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The Journey of 2018

The journey of The Ginni Show this week of mocha's, tuning in, throwbacks, five steps, and brunches continues. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Brunch with Persia White

It's the last brunch of 2018 so I wanted to make it count! It's a throwback episode to about 7 years ago where I had tea with The Vampire Diaries star, Persia White. It was an awesome conversation where we talked about: - The different types of tea there are - What it's like being an actress in Los Angeles - Her music career at the time You can find more about Persia here: Until our next brunch my friends, have a wonderful holiday season, I will see you in...


Throwback Thursday with Lost Girl's Zoie Palmer

Do barista's spell your name correctly when they write it on a coffee cup? I get some variations. Jenny. Genie or Jean. And even though some think my name is denim, I wonder if Zoie Palmer goes through similar experiences? Most known for her role as Dr. Lauren Lewis on the drama Lost Girl, we throwback to Zoie stopping by Rise Up Radio to talk about: Have a happy Thursday! For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Putting Yourself Under Pressure for 2019

There are 19 days left in 2018. You know what that means like? We turn up the pressure on ourselves even though we are winding down for the holiday season. It's the time we reflect back on the 365 days of the year and set goals, resolutions, and things we want to achieve. It's ironic really. We have 365 days in the years but we wait until the last handful to really think about what we want and what makes us happy. In this episode, let's talk about the pressure we put on ourselves and what...


Your Audio Gratitude Journal

On the last Tune in Tuesday of 2018, I wanted to take the time to think about a key ingredient to happiness. Gratitude. After interviewing nearly 1,000 people and reading about the behaviors and habits of successful people - it was a morning routine and gratitude that were key to their day. Oprah herself speaks of gratitude and how she has a gratitude journal. If you aren't used to journalling, here's an episode to help you kick-start your gratitude practice. For information regarding your...


Monday Mocha with Colby Ryan

Colby Ryan joins Ginni on Monday Mocha to talk about his morning routine, what inspires him and what Mondays mean to him. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


The Journey - December 3 - 8

The journey of The Ginni Show this week of mocha's, tuning in, throwbacks, five steps, and brunches continues. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Throwback - Saturday Brunch Date with Seku Gathers

This Saturday, Ginni talks to Dr. Seku Gathers. Seku keeps Ginni up-to-date on all things New York City. He was born in Brooklyn, he knows the city well. Seku is an ER physician, but even with his heavy schedule, he manages to create time for his art. He produces his own music and writes, directs, and acts in his own films. In this episode, Ginni and Seku talk about his memories growing up in Brooklyn, his passions for the arts, and the lessons he learned throughout his career. For...


5 Steps To Prepare for 2019

Happy Friday my friends for this Friday, December 7th on The Ginni Show. As we’re wrapping up for 2018, I thought we’d get into something a little bit different for this 5 Step Friday as I thought I’d talk about 5 Steps to prepare for 2019. It’s that time of year when we are winding down and thinking about the year that’s gone by. We think about the moments in our personal and professionals lives in where we think about how we can do things to better serve our vision of...


Throwback Thursday with Ryan Moloney

Neighbours is a television show that's just as old as I am! It airs weeknights in Australia and this was a show that I grew up with. In this episode, we throwback to an interview I did with Ryan Maloney aka Toadfish Rebecchi and I may have freaked him out slightly as I listed all the life events the character had gone through. Here's ThrowBack Thursday with Ramsey Street's Toadfish Rebecchi. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


A Tale Of A Ginni - Procrastination Happens, Even when you put it off.

Are you supposed to be doing something, right now? An item on your never ending to do list? Perhaps the dishes from the week have piled up to form a building in your sink? This episode dives into distraction and procrastination. It's a way we behave subconsciously when it comes to wanting to create the life we truly desire. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


The Spirit Of Giving

It's that time of year where we are wrapping up with the holiday celebrations. Whether you celebrate Christmas or any of these holidays, it's a time of year where we can wind down and have an opportunity to embark in the spirit of giving. I just finished the bulk of my shopping this year on the weekend and I wanted to think about how I could contribute to the quality of life and happiness of my nearest and dearest. Regardless of the physical or material gift you buy someone, there is so much...


Monday Mocha - Lisa Cordileone

In this episode, Ginni is joined by Lisa Cordileone to talk about her life and experiences in L.A. working as a Voiceover Artist. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


The Journey - November 26 - December 1

The journey this week of mocha's, tuning in, throwbacks, five steps, and brunches continues. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Brunch Date - The Real Brunch

On this brunch date, Ginni talks to one of her good friends Britni Jackson about their airport ordeal, mindset, and the importance of positivity! For information regarding your data privacy, visit


5 Steps to Self Awareness with Dr Chris Zaino

Dr. Chris Zaino was 21 years old in 1998 when he won Mr. America. He was one of the trainers for the Orlando Magic in Orlando and the Xena Warrior Princess; shows we used to have that were awesome. At 26, he was diagnosed with terminal immune disease. It took him into an unknown journey as life does. Through that, he was able to heal himself without traditional medicine. His body healed itself from a terminal disease and he found his way to wellness. Then he went back to school, opened a...


Throwback Thursday with Martina Navratilova

In this episode we throw back to Ginni's interview with tennis legend and LGBT activist Martina Navratonova. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


A Tale Of A Ginni - I Choose Happy

So it’s been 7 months since we’ve caught up. Contrary to popular belief….I didn’t die. I’ve just been settling into a new city, a new home and a whole new lifestyle. I moved house in April, and while it was awesome living in Hipster Brooklyn with cafes and smashed avocado at your doorstep, my appreciation for trees, and laundry in your own home was far more desirable. There's so many things I've learnt living in a new city on the other side of the world - this episode is about happiness...


Tune in Tuesday - A Day at JFK

On this Tune in Tuesday, Ginni is stuck at the airport! What a perfect time to talk about the importance of staying positive and looking at the bright side of any situation! For information regarding your data privacy, visit


Monday Mocha - Isa Herrera

Isa Herrera joins the show to join Ginni for a mocha and discuss her background, her mindset, and her personal tips for work-life balance. For information regarding your data privacy, visit