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A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9, we're reviewing Star Trek: Voyager from beginning to end. Check out Greatest Trek, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!


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A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9, we're reviewing Star Trek: Voyager from beginning to end. Check out Greatest Trek, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!




Leola Root Gruel (VOY S5E9)

When Tom Paris finds a cause that fulfills his childhood dreams, BLT eggs him on to get a 30-day break from their relationship. But when Paris goes rouge in the middle of Captain Janeway’s diplomacy, she’s ready to bomb the Delta Swimmer but settles for jerking Tom’s leash instead. What does a carpeted cell say about the prisoner? Is there a column B in the Prime Directive? Where will you never find any regrets? It’s the epistolary episode with a mathy pivot! Support the production of The...


The Metaphor Has Been Mengele’d (VOY S5E8)

When BLT starts wearing an anime lizard shawl, everyone is up in arms over Doc Holoday’s Cardassian consultant. But even after BLT declines treatment on principle, Captain Janeway makes a call that sends shockwaves through the crew. Should something else have been added to this episode’s warning cloud? What question are we sending to the The Delta Flyers podcast? How deep is BLT’s well of I-told-you-so energy? It’s the episode made for FOBPs! Support the production of The Greatest...


Process of Elimination (VOY S5E7)

When Seven is full of people who are really excited about improv class, Captain Janeway is willing to get risky to help her crew member escape the voices. But when Species 6339 didn’t develop a cure for their biological weapon, BLT is the only person actually helping shut down the infected vinculum. Which fruit has the highest floor and the lowest ceiling? What’s the secret to destroying a Borgs cube? Should we teach the Federation xenocide controversy? It’s the episode with opposite water...


Gary’s Glitter (VOY S5E6)

When Chakotay and Kim are the only survivors of a terrible math accident, they’re ready to go to extreme measures to set things right for Voyager. But when Captain La Forge shows up to stop their plan, survivors’ guilt leads to an all-in bet on changing history. Who is the fax machine of this episode? Has Garrett Wang won every single Star Trek prop auction? Did Harry kill someone for this mission? It’s the episode that predates the Christopher Nolanification of time travel! Support the...


The Meryl Streep of Ferns (VOY S5E5)

When an ion storm buries the Delta Flyer under 30 kilotons of poisonous rock, Samantha Wildman is seriously injured and no one remembered to bring emergency supplies. But with Neelix playing babysitter back on Voyager, his own familial trauma keeps him from being honest with Naomi. Why doesn’t fantasy look good inside of science fiction? Where did Naomi Wildman learn how to hate? When did the grassy self eulogy fall out of favor? It’s the episode that pulls out all the horticultural...


Crank Attack Koi (VOY S5E4)

When Chakotay lands a high-stakes date, he charms her all the way to a third location for intel on Species 42069. But even after some light desecration of Billy’s corpse on Voyager, Captain Janeway believes she can negotiate both peace and freedom with an old friend from Starfleet HQ. What is Boothby’s final frontier? Should Klingon martinis be served in distinctive glassware? Why isn’t there more guy talk in Star Trek? It’s the episode that imagines what goes on in the bathroom on Pon Farr...


Finishing Freighters (VOY S5E3)

When the crew races to complete Tom’s new hotrod shuttle, BLT is busy fighting her way through a bit of a bum out. But when her holodeck habits get put on blast, facing her losses is the only way to save the Delta Flyer. Could a food item turn Ben & Adam into the new Rush Limbaugh of podcasting? Which captain does Roxann Dawson share a costume with? What’s in the pipeline for It’s the episode that does bananas both ways! Support the production of The Greatest...


Swiss Army Bathroom (Gremlins - Holiday Special)

When a bumbling inventor gives a live animal to his son as a present, obeying the strict rules for its care becomes a challenge. But when the town is overrun by the animal’s mutated progeny, it’ll take more than breaking the rules of flash photography to save the town from their mischievous wrath. Is Gremlins in the Back to the Future cinematic universe? Which film achieves "Peak Cates"? Is the provenance of Mrs Deagle’s ceramics evil? It’s the episode that chooses the fun path to death!


Tubules on the Collar (VOY S5E2)

When a transporter accident spawns a Borg fetus in Voyager’s science lab, Captain Janeway lets it gestate just to see how things turn out. But when One hits puberty ahead of schedule, his interest in the collective becomes a concern for Seven. Is it possible to over baffle? Has Mulchaey been living under a rock? Who has the butt for jodhpurs? It’s the episode driven mad by the tell-tale freestyle machine! Support the production of The Greatest Generation. Friends of DeSoto for...


Complex Capitalist (VOY S5E1)

When Voyager is two months into traversing another space obstacle, the crew is struggling with the idea of two more years in the void. But when they meet a Captain Planet villain who offers them a shortcut, Captain Janeway weighs the vortex against her own need for redemption. What kind of person would marry a bit murderer? Were the Hirogen wrong about everything? What makes Janeway’s ready room classy? It’s the episode that never misses an issue of Kojak Fancy! Support the production of...


