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The Foobar Show is a few funny foos geeking out over comedy, comics, cannabis culture, and music. Artists, musicians, comedians, and lovers of cannabis culture are all welcome to join in on the fun! Listen and subscribe for free on all podcast apps!

The Foobar Show is a few funny foos geeking out over comedy, comics, cannabis culture, and music. Artists, musicians, comedians, and lovers of cannabis culture are all welcome to join in on the fun! Listen and subscribe for free on all podcast apps!


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The Foobar Show is a few funny foos geeking out over comedy, comics, cannabis culture, and music. Artists, musicians, comedians, and lovers of cannabis culture are all welcome to join in on the fun! Listen and subscribe for free on all podcast apps!




Podzilla Episode 1

Podzilla Episode 1 Episode 192 | Listen & Donate at The Foos go over the first Japanese Godzilla movie in great detail. They also make mention to the American version specifically made for American audiences called "Godzilla, King of the Monsters!" Music Highlights: -Joe C’s band, The Fallen Electric, goes into Round 4 of the Ontario Battle of the Bands with their most recent release, Midnight Drive. The Foos eat something spicy -The Foo orders some Caroline Reaper jerky...


Josh returns from his bathroom break, Vote for TFE, Geeking Out, Sports, & The Joint Report

Episode 191 | Listen & Donate at Josh returns after his month-long bathroom break. Music Highlights: -Vote for The Fallen Electric to win Round 3 of the Ontario Battle of the Bands at starting this Wednesday at 7PM. -Never Seen The World by The Fallen Electric -Only You I See by The Fallen Electric -Perfect by Logic -man i is by Logic -A2Z by Logic Geeking Out: -Joker War -Avatar: The Last Airbender -The Wire -Deadpool &...


Wolves Inside & ComicCon@Home

Episode 190 | Listen & Donate at The Foos welcome back Wolves Inside via Zoom and talk about their new single out this Friday June 31st! The Poobar Show: -A listener writes in about their experience of not making it to the bathroom in time while watching a Celtics game…. AT HOME!!! Geeking Out: -ComicCon@Home News -The Walking Dead new episode updates Sports: -Mookie Betts -Cardboard cutouts -Time for a Jansen replacement? -Clippers at Strip Clubs -NFL returns next...


Vote for The Fallen Electric, XBOX Game Showcase, & Sports

Episode 189 | Listen & Donate at Music - The Fallen Electric: -Move To The Sound -Vote for Joe C's band The Fallen Electric at to win Round 1 of the City of Ontario Battle of the Bands. Geeking Out: -XBOX Game Showcase and the revealed games. Sports: -MLB is back with a new playoff format. -The Washington Football Team -Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr. -Nate Robinson v Jake Paul ...and a Foo Fact


NY Dept of Health Recommends Gloryholes, Star Wars & XBox Updates, & Great Songs in Fight Scenes

Episode 188 | Listen & Donate at The Foos don’t have rona… thanks Steph? -The new drop. The Poobar Show -A fan writes in about an unfortunate poop story. Health N Such: -Steph recaps the best practices for the summer during COVID. -Joe C talks about some of tips for safe sex recommended by the New York Department of Health. Geeking Out: -Entanglement updates -Star Wars News -Comic Con at Home -XBOX Game Showcase on July 23rd Joint Report: -Crossfaded High -Weed...


COVID Strikes Again! Maybe... Probably Not... and Dissident Has Another Song Release

Episode 187 | Listen & Donate at The Foos have another COVID scare. Geeking Out: -AMC Theaters push out their reopening of theaters. -The Battinson villains will have their series on HBO MAX. -Joe C watches Hamilton. -Timothy Olifant in the Mandalorian. -Ninja Turtles news The Splinter Clan. -The Fresh Prince got got. Sports: -Bubble City updates. -Cleveland Indians top 6 name change ideas. -Washington announces they will change their name. Joint Report: -Joe C...


4th of July Hangover

Episode 186 | Listen & Donate at The Foos are hungover on the day after 4th of July and celebrate with a little Rosa G. Geeking Out: -Zatanna getting her own movie. -Podzilla preview. -Batman v Superman Ultimate edition. -Lord of the Rings cinematic universe. -Exciting Ghostbusters: Afterlife news. Sports: -Hockey is to begin their playoff tournament soon. -The NBA implementing a 2nd bubble city. -Will the Redskins actually change their name now? Joint...


Joe C & The Foo... New The Fallen Electric Song Release

Episode 185 | Listen & Donate at The Foos got together over the weekend to do more yard work. -The Foo’s dog raided his fridge. Geeking Out: -The Top 5 shows or movies on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max according to Rotten Tomatoes. -The original gang is back for the next Jurassic World: Dominion movie. -Beavis and Butthead to return on Comedy Central. Sports: -Latest Cam Newton news going to the New England Patriots. -The NBA bubble city. -Sad former Dodgers Andrew Toles...


The Foos Get Rona

Episode 184 | The Foos have the rona. Geeking Out: -Michael Keaton to reprise his role as Batman on the new Flash movie. -Baki on Netflix. -Deadpool interactive head. Sports: -MLB is back!!! Joint Report: -Using synthetic urine for drug tests. Music Highlights: -Birthday Song (feat. Kanye West) by 2 Chainz -The 18th Letter by Rakim -Where Eagles Have Been by Wolfmother ...and Foo Facts


The Foo Returns In Studio

Episode 183 | The Foo is back in studio to foo it up with Joe C. -Hyde from That ‘70s Show is a rapist Geeking Out: -Darkseid sneak peek in latest Snyder Cut trailer. -Dan Harmon is making an animated series for Fox. -Dave Franco is making a horror movie. -Video game releases. The Last of Us release. -Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles collaboration. Sports: -The latest sports happenings. -NBA GOAT rankings. Joint Report: -Fed report urges doctors to classify...


