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Episode 26 with Circadian

One episode 26 of The Fabled Broadcast, we have the band Circadian in with us. Members of Circadian include: Peyton on bass, Tim on drums, Rusty (from episode 14) on guitar, and our very own, Billy on keyboards. Circadian has a show on MAY 11TH in Denton, Texas down in the Old Dirty Basement at J&J's Pizza on the Square. Other acts include: Mando Salas, Alex Gregory (from episodes 13 and 19), and Devils in the Belfry. Admission is free so come and enjoy some live music, pizza, and beer. On...


Episode 25

On Episode 25 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is the one and only, Preston Nogar. Preston is the singer of The Fabled Few, vodka enthusiast, and one of the original cohosts of The Fabled Broadcast. He recently moved to Colorado and came back in town to catch up with us. On this episode, we discuss Lord of the Rings, the future, and Preston tells us about getting adjusted to the move. We also talk about the dating scene, kids, and Billy tells us about his idea for Elvis Presley's...


Episode 24

On Episode 24 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake and Billy talk to Spiderman. He's actually a lot shorter in person. We also discuss physics, deep-sea diving, and the new house/studio that we haven't found yet. We touch on Ricky Gervais' Netflix special, domesticated animals, and beer. Later on, Blake gives us his review of The Contortionist concert he attended the weekend prior to recording this episode and we talk about beer, again. Thank you for listening to The Fabled Broadcast. Leave us a...


Episode 23 - Top 5 Countdown

On Episode 23 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake and Billy count down the top 5 episodes based on their total number of plays. We started this podcast a little over a year ago and these are clips from some of your favorite episodes. Or maybe, if you're a new listener, think of this as a good way to test the waters. #5 - Episode 11 with Carey Cool Tripp #4 - Episode 9: The Patterson/Wolfe Takeover #3 - Episode 7 with Philip McClung #2 - Episode 12 with David Ersland #1 - Episode 1: The Maiden...


Episode 19 w/ Alex Gregory #2

On episode 19 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is Alex Gregory. Alex is our first returning guest and he came on the podcast to (or attempt to) promote his upcoming debut solo album called, Petrichor. Alex tells us a little about the making of the album. Petrichor is set to be released digitally on December 31st, with an album release show TBD. On this episode we discuss The Dark Tower series, hunting, and Blake gives us his predictions for the new Star Wars film (he had not seen the...


Episode 14 w/ Rusty Jordan

On episode 14 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is Rusty Jordan (his fiancé, Taylor, is off-mic). Rusty is an ex-coworker of Billy's and the guitarist of the band Billy plays keyboards in, Circadian. On this episode, we discuss Circadian, the Michigan Irish Music Festival in Muskegon, MI, and Ari Shaffir. We also talk about School of Rock, Jim Carrey, Trump's comments at the UN, and classic rock tours we have attended. At one point, we think about how to use The Fabled Broadcast for good....


Episode 12 w/ David Ersland

This is Episode 12 of The Fabled Broadcast. This week, we have on David Ersland. David is a funny guy and a friend of the podcast. He's also a good friend of Shade Everton's (from Episode 6), as well as a coworker of Blake's. David tells us all about his travels to China, his tattoos, and teaches us how not to drink with Russians. We also discuss porn bloopers, Jon Ronson, The Dark Tower, Tom Hardy, and Founder's beer. Thank you for listening to The Fabled Broadcast! Please subscribe on...


Episode 11 w/ Carey Tripp

Welcome to Episode 11 of The Fabled Broadcast, this one runs a little longer than normal. Our guest this week is Carey Tripp. Carey is a stand-up comedian based out of Denton, Texas. On this episode, Carey reveals his spirit animal to us. We talk about Jim Carrey movies, beer, stand-up comedy, and the time Blake met Rampage. We also discuss football and social media. Blake finds a way to relate haters to the Star Wars saga and we discuss the cosmos. Make sure to check out Carey at the...


Episode 7 w/ Philip McClung

On the 7th Episode of The Fabled Broadcast, we have Philip McClung with us in the studio. Philip is an old friend of Blake and Billy's, as well as an ex-bandmate. Philip currently lives in Austin and runs a recording studio called, Asymmetric Sun Studio. We talk about music, music production and engineering, music equipment and Philip's G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). We also discuss how we met Philip, how we became friends, and "trips" we've been on. Other topics we touch on include:...


Episode 6 w/ Shade Everton

On Episode 6 of The Fabled Broadcast, we have our friend, and Blake's ex-coworker, Shade Everton with us in the studio. This is a long podcast so we split it into two parts. Shade just recently embarked on an inspirational weight loss journey. We talk to him, during the second half, about the last couple of months and about what he has learned in regards to dieting, changing his lifestyle, and getting healthy. Shade has lost 72 pounds in 60 days and may have also inadvertently created the...