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Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o have been podcasting since before podcasting was called podcasting! Now the guys are back together, and having a few laughs, and listen to incredible interviews with actors, musicians, comedians, activists, professional athletes and more!

Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o have been podcasting since before podcasting was called podcasting! Now the guys are back together, and having a few laughs, and listen to incredible interviews with actors, musicians, comedians, activists, professional athletes and more!




Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o have been podcasting since before podcasting was called podcasting! Now the guys are back together, and having a few laughs, and listen to incredible interviews with actors, musicians, comedians, activists, professional athletes and more!




Episode 45 with The Whispers

Great news everyone! The number 45 has officially been restored to its former greatness. Although it may represent the worst U.S. president of our lifetime, it now also denotes what is arguably your new favourite episode of The Godfathers of Podcasting! On this week's show, Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o chop up a mixed bag of talk involving Dr. Seuss, The Muppets and Eminem. The boys then welcome the most legendary guests the show has ever been blessed to interview - the iconic,...


Episode 44 with Kwame Damon Mason

On this week’s episode of The Godfathers of Podcasting, Donnie, Tid and Dan enter into one of the most spirited debates in the show’s history! And things only get taken up a notch when the boys welcome their very special guest, Kwame Damon Mason (but just call him Kwame) to the show! The director of the incredible hockey documentary “Soul On Ice: Past, Present & Future” joins the crew in a discussion covering everything from racism within hockey culture, Don Cherry’s tainted legacy, the...


Episode 43 with Master T

You could argue that Episode 43 has all the makings of "Movie 43" because it's a wild and crazy star-studded event. In addition to honouring Black History Month, The Godfathers of Podcasting offer their respects to some recently-fallen stars, discuss the resurgence of a superhero franchise and then welcome one of the biggest stars in Canadian media history. On this week's show, Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o welcome former MuchMusic VJ, and current host of RX Music Live, the radio and...


Episode 42 with Bif Naked

You demanded we bring her back for an encore, and HERE SHE IS! This week The Godfathers Of Podcasting hang out with Godmother Of Punk - the one and only Bif Naked! On this week's show, the guys talk to Bif about veganism, being married 3 times, her feelings about a word that some people consider to be particularly crass, being an inspiration to so many, the totally inappropriate behavior she was subjected to early in her career and SO much more! Bif will be performing a live concert this...


Episode 41 with George Stroumboulopoulos

Black History Month has officially kicked off, and The Godfathers Of Podcasting are all about it. On this week’s show, we highlight great names in Black History and encourage all of you to learn a little bit more this month. Also on this week’s show: a little Super Bowl chatter, talk about what the guys are watching on TV and more. Our featured guest this week is Canadian media icon - George Stroumboulopoulos. The boys go way back with George, and this is a fun little reunion. Donnie,...


Episode 40 with Aron Stevens

This week, The Godfathers of Podcasting are back with a very unique episode! After lamenting on the loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna one year ago today, the boys discuss the legacy of Larry King, touching on celebrity culture in general and its ability to inspire us all. Today’s special guest is one like no other! Donnie, Tid and Dan welcome former WWE superstar, actor and all-around amazing dude, Aron Stevens a.k.a. Damien Sandow. The boys engage in a very fascinating...


Episode 39 with Carlos Newton

Welcome to the first installment of The Godfathers Of Podcasting in the post-Trump era!! On this week’s show, Donnie, Tid and Dan discuss Biden’s inauguration, FIBA’s ridiculous fine of Canada Basketball, the hunt for Big Foot and more!! Chris Tidwell also gives an update on his lovely wife Kelly who was diagnosed with cancer late in 2020. Our featured guest this week is a 5 time Canadian Jiu Jitsu Champion, and the former UFC Welterweight Champion - “The Ronin” Carlos Newton! Check it...


Episode 38 with Ray Ray Mcelrathbey

Welcome back everyone! This week, Donnie, Tid and Dan-e-o got to sit down with Ray Ray Mcelrathbey. His real life story is the subject of a new Disney movie - "Safety" (streaming now on Disney+). In this interview, Ray Ray talks about which parts of his life were portrayed accurately, and which parts were Hollywood magic well as what parts of his story COULDN'T be shown in a Disney film! This is a great chat with an absolutely outstanding human. Check it out and visit his...


Episode 37 with Dave Curran

Happy New Year and welcome back to The Godfathers Of Podcasting! Donnie, Dan-e-o and Tid are thrilled to be back, making a new episode for all of you - despite the insane levels of civil unrest. Of course, we dedicate a chunk of this episode to th terrorism acts that happened in Washington this week, as well as a discussion on conspiracy theories, and where does the US go from here… Our featured guest this week is the “Bad Boy Of Hypnosis”, the great Dave Curran. In addition to being a...