The USS Donger (VOY S4E26)

When a conehead hitchhiker with shaved ears comes aboard, his knack for languages helps Captain Janeway decipher the encoded message from Starfleet. But when a rendezvous with the USS Shovel makes their situation seem too good to be true, the crew is forced to reckon with everything Arturis represents. Are Frisbee-based games still fun without the cocaine? Does Star Trek need better cargo continuity? Can revenge look like lechery? It’s the episode with soft rock yacht bangers! Support the...


Sammys Jankis, the Podcast (VOY S4E25)

When there’s no way around a Wrath of Khan nebula, Captain Janeway is forced into a questionable decision about whom to leave in charge of the ship. But when a fellow traveller brings horny pioneer energy aboard, Seven’s reality testing problems worsen into her darkest fears. What course should Doc Holoday actually be teaching? Why does Neelix always martyr himself for the party? Who needs to evoke a national tragedy to blast? It’s the episode that’s gone ham with the McRibs! Support the...


The Lightning Bidet Treatment (VOY S4E24)

When Voyager runs out of gas in the middle of a road trip, their pit stop at a hostile planet gets them more than just deuterium. But when the ship gets stuck in the swamp of sadness, an unexpected genetic exchange puts them back on the road home. Which dremel do we all worship? What’s the worst way to do chores? Did the Star Trek caves get a promotion? It’s the episode with 100 Thomas Rikers and BLT’s thumb! Support the production of The Greatest Generation. Friends of DeSoto for...


Vaskan Deferenses (VOY S4E23)

When an alternate version of history paints Captain Janeway as Dark Karen, Doc Holoday shows up centuries later to set the record straight. But when the narrative gets flipped and Daleth turns out to be the asshole, an angry mob trashes the Museum of Kyrian Heritage in protest. What’s the next step after the combadge comes off? Which profession has the driest bits? What’s the most dangerous kind of banger? It’s the episode in leather gloves and a black turtleneck! Support the production of...


Jazz Tea (VOY S4E22)

When Chakotay gets surprised by another beautiful space lady, Captain Janeway makes herself scarce for the rest of the episode. But when it takes too long for the first officer to loosen up, Curneth’s forgetful beam blocks a second chance with Kellin. Is Paramount going to pass on another great pitch? What have the Borg been skipping in their assimilations? Why is there a cul de sac on a starship? It’s the episode that could have been helped greatly by a deep V! Support the production of...


Rhetorical Bathtub (VOY S4E21)

When scans detects the Omega phenomenon, Voyager pulls itself over for a dangerous, need-to-know mission. But even though Seven finds spirituality in the particles, Captain Janeway opts to leave a planet and its people without their salvation. Does the Omega Directive need better PR? Why aren’t just-in-case goodbyes more common? What happened to the Greeks? It’s the episode that woke up like this! Support the production of The Greatest Generation. Friends of DeSoto for Democracy. Friends...


Reference Lawnmower (VOY S4E20)

When Voyager encounters a starship with experimental technology, they rescue its pilot and offer to help with repairs. But when Steth makes a mess out of Tom Paris’ life, a return to the way things were starts to look good from a distance. What can bring on the rages during mail call? Why did Ben make an impromptu trip to the Pacific garbage gyre? Who will soon be the target of a scientific prank? It’s the episode with an entire department dedicated to lift and bounce! Support the...


Sweater Buff (VOY S4E19)

When the allies start planning their holographic D-Day, Janeway and Karr agree to a ceasefire. But when Turanj opts for Nazi ideology over a less murderous vision for the future, he ends up falling into Janeway’s trap and getting the ultimate lesson in diplomacy. Where can you find the best fries in Los Angeles? Did Voyager make the arch obsolete? What’s the best part about camping with Klingons? It’s the episode that’s definitely taking a Brode on the eve of battle! Support the production...


Deep in the Nook (VOY S4E18)

When Hirogens capture Voyager, they transform the ship into a giant holographic hunting ground. But with the safeties off, Karr’s violent historical reenactments are taking a toll on the crew. How diverse is the Bane diaspora? What could possibly be hidden in a baguette? Does Ensign Kim have FOMOHO? It’s the episode that’s got loaf for days! Support the production of The Greatest Generation. Friends of DeSoto for Democracy. Friends of DeSoto for Justice. Follow The Game of Buttholes:...


Asshole Rashomon (VOY S4E17)

When an unlikeable arms dealer gives Captain Janeway the hard sell, his dealings with Voyager leave a bad impression on the crew. But when a crime is alleged and Seven and Kovin remember things differently, the Doc‘s regression therapy leads to an explosive outcome. Who does Ben want to replace him on the podcast? Is Seven habituated to ringing doorbells now? What do you bring to a gun fight with a weapons dealer? It’s the episode with eye-dolphin continuity! Support the production of The...