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Episode 38 With Casey Hill

On episode 38 of The Fabled Broadcast our guest is Casey Hill. Casey was one of our very first guests. You might remember him from such episodes as...5. Blake starts the episode off by testing an Optimus Prime mask. We talk about the shows, Letterkenny and The Orville. We also talk a little about the music industry and how it has changed. Casey opens up about his personal life and explains how people make money playing video games. Finally, we discuss the (shhh!) dark web and the silk road....


Episode 38 With Casey Hill

On episode 38 of The Fabled Broadcast our guest is Casey Hill. Casey was one of our very first guests. You might remember him from such episodes as...5. Blake starts the episode off by testing out an Optimus Prime mask and we talk about the shows, Letterkenny and The Orville. We talk a little bit about the current state of the music industry and how it has changed. Casey opens up about his personal life and explains how people make money playing video games. Finally, we discuss the (shhh)...


Best Of 2018

Episode 37 is a compilation we put together with some of the best clips from 2018. Happy New Year!! If you want to be a guest on the podcast email us at: or contact us on social media: Instagram: @thefabledbroadcast Twitter: @thefabledtweets Facebook: @thefabledbroadcast Thank you for listening, we'll see you in 2019!


Episode 36 w/ Doyle Maston

On episode 36 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is Doyle Maston. Doyle used to do voiceovers for radio stations here in the Dallas area, he also plays bass and does some singing in the Pink Floyd tribute band called, Texas Floyd. This episode is an all out Pink Floyd nerd fest. That band is a common theme running throughout and we play some of our favorite tracks by them. We also discuss ghost hunting shows, savants, and make a small announcement regarding the band Circadian. Thanks for...


Episode 35

We recorded Episode 35 of The Fabled Broadcast while watching the second half of the Monday Night Football game, the New York Giants versus the San Francisco 49ers. The game was played in San Francisco in a smoky haze due to the wildfires running through California. We are sincerely thinking about you all and really hope everyone finds safety. On Episode 35 we talk about Stan Lee and the Marvel Universe, the Solo movie, and have a bunny rabbit delivered to the studio. Billy tells us about...


Episode 34

We recorded this one on a Sunday, so football is a common thread running throughout the entire episode. We also discuss books we've been reading and give "incels" a piece of our minds. We successfully captured the audio of us looking through an actual WWI photo album. Afterwards, we count up our listeners around the globe. Arigato, Japan. Leave us a rating and review! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; or if you want to be a guest on the podcast, email us at:...


Episode 33 - "Hey Drew, What's New?" III

On this episode of The Fabled Broadcast, we have our music oracle Drew Wilson on for the third installment of "Hey Drew, What's New?" Drew tells us about some of the new music he has discovered and we give it a listen. We had the MNF game on in the background so we discuss football and fantasy football. Drew tells us about the TransHumanism Conference he attended in Branson and we talk a little about conspiracy theories. During this episode we play the following songs: "Weird Part of The...


Episode 32 Complexities Crossover

Episode 32 is a very special episode. This is our first "crossover" episode using Skype and we were pleased to share it with our good friends on the Complexities Podcast. Here's a link to their podcast: This is a crossover episode where we talk to "Paddyface" and "Mrs. Complexities", cohosts of the Complexities Podcast. They tell us a little bit about their podcast, for our listeners, and we get a chance to tell their...


Episode 31 Michigan Trip Recap

On Episode 31 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake and Billy return from their recent trip to Michigan. One of the many things they did while they were there was to volunteer to work at the amazing Michigan Irish Music Festival. Billy's parents were both wonderful hosts and informative guides during the week while they toured a few of Michigan's breweries, World War 2 exhibits, and the shores of Lake Michigan. We also play two songs during the podcast by artists that were featured at the 2018...


Episode 30

On Episode 30 of The Fabled Broadcast, we start by paying tribute to one of our favorite, most loyal city of listeners. Then, we talk a little about recent stand-up specials we've seen. In the news: a UFC fighter was KO'd by a legal soccer kick to the head and someone named "Bee Man" fought off a giant European hornets' nest in an El Camino. We also have a deep conversation about our sister planet, Venus. Please leave us a rating and review! If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast, email...


Episode 29

On Episode 29 of The Fabled Broadcast, Billy explains why he is disliked by Blake's child. We also talk about some of the future guests of The Fabled Broadcast, and a little bit about our new neighborhood. We also discuss Billy and Drew's beat that made it onto the Your Mom's House Podcast, our upcoming trip to the Michigan Irish Music Festival, current events in the news, and public shaming. Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes. If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast; or if you...


