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Episode 020 - Laura Turned 40

Laura just turned 40. We talk about cum some more but Laura wouldn’t let us name the episode “Cum and Guns pt 2.”


Episode 019 - Cum and Guns

I didn't have a lot of time to write a good description for this episode. I remember us starting off talking about cum. Laura was very uncomfortable with that part of the episode. Alex and Ray were right in their wheelhouses. Laura perked back up though once we started talking about guns. Check it out. Subscribe to us on iTunes and Soundcloud.


Episode 017 - Dressing Up The Goose

Laura has had it with daylight savings time and she lets her feelings be known. We share our expertise on the Alzheimer patient’s experience. Laura and Ray learn who Bryan Silva is. We talk about OJ’s “The Lost Confession” and where we were when the trial verdict was delivered. We talk about the movies that have made us cry.


Episode 016 - Laura's Had It

Laura is a touring comic now and unleashes on this episode. Potholes, guns, the lady she mistakenly called when she thought she was calling Ray. No one is safe. Ray reveals he was having an anxiety attack during our entire last episode thinking about his new job. We had technical difficulties which is unheard of on this podcast. Ray and Alex reveal how big of dorks they were when they were kids.


Episode 015 - I Can’t Imagine Being a Hummus Worker w/Blain Hill

This is part 2 of our swap cast with the Big Time Garbage boys. We open this part with talking about joke premises we want to try out on stage. We talk about some local Michigan politics which is going to be very relevant to most of the people that listen to us. Ray falls asleep while we talk about it. We find out Laura is a big form nerd. We ponder the question, “what is real anymore?” It gets real deep because we are the best minds on the internet to solve these problems. Check out part1...


Episode 014 - Football Bingo

Ray went back to his favorite 90’s themed sports bar where he and his girlfriend were more than likely propositioned by a swinger the night before his birthday. Ray’s dog almost brought down the whole podcast with one wag of his tail. Alex had a migraine, so he was pretty useless. So, no difference there between this or any other episode. Laura continues to be a bad example for her nephew. We mansplain football squares to Laura.


Episode 013 - Dr. Badtop

We’re back after a little hiatus and right out of the gate we find out that Laura has the lesbian equivalent of two full sleeve tattoos. Ray has two sleeves and has his eye on a pant leg; Alex is going to eventually get a capri. We fell behind about 5 sex scandals in our time away. We do our best to catch up. Larry Nassar is a piece of trash. Alex gets to the bottom of the Aziz Ansari situation.


Episode 012 - Glory Time Garbage w/Blain Hill and Brett Mercer

We are back after a holiday hiatus. This episode is another swap cast with our sisters over at the Big Time Garbage podcast. We recorded this one after a Ray and Laura Comedy Showcase at Small's Bar in Hamtramck. I really don't remember what we talked about. They tried to make Alex get political, but that's boring and he #resisted. This was a fun one, listen to it.


Episode 011 - We're So Adulting Today

We're back from a week off. We needed time to come down from throwing the highly successful, inaugural, Big Time Garbage Fest. But we're back to adulting. Laura threw her back out stirring a compost bin. Ray is thinking about going to a chiropractor because. We find out that Moby is lobbying to feed animals glass in California. Men are still abusing women and children. Alex had a great set in front of an LGBTQIA crowd except for the last 30 seconds.


Episode 010 - The Glory Friends P.I. Division w/ Chad Nicefield

Chad Nicefield from the band "Wilson" joins us and talks about his love of the band "Wilson Phillips." Chad also tells us about Morrissey's odd rider requests. Alex's parents were huge Robert Urich fans when he was a kid. We discover that Laura stopped paying attention to pop culture at the exact same time that she started doing stand-up comedy. Ray talks about the time Alex's boyfriend tried to record him in the shower. It's episode 1 without Gingineer Mike. He'll be back. Come to Big...


Episode 008 - The True Crime Episode

We have a full episode this time. Laura talks about the time she was accosted in a library. Ray reads JFK assassination conspiracies to his dad. We learn Gingerneer Mike comes from a long line of Gingerneers. Alex explains society's problems using only analogies and no one knows what the hell he's talking about.


Episode 007.5 - God Hates Gags

We have a half episode for you guys today because I brought an uncharged laptop to our recording session last week and it died. Plus the mics kept dying, so we had to keep starting over. It was a fun night. We talked about sexual abuse. Check it out.


Episode 007 - The Big Time Garbage/Glory Friends Crossover Episode - Part 2

We have Part 2 of The Big Time Garbage/Glory Friends Crossover episode coming at you today! If you missed part 1 (go check out part 1 on the Big Time Garbage Feed on iTunes), check it out on the Big Time Garbage Facebook page. We address Ray's bombshell he dropped on us in part 1. We solve sexual harassment and mass shootings but still can't figure out why Blain has a receding beard line.


Episode 006 - The Mansplaining Episode

It's Halloween at the Glory Hole and we talk favorite costumes growing up. Mike mansplains fracking to Laura. Ray tells us about breaking into abandoned insane asylums and we talk terrible corporate team building exercises.


Episode 005 - Nurses Who Kill With Air

We talk about a serious epidemic going through our healthcare system right now. That of course is the perfectly undetectable crime of nurses who kill using the very thing fundamental to our exist. Oxygen. We also break Russia-gate wide open on this one. We might win some journalistic awards for this one.


Episode 004 - Pull It In

This one is another one from the deep dark vaults of the past. Laura let's loose on all the HATERZ in this episode. No one is safe from her verbal barrage of bullets. Alex proves that gay men can only speak the truth. Ray tells more stories about his dad and his deadly fists of fury.


Episode 003 - Cathy's Decision

This is one of the episodes we recorded before we named the podcast. It was one of our practice runs, but we decided to release it anyway. In this episode, Ray and Laura were still officially roommates at the time we recorded this and Ray shares some of their eating habits. We throw out ideas for what we should name the podcast and almost make Laura quit in the process. Ray shares some dating advice.


Episode 002 - Roommate Rivalry w/Mat Richards

Things get heated in episode 2. Laura's replacement as Ray's roommate in The Gloryhole Studio, Mat Richards joins us. The tension in the air was thick but I think we all came out of the experience with clear heads and consciences.


Episode 001 - Marcia Clarks Very Good No Bad Horrible Day

This is our first episode and we cover a lot. Laura feels for the plight of Marcia Clark, Ray's dad is a one-man army against teenage bullies, and Alex watches a very special episode of Diff'rent Strokes.


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