Episode 36 with Christmas Abbott

The Godfathers Of Podcasting are here with our final episode of 2020! Yes we’re taking a two week break to enjoy the holidays, but we’ll be back when the calendar flips! We couldn’t end the year with anything less than a serious banger though! On this week’s show, the boys talk about Tom Cruise yelling at the crew of Mission Impossible 7, a rock star yelling at toxic fans, Ohio residents yelling about their baseball team and people yelling about lockdowns! Our featured guest this week is...


Episode 35 with Choclair

The Godfathers Of Podcasting are back with another big installment of shit talk radio! The boys discuss a bunch of random things off the top including, Dan's obsession with a certain number, Donnie's feelings about the final season of one of his favourite TV shows, and Tid's thoughts on Logan Paul VS Money Mayweather! Our featured guest is the one and only, Choclair! He's been holdin it down for the last 4 decades and now he has a BRAND NEW single being released at 9AM on December 9th 2020,...


Episode 34 with Eric Young

Old school fans of Donnie, Tid and Dan are going to be VERY happy this week as episode 34 is a call back to our past lives in combat sports radio, as we interview an old pal ... Impact Wrestling star, the World Class Maniac - Eric Young! EY talks about his time in WWE, and his release that came with the COVID-19 layoffs. He also talks about his rise from small town Ontario to almost 20 years as a TV star! It's a fun interview with one of our old pals! Check it out!


Episode 33 with Alan Frew

Did you miss us?? We've bee off for almost 2 weeks, but we're back with a vengeance! Your boys Donnie, Dan-e-o and Tid are in the house and ready to tear it up. Tune in to hear the guys talk about Trump still not conceding, the player movement within the NBA, the upcoming Tyson / Jones fight and so much more! Our featured guest this week is Canadian Rock Royalty! He is the front man of Glass Tiger - the one and only Alan Frew! In this interview Alan talks about everything from, why people...


Episode 32 with Marci Warhaft

It's bye bye Donald Trump week AND it's Notorious T.I.D. Chris Tidwell's birthday!! Lots of fun chat this week that is kicked off by a fun video courtesy of the brilliant Van Vuuren Bros before we welcome author Marci Warhaft to the show. Her new book. The Good Stripper: A Memoir of Lies, Loss and Lapdances has made huge waves since it was recently released and with good reason. It's raw, unmitigated truth and bravery, and cathartic tale of a woman's battle with incredible obstacles....


Episode 30 with Diane Franklin

The Godfathers have hit another milestone! 30 episodes! Can’t stop - won’t stop! On the pre-election / pre-Halloween episode there’s plenty of talk about the next president of the United States and our fav Horror films (yes, we see the irony too). Our special guest this week has been in MANY classic horror films, as well as comedies, romance pictures and more. She’s also an author and a producer and a total class act. Our guest is Diane Franklin. Amongst many other things, Diane talks...


Episode 29 with Pat Mastroianni

The Godfathers are back with another huge episode with our special guest Pat Mastrionanni aka Joey Jeremiah of Degrassi fame! In this interview, Pat discusses his most cringe-worthy performances, how Canadian television has evolved, the passing of his old friend Neil “Wheels” Hope, and so much more! Don’t miss it!


Episode 28 ½ with Godfrey Mangwiza

Well, this is something different. Reality TV star Godfrey Manzwiga was scheduled to be our featured guest during Episode 28. Technical issues made sure that didn’t happen, but as luck would have it, everything got sorted out shortly after the live show ended. Donnie stuck around, and did a 1 on 1 interview with the runner up of Big Brother Canada season 3. In this interview, Donnie and Godfrey talk openly about the nuts and bolts and seldom talked about aspects of Big Brother, and reality...


Episode 28 with Rico Montana

Episode 28 is here, and it’s not anything like what we had planned! This week’s episode was meant to feature reality TV star Godfrey Manzwiga and former pro wrestler Rico Montana. Unfortunately, Godfrey encountered all kinds of technical issues while the show was live… so this turned into an extended chat with our old pal Rico. In this episode, Rico talks about how close he came to signing with WWE, and which former World Champions were pushing hard for him to get a deal, and what he would...


Episode 27 with Bif Naked

Mark our words – this week’s episode is FIRE! Donnie, Dan and Tid start off with a tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen, then talk about Trump, the debates, the new Drew Barrymore show, the Jonathan Price story, and more! Then, legendary singer / songwriter / actress / author / poet / entrepreneur / Cancer ass kicker Bif Naked joins the show! Bif is so authentic, and absolutely wonderful as she talks about so many different things including: new music that she has coming out, the business...