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Monday Mocha with Madame Gandhi

Hello all! Ah, it's been a couple of weeks since we've caught up hey? We've got a couple of episodes of The Ginni Show coming out - and this one is the last Monday Mocha. Oh no! But, I wanted to finish the last Monday Mocha of Season 3 with a bang. Madame Gandhi, otherwise known as Kiran Gandhi was MIA's drummer. Now, taking a leap into her own solo career and channeling all the feminine energy she can, she is teaching unity and female empowerment through her music. I had the pleasure of...


Monday Mocha with Chris Howson

Today's Monday Mocha is with someone who I've known for a number of years, but have never met. Remember back in the day when we used to have Pen-Pals? This guy is kinda like my pen pal except we've never written a letter to each other. I used to listen to his morning show on Proud FM in Canada and he used to listen to mine on JOY 94.9 with Adam Samuel. We followed each other on Twitter, added each other to facebook - sent emoji's across the web here and there, but we'd actually never...


#26 The Why

What is your why? It sounds like one of the most simple questions, but it's so powerful that it can determine any outcome and the understanding behind every outcome. A lot of business leaders and inspirational speakers talk about "the why," behind a product or action and how this is what gravitates an outcome to it. If you can put the time into understanding your why - your personal why and the "why" behind your business project or any project for that matter. You'll find that the more...


Monday Mocha with Chris Zaino

Wow, today's Monday Mocha I could have almost done without the actual Mocha. I'm kidding. Why did I say that? I hope the mochas didn't hear me. The episode had so much fire in it that you almost didn't need a Mocha or any caffeinated beverage to get through it. It's no secret that one of my favorite podcasts is The Gary Vee Audio Experience. Gary talks a lot about hustle, hard work and making content. Dr. Chris Zaino DM'd me on Instagram about my podcast and said some nice things....


#25 Great Expectations (Not By Dickens)

Happy New Year everyone! How did you spend it? I'm guessing most of you made New Years Resolutions? Did you know that stats say that 80% of resolutions fail by February? So we're halfway on the way to failing already! It was New Years Resolutions that actually inspired this episode. The very fact that when it comes to the end of one year and the beginning of the next, we make goals, resolutions, lists of things we want to achieve by the end of the next year. Naturally, this sets...


Monday Mocha with Dr Seku Gathers

Happy New Year Everyone! So last week, you got a dose of "The Ginni Snow." I couldn't get the episode out as I was snowed in! But safe to say the actual "Ginni Show," is back on Wednesday. It's been crazy cold weather here in New York. I got my first experience in shovelling show. It was fun until I couldn't feel my hands anymore. The other fun part of snow is knowing how much to layer. It's a catch. If you layer too much, it means that every single establishment you walk into, there's a...


The Ginni Snow

It's the Ginni Snow! No really it is! Because I'm snowed in and it's been FREAKIN cold in New York, The Ginni Show will come out a couple days later. Stay tuned because the snow makes you kinda crazy. Crazy happy and crazy crazy! Let's do this!


Happy Holidays from Ginni

Take this snippet as me sending you a holiday card! And a thank you card really. In our world today, time seems to be getting more and more scarce, it’s a true gift when you get to share time with someone and that you give them your attention. It's a shame we only really allow ourselves to do this a few times a year. Have a happy Holiday - be that little bit kinder and all the merry wishes from my heart to yours! I’ll be back on Wednesday January 3 with more crazy for The Ginni Show and...


#24 Smiles Can Change Lives

When you move to a bigger city, everything is amplified. More people, more cars on the road, more fashion….more happy and even more crazy. Even though the initial move is exciting as you’re about to embark on a new adventure, when the excitement is over, human beings naturally tend to be complacent. The excitement dies down and we give into the daily grind. There’s so many things that are being communicated to us. So many opportunities to be kinder that we let pass us by…even in the...


Monday Mocha with Joel Beasley

Hello everyone! Wow, a week before Christmas exactly! Have you been naughty or nice? Either way I hope Santa is good to you. I’m currently sitting at a café in Brooklyn waiting for my next guest. This guy has had amazing success. He learned to code when he was just 13 - can you believe it? When I was 13, my milestone was the fact that Ammi actually let me go to and from school unescorted for the most part. My next guest sold his first technology at 18 for a million dollars. WOW! He’s...


