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Ep. 78 - Magician & New Georgia Wonder Tiffany Allen!

"If I had stopped there, it would've been fine." This week, Daniel GreenWolf and Bella sit down with Magician, Georgia Wonder, Princess and more Tiffany Allen! We talk about horrendous mistakes made with famous people, the development of the Georgia Wonder act, profanity, getting into bar fights, magicians being sexist jack wagons and so much more! We were joined by Krystal Younglove, Joseph Daniels, Joey Vasquez, Christopher Strange, and David Parr on this episode. To find out more...


Ep 77- Princess-Mermaid-Pirate-Superhero Desiree DePaola-Ramick

This week, Daniel sits down one on one with Cosplayer, Party Event Specialist, Mermaid, Princess, Pirate, & Business Person Desiree DePaola-Ramick! They talk about theatre, martial arts, creating a party experience, getting locked into a character, the balance between performing for kids and adults and so much more! To find out about Desiree, go to Also you can follow her on Instagram @MagicalEventsNJ & @Des1127 -------------------------- And you can Follow Host...


Ep. 76- A Live Hosticity! (Kind of...)

We are back, and we're kicking it off with an episode full of Hosticity goodness! We talk about being filmed for an episode of Extreme Love (And how we're not that extreme at all), we answer questions about polyamory, and so much more. Check it out! Here's the link to the Extreme Love video (Over 25 million views!) And here's the link to the Buzzfeed Live Q & A we did about...


Ep 75 - Jim Sisti Number 2

"I've lived my entire life backwards." This week, Daniel GreenWolf sits down with Magician, creator, author, and the much better voiced Jim Sisti. They talk about all different aspects of magic and technology, they dig a little into Jim's history of performing and where he is now, but focus on Richard Robinson and his epic work, The Robinson Wizard's Magic Encyclopedia. To find out more about Robinson Wizard's Magic Encyclopedia, go to: And to find out more about Jim...


Ep. 74 - Vlad the Gothic Magician (#2)

"The only thing 'Twilight' should be used for is to even out a table that needs to be balanced." This week, we conclude our amazing mini-series of the East Coast Spirit Sessions Sessions with the one, the only, the returning, the Vampire himself- Vlad. With an additional plethora of special guest hosts including Brandon & Hannah Wagster, David Parr, and Bella GreenWolf, they all talk about Vlad's performing philosophy, highlights of East Coast Spirit Sessions, issues with Magic Competitions...


Ep. 73 -Awesometastic Illusionist Team The Wagsters

"We Don't Even Go To This School." "Do we have to tell this story?" "Yes. We do." This week, Daniel GreenWolf & Bella (with special co-host Vlad) sit down with the Illusionist Duo of the Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach, Brandon & Hannah Wagster. They talk about Harry Potter, Hannah and her Ginger-ness, the dynamic of being a team on and off stage, Egos in the world of Performance Arts (Spoiler Alert- It exists), touring a magic show vs. having a theatre to call home, and so much...


Ep. 72- Magician of The Dark Cabaret Joseph Daniels

And here we go! This week, Daniel GreenWolf & Bella (with special co-host guests) sit down with one of the Magicians of The Dark Cabaret, Magician & Actor Joseph Daniels. They talk about being in theatre & movies, running a Bizarre Magic show in a very Religious area, obsessions with illusions, Swedish Fish and various Gummy Items, and so much more! If you want to know more about The Dark Cabaret & Joseph Daniels, go to: You can also follow them on...


Ep. 71 with Magician (And Penn & Teller Fooler) David Parr!

So we are back and we have an amazing episode for you. This week, magician, author, and Penn & Teller Fool Us Champion David Parr joins us for another of our East Coast Spirit Sessions on location from Myrtle Beach, SC. David Parr and Daniel, along with co-hosts Vlad the Gothic Magician, Bella GreenWolf, Krystal Younglove and Christopher Thisse, talk about what it was like to be on Penn & Teller Fool Us, what it's like to run a weekly show in Chicago for over a decade, talk about the new...


Ep. 70- The Indestructible Krystal Younglove & Christopher Strange The WitchDoctor Pt. 2!

And we continue! Sorry for being a week late, but we're back in the swing of things with the second part of the East Coast Spirit Sessions Sessions that we recorded in Myrtle Beach, SC. This was Part two of the interview with Sideshow Artist, Stilt Performer and Fire Dancer the Indestructible Krystal Younglove and Christopher Strange the Witch Doctor. (Go Back to Episode 69 For the first part) With co-host Bella (And guest Vlad the Gothic Magician & David Parr), Daniel GreenWolf talks...


Ep. 69- The Indestructible Krystal Younglove & Christopher Strange The WitchDoctor Part 1!

"I finally get on a Podcast and all it's just bickering back and forth." And we begin! The first part of the East Coast Spirit Sessions Sessions that we recorded in Myrtle Beach, SC. This was Part one of the interview with Sideshow Artist, Stilt Performer and Fire Dancer the Indestructible Krystal Younglove and Christopher Strange the Witch Doctor. With co-host Bella, Daniel GreenWolf talks with Krystal & Chris about how Krystal got started in performing, the goings on of the...