The Foos Do Yard Work & Where's The Sports?

Episode 182 | The Foos help out Joe C with some yard work. Geeking Out: -AT&T reportedly looking to sell Warner Bros Gaming Division. -Tom Cruise to make a movie in space. Sports: -Where’s the sports?! Joint Report: -Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries are opening back up for business. Music Highlights: -Evil Eye by Fu Manchu -Prove It by Bad Religion -Cheap Beer by FIDLAR ...and Foo Facts


PS5, Shroom Trips, and Run The Jewels

Episode 181 | The Foos discuss Josh taking his vice off of The Foo’s balls, finally. Geeking Out: -Sony releases a peek of the new Playstation 5. -The new Spiderman will have Miles Morales as the protagonist. Joint Report: -Preparing for a shroom trip. Music - Run The Jewels: -Lie, Cheat, Steal -Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) featuring Zack De La Rocha -JU$T (feat Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) ...and Foo Facts


Joe C Gets Tested, Drew Brees backlash, & The Mt. Rushmore of Rappers

Episode 180 | | watch the video at The Foos talk about Joe C going to Dodger Stadium to get his COVID-19 test done. Geeking Out: -The Foo beats Halo 5. -The X-Men may rebrand when they premier in the MCU. Sports: -Drew Brees’s latest comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. -The NBA returns July 31st. Joint Report: -Why the cannabis industry is tied to the civil rights movement. Music: -The top 5 rappers of all time according to the...


Black Lives Matter

Episode 179 | | watch the video at The Foos discuss the latest protests and give their two cents on the matter. Geeking Out: -The Foo has a list ranking the 12 best Spider-Man appearances in movies. -A quick chat about The Batman -Josh makes Steph and Joe C watch Dragon Ball Super: Brody Sports: -Dak Prescott’s salary demands. -The NBA to announce how and when it returns. -The MLB’s proposed prorated salaries. Joint Report: -Dispensaries...


Sports Returning Soon, New CBD Study Underway, & Joe C's Dissident Premiers A New Song

Episode 178 | | watch the video at The Foos have much to discuss. Geeking Out: -HBO Max is now available. -The shows and movies just added and those they anticipate watching. Sports: -MLB returning may be out of the question. -Player cuts in the Minor Leagues. -NHL to hold playoffs. -NBA to have a “Bubble City” Joint Report: -Early studies of how CBD-rich cannabis can help with coronavirus prevention and/or treatment. Music: -Far From...


2 Year Anniversary Show!, The End of KROQ, & The Match

Episode 177 | | watch the video at 2 Year Anniversary Show! The Foos discuss the latest article in Variety about how LA’s premier rock station, KROQ coming to an end as we know it. -The modern attitude towards rock music. -Other stations in LA. Geeking Out: -The Snyder cut is on its way! Sports: -The Match with Tom Brady & Phil Mickelson vs Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning. -Sports can come back as early as July. Music: -Sunshine by The Black...


Batwoman Quits, Fermenting Cannabis, and The Last Dance

Episode 176 | | watch the video at The Foos talk about Joe Rogan’s decision to go exclusive on Spotify. Geeking Out: -Ruby Rose exits Batwoman -Sandman by Neil Gaiman -Release The Snyder Cut! The Joint Report: -Yeast is being used to ferment cannabis and produce specific and rare cannabinoids. Sports: -The Last Dance -What other NBA biopic documentary should be made? Music: -Wayne by Des Rocs -Anaphylaxis by PUP -Upside Down by Mondo...


Nothing To Lose by Joe C's Dissident project, Geeking Out, and Sports

Episode 175 | | watch the video at The Foos talk about traffic, Josh tells a tale about how The Foo destroyed some of his Dragon Ball Z DVDs, and Zoom parties. Geeking Out: -Swamp Thing is going to the CW -Harley Quinn recap -Battinson isn’t working out -Steph has Resident Evil updates Sports: -The MLB, NFL, and NBA have all had talks about returning with a few changes. -Jose Altuve has safety concerns. Music: -Nothing To Lose by...


Mother's Day, The Foo's Birthday, & Boba Fett

Episode 174 | | watch the video at The Foos discuss The Foo’s upcoming birthday. Sports: -Josh and The Foo discuss the latest NFL decisions. -The Foo hasn’t seen The Last Dance. Geeking Out: -Boba Fett is coming to the Mandalorian. The Joint Report: -Things to do with your mom while high. Music Highlights: -Tutti Frutti by Little Richard -Call To Love (feat Bethany Cosentino) by Jimmy Eat World -Dynomite by Ima Robot


Dissident Premiers a New Song, The Last Dance, & Hydrocarbon Extractions

Episode 172 | | watch the video at The Foo goes missing again. But Josh is back. Sports: -The latest player acquisitions and happenings in the NFL. -Reactions to the latest episodes of The Last Dance. Geeking Out: -The cast of Community are getting back together on a Zoom call to read a new Community episode that will include Donald Glover. -Rick and Morty is back! The Joint Report: -Hydrocarbon Extractions Music Highlights: -Another Way by...