#23 Your Boldest Cheerleaders

This Episode is about resistance to the one thing that is only consistent in our lives – Change. My belief is that there are two types of humans – those who live in curiosity and those who take curiosity as a gateway to opportunity, evolution and experiences. Sometimes those who live in curiosity as just happy doing that. They’re happy living vicariously through others and it brings them joy that they can do that. And then there are those who make commentary, judgements and form unhealthy...


Monday Mocha with Tomboy Tirade

This Monday Mocha Episode is a special tribute. Why I started this particular podcast on top of the usual Wednesday episodes of The Ginni Show is that I wanted to help you start your Monday’s with that extra spring in your step that may or may not have a helping hand from a caffeinated beverage of some sort. This episode is a special tribute to Persis Shanker – one of the hosts of Tomboy Tirade – one of Asia’s biggest girl podcasts. I’m joined by Persis herself and her co hosts Joanna,...


#22 935 kilograms of Holiday Spirit

It's December! Can you believe we are finally at the last month of 2017? I say finally because around this time of year, we tend to reflect on everything we have achieved and everything we haven't. Pair that reflection up with the holiday cheer, wrapping up things before the parties and festivities and some of us have to also cram in the shopping, it can feel like a lot of weighing in on you this time of year. This episode has to do with looking for the spirit, the generosity and love...


Monday Mocha with Kath Rento and Mike Genitsaris

This week's Monday Mocha is with a couple of champions who, even though yell at me on a frequent basis, are one of the most loveliest and hardest working duo's around. Kath Rento and Mike Genitsaris are the owners of Pick It Up Fitness - Melbourne's East Side Fitness specialists. From working hard, deploying empathy and positivity into their own lives, I sit down with Kath and Mike and we talk about what they care about, if they take their phones to the bathroom and just who they would...


#21 The Butterflies Won't Eat You

The day I learnt that Butterflies didn't have the ability to eat me was one of the most liberating days of my life. I was 12 and I watched a Cethosia butterfly fly away. Celebrate the wins, people. No matter how big of small they are. I've heard many spiritual teachers say that in life, humans tend to look at things in two ways; out of love or out of fear. When we opt for the latter, we go down a spiral of anxiety and darkness and it's generally a projection of things that don't exist in...


Monday Mocha with Christopher Plowman

It was so awesome to have The Ginni Show return last Wednesday. And this week, Monday Mocha is back! Monday Mocha is an opportunity I have to sit down and have a coffee with an awesome individual who is doing something inspiring in the world. I love starting my Monday's with such inspirational chats and of course, an excuse to drink copious amounts of coffee! This week, I have a coffee with Christopher Plowman, the CEO of popular meditation app Insight Timer. He's a fellow Aussie and he...


#20 It's Ok To Like Your Own Music

When we're in a world where we are constantly seeking the approval of others, we tend to second guess what we intuitively and instinctually feel. This episode is about being ok with liking your own music - a metaphor used to describe how we go about seeking approval from society and in particular our families.


Season 3 : Starts Wednesday Nov 22

Something is stirring, something is coming. Something enchanting and something stunning. An adventure of whimsical sensible. Season 3 of The Ginni Show starts Wednesday November 22.


Monday Mocha with Eljay Aguillo

Where's your safe place? Is it a physical place you can go to and know that you feel completely ok to be yourself? Or is a space you go to when you meditate or a feeling that takes you there. For me, the feeling and the comfort that comes when I am in New York makes it my place. It's one of the reasons why I love New York City, and its from this love that lead me to meeting our next guest. Eljay Aguillo was in a long distance relationship with a lady from Chicago who sent him a Joss Stone...


Monday Mocha with Robyn Exton

Three more Mocha's to go folks. I know I say this about all of the guests, but what I love most about the first Monday Mocha series is the diversity of guests. We've had equality in the sense that we've had the same about of females as we've had males. They all have an inspiring and individual story. Monday's for me have become a day I look forward to than one that I dread. I hope it's been the same for you as well. This guest is someone I would say is the equivalent of the modern day cupid....