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An offbeat comedy radio show featuring original sketches, character interviews, and a lot of fun. Originally recorded for the GaRRS network in Atlanta..

An offbeat comedy radio show featuring original sketches, character interviews, and a lot of fun. Originally recorded for the GaRRS network in Atlanta..
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An offbeat comedy radio show featuring original sketches, character interviews, and a lot of fun. Originally recorded for the GaRRS network in Atlanta..




Here's Looking at You, Kid

S2E37 - In this week's episode, Will discovers Shaquile O'Neal's secret office, a listener asks us to explain the meaning of "Twink," George and Alexandria dissect the classic film, "Casablanca," and Will applies for grad school. (Airdate 10/12/19)


A Slinky at the Dentist

S2E36 - In this week's episode TJ gets a silent fidget toy, we pitch some creative cocktails ideas for George's new bar, we answer some revealing questions in a scandalous round of the game Friends or Faux, and in check in TJ's ongoing dramatic saga, "The Twink Next Door." (Airdate 10/5/19)


Cinderella's Christmas Affair

S2E35 - A conversation about Nikki Minaj's retirement leads us to suggest other people we'd like to retire, Will selfishly gives a fake weather report, Alexandria reads a passage from a Cinderella-themed romance novel, and George gives advice to folks on how to act in a restaurant. (Airdate: 9/28/2019)


Animal Crackers in the Lobby

S2E34 - This week Alexandria becomes the latest victim of the Popeye's "chicken wars," we ask our guest, Pilot Mike, the hard-hitting questions about air travel in part two of his interview, and Will explores the challenge of making new friends in your 30s in Audio Theater. (Airdate: 9/21/19) Episode 34 Notes: "New Friends" Cast: Lucas Scott, Neal Reddy, and Will Amato Written By: Will Amato Edited By: Jane Boynton For more information on ATL Sketchfest visit:...


The Twink Next Door

S2E33 - We've got a really fun episode this week. First, George calls out Alexandria over an embarrassing text, our very funny "Friend of the Pod," Pilot Mike, joins us in studio for an in-depth discussion about air ambulances, yo-yos, and his short-lived career as a server, Alexandria and George review the classic American film, "Citizen Kane," and TJ shares the first installment of the "Shrink Next Door"-inspired series, The Twink Next Door. (Airdate: 9/14/2019)


Goo Goo Bey Bey

S2E32 - Our friend Andreas Steinman joins us in-studio to discuss his recent Birthright Trip to Israel, TJ plans the perfect Menu for life's important moments, Alexandria gives a tour of Atlanta's best tourist attractions, and listeners Ask TJ for advice. (Airdate 9/7/2019)


Mahalo, Bitches!

S2E31 - It's our one year anniversary! To celebrate this milestone, we are joined by Season One cohost, Lily. TJ makes a list of rejected segment ideas, Lily watches a classic Saved by the Bell episode in Pop Culture Blindspot, George defends an out-of-this-world childhood snack, and we have a moment of Morning Meditation with Yoga Lady and her cousin. (Airdate: 8/31/2019) Episode 31 Notes: Save By The Bell, Season 2 Episode 13 "Jesse's Song Watch Jesse's Meltdown:...


Scientology for Cats

S2E30 - In this week's episode, George and TJ see the Broadway musical, CATS, and have a lot of opinions, TJ hosts a round of Tabloid News, we update our Fantasy Presidential Primary League, and Will interviews Kerisee Hutchinson, writer and star of the hit play "2 the Left: A Tribute to the Life of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. (Airdate: 08/24/2019) Episode 30 Notes: "2 the Left: A Tribute to the Life of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes"


F**k You, Franklin Pierce!

S2E29 - We're celebrating back to school season with a very educational episode this week. TJ tells us the secrets to a happy life, Will performs a monologue by Kermit the Frog, Alexandria reads the most ridiculous historical story, George explains tariffs, and Will teaches us about presidential campaign slogans. (Airdate: 08/17/2019)


Toodeloo Turkey

S2E28 - In this week's episode TJ signs us all up to raid on Area 51, Will revisits a song about becoming a vegetarian in the Writer's Workshop, TJ watches the Whitney Houston classic, "The Bodyguard," in Pop Culture Blindspot, and we play a game of Presidential Name That Tune. (Airdate: 8/10/2019).


