though the story is ok and there are nice bits of music spliced in between the narrative. Give it a listen. First episode without a guest. Normal service resumed sooner or later, yeah? Enjoy. All music is written and owned by me, so no one take this episode down, yo. Closing track is a nostalgic demo of 'Bird on a Wing' by "LKS".


SE2 EP1 - Mister Spoon (The one with the dominatrix)

Welcome to Season 2! This week we're joined by regular talking human Ian as we chat with his dominatrix friend about all things, er, dominatrix-y. There's also a question section and some jingles. What else do you want? This is free yeah?


SE1 EP12 - Decision Machines

Back like a bad smell in an old house after a brief hiatus where you thought you'd fixed the problem, this episode is an inebriated late night chat about er, Phil Collins mainly. Ian M and Tom P join us and add voices and sounds when appropriate. The closing track is the wrestler Curry Man's entrance music. Oh yes.


SE1 EP11 - Urban Scamps Quarterly

This week we're having much merriment in an Air B'n'B in Bayswater, London, joined by half-Aussie, half-English couple Tom and Faith and regular loudmouth Ian. The closing song is an acoustic cover of Walk by Pantera, sung by Blazej Lominski and played by Thomas Sladek.


Worst of Episodes 1 - 10

Yes that's right, it's a highlights show. Or in this case, perhaps a lowlights show, as we revisit all the proper bantery bantz and interesting facts from episodes 1 to 10. The closing song is the Pearl and Dean theme song, otherwise known as 'Asteroid' by Pete Moore. Toodlepip.


SE1 EP10 - We Get It, You Vape

This week is like going back to 1996 as we hang around Dominic O's bedroom listening to records, having a beer and vaping. Also joining us is now sensible father of two and school teacher Andy and also features a cameo appearance by Dom's lovely mum. The closing number is a cover of 'American Woman' by Anal C***


SE1 EP9 - The Life "Oh" Reily

This week we chat to new guest and Australian resident Tom Balson as we experiment with the Skype recorder and find out it's not very good. Get through the first six minutes of muffled chat and you'll be rewarded with improved recording quality about gyms, black metal gigs and midlife crises. Closing song is 'Life O' Riley' by Jack Treese.


SE1 EP8 - Going to Center Parcs

This week is a medley of old and new guests we venture out in Kings Cross in central London to realise everywhere is too loud and too busy. Sound quality not as questionable as the content. Closing song is 'Pendant Silv' by electro composer Jamie Cato.


SE1 EP7 - Japanese Cameras

This week, we're in a pub garden, joined by Tim Sailplane and podcast newbie James Fenn. We talk at length about pop music facts and James confesses to cheating when he appeared on television show 'Mike Reid's Pop Quiz' some years ago. The closing song is 'Trees Have Halos' by EOTN


SE1 EP6 - Nested Apostrophes

This week it all gets a bit political with Ed V and Ant Setchell but also loads of talk about building shelves, fences and day rates. Thrilling. The closing song is a cover of Avicii's 'Hey Brother' by Simone Pietroforte.