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The G Spot Cast Episode #19 "Creepingoutsara"

Episode 19- Creeping Out Sara What are the rules of dating? Are there rules? What do you expect from someone you plan on dating? Does the man pay for everything, open doors and chew with their mouth closed? Or do you just go in blindly and not expect anything from people? . . . #dating #rulesofdating #50firstdates #tellmemore #podcast #podcasts #itunes #iheartradio #menandwomen


The G Spot Cast Episode #18 "They're Trying To Build A Prison"

Episode 16- They're Trying To Build A Prison In this episode we talk about out the American Prison system. Is it punishment? Is it rehabilitation? Is it worth what it costs the government. Is there a better a way about it? We all have our opinions until we have a personal experience with it. Warning: Scott says "right" way too much and I tell my kid to get the fk out of the room


The G Spot Cast Episode #17 "Five Points About The Yakuza"

Episode 17- Five Points About The YakuzaThis episode we talk about gangs. But not your modern day Crips and Bloods. We dive into the history of the Yakuza and the original Gangs of New York. We have fun researching this and learned a shit ton and hope you learn something too! ..Email: Subscribe. Share. Tell your friends. Give us your first born. Nope. Nevermind. Keep 'em .#gangs #fivepoints #yakuza #originalgangs #deadrabbits #japanese #irish #dirtypoliticians...


The G Spot Cast Episode #16 "Dead People Rock"

Episode 16-- Dead people rockThis episode we try to keep the crudeness down as we are joined by the raddest 15 yr old around, Nick, who you may remember from episodes past and as Mercedes' youngest son.Nick's career aspiration is to be a history teacher and trust us, we get schooled on each of our favorite historical figures. It's like he's a human encyclopedia!Can you tell us who painted our episode art?? Let's see who knows!. Listen to us on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Google...


The G Spot Cast Episode #15 "American AS Fuck"

Episode 15 -American As FuckLet's get political!!! We just couldn't help ourselves. History has a way of repeating itself and society has a way of forgetting. Families are being separated with the government's "Zero Tolerance" stand on on immigration. On today's episode we talk about the very gray issue of immigration and our fine nation's history of imprisoning groups of people based off of their skin color. #CherokeeRelocation #JapaneseInternment #immigration #racism #relocation...


The G Spot Cast Episode #14 "Suicidal Tendencies"

Episode 14- Suicidal Tendencies**TRIGGER WARNING, not for sensitive listeners. We discuss suicide and even joke about it. But it's no laughing matter. If you or someone you know, are having thoughts of suicide, please reach out to someone, or call the numerous hotlines such as 1-800-273-8255**We invited Matthew Mitchell of The Small Town Sinners to cohost this episode. He didn't disappoint. He brought his wit and humor to help us discuss this very serious topic.Over the last couple of weeks...


The G Spot Cast Episode #13 "Axis Of Awesome"

Episode 13- Axis of Awesome.This week’s episode is all about Ryan Reynolds. Nothing but Ryan Reynolds. All of Ryan Reynolds. And maybe we talk about some other lame shit, like conspiracy theories we believe could be true. The best and worst birthday gifts we’ve ever gotten. What we want to happen to our bodies after we die. The sexiest super hero (ahem, Ryan Reynolds).Join us for another episode that may or may not be pure shit. Help us get to 300 downloads this week…...Find us on iTunes....


The G Spot Cast Episode #12 "Odd Jobs"

Episode 12....OddJobs. What did you want to be when you grew up? A doctor? A vet? A dentist? How about a professional breast milk dealer? A professional place in line holder? This episode Scott and Mercedes talk about what their dream jobs were as children and then what their dream odd job would be. What do you think our favorite odd jobs are? What's yours? You want to be a mortician don't you? A taxidermist? A snake dentist?


The G Spot Cast Episode #11 "You Might be in a Cult if......"

Episode 11- You might be in a cult if... This week's episode we talk about our favorite cult. Wait? Is that a thing? Can you really have a FAVORITE cult? They come in all forms, sex cults, murder cults, follow the one true Lord and Savior cult. The wealthy and the poor are both vulnerable to being drawn in by the mind control of a cult. Fuck. YOU might be in a cult and not even know it!!!! Find us on iTunes. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Share us like an STD with your love ones


The G Spot Cast Episode #10 "10 Things I Hate About Scott Berry"

Episode 10- 10 Things I Hate About Scott Berry!!! In our latest episode we discuss our favorite concert. But not before we talk about everything else completely unrelated to concerts. You know, like Mercedes's recent decision to get sober, the Golden State Killer, Korea, looking stupid while drunk, stupid pictures that have been taken of us while drunk, the recent alleged Bako Baby Killer (you heard it here first folks), Kaleb Kessinger. Eventually we get on topic. Really.


The G Spot Cast Episode #9 "Shits-n-Giggles"

Episode 9- Shits-N-Giggles This week we take turns guessing what each other's favorite (or newest) obsession is. What's yours? Do you have a secret obsession? It's feet isn't it? You're obsessed with feet! I fucking knew it!!!!


The G Spot Cast Episode #8 "Singing in the Rain"

Episode 8...Singing In The RainWe all have a favorite movie. But how do we pick a favorite movie? Is it the characters? How many times we watch it? How it moves us? This week discover a couple of our favorite movies! We play a game. We phone a friend. We talk about Mercedes's time as a CNA and pulling poop out of patients!! Good times ahead!


The G Spot Cast Episode #7 "Boomstick"

Try to deny it all you want but you know you have a strange fascination with murder too. There's a whole subculture of people who are either mildly interested or down right obsessed with stories of murder and the fucked up bastards that commit them. This week, we talk about who our favorite murderer is and how their crimes have created a fascination with murder


The G Spot Cast Episode #6 "Shaking like a Dog Shitting Razor Blades"

Episode 6- Shaking like a dog shitting razor blades..... Join Scott and Mercedes in a very cerebral discussion about Human Evolution-how far we've come in the last couple of centuries and where we think we might be in the future *SPOILER ALERT* If you have not watched "Altered Carbon," we discuss the show in great length and we will not be held accountable for spoiling it for you. We've warned you...stop what you're doing, put your cat down, the baby can wait.... Go watch it right now!!...


The G Spot Cast Episode #3 “Elon Musk Saves the World”

Welcome to our Third Episode! Today we are excited to tell you all about an exciting event of the Falcon Heavy launch!


The G Spot Cast Episode #2 “Waif Girl”

Episode 2- Join us as we get to the root of why Mercedes is the hot mess she is. As a child of the 80’s, she was often left to care for herself with little to no adult supervision. She often found herself in situations kids should never be in. We only touch on the surface of her fucked up childhood, which means that, yes, there’s more to come!! Also, let’s play a game called “How many times does Mercedes say ‘Fucked up'” in this episode!!


The G Spot Cast Episode #1 “Bad Parentsl”

Day by day, more horrors are revealed about this fucked up family. “Dead dogs and cats” were found in one of their homes. “Waste high filth.” What. In. The. Actual. Fuck. This week with our first upload explore the reality that is bad parents.