Episode 28 w/ John And Katie

On Episode 28 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guests are John and Katie Lanasa. These two are great, longtime friends of Billy and Blake, and it was great to get a chance to catch up with them. On this episode we talk about some of the fights we had with our siblings, the beer industry, band drama from the past, and the similarities between opinions and buttholes. We also discuss different books by Graham Hancock and Stephen King, the Netflix show Dark Tourist, and Iron Mike Tyson. Thank you...


Episode 27 with Brandt Holmes

On Episode 27 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is our friend, Brandt Holmes. Brandt is an long time friend and an old bandmate of Blake and Billy's. it's been a while since we all have had a chance to catch up. Brandt currently resides in WIchita Falls, Texas where he performs as a solo acoustic artist. Brandt is also frequently the host of the Open Mic nights at The Iron Horse Pub every Wednesday in Wichita Falls. On this episode, Brandt plays three of his original songs for us and tells...


Episode 26 with Circadian

On episode 26 of The Fabled Broadcast, we have the band Circadian in with us. Members of Circadian include: Peyton on bass, Tim on drums, Rusty (from episode 14) on guitar, and our very own, Billy on keyboards. Circadian has a show on MAY 11TH in Denton, Texas down in the Old Dirty Basement at J&J's Pizza on the Square. Other acts include: Mando Salas, Alex Gregory (from episodes 13 and 19), and Devils in the Belfry. Admission is free so come and enjoy some live music, pizza, and beer. On...


Episode 25

On Episode 25 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is the one and only, Preston Nogar. Preston is the singer of The Fabled Few, vodka enthusiast, and one of the original cohosts of The Fabled Broadcast. He recently moved to Colorado and came back in town to catch up with us. On this episode, we discuss Lord of the Rings, the future, and Preston tells us about getting adjusted to the move. We also talk about the dating scene, kids, and Billy tells us about his idea for Elvis Presley's podcast,...


Episode 24

On Episode 24 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake and Billy talk to Spiderman. He's actually a lot shorter in person. We also discuss physics, deep-sea diving, and the new house/studio that we haven't found yet. We touch on Ricky Gervais' Netflix special, domesticated animals, and beer. Later on, Blake gives us his review of The Contortionist concert he attended the weekend prior to recording this episode and we talk about beer, again. Thank you for listening to The Fabled Broadcast. Leave us a...


Episode 23 - Top 5 Countdown

On Episode 23 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake and Billy count down the top 5 episodes based on their total number of plays. We started this podcast a little over a year ago and these are clips from some of your favorite episodes. Or maybe, if you're a new listener, think of this as a good way to test the waters. #5 - Episode 11 with Carey Cool Tripp #4 - Episode 9: The Patterson/Wolfe Takeover #3 - Episode 7 with Philip McClung #2 - Episode 12 with David Ersland #1 - Episode 1: The Maiden...


Episode 22 - Hey Drew, What's New Part Two

This is Episode 22 of The Fabled Broadcast or as we like to call it: "Hey Drew, What's New Part Two". On this episode we take another drink of mank from the chalice of our music oracle, Drew Wilson. Drew shows us some of the bands he has discovered and been listening to since his last appearance. Before Drew arrives, Blake and Billy discuss Fergie's infamous National Anthem and begin to make plans for a Charity Show in the near future. Later on, we chat about our exercise band called,...


Episode 21

Hello listeners!! On Episode 21 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake talks about his workout regiment, discusses Crossfit, and Billy talks about his glory days as an All-American swimmer. We also discuss about the book of Leviticus, which eventually leads us onto the topic of the infamous T.B.A. parties. We also talk about the outrage surrounding Tom Segura's new Netflix special called, Disgraceful and how musicians will never abandon the word "retard" (we need it, seriously). *On this episode we...


Episode 20

On Episode 20 our guest is: none other than...2018!! It's a new year and that means new recording software, new whiskey, and still no new sponsors...or emails. On this episode, we pay tribute to the city with the most Fabled Broadcast listens in 2017, San Francisco, CA. Thank you to everyone in San Francisco for your loyal support over the last year! We discuss ax throwing, Forrest Gump, and the new idiot phenomenon known as the Tide Pod Challenge. Blake and Billy share their appreciation of...