Ep. 68 - Hosticity Maximus!

Happy New Year everyone! After three weeks off from episodes, we are back with one we recorded two weeks ago... wait, what? But it's a Hosticity! A Full one! With Kim, Bella, Ken and the Ginger Daniel GreenWolf. And we talk about Kim's very successful Frost Moon Feast, we talk about sexual harassment, how traffic cops can suck, and so much more! It's an hour of random silliness with your full cast, so listen in! And you can find out more about Frost Moon Feast by following it on Facebook...


Ep 67- Actor, Improviser, & Graphic Artist Nick DeSimone

This week, Host Daniel GreenWolf sat down with Renaissance Actor, Improvisational Actor, Graphic Designer, and Game Designer Nick DeSimone. In this episode, they talk about their journey along the path of performing Magic, creating role-playing games, improvisational theatre, self-doubt, and dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. They also dive into their combined pasts with Haunted Houses, Renaissance Faires, various Graphic Design based ventures, and so very much...


Ep. 66 - Magician & Author Ben Zabin!

This week, Daniel GreenWolf sits down one-on-one with Magician and author Ben Zabin. At only 19, he has already won multiple Magic Competitions, worked with Las Vegas Superstar Mac King, Performed in front of Penn & Teller, and has created an awesome book which is pulled from the horror stories of himself and other magicians called "AbracaDAMMIT!" In this interview, they talk about the state of Magic, how Ben turned failure into Gold, and so much more. To find out more about Ben Zabin,...


Ep. 65- Renaissance Performer Dan Kostelec aka Shakespeare Approves!

"What is this Podcast?" A better question was never asked on this show. This week, Daniel & Ken sat down with Renaissance Performer, podcaster, and huge Geek Dan Kostelec, also known as William Shakespeare of the wildly successful One-Man Show Shakespeare Approves! Inside, we geek out about the Bard Himself, Doctor Who, Star Trek (In which, if you listen, you can actually win a "Gingers Are Magic" sticker), and our obsession with other podcasts, particularly West Wing Weekly (We love you...


Ep. 64 - Vaudevillian Magician Adam Parisi & Illusionist David Garrity (Part 2)

That's right, one and all- we're back with part 2 of this epic conversation between Host Daniel GreenWolf, Co-Host Ken Briodagh and Magicians Adam Parisi & David Garrity. In this conclusion of our discussion, we tackle creativity, competitions, mixing Magic with other Variety arts, and we air some grievances with the community we truly Love. It's a little naughty, it's a little thought-provoking, but it's certainly a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Episode. To find out more about Adam...


Ep. 63-Vaudevillian Magician Adam Parisi & Illusionist David Garrity (Part 1)

We're back baby! This time, we brought the thunder AND the lightning. This week, we have the first part of our two-part episode with Award-Winning Magician Adam Parisi and Illusionist David Garrity. Along with co-host Ken Briodagh, Host Daniel GreenWolf talks with the magicians about originality, horrible people in magic, movies, the internet in more. You're gonna need a roadmap to keep track of all the places this episode goes. To find out more about Adam Parisi: He also...


Ep. 62- The Epic Irish Pub Band Three Pints Shy!

"I remember when I was 10." "I don't remember. Thank YOU Weed." This week, Daniel GreenWolf sat down with 3/4's of the Irish Pub band Three Pints Shy (Specifically David Mikofsky, Robbie Taylor, & Jonathan Siregar. David Anthony could not be there because of an impending lawsuit involving farm animals. We're pulling for you David! We don't believe the Newspapers for a second!) They talk about Renaissance Faires, Music, Depression, Racism, Killing Former Band Mates, Drugs,...


Ep. 61: Fantasy Author Conri!

"Wow, I am creating divides in my own interview. I'm off to a great start and I blame you!" This week, Co-Host Ken (with random interjections by Co-Host Vanessa) and I sat down once again with the fantabulous Fantasy Author Conri! This episode is chock-full of insane ramblings about all aspects of Geek culture, we imagine Faith Middleton having a mental breakdown, and talk about Conri's new book, The Chronicles of An Domhan! To find out about how you can help Conri get published...


Ep. 60: Washing Well Wenches Danielle Dupont & Genesee Spridco

This week, which is the last of the Sherwood Forest Series recorded back in March, Daniel GreenWolf got to sit down with Danielle Dupont & Genesee Spridco of the Washing Well Wenches and so many more things that they get into in this episode. They talk about breaking into Renaissance Faires (literally), the performing life, creating an entirely new kind of show, a very cool discussion on feminism in entertainment, the RESCU Foundation, and so very much more! (Special Guest Host Paolo...


Ep. 59: Musician, Juggler, Magician, Jester, Gypsy, Renaissance Man Carl Asch

"It was literally like I was channeling someone with a Death Wish" This episode was recorded during the Sherwood Forest Faire back in March, and Daniel got to sit down with the fantabulous Renaissance Man, Carl Asch. With special co-host Paolo Garbanzo, we talk about getting into Music, the old days of Renaissance Faires, traveling the world, raising children in this insane world- and so much more! Join us in our little NSFW adventure! (Naughty words ahead) To find out more about Ren...