Frankly, We Don't Give a Damn

S2E27 - Will begins this week's episode with a major Presidential announcement, TJ celebrates the return of Gossip Girl, Alexandria visits a therapist, we consider Beyonce shopping at Target in the Writers' Graveyard, and George finally finishes watching Gone with the Wind. (Airdate: 8/3/2019)


The Earth Stops for Beyonce

S2E26 - We're still processing the trailer for CATS this week, Alexandria reviews Beyonce's new Lion King inspired album, "The Gift," TJ attends the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, George gives an update on our Democratic Primary Fantasy Leagues, and Will interviews YA author Debbie Riggaud. Episode 26 Show Notes: Watch the CATS trailer. Special thanks to Debbie Riggaud author of Truly, Madly, Royally, and to the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival.


Big Fat Marshmallow

S2E25 - Will begins this week's episode with an (unpaid) endorsement of his new favorite restaurant, and then totally trashes his leas favorite actor, Kevin Costner. We play a movie game, TJ attempts to solve climate change, Alexandria revisits a monologue from a bad audition, and our friend Armond Snowden joins us to read the newest sketch from Will's upcoming show. (Airdate 07/20/2019).


Scarlett O'Hara is a Trifling Ho

S2E24 - We're all back in studio this week. Will calls B.S. on Charles Dickens, TJ interprets the craziest dream, George finally faces a Pop-Culture Blindspot by watching "Gone With The Wind" (well, most of it), we bring an old sketch to life in the Graveyard Theater, and close with a modern Fairy Tale in our Audio Theater. (Airdate: 07/13/2019) Episode 24 Show Notes "Recovery Room Romp" Denise: Sorrell Sanders Bryan: Armond Snowden Guy: George N Koulouris "Fairy Tale" Narrator:...


The Sh!t Show

S2E23 - Half the cast is on vacation for 4th of July, so this week Will & George present a "clip show" of unaired clips from the editing room floor. George interviews his mom (S1E7), we discover Will's obsession with the Titanic (S2E20), TJ steals French fries from a stranger (S2E17), we dig through a souvenir a suitor left behind with our friend Ashley (S2E11), and Neal Reddy reveals what goes on behind-the-scenes of Netflix's Queer Eye. (Airdate: 7/6/2019) Episode 23 Show Notes Special...


Happy Gopher's Day!

S2E22 - We're talking about jobs on this very special Gopher's Day episode. George bumped into his old boss, TJ wants to become the Queen's social media manager, Alexandria auditions for a commercial, we eavesdrop on an interview in Audio Theater, and TJ interviews a Pizza Guy. (Airdate: 06/29/2019) Episode 22 Notes: "Mr. Whisper" Katie: Sorrell Sanders Paulie aka Mr. Whisper: Daniel Annone Written by: George N Koulouris Edited by: Jane Boynton * * * Special thanks to our Pizza Guy,...


Nuns Punching Vegans

S2E21 - We are in a post-wedding bliss this week as Will discuss highlights from his big day, TJ reports on what he witnessed at Bonnaroo, Alex calls out an actress who went to crazy lengths to get Tyler Perry's attention, and we get an update on our Democratic Primary Fantasy League. (Airdate: 06/22/2019)


The Scarlett O'Hara of India

S2E20 - Sleep-deprived TJ begins this week's episode by blowing a raspberry into the microphone, Alexandria recalls a sleepless trauma of her own, TJ casts us in his favorite TV shows, our friend Saf stops by to update us on his journey to becoming a scarier person, and then we surprise him with a special guest, Queer Eye's Neal Reddy. (Airdate: 6/15/2019) Episode Notes: Special thanks to Saf Patel and Neal Reddy (@neallovesyou) for joining us in studio this week. See Neal's...


TJ Finds Out that He's on a Podcast

S2E19 - We've got a lot going on this week in the FPIK studio. Will discovers Buddhism, George gossips about Tibetan monks, TJ lists the films that have shaped him, service industry veteran, Roxy, returns to share more of her tips for success, we attempt sketch comedy therapy, and the hosts toast Will on his wedding day. (Airdate: 6/8/2019)


Queer Eye over Troubled Waters

S2E18 - This week we are joined by a special guest, comedian and Queer Eye success-story, Neal Reddy. Will has a Queer Eye experience of his own while suit shopping, newlywed Alexandria gives unsolicited marriage advice, TJ creates menus for major life events, we play a troubled game of Name That Tune, and then explore dating in 2019 with a revisit to TJ's Tinder Theater. (Airdate 6/1/2019) Episode 18 Show Notes: Special Thanks to the hilarious Neal Reddy (@neallovesyou) for joining us...